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  1. Just hope watts can hold up in the ruck. Hunt u beauty
  2. Smith in a bad way, sent to hospital talking punctured lung
  3. We have had 40 inside 50s to theres 20. We need to start dominating
  4. Neal bullen u idiot. What were u thinking. Once again we give up a goal on the siren
  5. Can we just hold a mark please
  6. Yep need to shut down riewoldt, everytime he touches the ball a goal results
  7. Once again dominated the inside 50s but couldn't make it happen on the scoreboard. Should be a few goals up. Here's for a big 2nd quarter
  8. Spencer back on
  9. Spencer in the rooms with a shoulder problem
  10. Petracca in the rooms with an injury
  11. Need a massive game from our leaders especially viney
  12. On my way in. Not sure what to expect. Just hope we win and we can contain dusty.
  13. I think if you need the headband something tells you it may be time for a haircut. But yes I did think it was a bit dramatic putting it on page 2.
  14. Oohh freo win in the last minute. A long flight home from perth by nth and I wish they showed Brad Scott in the coach's box in the last few seconds. Is it just a coincidence that since freo have dropped Zac Dawson they haven't lost a game? Ross when you play some young kids it may actually work. As for sydney I think they are just a big a story as hawthorn. In fact worse. They bought Tippett and Franklin into there team and they havent won a flag yet. I htink Tippett has been a huge disappointment. They have other great players and suddenly they cant win. They havent really lost big name players like hawthorn have. But monday night is a must win for us. Freo just jumped us on the ladder
  15. well lets hope freo have a 3rd quarter like last week against us and wipe that smile of Brad Scotts face, but I bet they dont. Typical freo.