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  1. MrReims

    Watching the GF in Sydney

    Getting ahead of myself I know but I have to make preparations now because I'm going to be on a tight timeline should we get through. Any fellow Sydneysiders massing together to celebrate and watch it? A few fellow afl nuts (but not Melb fans) and I were thinking the Courthouse in Newtown but not sure if there is something already planned?
  2. MrReims

    Put your hand up if you started crying...

    The footage of the look on Jonesy face is what did it for me. Strange to be crying in the toilet at work.....
  3. MrReims

    The Jack Viney made me cry thread

    ‘Totally got away with that sneaky fart..... oh crap’
  4. For the record his nickname is ‘Chugger‘
  5. MrReims

    2018's 'breakout' player

    I have this strange feeling that Fritsch is going to slot into best 22 almost instantly after his debut
  6. Blink twice if you are having a stroke
  7. MrReims

    Demonland YouTube Page

    Awesome work guys, going from strength to strength. Feel free to PM me if you would like any help going forward with these projects, more than happy to donate some time when I have it to keep thus kind of quality material coming. Pats on the back all round
  8. But...... we didn’t use it at the draft. Sorry ? just being unnecessarily pedantic @Redleg
  9. MrReims

    Mitch Honeychurch

    Don’t know him as a player anywhere near well enough to have a solid opinion but I feel there is one last play in us and we will either take a delisted free agent or experienced player in the draft. Ive heard interest in Mitch before, simply curious if people think he could fill a need
  10. MrReims


    So now that Adelaide have paid the same price we did for Gibbs, a 28yr old past his prime can the whiners and hand wringers finally accept we paid a fair price and move on? probably not
  11. MrReims

    Adam Saad

    In my head it works but I'll back Viney and the boys to make the right decision. If cheap the experiment of him as a wing hff, potentially even a shut down forward with explosive 2 way running excites. But the minds eye is often rosy in colour so I'll stick with the first sentence
  12. MrReims


    Appreciate the concern, but I've been doing this for 16yrs or so. Heresay on a public forum isn't quite the all powerful thing some you of obviously think it is. But I'll keep my observations to myself from now on if it offends so much