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  1. Yet to debut . . .

    Spargo and Fritsch if healthy should be in the selection debate from the start of the year. McKenna, DJ and Baker aren't as easy to predict. All should play well at Casey. Unfortunately McKenna isn't back in the main group yet which is a shame because he has a lovely kick on him and could offer some depth in a variety of spots and a bit of class at Casey would be nice. Keilty and King are maturing talls who should play well at Casey and be handy as depth. Whether they play or the talls like Tom McDonald and Pedersen are shuffled around is hard to say at this stage. Flippers and Petty are development prospects.
  2. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    He could easily play half back for the next decade and when he's fully fit - which should be easier as preseasons build up - he'll play very well, and if he isn't he might play poorly. I'd say the same about Brayshaw. Both of those guys are getting the challenge to get as fit as they can and to make themselves key parts of the midfield rotation - be it on ball, the wing and then time forward or back. It might be simpler for us as fans to just lock someone like Salem in on a flank but the greater challenge for him and his development is to see if he can make it as a midfielder and get that fitness in his legs and versatility.
  3. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    Was it left (I think) knee for Hogan? Grabbed at it a few times and stayed down on it when they did that stupid marking drill last week. Led me to the post saying it was ridiculous drill for November.
  4. Behold your 2018 Midfield

    A couple of observations: 1. I think he's a bit out of the best 22 and I'd like to see him train with the forwards or backs in the future to open up other roles (it doesn't much matter especially at this time of the year) but it really seems like Corey Maynard is a classic glue guy. He's someone both the older and younger players seemed to have warmed to and the coaches rave about how he goes about it. 2. You have to run and kick footies in preseason but I like variety in training and off field bonding as well. Some of it is junk but it's a long preseason and this kind of stuff matters. Jones and Viney in the midfield with a bunch of talent is nice to see, but it's also good to know Lever and Lewis give the backline group some fresh perspective both on and off the field and Tommy Mc is something new for the forwards. Tennis sounds a little bland for the forwards and a little soft for the defenders so hopefully those guys make a weekend get away for us to all obsess over as well!
  5. Max King back at Melbourne

    Balic trained at the club as part of the AFL Academy and is now with us. Bit early to know if anything comes of that but it can be of a small use down the track. Treloar knew Buckley from his time coaching Vic Country under 16's and then signed with the Pies. Any chance to impress on the future generations is important. Richmond last year had a 3 prong trade week class and Port and Essendon copied that approach this year. At some stage we might see a club attempt a Miami Heat style free agency mega haul where they convince a group of players to sign together. If that's the case you need to impress players in every way possible. Lever is probably an example where cash and the hope for success were big drawing cards but the previous relationships with Melbourne recruiters who allegedly were keen on him in his draft year was probably a handy little extra. The best way to describe the AFL Academy is like an advance class for a group of gifted school kids. They take the best 30 or so kids and give them extra development to try and produce some high end draft picks. Not every one of them ends up drafted but most of them do and a lot of them are in the top 30. All the clubs really have to do is host them to train for a couple of weeks. I think it's a different question to that of the Northern State academies and Indigenous/multi cultural academies which should operate to fix holes in the current junior pathway outside of the TAC, WAFL and SANFL systems. To continue the school metaphor in those cases the idea is that clubs are going out and finding kids who weren't even getting to the 'schools', which is a lot harder than the AFL Academy where it's a special class for the top kids already succeeding in the junior programs.
  6. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    2nd last in the group who did the time trial but not miles behind guys like Jetta and Lewis. Not saying Balic will do the same but it was around this time last year that Clarry was battling and he worked his backside off and won the B+F. I'd say Balic is at a stage where if he works really hard and stays fit that he'll have caught up to a decent level by the time the games come.
  7. TV Ratings - National Competition Thriving

    I think these ratings say more about when the AFL gets the Swans (or Giants) on the main channel 7 in Sydney and then the ratings get a huge boost because 1/4 of people turn the TV on and it's on 7 and a lot of them stay with it. I'm pretty sure all Swans and Giants games are on free to air in Sydney but most are on 7 mate or 7 two or whatever it is (as well as simulcast on foxtel) and don't get nearly the big numbers as the prime time games.
  8. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Haven't seen much long running but he's keeping pace in the sprints in the main group. The gap between them in the repeat sprints is probably as narrow as I've seen it. Neal-Bullen's often towards the front but Hunt, Harmes, Salem, Brayshaw, Tracc etc aren't dropping off.
  9. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Got there about 11:20. Stayed for half an hour or so. Absent: Viney, Vanders, Weid, McKenna Seemed to be a group doing about a 2km time trial. Tommy McDonald took the win, Jones not far behind, Bugg behind him, then a gap to Hogan from Lever, followed by a gap to Kent who did well fighting to stay ahead of Lewis, then Jetta and Fritsch (who went out with the front 4 and fell back) with a gap to Balic and then to Flipper. Gawn and King were running together as they have been lately. Lots of short sprints and changes of direction as well as longer stuff. The main group were doing repeat 200's. A rehab group of Garlett and J Smith in a pair and T Smith and Petty were doing longer interval runs. Hibberd, Melksham, Hannan were doing leading and kicking, as were Spargo and Baker with Crossy. Spargo looks like a very technically correct kick of the footy and can snap it accurately as well. Baker isn't as smooth, his drop punts can be a touch more up and under but not terrible. These 2 plus the 3 I named above did a kick to a lead, get a handball and kick a goal drill and Baker's easy change of pace was obvious and he nailed a very smooth running goal. Baker joined the midfield group, Hannan the forwards after they finished running. They split in to line groups. Chaplin again taking the defenders. Hard to tell if it's Rooke or who is in charge of the forwards. The forwards again had the soccer balls out to warm up with. All 3 line groups did drills with the focus on kicking and moving. They then divided in to 3 seemingly random groups to rotate through 3 drills. 1. Receiving the ball, turning off the mark and kicking to a short sideways lead right in close next to the boundary. 2. Picking up a ground ball under token pressure, straightening up and hitting a 45 degree lead (I like this drill because it replicates a more aggressive stoppage plan) 3. A 3 point kicking drill where you could either bomb to a target down the boundary or hit up a short inside 45 kick to a stationary team mate who would then wheel and go and kick long to the down the line man who has simultaneously turned and is racing towards goal. They split in 3 lane groups about 50m apart for simple lane work in a race to be first to 10 completed kicks. Very fast and surprisingly accurate. Lots of laughing and arguing over who won. Then the last thing I saw was the players pairing up and repeatedly leap frogging then crawling between a team mates legs. Another drill that seemed in high spirits but also probably had a decent point to it. Those explosive movements to jump up then get down and crawl repeated multiple times would be tiring stuff.
  10. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Often due to terrible kicking that wasn't to advantage at all, lack of 2nd/3rd taller options and poor off the ball blocking (and the umpiring associated with it). There's lots to train there, but I wouldn't sit talls 10m away from each other, have one run 5m forward, one 5m back and have them move diagonally to collide under a high ball in November.
  11. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Strength work won't hurt but what Hogan really needs is some good old fashioned coaching. Seems right now they are still in pump up mode which is fine early in the year. But if he's struggling in games he needs to be encouraged to use his tank and repeat lead and get his opponents moving and he also needs some good coaching when it comes to spoiling from behind, following it up at ground level and tackling. The drill when he and the other talls were practising contested marking in November had me confused. Looked like all it was going to achieve was an injury.
  12. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    Great runner and uses it in games to rack up the ball by getting to the right spots and does his bit defensively. Not super quick to really break lines on the outside and not a powerful dynamic inside player so I think the half forward role is the right one for him, although more rotation minutes is a good idea. I'm not sure what others are seeing in terms of his decision making and skills. Most of the time when he gets the ball I close my eyes because I don't see a lot of confidence in his decision making. He certainly improved last year but still there were lots of games where I regretted that he was getting it 20 times. There was a strong correlation between when he was using it well and how the team was playing. Consistent good decisions and nailing his kicks will determine if he's better than a role player.
  13. Friday in the Rain

    Even in December that's not how you scoop up a ground ball. Bet he fell over.
  14. Preseason Training - Week commencing 27/11/17

    Lever's lightness on his feet might be what makes him such a good interceptor and good in traffic but I wonder if he needs to be taught to literally dig his heels in.
  15. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Yep the Richmond game was a case of going 2 down. Geelong we kicked too many points and wasted too much energy for 3/4's. The midfield losses set us back for the Adelaide, North and GWS games and meant we weren't at our best against St Kilda and Brisbane. Unfortunately I don't really think they were an excuse for the Collingwood game.