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  1. Trade rumours

    Steele Sidebottom Mitch Duncan Isaac Smith Jack Ziebell Ben Cunnington David Armitage Jack Steven Marcus Bontempelli
  2. Trade rumours

    Dougal Howard and a pick from Port wouldn't be a bad result
  3. 4th rounder at the most. Big question marks...
  4. Adam Saad

    Was considering coming home after his first season. Would be a good option to release Salem to a wing. Pretty hard to counter Hunt, Hibberd, Saad.
  5. Trade rumours

    Cats keen on Rockliff. Imagine: Danger, Selwood, Ablett, Duncan, Rockliff
  6. Trade rumours

    I forgot that this thread was called trade facts. Mate, I'm literally passing on second hand information from AFL club staff. I don't think you've grasped the concept of this thread.
  7. Trade rumours

    Just passing on what I hear. Nothing is set in stone yet as the season is still going. Just because things don't happen doesn't mean they were never happening.
  8. Trade rumours

    GWS are yet to decide if he is available but there are discussions about a trade for a top 3 pick at the moment.
  9. Trade rumours

    Two separate points, sorry.
  10. Trade rumours

    Shane Mumford may be retiring due to his foot injury and GWS will be hunting for a new ruckman. Dylan Shiel is available for the right draft pick.
  11. Trade rumours

    The season isn't over yet so there isn't a trade that is a done deal.
  12. Trade rumours

    Thankfully I put a qualifier in front of those ones...
  13. FFS he was in the All Australian squad at 21 years of age and people here are saying his stats aren't good enough???
  14. Stefan Martin

    Is going to WBD
  15. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    Somehow has the ability to make time stand still in congestion but somehow still gets tackled or turns it over.