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  1. What's Nev worth to the team, say in terms of net goals per average match? I reckon that he could be worth as much as 3 goals per game, partly in recognition of just how good he is as a small, shutdown defender and partly due to having no real replacement. For instance, Le Cras scored 2.2 (unknown assists) in the JLT match with no Nev. and Eddie Betts, for one, always struggles against our Nev. I'd even go so far as suggesting that he may scrape into our 5 most valuable players in terms of his affect on the score line. What do other Demonlanders think. i ask as I was chatting to a footy loving friend at a BBQ tonight and he was surprised that I rated Nev so highly
  2. This makes so much sense - thanks! The AFL have done great work in establishing so much momentum so quickly; I can think of no precedent in my life time. Im ok with h the standard of play. When I watch, I see extreme commitment and courage, interesting back-stories and enough good passages of play to encourage me regarding its future. And to see OUR team hold on last night, against the odds, to keep our slim premiership hopes alive was the awesome. I try to avoid this cliche, but it just goes to show that my heart really does bleed red and blue, whether it's the men or women playing Well done to Daisy, Mick, Debbie, Peter J, the team and everyone else at Melbourne for what is already a successful inaugural season.
  3. Apologies to everyone for my somewhat insensitive post but thanks for reading. Believe me, I'm a genuine supporter, have been since 1976 (still remember just missing out on the finals that season thanks to Carlton drawing with Footscray) and the OP was a genuine question. My perception was that the teams that finish 8th usually just make up the numbers, and I was wondering if making up the numbers still has some benefit for the team's mental state for the next season. Soo, I've gone and looked at the numbers; i.e. all results since the 2000 season, and here's what I found. Of the teams that finished 8th in the 15 completed seasons since 2000, 7 finished higher than 8th in the next season, 7 finished lower and 1 stayed on 8th (Essendon in 2003). For those 15 seasons, 6 won the Elimination final, but only 2 of those 6 winning teams finished higher than 8th in their next season. Mind you, those 6 winning teams include North beating Richmond last season and Carlton beating Richmond in 2013 (maybe it was Richmond just making up the numbers in those seasons...) In the 9 finals series since 2007, 8th place has won 3 elimination finals (including 2 against Richmond), with the average losing margin (not counting the 3) being 53 points, a sour way to finish the season (the point of my OP!). Of the teams that finished 9th in the 15 seasons, 8 went higher in the next season and 7 went lower. Despite the Elimination Finals carnage in recent seasons, my conclusion is that whether a team finishes 8th or 9th in a season has no significant bearing on their prospects for the next season. That said, I'll be watching the game this afternoon from 2000km away, cheering from the couch and crunching the ladder percentage at the end of the game. I'm tipping (and hoping for) a 10-goal-plus win, placing our percentage in striking distance for Round 23! Go Dees!
  4. I've said for years that the team that finishes 8th and scrapes into the finals (post 1992) is, with very few exceptions, just making up the numbers. Often, the 8th placed team gets smacked by the 5th placed team in the first week, and I suspect that it does more harm than good. Soooo, with Melbourne still a remote chance of finishing 8th after next weekend, the question takes a much more emotional element. My key question is: will Melbourne's 2017 season preparation will better served by seeing us finish in or out of the finals? Advantages of Finishing Eighth The players get valuable experience playing finals that will benefit the finals campaign in 2017. We have momentum, like 1987, that means that we'll be one of the exceptional 8th-placed teams that progress past the first week. Advantages of Finishing Ninth (assuming we win against Blues and Cats) Our team starts preseason at least 2 weeks earlier. Players who need post-season operations can get them over and done with 2 weeks earlier. Our players can spend the pre-season reflecting on the importance of switching on every week and not losing games like this year's Essendon game. Hence, they'll be even more ferocious and hungry in 2017. In other words the players can reflect that they were good enough and threw the opportunity away, as opposed to the risk of arriving fatigued to the first week of the finals and enduring a confidence-sapping loss (of course wouldn't happen to our Dee's but just supposing). What do other 'Landers think? Will our preparation for 2017 be enhanced or possibly handicapped by making the finals in 2016?
  5. 6. Watts - For sticking it up the Magpie Army and booting straight in the first half, plus his defensive efforts in the second half. 5. Kennedy - For sticking it up the Magpie Army with a smashing goal in the first quarter 4. Viney - Some aggressive and daring runs 3. Wagner - I just love fairy tales 2. Pedo - Had his marking hands today - woo hoo! He seemed to pop up at crucial times across the back and half-back line and helped to the son of Demon-Pete under control 1. Jetta - For keeping Fasolo quiet - Jet's renaissance continues Special mention to #38 for Collingwood for giving me a glowing feeling of hubris. I loved his apparent personality and high marks but he rarely seems to quite do enough to justify himself in an AFL team.
  6. Ahhh, 1975, my first season of following Melbourne (kind of). The first game I attended was the Anzac Day St.Kilda match. Aged 7 at the time, I had badgered my dad to take me with my older siblings for quite some time. I finally made it and was then bored witless by midway through the 3rd quarter - the result didn't help. We sat in the old southern stand, and I remember seeing a female Saints fan with a craggy face and sitting on her own while chain smoking cigarettes. I also remember the August 9th Carlton match, being the same day as my dad's 50th birthday party, which was the biggest party I had seen at my place in my life. A number of my dad's friends were also Melbourne fans, and we all had a chuckle over our unexpected win. Thanks for the memories.
  7. You have to remember that we finished 7th after the 1994 home and away, the first season when the finals expanded from 6 to 8 teams. Before the start of the 1994 season, I bet with my employer's 2IC that we'd make the finals. After we made the bet, they expanded the finals' system to 8 teams and we snuck in. He was so filthy that he didn't pay up; well he was a Geelong supporter :-( We started the 1994 season with a bang, then faltered, then did just enough to make the finals; sound familiar? That said, I was super confident that we'd beat Carlton in the first final - what a glorious spring day with one of my favourite Schwarter goals from a throw-in on the forward flank. Sean Charles absolutely towelled up Tommy Alvin :-). From memory, Jacker played his last game at Princes Park in July (8.1 against Hawthorn - I had to look that one up), not that we knew at the time. Schwarter was looking a million dollars. If Gazza, Jacker and Schwarter were all fit at the same time, it would have been one of the best and most spectacular Melbourne forward lines ever; if only... I was living in London for the home and away in 1998 so I can't really compare. But nothing would compare to a forward line with a fit Gazz, Jacker and Schwarter.
  8. I have to admit that I get off on this sort of stuff. I'd love to understand the theory of game plans and the KPIs used more. I've just made a suggestion to my local library to buy this book. For what it's worth, this TED talk called The math behind basketball's wildest moves talks about how data scientists are unlocking the patterns in NBA basketball. It seems to me that AFL stoppages are a heap more complex than my naive understanding of basketball, but I wonder if there is an opportunity to apply the same techniques to AFL.
  9. Great OP! Beat me to the post as I was thinking of starting a thread after watching the Darwin game on FOXTEL, my second FOXTEL game ever after the St Kilda match in June. Dermis and Lynchie made me really ANGRY! It felt like they saw the game as Weagles Fawn Festival. Their commentary seemed to me like it was a Harlem Globetrotters versus the Washington Generals match (and we weren't the HGT). For the St Kilda match, I was gifted Medallion seats and had to choose between MMM's B team or Sandy Roberts on FOXTEL. It says much about Sandy that I chose the former. I didn't like Sandy when he was in his prime, couldn't believe it when he was given a GF call one year, and his style is now very old-school. In the 5 mins of listening, he seemed to reel out a sequence of cliches with a smug air. I like commentary that is accurate, fair to both teams, light on for cliches with a bit of humour; not too much to ask really... Favourite commentators are Denic C, Tim Lane (though I haven't listened since he left 3LO), Gerard Whately and the MMM A-team, which has grown on me. One last point, commentators make a huge difference to the entertainment value. I quite like the A League it the SBS commentators are so dull. The commentators for the just-finished Women's World Cup were so soporific inducing that even my boys lost interest.
  10. Cool
  11. Martin Flannigan wrote an interesting piece in Saturday's Age about the coaching at Collingwood. He referred to the highly sophisticated structures, game plans and techniques applied in AFL clubs that almost all AFL fans cannot appreciate without access to coaches circles. Does anyone know of books, papers, web sites or even a CAE-type course that would explore these concepts? This seminar sounds interesting.
  12. Maybe he did Melbourne a service... What if he knew that he was physically and mentally fragile; either a big risk on Melborne's list or a sunk cost if he retired? By "coming out of retirement" and asking for a trade, we got H which was exactly the sort of player we identified as a priority in mid-2014. Roosy didn't seem to put up much of a fight to keep him... Also, the Melbourne players seemed to have too much respect for him to have done what he is accused of. Finally, I always assume that tweets and pressers are always spun by a club's marketing department anyway; take them with a grain of salt myself. I'm not letting my knickers get on a twist just yet. I'm tipping maybe 5 good games from Mitch in the next 2 years, maybe another 10 OK ones and then an anti-climatic retirement due to injuries at the end of 2016.
  13. Where have the Wanderer's fans come from? My guess is that there was already a critical mass of soccer fans who followed either Sydney FC from afar or local soccer clubs. Setting up the Wanderers was probably an easy job a la Field of Dreams: "build it and they will come". Setting up GWS was a little like sending a well-funded missionary out into a wilderness of heathens: there was obviously no critical mass for Aussie Rules and you have to wince at the thought of what the heathens may do to our missionary. My point is that it is unfair to lambast the AFL for the relative success of the Wanderers, despite the AFL funding, as the Wanderers had a much, much higher level of latent support and goodwill. I like to compare the establishment of GWS to the NRL setting up the Melbourne Storm. I know of only a handful of Storm supporters and only one who is native to Victoria - the rest are expat Queenslanders or Cockroaches. This is despite the amazing (and slightly suspicious) onfield success enjoyed by the Storm. Even after their premieship success, I wonder if the Storm has built up enough momentum and goodwill to survive a period of lean on-field seasons. I'm not sure how sporting codes should expand into areas dominated by other codes. I remember when basketball grew fantastically in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but then contracted almost overnight. Maybe these initiatives take a decade or longer of sustained investment (and losses). One more thing about soccer. I live in an inner suburb with two primary school age boys. One is still a rusted on Demon but his patience is starting to be really tested. The other has all but given up on Melbourne and the AFL. What my boys have done in 2014 is switch their focus to soccer, where 95%+ of the "kick-to-kick" on weekends was with a soccer ball rather than a football, where 95% of kick-to-kick in 2013 was with a football. Part of the reason is Melbourne's lean patch, but a major part of it is the brilliant marketing from FIFA and the World Cup all the way down to the A-League. My boys LOVE how soccer is presented on TV - it engages them far, far better than the AFL. Given that the majority of kids at their school now follow soccer (eg wear soccer shirts and play soccer at lunch) in preference the AFL, I think that the AFL will have a SERIOUS problem on their hands in 10 years time.
  14. It would be interesting to see his credentials. From memory, they would include: Support roles at AFL clubs.A very successful stint in the VAFA as senior coach of the A-Grade premiership winning St.Bedes / Mentone.Pedigree in the form of dad who was a handy recruiter.Good luck to Luke.
  15. Langers, I'm afraid that I don't have a copy but I do remember that game well: Garry Lyon played one of the best quarters that I have ever seen by an AFL player. My memory of that game was that Melbourne were rightly favourites. We had played off in the previous year's Preliminary Final and it looked like Neal Balme had unlocked the team's potential. The Bears were still in their infancy and were near the bottom of the ladder. However, the first 3 quarters were a struggle and the Bears had nudged ahead at 3/4 time. Balmey threw Garry Lyon from full forward to the midfield at 3/4 time in a desperate attempt to wrest back control. Gazza came out with all guns blazing, and it felt like he collected 15-or-so possessions in the last quarter to get us over the line - what a star! As it turned out, Melbourne bombed that season and the Bears made a late-season charge and snuck into the finals. In the finals, they pushed Carlton hard, just falling short in Robbie Walls' last game as coach of Brisbane. Carlton went on to win the premiership. Langers, thanks for bringing this game up. I'm afraid that I don't have a copy but I did enjoy remembering.