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  1. I just hated the look when cunnington punched Vince in the stomach like that. I wonder if Melbourne contacted the umps dpt seeking some answers about non free kicks and questionable decisions.
  2. going tomorrow for a holiday and off to the footy on saturday. Although after today not so excited or confident now. Excited to go and see Alice Springs and get some sun but I hope they play a lot better next week.
  3. Bugg inaccurate inaccurate inaccurate
  4. When was the last time we started so well and could sit there comfortably knowing we are in control? Nth now know they own us. I just look at the ladder and see a team in freo sitting 5th and us down to 11th having been able to move to 6th if we won. Essenscum are above us and thats annoying.
  5. Petracca has a long way to go to be even think about wanting to get into the hall of fame. If u saw the article today.
  6. All those cheap shots could have been stamped out if they gave oliver a free at the start of the day when he was punched. Nicholls is a very experienced ump. Did he have money on nth or something?
  7. Put your hand up if you have forked out money to go to Alice springs. Fly tomorrow for a break and a look around anf footy on Saturday. Better start a whole lot better.
  8. How about that deliberate out of bounds in the last quarter he paid. Hibbards handpass was partially intercepted for gods sake.
  9. Failed again. So frustrating and typical Melbourne. Had a chance to get into the 8. Now teams have passed us. We undid all our good work from last week
  10. Christ trac have some awareness
  11. Lets get back into this Melbourne
  12. Weideman not up to it
  13. Argh to easy
  14. I suspect it may be umpired differently next half. I hope the umps crack down on these jumper punches. But that's what happens when you clear cotchin last week. Hope we keep this form going and beat these pricks