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  1. 2017 Player Reviews: # 6 Jordan Lewis

    Grest acquisition, and he did exactly as we had hoped
  2. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Intensity goes up a hell of alot. Also shows how important big / mature bodies are in finals
  3. What to do with Petracca?

    Agreed. I rewatched the replay last night and payed particular attention to Trac (& a few others). I thought his first couple of quarters were ok - some good touches, and alot of bad luck. He couldn't quite find the right position or space in last half, but he certainly did a few good things. Was clearly frustrated by how the game panned out for him. I'm really confident he'll be right for next week, & he's not far from a big game
  4. Changes for GWS

    Seriously? There is room for Lewis every week
  5. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Hope he's put in the ball today, and carves it up! Would be great to have him in the seniors next week
  6. Training - Wednesday 28th June, 2017

    I was there for first hour. No sign of Watts. Viney training well with main group. Jeffy doing laps with Nathan Jones. Hoges looking good
  7. Box Hill Hawks v Casey Demons

    Wow, confidence in the Weid!!
  8. Changes v Weagles

    I'm really warming to bringing in Trenners. C'min Goody, give him a chance
  9. Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Still brings a tear to my eye when I watch that goal!!
  10. Destination Club MFC

    Seriously strong forward/ruck would be a great addition (although, I've been impressed with Pedo so far)
  11. Congratulations Jordan Lewis

    Yep, identical twin girls. Although only 7, they're both fanatical Dees supporters. Brainwashed early ... first song I taught them was Its a Grand Old Flag 😜

    That's about 3 [censored] weak comments you've made. You should be better than that.

    Sorry, why, did I miss something?
  14. Changes for Round 2 v Carlton

    I think Tyson is a given - and an important in. I'm also warming to Spencer coming in so we have a resting ruck in the forward line. Apart from potential forward assistance, this would mean Carlton need an extra tall to cover our taller forward line. It therefore reduces chance they'll stack their forward line with extra talls (putting pressure on the McDonalds and our smaller backs)