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  1. wonnabeeri

    Fun fact

    Equal third in quarters won but 6th on the ladder. This suggests we fade out even more than before!
  2. wonnabeeri

    Happy 160th Birthday Melbourne Football Club

    And I'm pretty sure they only whipped something up quickly after seeing this thread!
  3. wonnabeeri

    Happy 160th Birthday Melbourne Football Club

    And I stole the letter from demonwiki too.
  4. On this day (10 July, 1858) Tom Wills wrote a letter to Bell's Life magazine which would create the Melbourne Football club. Now that cricket has been put aside for some months to come, and cricketers have assumed somewhat of the chrysalis nature (for the time being only, it is true), but at length again will burst forth in all their varied hues, rather than allow this state of torpor to creep over them and stifle their now supple limbs, why cannot they, I say, form a football club, and form a committee of three or more to draw up a code of laws? If a club of this sort was got up, it would be of vast benefit to any cricket ground to be trampled on, and would make the turf firm and durable, besides which it would help those who are inclined to become stout and having their joints encased in useless superabundant flesh. If it were not possible to form a football club, why should these young men who have adopted this new country for their motherland - why, I say, do not they form themselves into a rifle club, so at any date they may be some day called upon to aid their adopted land against a tyrant who may some time pop upon us when we least expect a foe at our very own doors. Surely our young cricketers are not afraid of a crack of a rifle when they face so courageously the leather sphere, and it would disgrace no one to learn in time to defend his country and his hearth. A firm heart and a steady hand and a quick eye are all that are requisite and with practice all these may be attained. Trusting that someone will take up this matter and form either of the above clubs, or at any rate some athletic games. You've treated me poorly over my lifetime, but I still love you. Happy 160th birthday Melbourne Football Club!
  5. wonnabeeri

    Max Gawn Signed Jumper

    Sorry mate, but I don't think you'll get any takers for that price unless you have a COA. Match worn jumpers go for less on Deebay.
  6. wonnabeeri

    Petracca in a rut?

    Luke Tapscott mk2
  7. wonnabeeri

    Round 9 Non MFC Games ... Shanghai Dumplings

    Not only would an average Chinese person know where Australia is, I guarantee you they will be able to tell you the exact number of square kilometers it occupies as well!
  8. wonnabeeri

    Round 9 Non MFC Games ... Shanghai Dumplings

    Disclaimer - I'm an ex Shanghai resident still occasionally involved with expat footy in China. I'm in Shanghai now and also was for last years game. I have had quite the different experience. Locals in my office here have asked me if I knew about it, and the levels of westerners wandering around the french concession is crazy this year. The game is growing (slowly) in China and Port Adelaide have done some pretty good stuff with schools here.
  9. wonnabeeri

    The China Game

    There would have been 3-4000 locals there. It cost 4 million but has brought in much more. Games are now regularly televised on CCTV5, which is basically the same as fox sports. Sure the game was crap, but so are bunch of afl games played in Australia too. Just keep hating.
  10. wonnabeeri

    The China Game

    They always said the ground could hold 14K but were aiming for 10K. They easily got that. It was near on impossible to get a ticket to the game. A lot of the seats looked vacant as you could watch the game standing in corporate areas where they had booze. I really don't understand the negativity. It was an awesome day and footy in China isn't going away any time soon.You are what you read, and I guess the Australian media that weren't at the game have nothing else to write about....
  11. wonnabeeri

    The China Game

    Game cost them $4M.
  12. wonnabeeri

    The China Game

    What as awesome weekend. The Shanghai Tigers defeated Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Guangzhou, and Singapore to take home the Shanghai cup. Unreal day. Port v gold coast was a crap game. A few things could have been run better (no food and drink available in the ground and the taste of aus fest sucked), but the crowd would have been 30-40% chinese. The all asia v china match after the big game was also awesome. Better than the main event! Nursing a sore head today.
  13. wonnabeeri

    The China Game

    I know in the past Melbourne already had a program to get Chinese university students to games in Melbourne. One of the guys here in Shanghai was involved as a mentor type person. He said it was quite a success.
  14. wonnabeeri

    The China Game

    I totally agree about the nfl analogy, however China is such a massive market you only need to have a small interest and the game will be successful. On that note the NFL are also doing some really good work here in Shanghai at least. They have auskick style sessions at Luwan Stadium every other week, with kids fitted out in the full kit. Looks cool.
  15. wonnabeeri

    The China Game

    I'll be attending the Shanghai game as i live there and have a big involvement with the local Shanghai Tigers AFL team. A few here are underestimating how popular afl is going to be in China. There are already multiple Chinese teams in Guangzhou, and the programs from there are rapidly expanding into other areas. I have personally been involved in numerous auskick clinics at Shanghai schools, and the kids are loving it. The dollars are being spent and the game is growing. The buzz around Shanghai about the game is amazing. I think the afl are onto a winner here.