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  1. #raisehell

    I would much prefer this, but you're not going to get anything harder than 80s power balladry at a footy game.
  2. #raisehell

    I enjoyed the It's Time To Raise Hell power ballad.
  3. The Great Deepression - a book

    Thanks all - and if you ordered but haven't received yet I should have it with you by this time next week at the latest.
  4. The Great Deepression - a book

    His career is certainly covered, but after he retired the first time I lost interest. I've got too much hate for $cully (now there's somebody who keeps rating a mention after he leaves) to feud with anyone else.
  5. The Great Deepression - a book

    Thanks for the plug WJ, and I can assure anyone who thinks that it will be a non-stop 800 page cavalcade of misery that the many and varied disgraces of the #fistedforever list are covered in the best possible taste.
  6. Demons marathon on Foxtel

    Kidding themselves if they cut off at the final siren and don't show the classic Jamar/Colbert interview where Russian is so rooted he conducts it sitting down.
  7. Darwin Home Games

    $600k appearance money comes in handy when you're a skint club. We're always going to have to [censored] a game somewhere until 20,000 more members turn up but should have tried to get into Hobart before North.
  8. The Jack Viney made me cry thread

    What about his post match interview when asked about when it started to get nasty with Selwood -"I love that [censored]". Put that on a t-shirt.
  9. Cant wait for Demonblog.com

    Comrades, I appreciate you thinking about me in the wake of such a classic win. I went to Geelong and cracked a Ballarat.
  10. Nearly a Demon

    All the players who we actually drafted/signed have their own page - http://demonwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Darren+Jarman. They're all listed in the Other Players, and if anyone can add anything to those profiles let me know. Even better if you are one of the people listed. See also Darrel Baldock and as mentioned above Doug Wade.
  11. Hughesy sprays the Dees

    He's got a lot in common with Melbourne, neither has been funny since 2006.
  12. KB's sobering prediction

    Considering the only radio stations SEN is beating in the ratings are News Radio and ABC Classic FM they might want to revisit their strategy of throwing tripe at the wall and hoping somebody shows an interest. Mind you KB's shift is the only one that went up so WTF do I know.
  13. Worst part of the post - what do you want the Community Manager, the Graphic Designer and a trainee to do? Is Burgan supposed to be banging out Photoshop on one screen and setting up school visits in another while responding to tweets on an iPad and taking media calls on his phone? Fair enough points otherwise but this is reaching way over the top to try and add to the argument.
  14. Golden ticket for Tommy Boy

    It would funny watching people back out of everything they've said for years before. I'd absolve him 28 minutes into the last quarter of the Grand Final when we were 13 goals in front.
  15. Former Dee Phil Read now a big wave surfer.....

    That goal from the boundary line against Essendon in the 2004 EF... Didn't do much else of note, but I loved him anyway.