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  1. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    I was looking on the bright side! Lost by 90 odd to the pies the week after that as well. Wasnt the best start to the season.
  2. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Round 1, 1994. Gave the Cats with an Ablett a canning.
  3. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    How dull is the Richmond v Carlton opener every year?
  4. Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    As much as I like the idea of a fit and firing Crameri, the fact that the bulldogs, who arent overly endowed with goal kickers and just traded their leading goal kicker, didnt keep him is flashing red warning light....
  5. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    Rockcliff was poisonous and disliked by his teammates. The worst team in the comp has been wanting to get rid of him for 2 years. Watts was pushed out against his will for cultural/attitude reasons. Motlop a long term underacheiver. Port had only limited competition from other clubs for each of them. Its high reward, but very high risk strategy.
  6. Blast from the Past: Stephen Powell

    One of my all time favourites. Was an awful looking kick, but continually put them through from 50.
  7. Trade rumours

    His initial tweet represented everything that is wrong with today's afl media, but at least he set the record straight with the follow up tweet. Most others wouldn't have.
  8. Trade rumours

    And it hasn't even started yet. Dont worry, Hogan isnt going anywhere. If there was even the slightest chance, we wouldnt be trading Watts.
  9. Trade rumours

    Shouldn't we be listening to this...?
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    I don't remember that. So end of 98? Makes me feel sick that we had interest in wayne campbell. He's about as likeable as boomer harvey.
  11. Trade rumours

    Wasnt it the Zanotti Files which was 98% sure Rockliff was coming to us last year?
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    If trading a player like watts damages the heart and soul of our club or erodes our culture, then we are already done. Worried about 'brand damage'? What about missing out on finals after a decade in the wilderness because of 5 shocking losses when we were red hot favourites?
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    On its own, it will not magically solve our consistency issues. And i cant see too many people suggesting that it will. But trading a highly inconsistent player who still has some trade value seems like a logical attempt to move in the right direction. Fine if you disagree. Its a tight call. But i'm rapt we're trying something. I dont get why people are losing their minds over this, as if we're trading a viney or dare i say it, a woewodin.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Some of the comments in this thread are genuinely unbelievable. Despite our improvement, we have an undeniable issue with consistency and application. And its been an issue for years. It was an issue when we were improving under Bailey, it was an issue under Roos, and by God it was an issue this year. The one thing we cannot do is do nothing about this. But when we try something, we turn on the coach. Threaten petitions. Threaten to not renew memberships. FFS people!!! If this trade doesnt work, so be it. But at least we tried. And then we can try something else. I've never bought into the whole melbourne supporters accept mediocrity thing, but by the way so many here are pining over a player who after 8 years is not even a star, let alone a supetstar, maybe there is something to it.
  15. Trade rumours

    I know its been said before, but it defies logic that waldron still has a media gig after what he did at the storm. The only thing more baffling would be wayne carey having a regular tv commentary spot...