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  1. Hot as Hell

    Hunt out for 4 to 6 Weeks

    Although he has not been in good enough touch to make the 1sts for a while, Jayden was always an available option to speed up our aging backline. That option appears now gone for 4-6 weeks. Disappointing for the young fella, and disappointing for us. Oskar Baker is not really ready for a call up, in my opinion. However, like Jayden, he does have a good turn of speed. Like most clubs, injury is now impacting outcomes. After the bye, we will see just how good our perceived depth is. We live in very interesting times, in so many ways.
  2. Hot as Hell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Just arrived home from the G. Have had a little time to collect myself. I am not happy about today, but not gutted. I suspect most of the team feel similarly. We played a Collingwood side that was on. Really on. They did to us what we did to others over the last 6 weeks. Like a train full of steam they rolled relentlessly forward and made us look very ordinary. In an even competition, especially at the pointy end, there were always going to be days like this, much as we hoped they were behind us. I don't want to single out any players. Many were down but the usual suspects held their end up. The coaches undoubtedly tried whatever they could, without success. For me, on the big stage with the footy world focused on us, we exposed our vulnerabilities to the comp. That will be costly. Other coaches will have noted our relative lack of speed, when we don't have the ball. We were hopelessly outpaced by most of their young midfield types. Our game style works well when we have little pressure, but leaks opportunities to opposition mids and forwards when we are under the pump. Not much has really changed from the Hawthorn game, except we now have belief that the team is greater than the individual, and the team can be good. That newly acquired confidence does not always win games, but is a necessary ingredient to winning flags. Our time has not yet arrived. Both players and coaches are still learning. Today's experience is skin to losing a final. For us it was a final and we were found wanting. We get 10 more rounds to pick ourselves up, and work on what we were unable to do today. Then, if we are good enough, we will get another chance to play in real finals, where there is no next week. I admit to being a MFC tragic for nearly 6 decades. I believe we have a better collection of talent today, than we had in the late 80s and the 90s/00s relatively successful eras. Today's loss was a reality check, a lesson needed to be taught. It will haunt the players for many years that they failed when asked the question in 2018. Have we not all been taught lessons like this, at sometime in our lives? My face bears the signs of a life of experiences, many l wished not to have had. I would like to think my words and actions now reflect the lessons learned from those experiences. I for one, will cut this side a little of the slack they have earned without forgetting the lesson now taught. I look forward to meeting a few players tomorrow evening at a club event. It will not be a wake, but it will be a wake up call. Bring on Port Adelaide, they now have reason to be fearful of our lesson.
  3. Hot as Hell

    VFL Thuggery

    Jeffy was involved in a couple of nice plays but went missing for long periods even though the ball was in our forward line. I can't help thinking he plays his best footy at the highest level but at the moment he just can't do enough to crack into the side. Suspect not enough defensive pressure has left him out in the cold. Most of the AFL side including Goody were at the ground as spectators supporting the 2nds. Was good to see.
  4. Hot as Hell

    VFL Thuggery

    I attended the game on Sunday and saw Joel Smith cop a couple of hits away from the play. Jayden Hunt was absolutely thrown into the boundary mesh fence early in the game. It probably looked worse than it says, but since l met his mum outside the ground before the game l could only imagine she had her heart in her mouth. Willy played amatuer style footy and nearly sucked us into the fights. Luckily our players resisted [censored] for tat and just played the game to win. Yes Williamstown played dirty and deserved to get players rubbed out or fined. From my observations Pedo was a stand out with Wags and Harley Balic got plenty up forward but messed up his set shots for goal. Other AFL listed players did not really do enough to justify elevation but l suspect either Smith or Frost will get a call up. Stretch got lots of touches but unfortunately many of them amounted to nothing. Much as l love his effort, l am not sure he is really up to it at the highest level. Jeffy and Dom were unspectacular even at VFL level both lacking confidence and touch.
  5. Hot as Hell

    3 Young Dees Recommit

    The building blocks of future success are being stacked. One, after another, after another. Well done to all concerned, players, managers and MFC. Both last year's signings and this, is like watching the makings of a group ready to create their own history. How sweet it is to feel the sun again, after being so many years in the darkness.
  6. Hot as Hell

    Gus 12 months on ....

    Gus is a mid fielder through and through. He has had to overcome a few challenges along his way, and some field positioning that was not natural to him. With his stronger body (and headwear), his footy skills with both feet and position now clearly on display, I am hoping he will not look back. Well done Gus. You (and Nev before you) have shown that application and perseverance still have a large part to play in success. You are now part of a formidable mid field group that can write your own history. Good luck to you, your team mates and all MFC diehards.
  7. Hot as Hell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    I have that very same feeling Uncle. At that time we all enjoyed Robbie finally being part of a (Winning) side. Today it is just so satisfying that Chunk, loyal to the core, is doing his thing amongst a talented group and enjoying the team success that he has earned and craved. In footy, as in life, persistence pays.
  8. Hot as Hell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    Amongst a solid backline, Lord Nev kept Eddie in his back pocket. Pure defensive magic.
  9. Hot as Hell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    A season defining win. No question. We'll done to our 22 warriors who have brought pride back to our club.
  10. Hot as Hell

    Port Melbourne v Casey Demons - Round 8

    Good coverage, all you guys at the ground. Many of us unable to get to the VFL games get very good service. Thanks. Great to hear many players are stepping forward. They put pressure on those in the senior side. How long has it been since we can say that. Very pleased that Declan K bounced back hard from last week's head knocks. Now we all wait to see what tomorrow will bring.
  11. Hot as Hell

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    And some ideas are not popular because they are right and the mob don't like them. In nearly all forms of social opinion, popularity is often the line of least resistance, not the pathway of greatest truth. Politicians bank on it, very securely. On topic, MFC has cruelled by injury in recent years. With limited depth, its impact was heavier on us than others. One of the few upsides for MFC is that Jesse's injuries forced us to experiment with Tom up forward. It was a stumbled success to rival 3M's "sticky note".
  12. Hot as Hell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    It's been a long time since Melbourne has methodically and intently destroyed the spirit of another side. Being the hunter instead of the hunted. And what a sweet feeling it is. Everyone in the field today did what they needed to do all the way until the final bell. This win will let every player know they are part of a group capable of writing their own history. The Demons of the recent past have been laid to rest. This is a strong collective of talent that in a few short years can achieve what has not been achieved for over 50 years as long as they remain committed to each other. We'll done Dees this one goes in the record books. To all long suffering fans, you have waited long enough. Enjoy.
  13. Hot as Hell

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Tough conditions for clean footy. Let's hope we can finish off the game strongly. 100 points should be a team lifter
  14. Hot as Hell


    Depending on whether Bernie wants to do another pre-season, on current form he is in our best 22 or very close to it. We all know he has lost a yard or 2 in pace but he brings 2 sided disposal skills to the team lacking them, can still shut down an opposition utility and knows how to kick a goal. Even if he were to play in the 2s to make way for a younger player, his availability on the list may be a pretty cheap back up/depth player. Subject to what club and player are looking for, l would keep an offer on the table.
  15. Hot as Hell

    Dom Tyson

    Dom had a stinker last night. One of the worst games l recall him playing. Failed to cover the ball deep in the backline and conceded a goal, dropped a mark and kicked poorly leading to a turnover goal, missed targets all night. I don't know where his training skills go, but under pressure on game day he falls short of the required level of a not quick, not big player. He really needs to get his mojo back or he may not be on our list in 2019. AFL footy can demand a high price.