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  1. The 2nd edition of tomorrows h/sun. the first one had Grundys mark but Tommy's performance was better. Makes me nervous when media people talk about us potentially being a contender. But we are playing pretty good footy. Win next week and it will be on.
  2. Goodwin said in his presser watts should be good for next week and when asked about Hogan he said he could be back the week after. Also Viney said on the afl site he should be good to go next week. But who to drop I dont know. The downer was Salem. When is this kid going to get a break from injuries? Gee he is important for us.
  3. wow what a great weekend. The bummers lose on the siren after being in a winning position, pies lose again, the kangas lose by 1 point and we have a great win. It would top off a great weekend if Carlton could knock off the tigers. That would help us out.
  4. I was frustrated with Lewis tonight and wondered what has happened to him because he was dropping marks and butchering the ball but all was forgiven when he had the sense to stay in the backline and was there to take that mark on the siren.
  5. Yep years ago I used to go thinking it was a good day if we lost by 10 goals. That horrible horrible day down in Geelong now feels like a life time ago. Now it just feels weird that we are winning. We are a bloody good side and it's nice to enjoy going ot the footy again.
  6. Wow if you said at the start of the season we would go to perth to play Wc without Viney or Watts or Hogan and win I would have never believed it. I said when we were 16 points down we need to do a sydney and kick the last 3 and we did. That pack mark from Pedo was huge. Oh my god Tommy 5 goals and that sealer was brilliant. Just knows how to lead and he does it up the middle. Viney wow I was wondering how he would go not having Jones there but he just lead from go to woe and played a captains game. I hope his shoulder is ok but there is no doubt he will want to be out there next week. That collision with Hurn was nothing. The ball was up in the air and both jumped for it. I just cannot believe it. Wow what a fantastic win and I liked the fact as soon as Tom kicked the goal the players switched on and ran back to defence. Also Lewis was just frustrating all night but he did the best thing and the most important he took that mark back in defence on the siren. Interestingly they spoke to oliver and he said he was just shocked to get that clip and the doctor actually checked out the mouth and said there was some contact. How calm is Goodwin in the box? They mentioned it tonight that they have never seen him lose it in the box and I remember Watts saying a few weeks ago that he is so calm. That probably helps the players to. Cannot wait to read about it in the papers tomorrow. Just watching the last 2 minutes again off the afl site. Bring on next friday night. Lets get a big crowd and make some noise and get the boys home. Its going to be huge. We are actually a proper footy club now. The belief is there and the enjoyment is back.
  7. What the hell has happened to Lewis lately. He is playing dumb football tonight, turning it over, giving away dumb free kicks and 50's. Your are meant to be a leader. Christ melbourne come on we can win this. also Petracca get into the game. One great queens birthday game doesnt make you a superstar yet. Just get back to the good footy you were playing in the first 1/2. We can win this.
  8. On the replay it looked at a bit of a soft blow. Anyway we need more out of Petracca and Pedo. Maxy is having a great game back and Jack is just leading the way and having a blinder. Best half of footy he has ever played. Is Oscar on Drew? Because he needs to tighten up on him big time. To many times there has been a mismatch with Jetta having to take him. Sorry but when Watts comes back either Bugg or Neal Bullen have to go. We need to take our opportunities when we get a shot on goal.
  9. Stop handballing for gods sake! Just kick it long. Id put Petracca in the forward line as a traget. Missing Watts's lead up tonight. But we got back on track and hopefully go better in the 2nd quarter. can see the difference having Max back is making already. Lewis hit your targets and I hope the players are wearing the right boots because its frustrating seeing them just fall over.
  10. Lets go boys get the job done.
  11. Not sure what to expect. I think Im still getting used to this team that wins games consistently and tonight is so important to win to get a 2 game clearance of teams below us, with the ladder and season being so close wins are even more vital. Jones is a massive loss and it will be interesting to see how Jack goes on his own as captain but Im sure he will be ok. Watts is a big loss because he is a great user of the ball and kicks goals so Im hoping Pedo is left up forward as a target. This is another losing streak we need to bury. It's time we beat WC over there and get another away win. So Im hoping for a dees win and no injuries and obviously Maxy to get through the game and play well.
  12. Just watched the last 2 minutes. Daniher took the defensive mark, there is 57 seconds to go and Sydney are still a goal down. In that time sydney score twice and win. Seriously how did essendon stuffing that up? But its great to watch, especially when Rohan marks it and the bummers players put there hand on there head and slump to the ground. Have a fun flight home boys.
  13. I tried to get on there but it said it was down. Twitter has ripped into BJ. Interestingly he is meant to be on footy classified as a panelist on monday. No doubt they will be asking him a few questions. Im just watching the last 2 minutes off the afl site now.
  14. Ok let this be a lesson not to leave the tv and presume the game is over. When the bummers got to 13 points up I walked off thinking it was over and watched the last 30 seconds. Ha ha goddard had a shocker tonight. He turned it over quite a bit. all he had to do was a long kick to the boundary instead he tried to play on. It was a great smother though. So glad Rohan just didnt kick the goal straight away and used up the time. I wanted sydney to thrash them but what just happened was way way better. Getting beaten on the siren by a point. Ha Ha. By the way can we just stop pumping Daniher up. He really wasnt that great tonight. Kicked a great goal in the beginning
  15. Christ sydney you have been pathetic tonight. Poor goal kicking, pressure hopeless and your last quarter has been pathetic. Please come out and play like this next week because I would feel pretty confident. I dont think sydney have scored a goal this quarter. Buddy dont bring your kicking boots next week, just use the same ones you are using tonight please. Thanks sydney for stuffing everything up and letting the bummers win. By the way how was that earlier score review turned over. The ball was behind the post when hurley got his fingers to it.