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  1. Of course it wouldn't have mattered much. The damage was already done.
  2. Or an informed effort by the medical/coaching team in place who assessed that leaving him on the ground wasn't going to add to the recovery time he would have needed in any case.
  3. We can all obviously save ourselves a fortune on medical diagnosis etc., just run whatever ails you past the experts on Demonland.
  4. Dam right. Get yourself suspended so you can't play, that'll really put the jeebies up them. Shades of Doug and Dinsdale Piranha here.
  5. Hunt could be great for us if we could find a position for him where he didn't have to make decisions. But I fear that those days are gone.
  6. (and you could add a few others to that list ...) The thing about those types for me is that they just don't seem to be switched on enough - not aware enough of what's happening or crucially, what's about to happen. Which is one of the reasons they can shine in lower comps, where they have more time.
  7. Yes, but very different when you have one or two depth players amongst a settled line up. Back line especially is pretty well all second-choice.
  8. Most out there from our backline. Which is a bit what we're seeing - rest of the field looks pretty solid, backs not so much.
  9. My wife's been on at me to get one of those.
  10. Of course it's not true. Fantasyland.
  11. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-02-09/back-on-trac-gun-demon-impresses-in-match-sim
  12. Yes indeed, the much-maligned RER B. As for bobo, yes, but I don't know that the 10e has a monopoly on a changing demographic.
  13. We all do, they're compulsory in-car equipment. But like most of the locals, I only wear it in emergencies. Right-wing populism isn't really my thing.
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