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  1. Brayshaw Self

    Ed Langdon

    He's good. Great link player with a good tank that can win the hard ball when required and kicks goals.
  2. Brayshaw Self

    Dom Tyson

    I wish I had someone to talk to, Mach5. I'd be very happy if this was true. He's exactly what we're missing.
  3. Brayshaw Self

    Dom Tyson

    Not at all mate. Get your hand off it. Trade a surplus with value for a need with similar value. You must not be paying much attention this year.
  4. Brayshaw Self

    Dom Tyson

    Straight swap for Ed Langdon.
  5. Brayshaw Self

    My 3 word player ananlysis V Adelaide

    First time I can ever remember every single player playing well.
  6. Brayshaw Self

    Changes v Richmond

    Hunt in is a no-brainer. If Jetta is injured, I would send Melksham to the backline. He has good speed and is good in contests in the air and on the ground. Wouldn't mind him against the Tiges small forwards and to help out with Riewoldt and Townsend.
  7. Brayshaw Self

    AFL App game statistics

    12 of Ben Brown's 15.4km were run ups to set shots from sh|t free kicks....
  8. Brayshaw Self

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    Is there any chance that Clarry doesn't have a scrap with Rhys Mathieson? And that Zorko and Beams don't have 30 touches and 2 goals each?
  9. Brayshaw Self

    Rain next Sunday

  10. Brayshaw Self

    VFL Practice Match - Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks

    Just don't Google image search him...
  11. Brayshaw Self

    JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    Fritsch would have kicked 7 for Port yesterday
  12. Brayshaw Self

    Nathan Jones...

  13. Brayshaw Self

    Billy Hartung

  14. Brayshaw Self

    Mitch Honeychurch

    Better than JKH
  15. Brayshaw Self

    Trade rumours

    Steele Sidebottom Mitch Duncan Isaac Smith Jack Ziebell Ben Cunnington David Armitage Jack Steven Marcus Bontempelli