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  1. armstrong35

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    What a player this guy could have been. had a few issues outside of footy but I remember a couple of years ago we got smashed and my little boy was sitting up on level two looking all sad. Colin came up to him and said don’t worry little man, better days are coming and gave him a hug. My boy had no clue who he was but I told him about Colin and that he use to play for the Dees. Was lovely
  2. armstrong35

    2019 Ladder Predictions

    1: Richmond 2: West coast 3: Collingwood 4: Melbourne 5: Essendon 6: Sydney 7: Adelaide 8: Port Adelaide 9: North Melbourne 10: Geelong 11: Hawthorn 12: Gws 13: Brisbane 14: Bulldogs 15: Fremantle 16: St kilda 17: Carlton 18: gcs this was the first time I really struggled to pick where everyone would finish.. makes me excited to see how even it’s going to be next year for most teams
  3. armstrong35

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    What I would love to see.. B: Jetta May Lever HB: Salem Frost Hibberd 😄 Jones Viney Kolodjashnij HF: Petracca Weideman melksham FF: Hannan T.Mcdonald Spargo R: Gawn Oliver Brayshaw Int: Harmes Neal-bullen Vandenberg Fritsch. I am hoping Garlett can learn a thing or two off Spargo when it comes to forward pressure and a bit of body contact. Would love for him to be up and about
  4. armstrong35

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

    Fed square or sporting globe Richmond!? Help me decide! sporting globe will be crazy and packed
  5. armstrong35

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Was on chapel street last night and so many people decked out in red and blue all night. Left around 3.45am and everyone was still buzzing. Random people so excited for us dee fans and they believe we can go all the way. What a time to be a Melbourne supporter!
  6. armstrong35

    Finals Tickets

    Tickets sorted! Level 1 M8 close to front. I feel like I’m going to my first final in 12 years all over again! Go the dees!!!
  7. armstrong35

    I have a dilemma...

    Lucky hat mate. I’ll keep an eye out for someone at the game with bird poo on their hat 😋
  8. armstrong35

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    Game day wooo!!! win or lose, enjoy the ride tonight! We’ve all been through a lot with this club over the years. Enjoy it. GO DEES!
  9. armstrong35

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Elimination Final

    In: Hannan and Viney out: jkh and kent I feel for jkh
  10. armstrong35

    Bite Your Tongue!

    People at my work a few weeks ago said they love Melbourne and hope they make finals (when it was looking unlikely). Now that we’re in it, had two big wins and looking scary they’ve changed their tune. I get the “I hate Melbourne” “the media overhyped them so I can’t stand them” I like to take it as we’re a threat this finals series and they’re worried. We all like the teams that most likely won’t beat us. Times have changed and I love it.
  11. armstrong35

    Don't Believe In Never

    I hear you. I’m so use to watching other teams in finals that it’s a weird feeling. I always have a big grand final bbq at my house watching two other teams play. Hopefully I can’t have a bbq at my house this year 😎
  12. armstrong35

    Finals Tickets

    I thought that was the other race which we won’t use. I could be wrong sorry
  13. armstrong35

    Finals Tickets

    M33 is cats end. I think you may be surrounded by them 😩
  14. armstrong35

    Finals Tickets

    M55! Level one, few rows from the front. Absolutely pumped!!! Can’t wait to share this moment with my family and my demon family. See you all at the game!
  15. armstrong35

    Favourite Current Dee

    Since he walked in the door it was Nathan Jones. Second is fast becoming Harmes.