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  1. Melbourne should offer a 3rd round selection. If Bummers say no then should talk with Melksham about walking for free and stating that the club failed in its duty of care i.e. not knowing what he was injected with. I remember that card was being played with Ryder as Essendon didn't want to trade him as he was under contract and their only decent contract. Also happy for him to come to the club. Still young enough to have an impact for a few years. It is dissapoibting thst he isn't the franchise changing player like Dangerfield but he still gets a spot in a best 22 and that is what Roos does. Continues to just keep making the 22 better.
  2. He did play on Steele Sidebottom and limit his influence
  3. Brayshaws working into the season nicely
  4. why didnt Gawn hit one of the two leading MFC playera
  5. I wonder how many darts Gawn will have before the game or has he finally managed to give up the smokes
  6. Would GWS entertain swapping pick 4, Frost as steak knives (as we will get him in the PSD) and ontrade pick 7 from Carlton for Dees pick 2 to secure Petracca? Dees can still get Brayshaw at 3, maybe Wright at 4 & then Lever or Pickett etc at 7?
  7. I made the trip to Alice Springs and thought the amount of work off the ball alone keeps Grims in our top 50% of players easily. Just needs to try to keep it simple sometimes
  8. Watts was good for first half . Otherwise good
  9. the names are all there on the HS website...
  10. Off to the tennis tomorrow. Will report back if I spot Toumpas there smiling and enjoying himself after just 2 wins last year
  11. I thought Demons flying him out for scans mean they rate him and sre just doing their due diligence
  12. Gysberts trained with us fir a while before we selected him