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  1. Demon 16


    Prestia should be a good pick up for Richmond, although offset by the loss of Deledio. Jake Carlisle will offer the Saints a lot. Not new recruits I know, but bring Bennell and Fyfe back into Freos side could be a bigger impact than any recruits.
  2. Bicks hasn't said much really. I think we need to see improved running capacities from guys like Petracca, Salem, Oliver, Brayshaw, Vandenburg and Stretch. We are also quite lean in the key posts outside of McDonald (CHB), Hogan (CHF) and Gawn (ruck). Those guys will each need to play 15+ games you would think.
  3. Demon 16

    Training - Friday, 8th January, 2016

    I enjoyed it. Hes offered a damn sight more than you, in any case.
  4. Demon 16

    2016 is a big year for ...

    The whole club. If we have a poor year, the veil of negativity will be upon us in a horribly big way.
  5. Pretty sure we'll trade our 2017 pick (and maybe something extra) for a first round pick next year. Either that or for a player. Well go in pretty hard for a free agent over the next 24 months as well. List. Complete.
  6. Parsons would be terrific if he's still around.
  7. Demon 16

    Melbourne FC to 'target an A+ midfielder'.

  8. Demon 16

    Melbourne FC to 'target an A+ midfielder'.

    Ok, I dont come over here (from bigfooty) as much as I would like to - and I'm starting to remember why. Mods, could please I ask you to please tidy up this thread by deleting anything off topic?..
  9. Demon 16

    Melbourne FC to 'target an A+ midfielder'.

    I understand exactly what you're saying. We should draft Gary Ablett Senior
  10. Demon 16

    Melbourne FC to 'target an A+ midfielder'.

    Fair bit of risk comes with Bennell, but if that was alleviated, then he'd be absolutely perfect. If we could do something for the double (Bennell and Dixon), then we'll have just about reached Nirvana you'd think. We'd just need to make sure their dealer doesnt deliver to Victoria..
  11. Demon 16

    Melbourne FC to 'target an A+ midfielder'.

    If you read throught the list of current free agents, its pretty slim pickings outside of Dangerfield, if you're trying to land a gun. The only way I see us bringing in an A grade mid this year, is by trading.
  12. Demon 16

    Melbourne FC to 'target an A+ midfielder'.

    Not that Id complain if we were able to lure James Aish, but when Roos said A+, I would hope he was referring to a bigger fish than that.
  13. Demon 16

    Melbourne FC to 'target an A+ midfielder'.

    I wouldnt be so sure. We are armed with pick 4 or 5, and I couldnt see any of the clubs below us trading their picks. We will have some salary cap room and are currently a better option than say Carlton or Essendon. We arent in a bad spot to chase a player at the moment, at all.
  14. Demon 16

    Melbourne FC to 'target an A+ midfielder'.

    Is Harley Bennell and A grader?
  15. Demon 16

    Melbourne FC to 'target an A+ midfielder'.

    I'kk kick it off by suggesting we might have another crack at Josh Kennedy from the Swans. He has 3 or 4 years left, and they have a big number of quality young mids coming through - and may be tempted if a high pick is offered up. Adam Treloar would also be a great fit, you would think?