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  1. armstrong35

    Changes v Richmond

    I’m not one for a lot of changes but geez do we need a big change. Out: bugg, melks, lever and Lewis in: hunt, pedo, Hannan and Tyson
  2. armstrong35

    Changes v Richmond

    I can’t deal with lever. He is shocking
  3. armstrong35

    Match preview and team selection - Round 4

    I’d go Brayshaw in for Tyson and leave it at that
  4. armstrong35

    Best place to watch the Brisbane game

    Thanks for the ideas everyone! Ended up at sporting globe Richmond. Great atmosphere among other Dee fans. Will be there again at the next interstate game. Go Dees!
  5. armstrong35

    Best place to watch the Brisbane game

    Not far from Williamstown, maybe I can go check some places there. Rather be out and watch it than just at home thanks for that.
  6. armstrong35

    Best place to watch the Brisbane game

    On the west side. Has Melbourne still got something going on with sporting globe in Richmond??
  7. armstrong35

    Best place to watch the Brisbane game

    Trust me I wish I was going!
  8. Hi all, hope everyone has recovered from the loss and moving onto this week. The fam and I were meant to head up to brisvegas tomorrow night but things changed. We are looking at the second best option and find a pub that other Melbourne fans would all head to... Any suggestions? Cheers
  9. armstrong35

    Who's going to the Brisbane game?

    Was suppose to go up there but just couldn’t this weekend unfortunately. Pretty sure pineapple hotel! I know everyone will go there after the game. Enjoy!
  10. armstrong35

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    Anyone else feel the same as me and don’t really rate Vince much anymore? I’d rather Tyson to take his spot and have Brayshaw, Frost, Hannah and Melks on the bench...
  11. armstrong35

    Who is going onto the Banner?

  12. armstrong35

    It's Tiger Time...according to a MFC coach

    I had a friend who played for west coast and was part of the 2006 grand final. I supported them like it was the dees playing. He has history with that team of course he will support them against the crows. If Melbourne made it then I'm sure you'd see David Neits in the stand with his Melbourne scarf on barracking for the Dee's
  13. armstrong35

    Good Win? ... I don't know...

    She was also at a Geelong game wearing a Geelong scarf?
  14. armstrong35

    Feeling low but starving for Success

    Took the words right out of my mouth ??
  15. armstrong35

    Grand Final Poll

    Love the crows to smash them! I must say this season is the first time I'm actually really jealous. I was just so use to knowing that next year and year after and so on that we wouldn't be close to making finals. Still hurting for what could have been.