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  1. dees189227

    Viney on SEN (21/5)

    Will have to listen. Nathan Jones is on Talking Footy tonight. On 7mate from 7:30. Not sure what time he will be on.
  2. dees189227

    Changes vs Adelaide

    No one deserves to be droppped but Bernie had a shocker today. Couldn't hit a target with a 15m kick, botched handpasses and did that stupid kick to lewis when he had Salem free. At one stage stage went to chase an opponent and it just looked like he was running up and down on the spot.
  3. dees189227

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    I just checked where we are on the ladder and we are 3rd. Wow who is this footy club that has suddenly won 4 games in a row and today demolished a team. I don't recognise them.. Its a shame next week we aren't playing at the G. I just think we would have got a really good crowd and built on the momentum of the past 4 weeks. Kudos to Oliver who had surgery on a broken finger last week and was able to play. It was just awesome to be at that game today. Loved it.
  4. dees189227

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Nice finish tommy. Here we go Melbourne
  5. dees189227

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    We need to win and get our spot back in the 8. Hope for a comfortable win
  6. dees189227

    Round 9 Non MFC Games ... Shanghai Dumplings

    Im sorry but if geelong lose this then they need to be scrutinised because how they can be held goaless in the 2nd term against the worst performing team is a disgrace. It makes our r1 loss even worse with the scum beating them.
  7. dees189227

    Round 9 Non MFC Games ... Shanghai Dumplings

    Gee geelong what is wrong with you. Essenscum are easy to beat. You are playing a team that lost to Carlton. You are meant to be a team of superstars. At least you have the 3rd quarter to bounce back. Maybe the players thought it was just going to happen.
  8. dees189227

    Round 9 Non MFC Games ... Shanghai Dumplings

    nth v gws in tassie. Wow that will get the crowds coming. But I suspect nth can win this.
  9. dees189227

    Round 9 Non MFC Games ... Shanghai Dumplings

    All I hope this weekend is the cats smash the bummers and make there week even more miserable.
  10. dees189227

    Demons on Masterchef (16/5/18)

    The lamb rack looked great and id eat that salmon soba noodle salad. Funny how we didn't see the coach. Anyway it wasn't a bad episode.
  11. dees189227

    Demons on Masterchef (16/5/18)

    Gee people chill, it's just a challenge on a cooking show. Its a challenge at the mcg. So of course they would get us. I bet if they got the pies people would be on here saying why didn't they get us. It's our ground. Im a tad surprised they didn't get Richmond, but as it was filmed last yr they were busy with finals. Anyway just enjoy it.
  12. dees189227

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    Bugger. Was hoping they would miss or one of them would. I guess because they went down the may path pleading guilty to carelessness not intentional. Also didn't Hawkins have a record as well which added on.
  13. dees189227

    Round 8 Non MFC games

    That membry miss is a coach killer. Seriously he kicks that saints are only down by 8. Its hard to believe that players earn what they earn and cant do there job in kicking a goal. He was in front of goal.
  14. dees189227

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Well we have won 3 in a row. Cannot complain about that. We are sitting 5th on the ladder and we put our foot down in that final term and kicked 8 goals. Boosted our percentage and came away without any injuries. I think we all have to be happy with that. I thought Hogan was having a quiet day but he kicked 3 last quarter goals and played well. Tommy was brilliant and Max did his job, hannan bobbed up with 3 and Spargo I think looks better every week. If Jack gets through tomorrow he is back next week. Things are looking up and its nice to be enjoying the footy again.
  15. dees189227

    Round 8 Non MFC games

    Wow just got home from dinner and saw the last few minutes of that showdown game. Well done to port for kicking the winning goal, but how did Adelaide not manage to hold on with 44 seconds to go. Anyway Im still dining out on the bummers loss. On bomberblitz there is a sack worsfold thread. People are saying get roos as interim coach. He wouldn't go near your club. They are even wanting to get rid of Xavier Campbell. Poor Mark Neeld cops it to. another sack Neeld. Anyway its nice to see this club turning on there own and playing not well. I think today the supporters are more annoyed because its carlton they lost to. Bulldogs have kicked away now.