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  1. Trading Brayshaw?

    Pick 36 for Brayshaw? Tell him he's dreamin'.
  2. Vince offered fine for "clash" with umpire

    Thanks for the link. Sloane pushes Vince away from him well before either ruckman are competing for the footy, and didn't push Vince into the umpire. If Vince had turned right, or kept moving in the same direction, he'd have been fine; instead, Vince pivots, blind, smacks into the back of the ump. Unfortunate way to lose a K, but hardly an injustice.
  3. Vince offered fine for "clash" with umpire

    Haven't seen the Guthrie incident, but MRP inconsistency is hardly surprising. The umpires can and will move backwards in that way all day, every day. I didn't notice that in the live vision (my memory is that the collision is quite a while after he and Sloane are side by side), but maybe you're right - if so, stiff. Anyone have a link to the replay?
  4. Vince offered fine for "clash" with umpire

    My understanding is that the area directly behind the ump is the 'protected area' you should stay out of. The umpire moved directly backwards into this area. Vince was in there, and he wasn't pushed in by anyone else, so I can't see how it's surprising he is receiving a fine.

    Pretty sure he's on record as saying he thinks he's better as a mid, but not able to get a game in there. I remember Jetta making comments in the early days re: the fact he wasn't suited to being a crumbing forward, but we played him there anyway.
  6. Finals permutations

    We could lose all of those games and still be on 11 wins, so I think we could win just one of those and have a reasonable chance of finals. 12 wins was sufficient in three of the past four years (2016*; 2014**; 2013) *In 2016, St Kilda were pipped by on percentage by North because the Saints had a very ordinary percentage of 95.8% (that was actually less than the percentage of teams nine and ten - Port and us). **Essendon were excluded from finals in 2014, but 12 wins was enough anyway.

    Without really playing any better at all we could very easily be five or six wins and sitting in the top two or four on the ladder. I'm okay with people who think the sky is falling regardless of this fact. What I have a problem with is that I know a bunch of the 'the sky is falling' crowd would have a different opinion if we were 5-2 or 6-1 on the ladder, even if we'd played very similar footy.

    In the first half we butchered the footy going forward and if we'd been a bit cleaner we would have won. Frost does these horrible things but I like that he was taking the game on in the second half instead of going into his shell. Hunt to the forward line in the third was a great move. JKH has been horrible and I'm about ready to mark his cards. It's really disappointing Kent and Brayshaw aren't fit/in form. Extremely frustrating, and resulted in two Hawthorn goals. What was the margin again? Yeah, I'm not a fan and will be surprised if he's ever best 22. I thought it had really improved compared to earlier in his career, but this season hasn't been his finest. Still gives the ball off well by hand.
  9. Anyone for cricket?

    Anyone interested in the upcoming Champions Trophy? AUSTRALIA SQUAD: David Warner, Aaron Finch, Steve Smith (c), Travis Head, Chris Lynn, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Moises Henriques, Matthew Wade, John Hastings, Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood, James Pattinson, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa. A potentially lethal pace battery, but I don't know that they'll all play together in the Champions Trophy. Faulkner, Bailey and Khawaja are notable outs. I was surprised to see Hastings back and Henriques make the cut. Full squads here (India TBA Monday): http://www.cricket.com.au/news/champions-trophy-full-squads-2017-fixtures-australia-england-india-pakistan/2017-04-26 I'm a bit late to the party, but I agree with this.
  10. Changes vs Crows

    JKH out, probably never to return. I didn't think giving him a third game was necessarily poor, but he has been very poor. I don't think he sees himself as a forward, but he's a long way down the list of our midfielders IMO. It'd be nice to bring in Kent and Brayshaw, but they're not fit/in form.
  11. How important Gawn?

    1) Yes. Losing Gawn and Spencer during games was particularly brutal. 2) If we can win 4-5 of our next eight then I think we're a chance, assuming 12 wins is required. That would mean defeating at least four of Carlton, Collingwood, Gold Coast, North and Sydney. After the Tigers loss, and Spencer's long-term injury, I said our season was scuppered. However, 4-5 wins in the next eight would keep us in touch. Four or five wins in the next eight would leave us needing 4-5 wins in the final six. GWS in ACT should be tough, but our other away game is North in TAS and at home we have Port, St Kilda, Collingwood and Brisbane. 3) Yes. Unsure whether VB is best 22, but Smith might be and I like Brayshaw.
  12. AFL Evolution Game

    AFL 98 definitely the best AFL game so far. PS. Released 20 years ago? Jesus.
  13. Lynden Dunn v Oscar McD - Interesting

    Dunn is 30 next week. Old news. Literally.
  14. Cam Pedersen

    That's true. It's also true that Dawes, on one leg, still managed to get games ahead of him at times. Pedo is useful as depth and has his moments, but that's the extent of it so far and given his age it'd be a surprise to see much more than the odd moment here and there.
  15. Captain Courageous Nathan Jones

    IMO his game went to another level prior to this season, and I'm pretty sure Lord Travis wasn't just referring to two games this year.