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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    Chris Grant stepped in after Beveridge and others trashed Stringer early in the piece. I didn't see anything about Watts said that was nearly as bad as this: That's a stinging comment. Then the guy had his dirty laundry aired in public about his cheating, gambling and poor preparation/rehab. Once that was done the Dogs could only say nice things. Melbourne could've been a touch wiser with Watts but from the get go it was a list management decision far more than it was about Jack's personality. The comments about his commitment to training etc were still about his footy and not about his character. I do agree with the sentiments that Watts handled himself very well.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    Should we bring Denis in as our chief negotiator and use his Travancore real estate knowledge. There's no rules against underquoting in the trade game. But the Crows low balling Lever made him look around! Bit worried that Denis values Matt Lobbe as a big in.
  3. Ruck depth

    Including Cat B rookies it's 47 on your list. So it has been ok to 4 rucks if one of them is a Cat B or you've got a useful player like Maynard on your Cat B list. The issue is how to development them now the VFL Development league is gone. Filipovic or any other really young ruck would be better off playing local footy now than sitting on the pine for large parts of VFL games. I think that's a factor in our decision to keep 3 and not have a Spencer type mature ager. If we had Spencer again then King and Filipovic would do nothing, they'd almost have to rotate weeks off. Now at least the young guys can share the ruck time. King has shown me enough that in a year or two he can be a solid back up. Find a Pedersen replacement in the next year or two might be harder to do.
  4. Lever. I like Lever. I'd love him if he could play on a tall forward or if his body was reliable. Time will tell but he's a good get. I can understand giving up next years first for him, that's a gamble probably worth taking. Would've like something better than moving pick 10 back to pick 36 but if pick 10 isn't that flash anyway it's more bearable. My thoughts that it wasn't the best deal don't counteract that he's a good pick up. Watts out. It was time. Better a year early than a year late. Again, felt like we could've made Port work for it. We trade him and then they go on a salary dumping spree. I think they had more in them. Even 36 for 34 would be a small win worth haggling for. Balic. I'm a fan. You get a good reputation as a team on the rise and you get a guy like this sign with you and make you better. Draft picks. We needed to take some kids. You have to have that next wave coming through. If the trade targets for outside runners and small forwards weren't there you turn it over to your recruiters. Bernie, Lewis, most likely Garlett pretty soon and eventually Jones need replacing. Again, getting a bit more back in the Lever deal and a bit extra in the Watts deal might've made the difference in November. A little surprised we could move the last pick to next years draft or combine it with higher picks in this years draft but that means it's 4 picks within 47.
  5. Trade rumours

    Who else was available is probably a fair call. I like the cheap deals for Darcy Lang, Harry Wigg and Logan Austin. But all 3 are probably players you have to promise opportunity for. They all need footy and won't improve without it. They probably needed good cash as well. It depends on how you rate our depth players. I like Jarman Impey as a risk that could've paid off in a position we need more depth in and for a pick we had. Dev Smith is worth the risk for the Bombers given they got him for a very good deal in the end. He's someone who could've helped us on a wing/half forward. Not sure we did enough but not sure it was there for us either. Lever and Balic for Watts and keeping a lot of our players on short term deals surely has the salary cap in good shape, there's flexibility to have a good run at free agency and trades next year.
  6. 2017 Contracts

    I like him, but if the footy club loved him they should've signed him now and traded 47 for a pick next year. Got to wait until draft night and see what's available at 47 before signing anyone now I think. We owe Jason Taylor a chance to really assess the draft.
  7. Mature Age Recruits

    Our man Fritsch has to be in our thoughts with one of the 2nd rounders. After that it looks a list of later round guys but every year a few bob up in top 40 contention. Luke Ryan and Tom Stewart stood out last year though as gun defenders, not sure there's any of them this year. Midfielders are a bit dime a dozen. Our last pick might be one where we really take a flyer on a mature age guy. Interesting to see Dom Barry on the list. We need a pacey wingman with elite endurance. That would sure be a shock to bring him back.
  8. Mature Age Recruits

    No we don't. We played better with Tommy Mc and Pedda than we did with Gawn, yet alone playing the Spence. Mitch King will come on a bit next year and be there if we are desperate.
  9. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    FB: Jetta Frost Hibberd HB: Lever Oscar Hunt C: Jones Oliver Melksham/Stretch HF: ANB Hogan Hannan FF: Vanders T Mc Garlett Foll: Gawn Petracca Viney Int: Salem - back Brayshaw - wing/mid Balic/Tyson/Melksham - high half forward/wing/mid Harmes/DJ - pressure forward Happy with the back 6 or 7. Vince and Joel Smith in reserve. And Wagner who I don't mind in the right match up. Keen to see Paddy McKenna play as well. Most of the starting midfield pick themselves. Time to pick Tracc as a mid who goes forward not the other way around even if he's close to 50/50 split. 2nd wing spot worries me. If Brayshaw gets fit he could lock it down but I think he's still best as a contested player on ball or back. Salem could move to a wing but it's asking him to run a heap which is his weakness. When he doesn't have to run his tank low he plays well. Melksham started to lock down a half forward spot but he has the tank for the wing. Balic and Petracca are all suited to rotate midfield and half forward more than wing. ANB you just want to leave in that high half forward spot where he covers ground and tackles. No Lewis for a month. No way he has 22 games in him anyway so let him rest whilst the pace is off. He'll get suspended anyway belting someone faster than him. Forward it's all about the pressure and spread and speed. No Pedersen/Weeds unless we want to get freaky and move Tom McDonald through a wing. Vanders 3rd tall. A couple of midfield types up on the flanks with high work rates. Then 3 amigos of Garlett, Hannan and Harmes.
  10. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Jones has an above average kick rate per Champion Data and was using it as well as anyone in our team and better than most of the comp pre injury. He hasn't been a long bomber for a long time now. What he sometimes is - is a conflicted player around the packs where he won't kick originally because it's not the game plan but will try to handball and when it doesn't work he'll get caught with it and bomb it as the only option. Viney does similar. Tyson is the most long bombing of that trio because he'll do it in space. Get Jones in space and he's a beautiful kick.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    That's fair but any hypothetical reasons to trade someone will get spun in to negatives I think. Short of Jack wanting to set up a surf shop in Glenelg there's always going to be a challenge from the media and fans. Attitude, role, salary cap, injuries, age, future form. I'd have stuck with the truth but played it a bit softer and nicer.
  12. Mahoney, get away

    The 1st to 2nd round pick downgrade is very different as is the value of the future first if it's included. If we finish top 6 next year the Lever deal looks better as does the Gibbs deal if the Crows are top 4. I have more faith in the Crows at this stage!
  13. What does that mean? It gives us a reputation of being popular with Damian Barrett, who cares? Players join clubs for money, success and opportunity, not because they make trades quickly. And yes it matters because every time you pay a bit more you lose in the draft order. Might only be a few picks here or there but that's the difference between getting your man or not and over time that adds up. If it's little bit by little bit eventually you end up with missing just 1 or 2 good players who might be the difference. Nailing the occasional 2nd or 3rd round pick is how you stay strong and win flags. I really feel we need to nail 2 of our picks this draft period and I hope being down the order doesn't cost us.
  14. Mahoney, get away

    Adelaide are about to get Gibbs for a very fair price that they can pay thanks to our picks, which will make Carlton very happy. Port are about to dump Lobbe in a salary cap dump to the Blues for another pick as well. Doing deals early for generous returns has made life easier for 3 of our competitors.
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    I somewhat agree but also think it's a bit ambitious to think they could get away lightly no matter what they said (or didn't say). Jones and Goodwin had media commitments and it's unreasonable that they avoid their commitments or don't answer questions. Watts was always going to tour clubs and be asked about why he was put up for trade. Answering that his position was obsolete in the game style or that we had other key forwards ahead of him was likely to result in the same supporter backlash and theories of devaluation. Plus it puts the head of Tom McDonald/Weeds and backs Goodwin in to a corner if he plays 3 tall forwards. There's still a lot more to be learned from the start of Watts' career than some slightly clumsy work on the way out.