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  1. deefender


    Melbourne has so many inside 50s it is imperative that they have sweepers for the inevitable loose ball. Jeffy, Spargo, JKH and even Salem come to mind.
  2. deefender


    Terry Wallace suggested that Fritsche could fill the role of Lever. This idea has merit.
  3. deefender

    Avoiding Frostbite at the MCG

    For a start you must avoid the northern side of the ground. The southern side catches the winter sun whilst in contrast the northern side of the ground is shaded all winter and the concrete there is freezing. Avoid!
  4. Once upon a time the main game at the MCG on a Saturday was preceded by the Under 19s, followed by the Reserves. I saw David Neitz playing in the U 19s have a shot for goal outside 50 from the south east corner of the ground. He landed the ball on top of the goal post. Powerful!
  5. Clayton’s handball keeps the game open and fast - just as the AFL like it.
  6. I heard Mitch interviewed on 774 after the Essendon game. He spoke very well, in fact he’s a good spokesman for the club.
  7. deefender


    Interesting inclusion with Spargo. Goodwin likes his aggression. When a little man plays with aggression his teammates are going to have to stand tall. This is a good selection.
  8. deefender

    Tom McDonald - Ready to Re-sign?

    Oscar McDonald (18,3 ,96) is a few years younger than Tom (18,9,92). He's a big man who will take time to come to his best. He is going to be very good - just like his brother and we should do everything possible to keep them together.
  9. deefender

    Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    Listened to the 64 grand final on the radiogram - long time doc, long time; so with you there. You just keep on giving, it's all you can do, tempered in fire
  10. deefender

    Corey Maynard

    From Wikipedia, if it is true then this fellow has impressive blood lines. “ His father, Peter, played eight games for Melbourne between 1980–81 before playing 216 games in the SANFL with Glenelg and Woodville West-Torrens. His grandfather, Graham Campbell, played 151 games for Fitzroy and won the club's 1957 best and fairest award. His brother, Brayden, currently plays in the AFL for Collingwood.” Given 3 or 4 years he should be a success ( Hey! Why not some optimism at this time of the year.)
  11. deefender

    Neville Jetta Unbelievable

    Neville Jetta has shown perseverance from the beginning of his career and this attribute goes to his great defensive work. He's a champion of the club.
  12. deefender

    The Aggro

    You don't need fists or elbows to be tough. Watch how Neville Jetta tackles an opponent. He drives them into the ground, legally. This is Defence 101 and properly controlled aggression. And much to Jetta's credit, he's been like this since day one.
  13. deefender

    AFL ask Hird to present Norm Smith Medal

    The AFL trashed their own brand - not a smart business move. What clowns. The AFL should never have signed up with ASADA/WADA in the first place, thereby surrendering their authority to botherers from outside of our game. Get over Hird.
  14. deefender

    My 3 word player analysis V Carlton

    Jetta - match winning performance. Neal-Bullen - stood up today. Tom McDonald - led by example.
  15. deefender

    Clayton Oliver incident

    Clayton Oliver is doing just fine as he is.