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  1. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Worst Team Player Award to Mal Turnbull for rooting the internets
  2. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    2 possibilities. Either Razor is bizarrely biased against us, or he treats all clubs as badly (thinks not), in which case he's a criminally shizenhausen umpire. In either case he should never umpire another game. Simples.
  3. Hawks to Demons

    Yeah, alright, no-one then. You are correct. That was fun.
  4. Hawks to Demons

    Brett Lovett and Anthony McDonald off the top of my head. Both mainly Reserves players there though.
  5. 2016 Player Review - # 17 Sam Frost

    I know that's the traditional wisdom, but does Watts get more rest up forward that Frost does down back? Maybe. These days perhaps it depends on how effective your mids are. And how hard your forwards work.
  6. 2016 Player Review - # 17 Sam Frost

    I’m putting my umbrella up before posting to ward off the pelted fruit and abuse. One of the constants we all repeat and hear is our need for a forward/ruck, and my question isn’t exclusively around Frost, though to me he is probably the most likely candidate in the team at the moment: Is it feasible the we reinvent, and consider a candidate for a back/ruck? In a team with strict match-ups that may be a terrible idea, but given the running zone defence we are implementing, surely this could be just another flexible component. We already have examples of Jetta being left to take on the likes of Buddy (not necessarily successfully) so Frost being ‘out of position’ wouldn’t be an added dilemma, and it appears we’ll have a surplus of HBF options to switch through there and cover. We wouldn’t then need to try to elbow another big body into the forward line on anything but merit. The other question, of course, is whether Frosty can learn the craft. I suspect he might. Pelt.
  7. HS List analysis by Gary Buckenara

    Nup. They're onto us brothers. (And sisters.)
  8. HS List analysis by Gary Buckenara

    Yeah, but nah. These days that generally still takes you straight to the subscriber page even if you try going via Adelaide, Cairns or Tocumwal. And 12 hours is a lifetime away.
  9. RIP Max Walker

    Tragic news.In the mid 90s the footy-tipping comp I'm in held an art auction for a prostate cancer charity honouring Teddy Whitten. We held it at Ron Barassi's pub and Tangles volunteered as auctioneer. Such a lovely generous funny man. Same goes for Ron of course, both total gentlemen.
  10. The Jesse Hogan Panic Room - all contract talk here

    Well that's pretty much one of my points. It's one aspect only among many. You're right though, I could have repeated it 7 times to even the argument up for you.
  11. The Jesse Hogan Panic Room - all contract talk here

    This is my situation: 1. I have already extended my contract til the end of next year. As in: the end of next year. 2. Next year has unknowns. Firstly I'm getting a new, first-time, largely untried boss. This may be good, I like the guy, but... 3. My dad is pretty ill and I'm 20. I don't know how this may pan out. 4. The club is keen for me to re-sign so they can plan. This would be nice for them. 5. The media and Demonlanders have little else to talk about. 6. I have already extended my contract til the end of next year. (Yes I may have mentioned this before). Points decision: think I'll wait a bit.
  12. Is Jetta our best Defender?

    Yes. And his contract price just went up $200k since the start of this thread.

    Wish we had video of you in your 6th day in your first job Picket.

    If ever you needed proof the AFL and Essendon Footy Club are scum-suckers surely this is it. One party 'didn't keep records' for an experiment they were injecting this guy with (yeah, right, cos no one keeps records of their research), the other tried to hush it up, buy it off and make it disappear. These bodies have shat all over the game and the sport they've been entrusted with and both need to be vaporised.
  15. Rivers, Sylvia, N Jones given MFC Life Membership Awards

    The double edged sword of PR spin. If it's an automatic 'play 100 games, get a life membership' then give it to them as they walk or the door. No alarms, no surprises. If you want to use it as a positive PR 'announcement' 2 years later you'll cop the value judgements, positive and negative. The constant social media involvement thing is not all upside. E.g. The 'Jesse's going to sign long-term' thing has gone from an instant positive to a questionable negative,