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  1. Big Kev

    Casey Demons v Coburg - VFL Round 12

    VFL/VFLW double-header to be live streamed http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-06-22/vflvflw-doubleheader-to-be-live-streamed
  2. Big Kev

    2018 Contracts and List Details

    He isn't on our list yet. He has committed to join the MFC AUSTIN Bradtke will officially join Melbourne as a Category B rookie on November 1 this year.
  3. Big Kev

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    Who comes out of the Melbourne team for Bull to come in Drunkn?
  4. Big Kev

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    Great updates, thanks everyone.
  5. Big Kev

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    I seem to remember you had a love for cats when Delan was drafted, very glad to hear that red and blue runs in your veins now Drunkn. Good luck to Casey today, I think Jack will have limited game time, that is why he is playing ar Casey.
  6. Big Kev

    Changes v The Blues

    I think what people are forgetting or not noticing is that Sam has been given a role to play and at the moment is playing that role. When Tommy plays wing or Jesse plays up the ground, Sam is the tall up forward to crash the packs and bring the ball to ground or at least make a contest. Then he goes into the ruck and gives Big Maxxie a spell. That is his role.
  7. Big Kev

    Round 8

    8 of the 9 teams above us on the ladder, play each other. Richmond 1st play North 7th West Coast 2nd play GWS 5th Hawks 4th play Swans 8th Cats 6th play Collingwood 9th The 5th placed Crows play the team below us Port 11th.
  8. Big Kev

    Casey Demons 2018

    Smells of nepotism.
  9. Big Kev

    Casey Demons 2018

    Me 3.
  10. Big call Redleg (even though you didn't think it was) - 1997 - Pick 66 - Nathan Brown - 146 Games, 36 Goals, 23 Brownlow votes
  11. Big Kev

    Permission to train list?

    I think the permission to train list is after the draft but before the rookie draft, to give clubs a chance to assess players that missed the draft.
  12. Great effort Demonland, thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. I am a sucker for the showy players Jakovich, Farmer, Jurrah, Petracca etc.. So much enjoyment from Jakovich for such a short time. We were cruelled by injuries in that era. Jako himself, Prymke, Charles, Lyon, Tingay, Schwarz, Glenn Lovett, could go on and on
  13. Big Kev

    Who is going onto the Banner?

    Pick 31 obviously.