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  1. Supermercado

    For Sale

    Good on the Dees for stuffing up the blockbuster ending to chapter two of the sequel.
  2. Supermercado

    Sports Psychology

    And we probably didn't have one under Bailey due to being broke. No wonder the place is so off its face.
  3. Supermercado

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    That's your summary, but in reality did he take about 90 seconds to say it?
  4. Supermercado

    Sports Psychology

    Hey, I'm down for the mindfulness - I just concede that it sounds like bollocks at first. Which was the opposite to Neeld, who sounded like a good idea and turned out to be bollocks.
  5. Supermercado

    Sports Psychology

    Heard a talk by the Richmond mindfulness guru/coach/adviser/whatever. The position sounds like the biggest wankfest ever but it was a really interesting conversation about unlocking mental barriers and helping people play without fear or worry. The main case study was Dustin Martin, who it was implied is dumb as a post but got right into this stuff just when his career started to go through the roof. Many other players jumped on board after. I'm glad we have a psych in some capacity now, because we certainly didn't at least 2011-2013 when it might have come in handy. Will never forget the crisis meeting they had in 2012 when I asked Neeld if we had a sports psych or similar to help players deal with the trauma of being thrashed every week and he said it wasn't necessary because if any players felt stressed they could talk to a coach. What a putz.
  6. Supermercado

    Sam Weideman

    Not off him for good, but in this massive game he'd want to do better than his career average of 3.3 kicks per game*. VFL performances are fine but no help if you can't translate it to the big time. * Unless he kicks three from three kicks.
  7. Supermercado

    Goody Presser (16/8)

    I don't think having the Twitterist posting snippets live helps him.
  8. Supermercado

    Demonland Podcast LIVE Tonight (15/8) @ 8:30pm

    Prepared to lightly cripple myself if it helps motivate the players.
  9. Supermercado

    Ex MFC players at another club

    And kicked eight the week we sold him to the Hawks, while on the same day the Dees had five between 22 players. Martin Pike is definitely the most successful ex-Demon, but nobody would have seen four flags coming after his time with us and Fitzroy.
  10. Supermercado

    Bartlett: Dees Not Mentally Weak

    Well what else is he going to say? It's like a politician admitting their party has stuffed something up, not going to happen. His job is to spin the bejesus out of a bad situation.
  11. Supermercado

    I'm going to Perth ... Am I crazy?

    Following in the legendary footsteps of explorers like Burke and Wills, Robert E. Peary and George Mallory.
  12. Supermercado

    Who is our Forward coach?

    Not much help when insane bombs into the forward 50 ping back the other way at a million miles an hour. I'd much rather be high scoring than having Dawes win our goalkicking on 22, but this is an off-field turmoil free version of 2011.
  13. Supermercado

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    You too could be an insufferable [censored] if your team made the finals every year. My advice is to make sure you've got at least five rows before you and any other human.
  14. Supermercado

    Casey Demons v Sandringham - Round 19

    Or alternatively because Kent was the emergency last week.
  15. Supermercado

    Melbourne and Matthews

    I agree with that, somewhere deep down he knows what he's talking about but can't just say it straight out and has to detour everything he says via Broome.
  16. Supermercado

    Melbourne and Matthews

    Good thing is we can ignore Derm based solely on the tripe he talks now.
  17. Supermercado

    surprised at odds

    Was $9 midweek, the punters must be keen.
  18. Supermercado

    Grand Final Seating Guarantee

    They give the club the equivalent of an 11 game adult membership price, so it's a pretty stingy payout. Would rather put all my money directly a farcical organisation I care about than one who are busy stuffing everything up.
  19. We're 0-14 against Lance Franklin. Time to give that one the heave ho.
  20. Bring back the Spencil
  21. Supermercado

    Red Card Rule

    Hope it's not administered by the same people who do the video review. I can only have this if it's in the strongest possible circumstances like this - not for in play collisions.
  22. Supermercado

    Go and get Gaff!

    Go and get Gaff... tribunal representation.
  23. Supermercado

    Round 20 - Non MFC Games.

    And a bloody realistic one at that. We would be ok in that case due to percentage but would come down to the last game.
  24. Supermercado


    What is the number of inside 50s we'll have that don't end in a score.
  25. Supermercado

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 20

    The Chris Sullivan Line (newcomers - refer first goal, last quarter Round 6, 1992) is a 48 point margin at three quarter time. That factors in 47 as being the biggest lead I've ever seen us blow during the last quarter, so theoretically if we start 48 in front there is no earthly way we can lose. For symmetry, 47 is also the furthest down we've been behind during a last quarter before winning (Round 9, 1977). There's no official Duckworth Lewis Method to tell you when to be comfortable once the last quarter begins. The 2013 Bulldogs game where we were 42 points up 15 minutes into the last quarter and only won by three nearly redefined the entire process. That night I also found a dead mouse under my seat.