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  1. Hope he's put in the ball today, and carves it up! Would be great to have him in the seniors next week
  2. I was there for first hour. No sign of Watts. Viney training well with main group. Jeffy doing laps with Nathan Jones. Hoges looking good
  3. Wow, confidence in the Weid!!
  4. I'm really warming to bringing in Trenners. C'min Goody, give him a chance
  5. Still brings a tear to my eye when I watch that goal!!
  6. Seriously strong forward/ruck would be a great addition (although, I've been impressed with Pedo so far)
  7. Yep, identical twin girls. Although only 7, they're both fanatical Dees supporters. Brainwashed early ... first song I taught them was Its a Grand Old Flag 😜
  8. That's about 3 [censored] weak comments you've made. You should be better than that.
  9. Sorry, why, did I miss something?
  10. I think Tyson is a given - and an important in. I'm also warming to Spencer coming in so we have a resting ruck in the forward line. Apart from potential forward assistance, this would mean Carlton need an extra tall to cover our taller forward line. It therefore reduces chance they'll stack their forward line with extra talls (putting pressure on the McDonalds and our smaller backs)
  11. Smith - get well soon ANB - well done son Lewis - hawthorn mates spewing
  12. Agree, very good game from ANB. Ran hard all day, good disposals, etc. very solid 23 disposals, 1 goal, 110 AF points. Really pleased for him, and great for the team. In fact, he's guaranteed a game next week. Won't be easy for some of our VFL guys to crack the team! Love it!
  13. In contrast Rjay, I'd like to see your avatar a bit more!
  14. Got to training at about 11am, so quite a bit late, but still watched about 50 mins of drills. My second training in a week (before this, the last session was 20 years ago)! Was keen to get a few points jotted down given the plenty of reading of others posts in recent years (much appreciated guys!!). Few key points: Ball movement was very quick and typically hit the target, which is impressive given the strong northerly. Boys looked relatively relaxed and were enjoying the session. Plenty of talent on display - will be a very competitive list this year. Lots of the top guys did well (i.e. Jones, Vince, etc), and the younger guys look fantastic (e.g. Hunt, Trac, Clarry, etc). Coaches were very aggressive a few times - e.g. demanded that the defending team win the next ball in a half ground exercise. The focus and intent was great to watch I really think JKH and Trenners will get games this year, as both look confident, are moving really well, and skills looked solid. Had a very close look at "Weido". At face value, I thought there was not alot of glitz or skills to get super excited about, but then the competitive 1 on 1 marking and leading commenced, and he was very effective. Football nous impressive. All the key backs, key forwards and rucks were in a group for 1 on 1 competitive marking. Frosty is a super impressive athlete, and looked very good. Oscar looks fit and has bulked up. Was stunned at how much weight Pedo had lost, but he looked trim and super fit - I think he would be hard to leave out of the team. Big Maxy and Pencil had a great tussle, with Max generally winning but Pencil doing well (although tended to drop a few marks). Young Flippa was given a caning - noticed he lost about 6 of these competitive drills in a row, with most of his competitors marking the ball outright. Not super surprising, but he's certainly got lots of work to do to catch the others. Jesse was looking sharp ... spitting and hissing his way around the field. Looks mean and pumped. His run up is, without doubt, a little smoother. However, he missed quite a few today (wind didn't help!) Young Johnstone is seriously built. Moves quick and tackles aggressively although dropped a couple of marks he should have taken Finally, noticed Brian Lake wonder over to the ground with his hat and glasses on .... maybe spying for the Bulldogs? Or perhaps missing his hawks days and wanting to hang with Lewis ... or perhaps he's on the bandwagon and needed to check out the Dees hype!