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  1. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Pick 31 obviously.
  2. Congratulations Declan.
  3. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    Did he play with any desperation?
  4. Sandringham v Casey Demons

    Must of felt like déjà vu at Sandy yesterday for Melbourne supports who used to go and watch when we were aligned with them, a Sandringham team not taking advantage coming home with the wind.
  5. Coburg v Casey Scorpions

    Thanks for the Updates KC.
  6. Gawn without a third man up?

    As long as it doesn't happen at the centre bounce when all our players are on the other side of him as against St Kilda and cost us the game.

    You would need to look at who the sponsors are. Are they local and therefore want to be associated with The Casey name.
  8. Training - Monday 12th December, 2016

    I didn't know Warrnambool was in the NT.
  9. 2017 Pre-Season Games

    So does mine.
  10. Training - Friday 2nd December, 2016

    It isn't easy to hit the side of a door, it is much easier to hit the side of a barn, which of course some players can't either.
  11. I hope Declan has a successful career. Please don't take to heart any of the remarks that will come if Declan drops a mark or misses a goal, some people can be feral.
  12. Luke Power

    Melbourne the city, not the football club, I believe In other moves, the Giants welcome back Mark McVeigh from a season-long suspension resulting from his involvement as a player in the Essendon 2012 supplements scandal. Assistant coach Luke Power will move to Melbourne to join the club's list management and recruiting team. He has also been linked heavily to the AFL Academy position vacated by Brenton Sanderson.

    Looked very good in the U18s Grand Final.

    I don't think Matt Jones and Dean Terlich both finished fourth in the 2013 B&F, obviously a typo ;-), Dean was third. Thanks to the players that are no longer on the list for their efforts, I thought Matt Jones may have been salvaged, but when you look for an alternative to take his place, it isn't easy to find one. 2013 Melbourne best and fairest results Winner: Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy – Nathan Jones (365 votes) After winning his first Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy in 2012, Jones deservedly went back-to-back. The incredibly durable midfielder was Melbourne’s most consistent player in 2013. Second: Sid Anderson Memorial Trophy – Colin Garland (360) The defender capped off his best AFL season as a close runner-up to Jones. He passed the 100-game milestone and proved a model of consistency, often under pressure down back. Third: Ron Barassi Snr Memorial Trophy – Dean Terlich (306) The mature defender was of the bright spots of the year, playing all but two matches in his first season. It was an outstanding return to the AFL system, after he was a Sydney Swans rookie in 2008. Fourth: Ivor Warne-Smith Memorial Trophy – Matt Jones (303) Like Terlich, Jones was one of 2013’s good news stories. The 25 year-old midfielder took his opportunity, playing every game after being picked at No. 52 in last year’s NAB AFL Draft.