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  1. Rogue

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    If Fork em's son's hairdressers said so, it must be true! I don't think he's the sharpest tool in the shed.
  2. Rogue

    It’s the game plan

    I reckon you've just contradicted yourself. On one hand you lay the blame on our game plan, and in the same breath you acknowledge the horrible skill execution. I'm not an AFL coach, but I'm pretty certain that horrible skill execution is not part of any game plan. We had three gettable shots in the first 10 mins and failed to kick a goal, and I think all of their first quarter goals might have been on the back of turnovers... NB: Once Lever went down I thought our outside chance of a flag was gone, given that our defence is the weakest third of the ground personnel-wise. However, since the QB game I've been consistently pointing to our lack of polish going forward as the thing holding us back from winning games regardless, and I still reckon that's on the money. Although we struggled with contested ball, if we'd been more polished with the ball then we'd have kept ourselves in the game and had a chance to regroup. We need to continue improving (both improving the players we have and improving the squad) to ensure we consistently maximise our chances.
  3. Rogue

    Our supporter stereotype

    What's with all the Dees hate? (Serious question). Does anyone care when the Magpies get shortened to the 'Pies, or the Kangaroos the 'Roos, or the Bulldogs the 'Dogs, or Fremantle labelled as Freo (heave ho), or Brisbane becoming 'Brissie', or Essendon as the 'Dons, or Port Adelaide becoming Port, or Tigers becoming Tiges? If there's a problem with abbreviations, Australia must be tough to bear, because that's something Aussies are renowned for.
  4. Rogue

    Would we take $cully back?

    What makes you say that? I don't think he's the kind of player we need at all. I agree with the earlier comments re: his lack of polish meaning he doesn't fit the bill.
  5. Rogue

    The One Question Mark for the Dees

    After the Queens birthday debacle I made a post about our poor inside 50s/conversions. At the time, no one was interested. However, here we are and it's still a problem. I think our defence is easily the weakest part of our game and once Lever went down I wrote off our premiership chances, but if we can just add some composure and polish up front we can win the thing regardless.
  6. Rogue

    Is it time to serve last drinks on bath water?

    Great post. I'm also really worried about that camp we didn't go on back in January.
  7. Rogue

    Finals Tickets

    Sounds like you should swap with @old dee
  8. Rogue

    Finals Tickets

    It's a shame that Ticketek* doesn't release standing room tickets until virtually all tickets are allocated, because there'd be plenty of people who would be happy with 'row e' and you would have been just as happy with a standing room ticket. Just another problem with the ticket sales process. *Ditto for Ticketmaster
  9. Rogue

    Finals Tickets

    Head along, mate - if we win, the atmosphere will be electric. You can always record the game to watch later, like I said, but the only place you'll get the atmosphere will be at the 'G with 90K+ other footy fans. If you're struggling with seeing the finer details then there's always the AFL.com.au audio streams (or a radio, if you're old school) to give you a hand with who's got the footy.
  10. Rogue

    Finals Tickets

    To be fair, there are seats available - you're just not keen on them. I'd go to the game, even if the tickets were not ideal. You can always watch the game on TV later if you feel like a closer look.
  11. Rogue

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    Spargo gave us what he's been giving us for the last 4-6 weeks, so I'd be surprised if he gets dropped now. I don't like forwards that have no goal nous and can't kick over a jam jar, but with no VFL game this week I reckon it's hard for potential ins to change the selectors' minds. I think Fritsch is being played out of position, so - sans Lever - Joel Smith releasing Fritsch to play further up the ground is attractive. Fritsch would give us a good link between the arcs and some class in our forward half. It's worth nothing that Fritsch came second in the VFL's 'Coleman' last year. I really think this could be a significant change. On Garlett, at anywhere from 80%+ of his best form he would add polish that we desperately need to convert our chances. However, he's been so ordinary at times - including in Casey's final 'home and away' game, the week after he was most recently dropped - that I don't know we can trust him to deliver. I've been a fan, but surely one decent game in Casey's first final is in no way enough to demand a spot. I think we'll go in unchanged and defeat the Hawks, but I also think there are guys in the VFL who will have a realistic chance of playing in a prelim final. The fact we're playing on the Friday night is a bonus, since it means we don't need to have anyone sit out the Casey game in case of an AFL call-up. Can't wait for Friday night!
  12. If Lever, Hogan and Tyson were fit*, I reckon our bottom six would be something like this: Frost OMac Hannan Neal-Bullen Tyson Vandenberg If only..! *I've squeezed out JKH, Weid and Spargo. I think this is more important than the deck chairs. If our big guns like Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw and TMac don't fire, then I don't think fringe players like JKH, Tyson, Weid and Spargo get us over the line on grand final day.
  13. Yep, pretty average article to provide so little context.