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  1. dees189227

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Brayshaw realised he needed to do something and attached himself to Jones and did everything he did. Look how his season turned round this year. 3rd in the Brownlow and just dominated in the midfield. Petracca has the talent but I would love to see him in the midfield, so he needs to get his fitness up so he can get through games and just dominate. He can become elite if he chooses to or he could just coast along and be happy with where he is at. But players will come in and pass him by and suddenly Christian may find himself fighting for his spot.
  2. dees189227

    2019 Fixture

    I don't mind the fixture. Finally we get a home game against essenscum and we only have to play them once. But yeah its a shame that either ANZAC game or Queens birthday isnt a home game. But think next year they will both be our home games so extra revenue then. RE the Big Freeze. Ed said on the radio yesterday they will still do it and make it all about Neale and MND. WE don't play at Adelaide Oval or spotless so that's good. Only 2 games at Marvel and I hope in the last few rounds we are sitting beautifully on the ladder and coming home we get massive crowds. Don't mind playing in Hobart.
  3. dees189227

    2019 Fixture

    I cannot believe we are being sent down to geelong again. Last time we played them we got over 90,000. Yes I know its a final but I thought surely this year we won't need to go there again next year. Also make it a saturday arvo not night.
  4. dees189227

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    i read today that because Essenscum have drafted really well then they will be rewarded with more friday night games. Since when do teams get rewarded just because they recruit well? They failed to make the finals again.
  5. dees189227

    2019 Fixture

    We better not be sent to geelong. I would like to think that after our great season and crowds figures can justify not sending us down there
  6. dees189227

    2019 Fixture

    I agree ditch the darwin game. Dam i was hoping to finally play west coast at the g. Oh and on mmm this morning they said the Queens birthday game will be the pies home game.
  7. dees189227

    2019 Fixture

    Im happy with this, Saturday afternoon at the G. Id rather play at home than away. We will get a good crowd because we are coming off a great season with some standout finals wins, there will be expectations and I want to see how our new recruits go.
  8. dees189227

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Not sure if this has been pointed out but with Jesse gone what does Robbo do with his marking comp at 1/4 time now? He had howies hangers then Hogans heroes now what. It seems to be a curse. Hames paints have been a good sponsor and this gave them some promotion.
  9. dees189227

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Broke the news to my 6 year old niece last night that Jesse has left melbourne after she wanted to name her toy puppy teddy after him. She actually burst into tears and said no I don't want Jesse to leave. I want him to play for melbourne. She cheered up a little bit after we told her jonsey and max were still there.
  10. Look he just needs to tone down the aggression in the sense we don't want him getting suspended all the time. But he will be a great addition to our backline. He is a mature player who can hold his own down back. He was on that trade talk show on ch9 last night and said what stood out was goodwin talking to him about what Melbourne and the coaching group can do for his game personally and for him. Said that's what he was most impressed with. Anyway I look forward to see him do his stuff next year.
  11. dees189227

    Would we take $cully back?

    So when we play hawthorn we can move on and not boo him. Let the few GWS fans boo him. Im still surprised he wanted back in the city of melbourne. As I have said before I thought he enjoyed the fishbowl life in sydney. It was weird to see him in a hawks jumper. But we all know Clarko is a genius and somehow he will make this work. But gee I cannot believe all hawthorn paid for him was a 4th round pick.
  12. Could he play as a crumbing forward or swap from midfield to forward? I think he will be pretty good for us.
  13. dees189227

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Can we blame Mark Neeld for this. He got us Jesse, got us all excited about the nest big superstar forward. Look at least next year we won't have to put up with will he or won't he re-sign. He would have gone home, so at least we got the deal done now. Also after Melbourne games no longer will we have to read about his bad body language and him sooking on this site. But I wish Jesse all the best. He has been through more at the age of 23 then most of us have in a lifetime. He has lost his Dad and had a cancer scare and had injuries on the way. But good look under Ross Lyon. He has gone from being under a calm coach to Ross who seems to be demanding, gets angry and expects a lot from his players.
  14. dees189227

    Would we take $cully back?

    So does his dad still work there at the giants?
  15. dees189227

    Farewell Dean Kent

    I can see why he wanted to go. More opportunities is what he wanted. All the best to him and I hope he can stay injury free. Will always remember his wonderful goal against west coast to seal the win.