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  1. DemonTux

    Preseason Training - Week commencing 20/11/17

    but my dogs like the vet?
  2. DemonTux

    Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    another ex Essendon who had a year off... fits the mold.
  3. DemonTux

    Mahoney, get away

    Why not have the club admin while your at it or are you saying it wasn't a team effort?
  4. DemonTux


    I still cant shake the fact he looks like Sheldon Cooper's evil twin
  5. DemonTux

    Trade rumours

    Only happy to trade hogan if it turns into Tom Lynch... freo 2 first rounders plus our 1st rounder next year for lynch fair?
  6. DemonTux

    Farewell Jack Watts

    don't know if it's cynicism or just an attempt to comprehend to reach an acceptable conclusion for me
  7. DemonTux

    Farewell Jack Watts

    This all seems to be keeping the Melbourne destination club PR bandwagon rolling along. Anyone else notice there was a more than usual visibility of Melbourne people through grand final week? Now with Lever coming and Watts with a reasonable profile not wanting to leave, keeps us popping up in papers and TV. IT's only a theory but as been stated earlier, Goodwind has said contract negotiations wont be publicly spoken about so maybe this is intentional with the intended result of nothing happening but in the entertainment industry of AFL, it's certainly keeping people engaged with Melbourne as a place where people want to be.... or maybe I have just watch the hunger games to much.
  8. DemonTux

    GAMEDAY - Round 1

    FWIW I believe you can still screen share with a chrome cast your tablet or phones screen to a TV screen... maybe not the best quality but makes the PC to TV thing Foxtel is trying to avoid kind of redundant.
  9. DemonTux

    Training, Friday 18th December, 2015 (and BBQ)

    Just got to work after training. wow it's hot out there. not much to say, probably better reporters than my self (and everything I have read this year seems to be on the money) but a couple of observations: - Jeffy's set shot kicking at goal today resembled his set shot kicking at goal last year (well the 6 or 7 I watched)... if he could fix it up he could almost double the amount of goals he gets next year - Weideman's left is a bullet and thought while a bit light on top, he might be in for a sneaky few games this year.
  10. DemonTux

    Watt's going on?

    Maybe he put his hand up to let somone else get a gig?
  11. DemonTux

    Melbourne v Fremantle @ Fremantle Oval - 5th March, 2015

    I'm heading to the Lieghoak club to watch. As a demons club they have the big screen projector downstairs and nice to sit with demons diehards. Pretty good food to.
  12. DemonTux

    Training - Monday 9th February 2015

    I was there, didn't see as much as i liked as it was one of my puppies first outings so was more concerned with her (if gave a black lab a pat in passing, she appreciated it)... that and we managed to stand behind the rehab group of watts, howe, white, vince, ANB at times garlo and fitzy (but they were back in the main group on occasion so might have been a rest day) STILL onto what I took away from it. Generally I get to one or two preseason sessions a year so it is interesting to see how training both in method and quality has evolved. From Danahir where (granted i was young and it was a fair while ago) it looked like they mostly just went out for a kick around to baily with lots of circle work and spreading to Neeld's one on one tackling drills then an uninspiring practice match where no one could hit a hand-pass and I thought it was just because we had developed good defensive tackling pressure (how wrong was I) to early last year where they rotated through little "pods" of different skills so i was just hoping we would not turn it over as much (stuffed i know where the much improved defense came from) to this year where the post have been expanded and it looks to be much more all encompassing all ground type of work where the focused stuff from last year is being applied in a broader manner. What does this mean for the season? considering my previous record, i'm not the one to answer that. On to the drills... apart from the mandatory handball soccer type of keepings off at the start, the rest of the time day was full length ball movement. So to me, speed of ball movement, retaining possession and kicking to big targets was the order of the day. Two quotes from McCartney, "clear space, you don't want the defender near there" and "good you have learnt it and are getting much better" play watch... My stand out would be Max Gawn, don't know if it was he was the only one out there in white shorts but monster-ed the forward line. Up until now he has looked like a baby Giraffe all gangly and awkward (much like fitzy still is, but looks better at full speed than a jog) but seems to be turning into a baby gazel much more surefooted, refined, a thing of substance (probably not the best analogy but it's all i have) Shannon Byrnes. Even though he blew up allot (resting on his retired laurels?), was clean as a whistle How Hogan, turned grimes inside out I'll never know, such a great turning circle for a big guy, didn't seem to miss a kick JKH for screaming at pedo where to fill space during the match sim while pedo was stuffed from the previous contest Jack watts for both taking the time to have a chat about black labs and the work he was doing with white in rehab. "bunny in the middle" was White catching short kicks and hand balling back and watts was all encouragement and coaching him towards the end when white looked tired to "concentrate" special mention to Kent, Vandenberg (more of a unit than I thought, dunn sized & moved well, wasnt happy with his shoulder early hanging around the rehab guys) & Petracca (even if he missed the last set shot of full ground with the whole team watching after an elongated approach) To those that have written reports prior to much with more substance I thank you, you either type faster or have more time and patience than my self, it's most appreciated!
  13. DemonTux

    Training - Monday 9th February 2015

    Hope it's on as it looked like they were out there training at about 12:00 today as I went driving by. If it is, I'll be down there tomorrow for the first time this pre season.
  14. DemonTux

    Training - Friday 19th December, 2014

    Just off phone with dad who is there. Said Hoges is going quite well and has been quite impressed with "number 1 with the Italian name"
  15. if it was possible to *hug* his kicking... clearly t-mac didn’t teach him that