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  1. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Really lacking in good kicks, Hibberd is the only one pretty much.
  2. Hannah Mouncey

    Google is your friend
  3. Not sure how this deal would hinge on getting the Watts deal done first, surely 31 won't be involved, or for that matter 37 or whatever it is now after FA picks.
  4. Hibbo Selected For International Rules

    Tell them he's unavailable, now that Watts is gone, he's the only player on our list that can kick properly, can't have him getting injured.
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    Traded for a nothing pick. Good luck Jack you deserve it after the [censored] MFC has put you through.
  6. Trade rumours

    Looks like GWS' Matt Kennedy will go for pick 40 to Carltank, why can't we go after these players instead of selling the farm. He's shown more than Tyson at the same age and somehow we gave up pick 2 for him.
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    The least they can do for him after publicly hanging [censored] on him is to get him to the club of his choice without fuss. We sold the farm for Lever why are we haggling over a second rounder.
  8. So sounds like he's slow with poor footskills. Just what we need lol Happy enough if it's for pick 60 odd though.
  9. Trade rumours

  10. Freo will have seen how easily we caved in to Adelaide's lofty demand of 2 first rounders, and will want pick 27 for this guy, and we'll probably give it to them the way we negotiate.
  11. WTF? You'd think he's the best player in the comp at the price we paid. Should've at least got a 2018 2nd rounder back this is [censored].
  12. Sam Gibson

  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Abysmal handling of this situation and looks like we'll get a pick in the 30s for a best 22 player and the best kick in our side, in his prime.
  14. Watts is quick and the best kick in our side, Balic is neither and likely to be a fringe player..