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  1. That conference system is just so wrong. I hope we never see it in the mens game. I mean our section the top 4 teams have 7 6 5 and 4 wins. We have won 4 and finished 4th. Meanwhile Carlton sits on top with 3. But something amuses me about nth not making the finals. Maybe its because they are nth, or maybe its because they were the new team and got the good players in.
  2. Joe Daniher was there because they showed him on sport tonight talking about his calf injurythat will keep him out for numerous weeks which gave me a laugh.
  3. Did may get a week just because of his record? If we appeal do we risk 2 weeks or is it a free shot at the tribunal?
  4. Did goodwin talk to the crowd? Maxy Im sure would have been a hit with everyone.
  5. Well I can't get there so if someone can just give us an update on the injuries that occurred yesterday and also can someone ask may what the hell he was thinking with that so called bump yesterday? Just anything else about the day also. Thanks.
  6. I actually enjoyed watching that on tv tonight. We should have been much further ahead at 1/4 time. But well done to Tegan Cunningham who kicked the winning goal. But gee there was no way that free kick count should have been that far apart.
  7. Look at least it gives our coaches something to work on and think about what needs changing. Also we have to remember slot jones, viney and melksham into that team and we look a whole lot better. I may have forgotten over the pre season if something happened to Mitch but why wasnt Hannan playing today?
  8. Aaah you can tell footy is back when you come on here, players are getting bagged, umps are copping it and we are losing.
  9. Nah the 186 game. But Im still a bit disappointed the AFL put us there again. This better be the last year. Surely our supporter base is strong enough now to get good crowds at the G.
  10. I haven't been back to that ground since that horrible day. Can you just rock up and buy a ticket at the gate?
  11. https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/afl-2019-malcolm-blight-says-jack-watts-could-be-the-worst-no-1-pick-ever/news-story/d1ae4648989a81660a8cdd5b4bf14bd3 Wow blighty didn't hold back. But he does make a few good points when talking about players that have gone 31 before him or after him. What confuses me about this though before he snorts the stuff he appears to be looking at the camera and says are you ready. Or is he just saying it to those around him. Surely he could notice someone has there phone recording it. Then today he says he didn't know he was being filmed.
  12. I just wonder what his mum said to him.
  13. See everyone just assumes if you are an mcc member then you have it all. I work at at job where I only get $22 an hour, I don't live in a fancy suburb, drive a range rover, have a beach house or ski. So don't put us all into the doctor, lawyer toorak living area bracket I have been an MCC member for over 20 years. I didn't go on the list when I was a kid because im a melbourne supporter. I went on because of family and now I use it over summer for the cricket, including boxing day the big bash and international 20/20s. I wouldn't ditch it ever because I use it and get value out of it. I don't apologise for having an mcc membership. Me contributing $87 each year is better than those who don't re-sign or don't join up but still go. I also go to every melbourne game there and yes I usually to the grand finals. But I pay for an MFC/MCC membership every year. A couple of years ago it was $60 and you got a scarf and all the sticker and that. You also got free entry into an etihad home game. Now it has gone up to $87. I have signed up again because it adds to the membership total and it makes a donation to the club. I agree during the finals when the members was packed I saw many supporters with scarves on from 2015 and beyond. You can tell the ones who have jumped back on. Hopefully with the success last year more and more will sign up.
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