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  1. deefender

    1964 memories- calling our older supporters

    In 1964 all radio was from a power point. There were no transistor radios. I listened to the grand final as a twelve year old on the family radiogram. I was there for ‘87 and at Waverley too. The Dees have unfinished business. Momentum and belief are powerful forces when combined. Step aside. We’re on our way.
  2. deefender

    Eddie shows love for Dees

    Too right. The MCG - our ground.
  3. deefender

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    They were missing a couple of players. Add Jack Viney to the mix this time.
  4. deefender

    Last chance for Kennedy-Harris?

    The Dees have good depth in their team now. Consider: When Essendon was a power Gary O’Donnell played 50 reserves games before he made his debut. And then he went on to captain them. JFK has plenty of time. Melbourne is a good side and a hard side to break into.
  5. deefender

    Sam Weideman

    He’ll be fine Sam. Tom McDonald hit his straps around age 24. Expect the same from Oscar and Sam.
  6. deefender

    Demon Dash Mick

    Don’t give the entertainment away. Step it up instead. Make it a race right around the boundary line with more than one competitor.
  7. deefender

    Go and get Gaff!

    The Dees already have the men required to win a premiership. They don’t need to go looking for the likes of Gaff, and in his case the attendant flak. What is lacking remains above their shoulders only. Perhaps they turned a corner against the Suns on Sunday when they won a game ‘they should win.’
  8. deefender

    Go and get Gaff!

    Don’t want him at the club. Angus Brayshaw will be more important to us.
  9. deefender

    Go and get Gaff!

    Gaff should do twice the time of his victim.
  10. deefender

    My 3 word player analysis V The Crows

    Brayshaw - what a gun!
  11. deefender


    Melbourne has so many inside 50s it is imperative that they have sweepers for the inevitable loose ball. Jeffy, Spargo, JKH and even Salem come to mind.
  12. deefender


    Terry Wallace suggested that Fritsche could fill the role of Lever. This idea has merit.
  13. deefender

    Avoiding Frostbite at the MCG

    For a start you must avoid the northern side of the ground. The southern side catches the winter sun whilst in contrast the northern side of the ground is shaded all winter and the concrete there is freezing. Avoid!
  14. Once upon a time the main game at the MCG on a Saturday was preceded by the Under 19s, followed by the Reserves. I saw David Neitz playing in the U 19s have a shot for goal outside 50 from the south east corner of the ground. He landed the ball on top of the goal post. Powerful!
  15. Clayton’s handball keeps the game open and fast - just as the AFL like it.