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  1. Hot as Hell

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Does Jesse's injury mean we will finally stop long bombing the ball inside forward 50? I bloody hope so, it has been a failed strategy. Lowering the eyes to ground level may give our smaller forwards a chance to do what they do best.
  2. Hot as Hell

    MFC and foot injuries

    Does vanders qualify to be part of this elite list? Absent extreme coincidence or bad luck (both unlikely), one must assume there is something that we are doing at training or the site of our training. Surely some sort of enquiry will be made by the footy dept to get to the bottom of this most troubling foot injury syndrome.
  3. Hot as Hell

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    You've summed it up Jaded. One quarter if very good footy then rooting around against a injury ridden bottom side. Yes we win. But how well have we played?
  4. Hot as Hell

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Thankfully the defence is under no pressure.
  5. Hot as Hell

    Brendan McCartney & Cooney/Bulldogs situation

    The Bulldogs have fallen such a long way in such a short time it should come as no surprise some have succumbed to the blame game. Cooney was a great player, no doubt, but little integrity. There will be many at Melbourne today could describe Goodwin much the same as BM. Whether that story is told in future, has yet to be determined. I for one am glad he is part of our development team. Growing up is not supposed to be a holiday, sometimes life and it's lessons are tough.
  6. Hot as Hell

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Not so. Jets always had a strong body but was played as a forward. JKH is a lightweight with hollow legs. I saw much of him at University of Melbourne and he approached his (former) studies like his footy. Close enough but not hard enough. Those who rate him as an AFL will condemn this club to mediocrity. One or 2 cameos a match and several misses on goal do not a strong team make. The quicker the coach ceases this failed experiment the better.
  7. Hot as Hell

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Only in a non parallel universe. JKH is a VFL player not even close to Jets.
  8. Hot as Hell

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    I want to respect our selected side. As such, I don't wish to name the player l believe should not be playing (though many may speculate on his identity). l believe we are starting the game 1 man short and we will pay for it. The Crows are an experienced outfit with lots of mature bodies and talent. We are not at that level yet, although on our way. Much as l would like to e entertain the thought that we could win, l cannot. l am expecting a flogging from a genuine AFL contender, on the rise after a debilitating run of injuries and at their home deck. 😔
  9. Hot as Hell

    Changes vs Adelaide

    It is that time of year when most teams suffer some unexpected and unwanted injuries. We certainly have our full allotment. If Clarry is unable to play this week (and Harmes) in addition to our existing high talent outs, it is hard to see us getting the job done in Adelaide. We all knew we would rue the pathetic performance against the Pies, the inexcusable loss to the Saints and the many "winnables" that we found a way to lose. My own thoughts are that we were never a genuine contender in 2018. The lessons we are learning are in preparation for 2019- 2022 when our younger bodies have matured, as well as their heads and ability to adapt to changed game conditions. The last 6 weeks have been good, if not painful learning. But I don't see them as wasted, I see them as necessary pains in the development of a strong unit. I genuinely want our boys to get a taste of finals this year. I am presently uncertain that taste will come. Injury and lost opportunity is taking its toll. Last weekend was another learning exercise for our young coach as well. If JKH gets another game in Demon colours..............ahhh, what can I say. There are a few other players who could be named as very disappointing last week. They are one paced bla bla bla, but there seems little to be gained in naming and/or criticising them. They were selected on form and we have few options presenting at Casey to replace them. I don't think there will be too many changes except JKH and those resulting from injuries. The players played 3 very good quarters of footy at the Cattery. They deserve the opportunity to go again.
  10. Hot as Hell

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Omac was not the reason we lost and cannot be blamed. He was out of his depth in Q1 yet the coach did not choose to rescue "his boy" until the game was lost. That our backline relies on an under sized body with slow reaction time and lacking pace is not the player's fault. It is just our weakness. Omac apologists will disagree but he is a serviceable defender, not a great one. He will also get better as his body matures. He was protected from by a solid group co defenders but they are injured including Nev, and gave left him more accountable. He will not be dropped by Simon Badloss even if his man kicks 10. We all know that. JKH is gone. Pure and simple. A positive l saw in the result is the identification/exposure of a couple of players who will not make it. Dom T has lost all value as a footballer. His confidence and skill have evaporated. He offers no substitution to Viney, and his lack of pace and awareness are downright liabilities. ANB has had no impact in any game over the last 6 weeks despite doing a lot of running and bum chasing. But he has been given the nod of the coach and l suspect his pisition is safe. Joel Smith gives 100% but is not experienced enough in AFL footy to genuinely earn and retain a spot. Maybe next year he will. He is a work in progress. For this week, JKH is out replaced by either Kent or Hannan. All the others mentioned will probably stay only because we lack sufficient depth or quality to replace them. I expect us to make 1 change and cut the rest of the team the slack they probably deserve for a great effort. We clearly carry 4 - 6 players that we shouldn't. It separates us from the best. We can beat Adelaide but we need the run of the ball and our best 14 doing their thing. If Adelaide apply physical pressure, we are Gawwwn. Injury to key players, as in 2017, has yet again cost us and exposed us as not quite as good a team as many think. We are not bad but fall into the 6 - 10 ranking in the comp.
  11. Hot as Hell


    We have a lot of young talent but no composure. Tonight we needed level heads on and off the field in the last 2 minutes, to find a spot in the top 4. We are no longer a part of that conversation.
  12. Hot as Hell


    This coach does not know how to read the game and play the percentages. We needed shut down their forward line instead we opened it with our players all playing high chasing the ball. Biggest lesson here should be learned by the coach, not the players. Top 4 spot lost.
  13. Hot as Hell


    It was ours to lose and we did. 8 premiership points gone in the race to the finals. Top 4 spot now forfeited. Heart breaking stuff. Goody way too slow to move our boy off the man Hawkins. An embarrassing match up that in the first 15 minutes of the last, turned the game.
  14. Hot as Hell

    Training - Wednesday, 18 July 2018

    SL, l hear you. I suppose that compared to last year's injuries we have done ok. Let's hope this time next year we have our best on the park in a push deep into the finals. Until then, we put our faith in the 22 who are on the field this weekend. There is still a lot of talent that will be playing at Cardinia Park wearing red and blue.
  15. Hot as Hell

    Training - Wednesday, 18 July 2018

    This is not the time for us to run into training injuries except as all die-hards would expect, is just our MFCSS bad luck. Hope Hibbo is ok. Even if not available for this week, we cannot afford an extended absence.