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    I agree they are and thankfully so

    Wouldn't be surprised if there was another reason Mitch Clark prematurely retired (other than what we are aware about) and why Melbourne aren't that upset about trading him.
  3. My Player Analysis from today game Bail: Looked completely lost. Turnover specialist. Another athelete that doesn't understand the game or have the necessary skills. Bartram: Can't question his endeavour but will be lucky to play 5 games this year. Disposal not good enough to play back pocket where turnovers are costly and there are better tagger options. Unfortunately is headed towards being delisted. Bell: Did a relatively good job on Watson. Only chance to remain on list is as a hard tagger, but another whose disposal/decision making is very poor. Bennell: Think posters have been a little harsh on him. Did a good job on Davey. Has a habit of missing targets but only does so by a small margin which is punished at AFL level. This will improve. Think he will become an B+ to A grade running half back who is very agile and fantastic at picking up the loose ball at speed. Cheney: Personally like him as a player (especially his hardness) but question whether he will make it long term. Doesn't fit in a backline with Frawley, Rivers, Warnock and MacDonald as he is not quick or creative enough. Fitzpatrick: Can't understand the optismism in him from our recruiters. Ok, he is tall and quick but weak overhead and kicking is atrocious. Frawley: Great game on Williams. Our first A grade key back in a long time who not only negates his opponent but is not to scared to run off and create. Kicking OK but should not be taking kick ins. Grimes: BOG by a long way. Cant remember the last time a Melbourne player had so many effective first possession centre clearances. Has skill, poise, good decision making, and adequate speed. In Grimes/Scully/Trengove we will have one of the best midfields for the next 10 years. Saw his face when the players were walking off after we lost. Was genuinely upset/angry. Loved it. Our next captain. Gysberts: Thought he was pretty good today. Good size for a mid. Lots of good handballs but didnt seem like he did much as he didn't get many kicks. Think they see him as a Cam Bruce clone for the future. Jamar: Has improved out of sight the last 2 years. Best ruckmen on the ground today. Some great tapwork to Grimes. Think he will have a big year in the ruck and up forward, as he one of the few ruckman that can take a grab. Jones: Thought he was good today apart from the centering turnover and the run down the wing where he should have kicked it to Jamar 20m out. Disposal and speed have improved over the past year. Good midfield depth. Jurrah: A worry. 2 very poor games. Looks unfit/disinterested. Hope it isn't overconfidence and thinking it will just happen for him after a great first year. Has a habit of playing from behind which doesn't work against quality key backs. Will improve on these performaces and I have no doubt will be a great player. MacDonald: Played well today. Hard at the ball and man. Still a little concerned that he is that mid size who isnt quick enough to play on smalls and too short for talls. Skills and creativity are only fair for a half back flanker. Don't like him and Rivers in the same side. Makes 4 (Fraw/Riv/Wark/Mac) out of 6 backs that dont run or create enough. Garland if fit is a beter option although he may be headed forward. Maric: Improved game. Like how despite his size he keeps his feet. Not a crumber though. A small lead up forward. Needs to improve fitness and use his foot skills from a wing/half forward. Martin: Missed some simple chest marks and shots for goal which really aggravated me today. But on reflection if he kicked straight we would all have been hailing him as our next full forward. Not a ruckman and shouldn't be played there. My main issue with him is his lack of confidence. You can just feel it when he gets the ball or kicks for goal. Needs to beleive he can play well as this level. See if he can make it as a forward ove the next 2 years or delist. Miller: Edit. Moloney: Think he only played the first half. Hope he didn't get injured. Solid midifielder, nothing more, but obviously a good leader and the most vocal of our players. Petterd: Excellent today. Kicked well for 4 goals and surprising quick, applying defensive pressure. Needs to play every game HFF as one of our few players capable of kicking multiple goals. Should aim for 30+ goals this season. Rivers: Signs he is getting back to his Rising Star days. Lot more zoning off his man to effectively kill the contest. Key to our backline. Morton: We expect to much from young players. What more could a 192cm skinny boy do at AFL level in his first 2 years. Will be a great Melbourne player and today was much harder at the ball and man and was very brave backing into the contest when he got injured. Praying his injury is only minor. Scully: Thought he was very good. 1-2 turnovers but nothing unforgivable. Unbelievable hands. Kicking is under-rated. Get it through your heads he is not a break the lines player to hit a forward target. He will be a consistent 30 possession player who will dominate contests and get the ball out to our other midfielders. The next Scott West. Strauss: Just OK today. We really need him to develop as we lack a skillful, running half back who can hit targets. Sylvia: Excellent first half. Great contested marking. Needs to play more half forward this year as we lack goal kickers. Set for a big year. Trengove: Pure class. You want the ball in his hands. Love the way he tackles. Doesn't just jockey alonging them to dispose of the ball, he focuses on their hips and attacks. Will be a star Warnock: Solid B+ full back. Played well today but not atheletic enough to deal with Ryder. Our dependable full back for the next 5 years. McKenzie: Good hands and tackler. Is a good kick so needs to change his first instinct from always wanting to handball. See him as our next tagger. Worry a little about his lack of pace. Newton: Last year on our list. Was a late draft pick so we shouldn't have expected to much. On list 6 years and still looks like he hasn't lifted a weight. Tells you something about his committment. Also saw Watts today doing anterior pelvic tilts after sitting too long. I'm a physio and I can tell you our Jack definetly has a back injury. Most likely discogenic. Lets hope he doesnt end up like Gumbleton. Tapscott has had his hip surgery. Apparently did it 2 months before it was diagnosed. Unless he didnt report any ongoing discomfort a $270 MRI or referral to an orthopaedic surgeon in December might have been a wise investment.
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