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  1. Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Please. Oscar has been a roo in the spotlight because he was played way too young, deserving his pick 52 or 53 draft position. Despite embarrassing performances week after week he was persevered with. Thank God that stage appears over. I said last week was his best game for Melbourne amongst a side that played very poorly. I am unable to determine whether last week's game was a reflection of a hapless backline that elevated his performance, or a genuine break out game. I attended every Melbourne based game last year and regularly tracked his on field movement away from the ball. Believe me, l did not see much brilliance or ball reading skill. I want every player we have on our list to succeed, to make us strong. The jury is well and truly still out on Oscar in my view. One good game in a 67 point loss does not make a player special. I understand he has many fan boys on this site, so my view is the minority view. Nevertheless l have seen way too much VFL/AFL football in 6 decades to be swayed by the views of one eyed fans or coach's favorites that have kept us as cellar dwellers for most of the last 54 years.
  2. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    After reading the bulk of the posts on this thread many well reasoned, many frustrated l think Nasher you have succinctly come closest to our challenge. Paraphrasing your post, the coach has a life experience of 27 AFL games. Just as it would be foolish to assess a player's ability after 27 games, it is just as foolish to make a judgement of Goodwin. He has much to learn about player management, game plans, structures and match day coaching. That is undeniably as sound, measured and rational a conclusion as any post on this issue. Unfortunately for us all, the natural extension of this argument is that he will not be a particularly "good" coach until he has coached for 80 - 100 games. Alternatively, it is too soon to come to a good assessment of his coaching abilities until he has had a fair opportunity to develop. On that basis, we probably need another 2 to 3 years for Goodwin to master his craft. Similarly we need another 2 to 3 years development of our best players who are all 24 or younger. Again, these conclusions all seem reasonable and sensible. The problem that arises for us all is that we have been through this cycle many times over 54 years. (Yes, l am one of those oldies that has seen them all). Each time we relied on the hope that in a few years, our dreams will come true, our patience will be rewarded. We all sense we finally have the playing list to be successful. Yet it does not seem to happen on game day, so we now turn our gaze to the coach. Since he is young and inexperienced, he needs time just as Hardwick, Clarkson, Thompson etc did. And there lies our ultimate challenge. Hungry as we are for success, there is really no shortcut to a flag. Each successful team recruited well, worked hard, had some luck and took time to mature. Despite our hopes, 2018 will not be our year to make top 4. 2019 may be. As for contesting in a Grand Final, our best shot, logically seems to be 2020. In April, 2018, that seems a long, long time away. Goody needs a chance to prove himself. The introduction of this thread and most of the posts are just a relatively harmless release of fans' pent up frustration, unrealised dreams and desperate impatience for success. Such is life.
  3. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Man for Man and strength for strength we match up well against the Tigers. We also have the potential to rebound after last week's poor display. Unfortunately the absence of Tom and Jack V will make the difference in this game. We simply are not as good as the Tigers without them. I hate honourable losses. Hate them because they concede we are not a true match of our opposition. l fear that is most likely how many of us will feel on Tuesday night UNLESS one or 2 or 3 of our forward guns can light up the sky. Trac, Gus, Jesse, Bayley (if selected) or even Jeffy. Just mentioning the string if players capable of turning a game gives us genuine hope we are capable of winning it. It ain't over until it's over. I will trundle off to the G like very many other Dee fans, hopeful that we can show those bastards we are now a different and stronger Melbourne, not the one of recent years passed. We've got talent all over the ground let's really hope the players are primed to deliver all they've got. Goody is a very green coach on a steep learning curve. I hope he has opened his mind to some of the wiser heads around him to play players where they play best. Really looking forward to this challenge of players and coach.
  4. Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Yep. I have been one if those who felt Oscar should gave been developed in the VFL comp under the radar. He wasn't. Over the last 2 years l have been frustrated by Oscar's regular errors and poor positioning on the field that bled goals. On Sunday, he was our best defender and took some important and strong marks for us. It was his best game for Melbourne without a doubt. Well done young man. Keep up the effort and you will make a fool of me and many others but you will also make Melbourne a stronger side.
  5. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    We never want any player to be injured playing for the Dees. It is in poor taste to take a cheap shot at Jordie today.
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Like I said, the injured players returned to the field injured and significantly impaired, particularly Selwood. In any event, the better team on the day even with 19 fit players was clearly Geelong. Had Max kicked the goal, it would have been a steal for us not a vindication of how superb a team we have become. Falling over the line against Brisbane and defeating a hapless North would surely have given an indication as to where we are at. We are a 6-10 placed club. I would like to think some pride will help us bounce back this week with at least an AFL level performance. But am prepared for another humiliation at the hands of the Toiges. The club has come a long way since the pre Roos years, but has under achieved after his departure. A first time coach, with no experience and a dogged mindset, has been a formula Melbourne has used before. Let's hope for a different outcome this time, there are 42 games left on a contract. And I would appreciate you never refer to me with that derogatory term. We may disagree in opinion, but name calling reduces your argument below that of an intelligent individual.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Being at the game, they had 2 on the bench and they had injured players on the field. They were the walking wounded. Do you have no memory of anything? Or just self serving selected memory loss. Get over yourself.
  8. ANB has lifted his game through hard work. I used to rank him a depth player only but now believe he fits in between 18 - 24 on the list. I don't like stats that being used to grade players, especially distance covered (chasing tails). ANB had absolutely no impact on the game or in his space. That says a lot more to me. We must choose between 2 of ANB, Harmes and Melksham and leave one out to make room for someone else. These players are all similar and when in the same side reduce our flexibility. I like Alex but he has not had a good year so far and may well lose his spot this week.
  9. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Demoms11, you must have missed round 1. The Dees lost to an injury plagued Geelong who played with a couple of debutantes that collectively put us away. That makes 2 losses and 2 unconvincing wins against bottom 4 sides. Goody' "silver tongue" will find a way to take this year as a positive. Regrettably, very few will buy it. No more excuses. Our game day narrow visioned game plan has been exposed and exploited. We are looking like mugs when teams go over the top of our defenceless forward press. Roos will be livid that his years of teaching players to defend has been tossed out. Please go back to coaching school Goody, we need a new plan that the players can execute.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    That’s genuine dedication to the club Bush Demon. Shame our players were unable to reciprocate the endeavour.
  11. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    I am glad we have a few extra days to regroup after this loss. Being beaten like that and waving G the white flag in the final quarter mentally set us back 6 months. The players now have a genuine reason to doubt all that believed they were capable of. We can't drop everyone who played poorly so we need to be strategic as to the type of player we have too many of and the type of player we lack. I won't mention names because they have all been mentioned in this thread. The players need to suck this loss in very deeply. They can be humiliated when they don't play well. Then they need to be reminded of what wins games of footy. We have 8 days to make the changes and shake the dust off our sleeves. We will see what this coach is made of, very soon. We will also see what the players' are made of.
  12. GAME DAY - ROUND 4

    Roos on the radio correctly pointing our we have been weak in defensive set ups 4 games in a row. Can't argue this attacking defence play has failed us. Over to you Goody.
  13. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    Nostalgia has a way of being forgiving CBF. When we look back at those late 60s and 70s years there was very little to cheer. Individual performances from Townsend, Groom, Hassa Mann, Dillon, Parke, Hardeman, Alves, Wells, Biff as both a back and forward, Tulip just to name a few, we're all we had to enjoy and hold on to. I wasn't there the day when Hudskn went down but l remember being bitter/sweet about it. He was such a capable player with so much skill at being able to find and protect the drop zone and then convert kicks into goals. There was bugger all coverage of MFC on TV in those days (and nothing earlier) so we are mostly left to our individual recollection of events. They were dark years, interrupted by magic moments. Still not quite sure whether l remember the Hudson incident for the right reasons but it sure commanded front page of The Sun (News Pictorial) the following Monday.
  14. Josh Wagner

    So taking your standard of measure binman: if a player is regularly selected by the coaching staff, he is a good player. It's just the "fans don't see how good they are"? Your thoughts on recent players Rohan Bail, Matt Jones, Jordie McKenzie, Daniel Nicholson and Jack Grimes? These players immediately come to mind as being regularly selected by the coaching staff for years prior to their delisting. They were each creditable players worthy of a list, but were they "good players". Let's be straight here, Wags is a good depth player. We need all our depth players. Let's not talk them up to be higher than their station and skills deserve. Where MFC is at, we need the Wags and the Billy's to be firing and ready to go, if our best 22-24 suffer injury and that is their role. Playing AFL games is good for all in the top 23- 30 mark to ensure they all know the standard being demanded at AFL level and possibly lift them into the Top 20. It makes them better players and us a better club.
  15. Max Gawn not in Top 8 Ruckmen according to The Age

    So Max does not rate. Mmmmm. I guess this is what happens when the media scrum is so large, that it includes and publishes opinions with even LESS common sense than some we see here on Demonland.