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  1. Hiram Cowfreak

    Demonland Supercoach 2018 Comp

    Count me in thanks Deevoted, the team name is Beakyboys
  2. Hiram Cowfreak

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Fair enough Clint l guess there would be some ramifications but l am disappointed with the club. Makes us look bad, if we want to attract young supporters we have to do better.
  3. Hiram Cowfreak

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I’m unhappy with he way the club has handled this. Watts loved the club and has been burnt. Some posting here say there is more to the story but clearly have nothing to back it up. I doubt whoever we draft at pick 31 will be as good. I understand we have to continuously improve our list but this was a crap way to do it. Goodwin has a lot to prove now. (end rant)
  4. Hiram Cowfreak

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Wow this has been the most divisive issue l have seen in Demonland. l feel for Jack, he has had a really tough time in his years at MFC. Maybe he is better off with a fresh start. But from what l have read he has not chosen a new team, and is OS somewhere probably reading this bloody thread. Whatever happens, l admire him for his running and kicking abilities and hope he can enjoy playing footy wherever that is.
  5. Hiram Cowfreak


    Stoked to get him. We were really keen to get him in his draft year and couldn’t make it happen, maybe he wanted to play with us ever since then. Same with Tom Lynch, l’m sure we are doing the ground work for next year and he hasn’t forgotten we wanted him. Go Dees, building the best defence in the league. PS l don’t post often but l wish some of you would lay off Oscar he will be terrific in the coming years
  6. Hiram Cowfreak

    Post Match Discussion vs GWS

    Really good win, somewhat tempered when a guy in front of me started telling everyone a new Dee who played well was one of the Collingwood 11...and it wasn't their cricket team
  7. Hiram Cowfreak

    Demonland Supercoach 2016 Comp

    G'day DeeVoted, thanks for taking the time to set this up. The Beakyboys have been training the house down and are ready to rumble!
  8. Hiram Cowfreak


    If Melksham is a drug cheat l don't want him at my club
  9. Hiram Cowfreak

    Confessions Thread

    I threw my MFC scarf in the bin on the way out of the ground after Essendon ran over us in the last quarter at the G...ages ago. Peter Somerville killed us in the last quarter and Derek Kickett kicked a goal from the middle. We were miles up at 3 quarter time. Still gutted.
  10. Hiram Cowfreak

    Vale' Bob 'Tassie' Johnson

    I was another who had Tassie's number 8 on my back as a kid. Vale Tassie, one of my favourites
  11. Hiram Cowfreak

    Josh Mahoney

    Just thought I'd like to say thank you to Josh Mahoney. He's been with the club and remained resolute over some tough times. He makes himself available to the media, talks straight and has been involved in some shrewd negotiations and good outcomes for us. A man I've come to rely on in stormy waters
  12. Hiram Cowfreak

    Trade Radio Discussion

    I was hoping we would use that pick for young Rioli
  13. Hiram Cowfreak

    Jack Trengove

    Love Trenners, was disappointed with the Richmond trade story, still rate him as a future captain
  14. Too bad my old mate Ravi Shanker passed away.......The Saints would sound good instead
  15. Hiram Cowfreak

    David King on the Melbourne blueprint

    I doubt many would agree with me on this, but I felt Roos lost the players about half way through last season, and these stats sorta back that up. I think they played for the coach in the first half of the season ,but this noticeably dropped off. Roosy has a media persona as a cool, easy going guy...but I doubt he is like that when players don't follow his orders! Our most important recruit this season is Simon Goodwin, he will be the glue between the players and Roos and he is the one I will be watching with most interest next season.