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  1. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    Us wearing an appropriately coloured short - rather than the traditional white for away teams - would go a big way towards solving the problem.
  2. 2018 Membership Thread

    I haven't posted much for a season or two, but I reckon you're still rolling out that same line. Hopefully you're saying that the season after our next flag! At the risk of repeating myself, it's worth noting that every grand final there are people who literally cannot get a ticket, despite being willing and able to buy one. That's what the guarantee covers. Fwiw I have not purchased one over the last decade, and $300 seems pretty steep to me.
  3. David Schwarz

    What are you referring to as 'dispatches'? Plenty of commentators and players have said Schwarz pre-knee was a star, and that he would have had a career as one of the competition's dominant players if not for the three knee recos. Definitely agree with the posters who've said Schwarz in '94 was better than Oliver's '17!
  4. 2018 Membership Thread

    What we did 10 years ago, or half a century ago, isn't very relevant. Whether it's a good bet or not comes down to how likely you are to get a grand final ticket if you don't have the guarantee, and how much you care if you miss out. People are throwing around the $1000/$1200 amounts like there's an easy way of nabbing a grand final ticket, but the sad truth is there are many supporters who'd happily pay that in their grand final seasons but miss out entirely. What's it worth to you to be at our next flag?
  5. 2018 Membership Thread

    Isn't that a core benefit of a membership?
  6. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    My understanding is that it's less about gate receipts and more about sponsorship.
  7. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    That's great (I'll attend the games whatever time they're scheduled, too), but Friday night games bring in revenue. I've always disliked the idea of selling games and always said that once we were on the rise we should stop. I'm hoping we don't renew the arrangement - or reduce it to one game per year.
  8. 2018 AFLW Fixture

    Anyone else disappointed that there'll be no double-headers this year? I thought it was a good way for fans to see two games in a day, and for the AFLW to motivate supporters to come along when they otherwise might not.
  9. Peter Jackson on SEN 24/10/17

    I don't know how much WB made, but they certainly started selling out membership packages where they hadn't done so before. They also started pouring money into marketing initiatives in an attempt to make hay while the sun was shining, but then fell down the ladder. Oops. I'll believe it when I see it. I went to a function way back when Stynes was Prez, and he was talking about the need for a long-term base because AAMI was inadequate. This may have even been before we signed up for the facility we're in now! Either way, it was pretty clear the Club knew they needed better than what they were getting.
  10. A very unhelpful guide to 2018

    We had a ton of injuries to key players, won't be losing much due to age-related decline and should see much more than that in natural improvement. It'll be Goodwin's second year in charge, and we've improved our list. I can't see why 14 is the ceiling, when we just won 12 (and were very unfortunate to lose a couple when we had mid-game injuries to our rucks). NB: In case anyone wants to put words in my mouth, asserting that I don't think 14 is a ceiling doesn't mean I think we're definitely going to win more than 14 or whatever.
  11. Ruck depth

    We have our #1 ruck and two kids developing. It'd be nice if one of them was a bit further along with their development, though. I don't think you need 4+ on your list. Where would they all play? One in the AFL team, two at Casey with them both spending time up forward, and then what..?
  12. A very unhelpful guide to 2018

    Celebratory drinks will be in order.
  13. Lee poached by Doggies

    Correct. However, that's a far cry from 'the MFC ladies never looked like making the final', old dee.
  14. Lee poached by Doggies

    I know you said you weren't interested, but FYI; the Dees were second on the ladder on the last day of the season, and were heading to the grand final until Adelaide mounted a final quarter comeback in their final game...
  15. Farewell Colin Garland

    At his best, Garland played some great games on some great players. Col beat some of the best, regardless of whether they were tall or small. Sometimes he appeared lackadaisical, but I liked Garland and for quite a few seasons he was well and truly in my best side. I was saddened when he was injured at the start of the year, because I thought it was already quite possible he'd never play AFL again. What we're doing with our rucks has almost nothing to do with Col. He was so far down the list of potential defenders it's not funny, and once you take into account the bias towards younger players vs a guy beyond his prime, Col was extremely unlikely to get a game unless we had a disastrous injury run. Col had an AFL career many people could be envious of, despite the struggles personally and at the Club, and it's nice he's transitioning into coaching with us at the Dees.