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  1. bing181

    Demon expats

    Yes indeed, the much-maligned RER B. As for bobo, yes, but I don't know that the 10e has a monopoly on a changing demographic.
  2. bing181

    Demon expats

    We all do, they're compulsory in-car equipment. But like most of the locals, I only wear it in emergencies. Right-wing populism isn't really my thing.
  3. bing181

    Demon expats

    Palaiseau (near Massy). 30 mins out, but we have house, garden, dog, (kids!) and easy access to open fields and forest. Helps to retain sanity. Nice area up in the 10e, must have been a buzz.
  4. bing181

    Demon expats

  5. bing181

    Aaron Davey/Maroochydore Training Camp

    Background: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-11-03/arnhem-land-trip-to-further-indigenous-coaching-cause
  6. Lord Travis, you will find there is a group of posters here that believe that we miss manage injuries and the communication of them.
  7. bing181

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Would be great if he could get back to his 40-goals-a-year self.
  8. bing181

    Pass Mark 2019

    The draw is a [censored]. Given our opponents, if we finish in the 8 we'll already have improved on this year. Let's not forget that in most of the home and away season this year, we'd hardly beaten anyone in the 8.
  9. Yes, but this ignores the picks that came back the other way. In reality, we got Lever for pick 10 plus the equivalent of pick 51. (10 + 16 + 73 out vs 37 + 46 in).
  10. bing181

    Jason Taylor Resume

    The next contract we may have to be concerned about is Mahoney's. The man is doing good, no doubt it's being noticed.
  11. bing181

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    who currently has a serious foot injury, who didn't want to play for us anymore, and who's OOC next year.
  12. bing181

    Jason Taylor Resume

    This is just pie in the sky. We could never keep Hogan. He was either going now for what we got or, following a year of speculation, next year for worse when he'd be OOC (and not forgetting that the year after that (2020) he'd be a free agent).
  13. bing181

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Which is actually worse than what we did get: pick 16 (not 14) this year goes to them, but we got 2nd and third round picks (37 last year and 46 this year) back. The difference between 16 out and those two picks back is not that great, and us throwing pick 73 into the deal changed almost nothing. In reality, we got Lever for pick 10 plus the equivalent of pick 51. (10 + 16 + 73 out vs 37 + 46 in). With future picks involved, Mahoney's shrewdness here was in betting that we'd go up and Adelaide would go down. Smart boy.
  14. bing181

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Yes, and under the points system, what we got for Hogan is more valuable (by 5 places) than what we paid for Lever, so your point is? You're also conveniently omitting that we got a 2nd and a 3rd rounder back with Lever, also that the two first rounders that we paid for him were comparatively low: 10 and 16.
  15. bing181

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Just no. This is numbers-in-a-vacuum thinking. a) not an open market. As soon as a player nominates a club, that club has the upper hand because it shuts the door on competitive options - though under the circumstances, the only option that could have worked would have been WCE, and they had nothing to offer. Which Fremantle knew full well. b) Hogan has a serious foot injury c) Hogan has only one year left on a contract that he has refused to extend. It was take what we could this year, or have even less bargaining power next year trying to keep an out-of-contract player. Though all of this ignores the importance of getting May (and KK) into the club.