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  1. DeeSpencer

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    You play for weeks with sore knees, ankles whatever it was that was hampering him and it changes your biomechanics. You put more weight through your foot and you crack the navicular. It's not rocket science. It's the same thing happening over and over again. Numerous posters on here have been saying for weeks lets give Hogan a week off and get him right. Unfortunately the idiots in charge didn't do it and now this is the result.
  2. DeeSpencer

    Goody and the Ferrari?

    It's a small sample size I'll give you that but I think Harmes when played in the midfield this year counts. His last month has been excellent and he had a stretch of games from rounds 6-8 and another after that in the midfield when very good as well. Jetta got beat badly on Queens B'day, and has otherwise had some bad moments late in games, most likely because he's battling through injuries. The guy should've been AA last year though and wins his match up more weeks than not, I'm willing to concede him a few bad days and still class him as a very good player. Melksham leads the entire league in goal assists. He's a frustrating and inconsistent player week to week or even contest to contest sure but he sets up goals and can win aerial contests. Petracca I feel the same about, and whether he's consistent or not he has the talent. He's in the category of player a coach should get more out of and hopefully that happens over time. My grades were really for separating the players I think Goody should create a good team out of from the ones who are a work in progress or filling spots. These guys are 8, 9, 10 and 11th in the Demonland voting. Did we get it wrong?
  3. DeeSpencer

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    14 disposals at 100% efficiency, ran hard all day, mostly nailed his tackles, wasn't beaten in too many contests, was quiet in the 2nd and 3rd - guess what wing/flankers often are - but was one of the better players in the last term.
  4. DeeSpencer

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    The midfield and forward line defend with any kind of intensity and Petty holds his first two intercept marks that he dropped and I bet he keeps going and plays a great game which we win by 10 goals. They also picked Petty a week late, he should've played against Port, after he had his best game in the VFL and had the match up on young Todd Marshall, and in turn freed up Joel Smith to shut down Westhoff, not the week after when he was quiet and probably doubting his confidence going in to the game. The whole backline was exposed by the poor up field pressure and space on the MCG. Lewis, Salem, Oscar were all shredded by the Saints that day not just Petty. It was a diabolical defensive performance that followed the diabolical offensive performance against Port. And it all stemmed from the overreaction to a bad day against the Pies and concern on how to replace Lever.
  5. DeeSpencer

    Goody and the Ferrari?

    I think we're very similar to Geelong list wise except their best players in Dangerfield, Selwood, Duncan are all in their prime, our mids are still getting there. Plus their superstar key forward has decided to have the best month or so of his career as he turns 30 whilst our main man in Hogan is battling.
  6. DeeSpencer

    Goody and the Ferrari?

    Backline: Quality players: Lever, Hibberd, Jetta, Salem Maybe players: Frost, Oscar, Lewis, Joel Smith, Hunt (underdone), Vince, Pedersen, Wagner Midfield: Quality players: Gawn, Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw, Harmes, Jones Maybe players: Fritsch (looks good but it's his first year), Tyson, JKH, Stretch, Maynard Forwards: Quality players: T Mc, Petracca, Hogan, Melksham Maybe players: Spargo, Garlett, Vanders, ANB, Kent, Hannan, T Smith, Weids etc etc 4 of our best 14 out. No reliable pure wingman No reliable small forward No reliable genuine stopping key defenders It's not a ferrari. It's got a big engine but is missing luxury and some parts are downright dodgy. What does that make it?
  7. DeeSpencer

    Alex Neal-Bullen

    I spotted Jeff out on the ground in the pre game warm up. Beanie on. Rugged up. Looking uninterested. Can't blame him, AFL footy looks a pain in the backside. Not at all surprised by his output, although would've been nice if he could've belted his cousin Lance at some stage. I hope he doesn't sting us for a pay cheque next year if he doesn't want to be here any more.
  8. DeeSpencer

    Alex Neal-Bullen

    I'm inclined to agree, although I'll give him some benefit under that kick because Hunt was behind him and knowing Melbourne they didn't communicate. Not standing under a high kick when you have an opponent coming down is worse than not standing it when you're concerned about spoiling a team mate. The fumbles and skill errors are a huge concern. The hope is he cuts some of them out, Harmes has shown this year that it can happen. But ANB is worse than Harmes was, he's just not a fluid mover out on the footy field. I wonder how much he can improve his chase down speed and tackling. If he absolutely nailed every chance he has to tackle his mistakes with the ball wouldn't matter very much.
  9. DeeSpencer

    Alex Neal-Bullen

    Jeffy panicked for fear of body contact, stepped wide and rushed the shot. Exactly what Derm was talking about with Ablett (where it didn't actually happen).
  10. DeeSpencer

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    So you want to play Pedersen foward because Vanders is lumbering? Vanders runs laps around Pedersen. Both Hogan and McDonald were at half forward. Just as they were both deep forward at times. Often times one was deep, one was up and Vanders was in the middle leading up trying to drag Aliir away but the kick was bombed to Aliir. Hogan and McDonald had 5 pretty simple shots on goal in the first half for 1.4. If that was 3.2 instead we might've been winning at half time. The crowd around you are likely all sheep. They see a problem, they think one change can fix everything. The unintended consequences of Pedersen going forward were: - less forward pressure so the Swans got the ball in their half more - Pedersen wasn't down back where he was intercept marking himself and doing a pretty good job - Fritsch had to go back, taking a classy ball user away from the middle of the ground where he could do damage and moving him to half back where he's not familiar with the position.
  11. DeeSpencer

    Viney MUST be sole captain 2019

    Jones either takes Lewis' spot at half back or ANB's spot as the high half forward. Think he could do either next year. Or both even depending on form/injuries to others. Jones nailed a crunch goal today and had a nice popped pass for a shot on goal. Feel free to disagree but I'd still back Jones over nearly any other player on the list to hit a target when the decision making is easy or done for him. He certainly lacks vision, most likely not helped by years of being the man in a bad side, but when the target is there he kicks with lovely penetration. I'd back him to make the easy kicks from half back or to adjust to half forward. I don't see elevating Tom McDonald or Gawn as a successful idea, nor do I think Lever, Oliver or Gus are ready.
  12. DeeSpencer

    Viney MUST be sole captain 2019

    On Jones: A) He had some really poor moments today but he also never stopped running in the last quarter and kept getting the ball. He nailed a goal and had some other good possessions in with the bad. The worst players in a close game like today and the ones who didn't even want the ball or want the contest when it got close. B) He's yet to start the next stage of his career as a flanker. Forward or back I think that's next. He's a good runner and whilst his decision making can go astray he is a good kick. Playing forward gets you more accustomed to making the kicks inside 50. Playing back gets you used to the exit kicks. He can do all of that. Don't write him off until he's had the chance to re invent himself. On Viney: A) Seriously questions have been asked about his role in the management of his foot/toe B) He's now missed a fair chunk of footy this year and last. All up I'd go with Jones and Viney for one more year. Jones will still be best 22 - I'm guessing on a forward flank. Viney will then have less pressured to get back for good this time and can take over in 2020 if things go to plan.
  13. DeeSpencer

    Frosty comes in from the cold!

    Buddy could've kicked 7 if his radar was on. Frost had a good go and his kicking is better, marking more reliable and all round he's made improvements but I'm still yet to be convinced. Once Buddy stopped leading in straight lines and started putting some moves before short hit up leads he had Frost cold. I'm very keen to see a backline with Lever, Hibberd and Joel Smith, maybe a fully fit Hunt after a solid preseason and ideally find a replacement skilled flanker to take over from Lewis. That's the kind of support that would make life easier on the tall or talls. Whether Frost is a good fit in that or not I'm yet to know.
  14. DeeSpencer

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Name for me the great kicks on our list who are capable of hitting targets inside 50. Melksham is our most reliable inside 50 kick, daylight is next. Also name for me the forwards who consistently lead for each other to open space to kick to. Tommy Mc is good on the lead, after him there's not a lot of players who work for each other . That's the forward entry rubbish. Not easy to turn water in to wine. As for Roos' defensive scheme - it comes up here a bit and I've never heard such crap. Roos' great defensive mechanisms were to flood the backline and not turn the ball over with slow methodical ball movement. Worked great in 2005. Worked pretty well in 2014 for a Melbourne side intent on slowing down games. Has absolutely nothing to do with this side in 2018. Roos never had us playing front half defensive football with forward pressure. Never. We wouldn't give up goals out the back or concede big hauls to key forwards because we'd always flood back. Experienced midfielders in Jones, Vince and Cross worked back super hard to block it up and it worked but it also had us scoring 40 every second or third week. Aside from a patch in the 2nd term our midfield stuck with Sydney's experienced mids and stopped them from running in to open space. The forwards were disappointing defensively but still did enough to stop the Swans counter attack more times than not. The backline has issues with winning contests but that comes from missing the best 2 players in Hibberd and Lever, as well as Smith out and Hunt underdone.
  15. DeeSpencer

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    FB: Jetta Oscar Hibberd HB: Pedersen Frost Salem C; Jones Oliver Fritsch HF: Spargo T Mc Petracca FF: Vanders Weids Hannan/Kent Foll: Gawn Harmes Brayshaw Int: Lewis JKH Tyson Melksham Out: Garlett, Hunt, Hogan, ANB In: Melksham, Hibberd, Weideman, Hannan/Kent Spargo made 2 types of error: 1 - couldn't kick it far enough, failing to make the distance or giving it off. 2 - couldn't hold his tackles. I'm happy to live with both whilst he brings a good work rate, clean skills and smarts. He'll get stronger over the summer and be finishing off his work better. Garlett make 1 type of error over and over again - being soft as butter. That has to go. Goodbye. ANB probably won't get dropped. More likely to see Spargs miss or Hannan not come in. But ANB has botched his disposals over and over again and it's time to say we'll do without it. He runs all day and keeps having a go but at some stage that's just not enough and he isn't getting better.