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  1. Not if he costs the farm $ and picks wise. We have competent recruiters now.
  2. MRP hate our guts. How does Cnutington not get banned for a deliberate punch.
  3. Hows that not 50 to Watts?
  4. Wow the MRP hate us, fair enough on the Lewis one given the injury but 2 weeks for Hogan is ridiculous.
  5. Oliver is a freakshow
  6. Umps [censored] us over as usual
  7. Yep now we just need the umps to be ridiculously in our favour too.
  8. Hmm not many defending this peanut now.
  9. Would it? From what I can tell, If a person has no sick leave, they generally can't take more than 3 months unpaid leave, and an employer is within their rights to terminate the employee after this period. If what is reported is correct, Lamumba has passed all medical tests but refuses to even train.
  10. He is very much best 22 already though.
  11. Yep, Garland for sure if he wasn't on decent coin.
  12. Downie from GWS will be delisted, he's the best we could probably do.
  13. That's what I was thinking, but Kennedy had enough time at colonwood to prove that he was a VFL dud, McKenna could still be half decent.