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  1. General Malaise

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    If you’re going to be all ‘my way or the highway’ and ditch talented player then your way had better the right way. He reminds me of a primary school teacher who marks the ‘tries hard’ kids higher than those who get the answers right.
  2. General Malaise

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 2

    Similar to Lewis and Hogan in R2(?) except Bugg was (over) retaliating.
  3. General Malaise

    Retro gear

    So it's a rip-off of both Liverpool AND Barca, even though they each look nothing like each other? Similar elements (as admitted by CS) in a totally different design doesn't make it plagiarism. I don't believe ours could remotely be mistaken for theirs. Heraldic Tradition I say. Meanwhile the Marylebone Cricket Club called. They want their monogram back.
  4. General Malaise

    Retro gear

    Oh. Sorry I thought you were DISagreeing, that’s usually the case when people respond to me with “that doesn’t make any sense.” It happens a fair bit, and they’re usually right.
  5. General Malaise

    Retro gear

    Hey slow down CW, you’ll see we’re saying the same thing.
  6. General Malaise

    Retro gear

    Yeah but... a shield isn’t an idea, it’s a “device”. Like squares, circles, colours, words. Hence we replaced it with another shield.
  7. General Malaise

    Retro gear

    Serious? Absolutely no resemblance. Other than a shield.
  8. General Malaise

    Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    This is either: a) Good b) Bad
  9. General Malaise

    Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    Or maybe Tony Modra aligns better to Robbo's era? 0.37 tackles per game. Or Tony Lockett? 0.51 tackles per game. Lloyd a tad over 1 and Neiter at 0.875.
  10. General Malaise

    Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    Dunstall averaged 0.64 tackles per game. Ergo even lazier forward. I assume. Different era, different KPIs.
  11. General Malaise

    Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    I agree with both of you, I wasn't having a dig at his current involvement at all, it's a wondrous thing. I was just wondering if it's a clearer image in most of our eyes than his on-field endeavours.
  12. General Malaise

    Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    A player who got the absolute best out of his abilities. Improved his kicking year on year going from below average to highly admirable over the journey of his career. I suspect his post-playing semi clown-prince role at the club has done his on-field legacy no favours.
  13. General Malaise

    2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Worst Team Player Award to Mal Turnbull for rooting the internets
  14. General Malaise

    Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    2 possibilities. Either Razor is bizarrely biased against us, or he treats all clubs as badly (thinks not), in which case he's a criminally shizenhausen umpire. In either case he should never umpire another game. Simples.
  15. General Malaise

    Hawks to Demons

    Yeah, alright, no-one then. You are correct. That was fun.