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  1. hey can someone please post the article? I know everyone says you can google it, but everywhere I seem to find links me to Herald Sun and blocks me. am I googling it wrong? Cheers
  2. Superstar in the making if you ask me. Going to be a gun and just the kind of gutsy little terrier we need hunting under hogans feet. ANIMAL!!!
  3. Pitty


    I waste so much of my life on this website, but guess that means I enjoy it. Thanks heaps to those who run it (whatever that entails) and looking forward to a year when the actual footy season is more exciting than the trading season, sure its just around the corner....
  4. Pitty

    2015 Player Review - # 5 Jimmy Toumpas

    Can someone actually tell me how you get around the HS wall? I tried googling to find articles somewhere else with no luck. Any help appreciated.
  5. Pitty

    2015 Player Review - # 5 Jimmy Toumpas

    Pick 24 is pretty high in a supposedly shallow draft, I would prefer young or keep the toump for another 12 months.......
  6. Pitty

    i want an apology from the club

    Have to say I agree with the posters who were saying about just expecting insipid performances these days, I am at a loss as to how/why we are so bad. I feel sorry for the kids who we recruit but in saying that, one day we will come good as a club and I have no idea why but I will be a paid up member and look forward to being one who can say that i maintained my membership through the entire down period. And that includes right up to the end even if we are eventually folded. We are going to have a huge drop off in supporters in the next 10-20 yrs with the loss of kids supporting us, not sure how we can do anything about it.
  7. Pitty

    i want an apology from the club

    "they came out like maniacs fresh from lobotomies". I think we should be very thankful that the coaching staff got the players fired up before they came out, otherwise it could have been a big loss..... I wonder what odds PJ will give me for the demons to make the finals next year???
  8. Pitty

    Changes v Port Adelaide

    KEEP NEWTON IN THE TEAM..... Ex players have an uncanny ability of playing at a higher level than normal against former clubs and he might have a point to prove after being traded after not being able to get a game.... Just a thought, but probably worth a punt....
  9. Pitty

    Kennett future MelbourneFC President?

    Have to say i havent read the full previous 34 pages. But I just want to say that as a member, i would be rapt if Jeff becomes our next president. At least we will know whats going on with our club a bit more. And he will turn it around, i have no doubt. BRING IT ON!!
  10. Pitty

    The Leagues easybeats

    I think the AFL are just as concerned about whats happening to MFC and they would certainly be thinking along the lines of the damage this period will cause the club. I pay the extra for the heartland kids, though they probably go to the game and come away supporting the other club LOL
  11. Pitty

    Page 19 in The Heraldsun - Sad!

    Found it. Very clever!!!
  12. Pitty

    Page 19 in The Heraldsun - Sad!

    whats the article title???
  13. Pitty

    The next 4 matches ...

    Mate i feel sorry for your kid already. Such a sad state of affairs. I wont be surprised if 186 gets eclipsed this yr. I have a 2 yr old daughter and i bought her a guernsey but I have to say it feels cruel encouraging her to barrack for the dees. But then if we all had that attitude i suppose the club would definately be doomed then. I am genuinely scared about what lays ahead. This cant be good for ones health!!!
  14. Pitty

    Search for a new CEO!

    Not a bad idea Master!!! Who is a high profile MFC woman?????????????????????????????? I know a lot of you will snigger, but maybe we need to become the ladies club of choice! Imagine the determination they would bring to succeed in a male dominated industry. I honestly think it could work, but has to be the right woman and I dont know of a high profile lady MFC identity who fits this bill. Imagine if we got the highest female membership base, there is a lot of power there ready to be tapped. What better time to start when the blokes who have run it presently couldnt have brought the club any further to its knees than right now.
  15. Pitty

    Get around this bloke.

    Good call mate. I reckon we all feel a bit like that fella did, and feel like walking away but then i always think, whats that going to achieve. If ever being a supporter meant anything its definitely now. We are the most important thing the club have so we cant abandon in the hr of need.