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  1. Viney on Track for Round 1

    You made a rubbish observation based on nothing but ill-informed speculation. You were called on it. That's how forums work.
  2. Viney on Track for Round 1

    And just to add ... it's usually nothing to do with Misson or the "Sports Science Team" whether a player is over an injury or not. That's for the doctors and medics, and in Viney's case, much of this would have come from the outside specialists who did the foot op. Misson's job is to make sure that IF the medics say a player is right to play, that he's fit, and to maintain fitness during injury and build it back up after.
  3. Viney on Track for Round 1

    Nor of the inner workings of the human body.
  4. Viney came back too early, though easy to say in hindsight and even waiting another week or two, hard to see that the outcome would have been any different. Watts we know about (general slackness), and after Max missed half the season it was always going to be game over. There's a difference between being over your injury/fit, to being "at your best". No player coming off a few weeks (or more) away will be immediately at their best, it's one of the reasons we're putting players through practise matches now. It's called match fitness, and you can't get it just training. On the other hand, Hogan played his best ever game for the club after being "rushed back".
  5. Viney on Track for Round 1

    Spewing up? Tricky food injuries will do that to you.
  6. Taken out of context - see preceding post - I was referring to having respect for other party's P.O.V./needs, even when there's a contract in place, i.e. being grown-up and reasonable. The picture you're trying to paint of heartless clubs and merciless players, all stabbing each other in the back on a whim, just doesn't hold up.
  7. I wouldn't say "very" little, but apart from that, this is true of pretty well all contracts, especially employment contracts.
  8. I just think this is nonsense, especially coming one of the first here to consign players to the scrap heap and want them pushed out the door. Watts was moved on because he was seen as a negative influence. "Loyalty" isn't some kind of carte blanche to behave like a dick. You only have to look at how we've treated players like Daniel Cross or Col Garland to see that it goes beyond signatures on bits of paper. Even bringing in in-house players like Fritsch and co. from Casey smack of decisions that are driven by more than just cold calculation.

    Looks like they're taking it half-seriously.

    At this level, no. But it's not designed for elite athletes, it's not even designed as a spectator sport, it's designed to give easy access to jo/joanne average who just want to try Aust. Rules football. As I mentioned earlier, I watch something similar to this all the time here in Europe, and you are NOT seeing players who can regularly and accurately hoof the ball 50 m. Scores in the game I watch are similar to/lower than regular footy, even though they play 4 x 20 minute quarters. I definitely think it will help to increase participation internationally. What place it has in Australia on a professional/serious level, difficult to say, and like most here, I wouldn't be queuing up to watch it.

    As a spectator sport it doesn't have much to recommend - but could work well as an alternative format where there are fewer players, reduced ground size, etc. I get to see footy similar to this fairly often (in Europe), and it makes a lot more sense when everything is slowed down because skills and fitness are reduced. Not to mention, perfect as a social game.
  12. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    The danger with that though is you start to normalise extremism. This false equivalence is what gave us "but the emails".

    And so it starts ...

    Also, unless I'm mistaken, they're giving 2 weeks free.