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  1. What do you think of the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre? I'll be honest, I'm dead against it.
  2. Supermercado

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    And the financials are much better there now that the AFL own the joint. Not a big deal to play one game there if the alternative is Darwin.
  3. Supermercado

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    For all those hoping for the MCG, from three weeks ago...
  4. Supermercado

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    Build a bar facing the platforms at Jolimont so we can taunt platforms full of opposition plebs after games.
  5. Thanks, can't see why I didn't think Geelong would be covered under interstate ticketing.
  6. What's the link? I clicked 'ticketing' and it's offering me the chance to buy early tickets for the blockbuster clash vs Gold Coast at the MCG.
  7. Supermercado

    Team Bonding over Dungeons & Demons

    They all got this today
  8. Supermercado

    Jordan Lewis is absolutely cooked, never pick him again

    Didn't think much of him, but Vince should be in the gun first.
  9. Supermercado

    Channel 7 WANT MORE GOALS!

    Would be keen to know what they'd do to make this Brisbane/Essendon game a red hot spectacle. There always has been and always will be rubbish games - the art is not to schedule the obvious ones in marquee timeslots. The fixture is rigged anyway, you can't tell me they couldn't make it work so there's one game a week between expected contenders that they could make work on a Friday night. The problem is what happens when those games start to be GWS vs Port Adelaide - that's where we'll find out if the ratings are down because of game quality.
  10. Supermercado

    If you don't mind Umpire ...

    Frees count this year (courtesy of AFL Tables). We are 7-4 up on the free count in total and 238-233 total in front. Not much for disco jumper fanatics: Positive Round 1 vs Geelong +9 Round 10 vs AdeLOL +9 Round 3 vs North + 2 Round 5 vs Richmond +2 Round 6 vs Essendon +2 Round 7 vs St Kilda +5 Round 8 vs Gold Coast +2 Most for - Gawn (23), Hogan (20), Fritsch (14), Oliver (13), Jetta (13), Lever (13) Negative Round 2 vs Brisbane -9 Round 11 vs Bulldogs -8 Round 9 vs Carlton -6 Round 4 vs Hawthorn -3 Most against - Oliver (17), Harmes (17), Gawn (15), Jones (14), Petracca (11) Notable differences: Hogan - 20 for, 6 against Fritsch - 14 for, 5 against Jones - 5 for, 14 against Hunt - 1 for, 10 against Oscar McSizzle - 2 for, 10 against
  11. Supermercado

    Ed Langdon

    So we want him but he's not available. Landfill journalism from Fox.
  12. Supermercado

    Jesse's Goal Not Worthy?

    Apologies to the Milkshake for this slur. I will edit.
  13. Supermercado

    Fat Ed wants QB as a Collingwood home game.

    Given that we've had an 18 year free kick it's a bit rude to treat him like a heel now. But it's Eddie so carry on.
  14. Supermercado

    Jesse's Goal Not Worthy?

    I will stand corrected but given that we were lucky to score five goals in a week most of the time after 2007 that Russell Robertson's 7 and 6 in Round 20-21, 2005 are the winners. Next was Neitz with 6/6/5 in Round 16-18, 2004 (also had 8/5 in Round 20 and 22, 2006 but missed the game in the middle). What about +5 goal Melbourne players since 2000 full-stop. It's an eclectic selection - will update if I've missed any. Sam Blease Cameron Bruce Mitch Clark James Cook Aaron Davey Jeff Farmer Jeff Garlett Brad Green Jesse Hogan Ben Holland Mark Jamar Liam Jurrah Tom McDonald Brad Miller David Neitz Russell Robertson Peter Vardy Adem Yze
  15. If only we'd gone to Adelaide's kidnap ordeal camp instead we could be flying like they are.