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  1. TheoX

    Game against Freo - umpiring

    Given the way we've been bent over by those on-the-take scumbags the last 2 games, pre-emptive complaining makes sense.
  2. TheoX

    GAMEDAY - Round 15

    2 games in a row now corrupt umpires have cost us
  3. TheoX

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Filthy dog cheating umpires
  4. TheoX

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Stop diving forward for frees Mayne you dud. Joel Smith is way off it.
  5. TheoX

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Lol just sayin'. And I said it in his draft year too. Glad we took Trac and Brayshaw. Let's hope it's not an ACL though.
  6. TheoX

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Was always a higher risk to re-do his ACL after he did one before he was drafted (unless you're that poster who thought his opinion outweighed actual quantitative evidence)
  7. TheoX

    Hell NO... blues and the priority draft pick

    Injuries to key players, a bevvy of recent top 10 picks, and a history of blatant tanking. Ridiculous that anyone might ask for a PP for them.
  8. TheoX

    The Jesse Incident

    "he probably wouldn't be proud of this incident" Seriously? He was punched in the throat, how about some scrutiny on the perpetrator in stead of the victim FFS.
  9. TheoX

    Be Patient with Lever

    The second round pick was pick 37. We gave them (likely) two top 10 picks. Don't sugar coat it, we got absolutely screwed over in that trade.
  10. TheoX

    Be Patient with Lever

    Should've re-drafted Tom Gilles, he'd do a better job than Lever, and we'd still have the farm.
  11. TheoX

    Be Patient with Lever

    Disgraceful disposal vs North
  12. TheoX

    The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Injured his ankle Q1
  13. TheoX

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    Pathetic from Lever.
  14. TheoX

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    Umpires trying their hardest to screw us over
  15. TheoX

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    My God Lever's slow.