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  1. DeeSpencer

    Misson Leaving at End of 2019

    Yeah a heap of injuries but if you look at their players they are (to use a non technical term) jacked! Experinced players like Sidebottom suddenly look like this, which is also how Hawks and Tigers look recently.
  2. DeeSpencer

    Misson Leaving at End of 2019

    Not sure that's entirely true but I don't have any inside mail. Wasn't Todd Viney moved in to a role that included overseeing the medical department at the start of last year when he moved away from list management? The AFL hired Misso's 2IC in Rob Jackson to oversee the umpires when they had an umpire fitness crises, the AFL are usually pretty clever at who they pick from club land. The foot injuries have been a struggle but not massively out of line from where the rest of the comp has been, hopefully we're improving that regard. If our players are healthy, strong, fit, running out games and not suffering from the more preventable injuries like soft tissues then I don't think you'd move a guy on for a slightly higher than average foot injury list. And if you did why not do it last year? Carlton poached Andrew Russell from the Hawks, if you wanted to make a change that would've been the one to make.
  3. DeeSpencer

    Jake Melksham extends for three more years

    As for Jake his inside 50 kicks and aerial contests as a forward have been a revelation. Not bad for a midfielder we recruited as a defender. Not the ideal preseason but I wonder how much his ankle injury restricted him last year, still think he has a level more to go to with defensive work, crumbing and getting even more of the ball around the ground.
  4. DeeSpencer

    Jake Melksham extends for three more years

    A sweet finish from Jake but the thing I love about that goal is Tommy flies and Melk and Hannan both put themselves in a great position to crumb, as does Spargo who outworks his opponent from the middle of the ground to get there as well. Smart team footy and a lovely piece of skill.
  5. DeeSpencer

    Dees to take on Pies in Scratch Match (22/2/19)

    Seeing all the injuries around the league id actually be happy if this was kept to a bare minimum. Maybe 2 x 20 minute halves. Especially if the Pies ground is still rock hard. Teams that are super keen on match simulation just sound like coaches who can’t create drills that replicate in game scenarios.
  6. DeeSpencer

    Misson Leaving at End of 2019

    Wasn’t a fan when he started. Players did lap after lap and had no power. Also the experienced doctors left in less than ideal circumstances and the current doctor was under qualified/inexperienced for the role. We had the flirtation with Dank as well, was that when Misson had arrived? Plenty has changed since though and you only have to look at the GC boys comments about Melbourne’s preseason to see standards have risen. So a credit to Misso and the club for getting things going in the right direction. Now we have an opportunity to improve things yet again. I’d be looking at Hawthorn, Coll and Richmond where players are very well defined and explosive athletes. Tigers have had a great run with injury and the Hawks are the masters of rejuvenating players.
  7. DeeSpencer

    The Co-Captaincy?

    1. I don't think Viney is ready to take it on solo just yet but I do think he'll be ready to do that in the next future, probably next year. 2. I don't think Jones really should keep it. Relieving the pressure of extra duties/responsibilities should prolong his career. 3.. I'm not sure Tommy Mc or Gawn should be elevated to co-captain if it's only going to be for a year. Pretty much if you put that all together it might be Jones and Viney again this year. Or it might be Gawn/T Mc and Viney. Or it might be Viney with Gawn and T Mc as vice captains. Also shouldn't be Tom McDonald if he's off to Jordan Peterson. That's a worry.
  8. DeeSpencer

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Plenty of draft camp times available. 2km time trial Dylan Moore 6:09 minutes Lochie O'Brien 6:12 Gryan Miers 6:13 Andrew Brayshaw 6:14 Trent Mynott 6:14 Aiden Domic 6:15 Angus Styles 6:17 Changkuoth Jiath 6:17 Nathan Murphy 6:21 Jaidyn Stephenson 6:21 Ethan Floyd 6:25 I'd imagine guys aren't improving too much on those times because a lot of the time they have to bulk up and work on their speed. Probably only a few at each club under 6 minutes and not many if any getting down towards 5:30
  9. DeeSpencer

    AFLW on the main board

    Yep this is what I came here to say. The logical compromise. Those invested in AFLW enough can go to the AFLW board. But we sure all either be interested or at least not threatened by seeing the game day threads. Would be a good way to get more people involved in the conversation. A strong vote for the game day thread to be on the main board please mods.
  10. DeeSpencer

    Kangaroos Intra Club 13th February

    Pretty good indication on why I think intraclubs are a waste of time and why I like that we're playing against the Pies instead. Ball movement is usually hopeless, everyone knows where it's going so there's no test or creativity. New players with a point to prove often stand out. Ring ins (in our case mostly from Casey) play and get in the way or get beat up on. I remember Shannon Byrnes kicking a bag on a Casey kid that meant nothing for the season starting.
  11. DeeSpencer

    Poll: The Zurich Logo

    Just wear this bad boy. I love this jumper so much
  12. DeeSpencer

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    1 co-principal partner out - iSelect. 1 co-principal partner in - Jaguar. They are the jumper sponsors and the big ones to get signed and hopefully on multi year deals. I think the AFL brand protection rules would only be for that level of sponsor. Toyota can't be cheaply undercut by Mazda buying Gold Coast's jumper sponsorship for $200,000 is surely the idea there. For the lower level of sponsors I doubt the rule would apply. There's almost no way Infiniti would've paid us 1M+ to not even be a jumper sponsor last year. In terms of Major Sponsors - which infinity was last year, they are the ones that get worn on the shorts and club polos and have match day activities. The website currently lists 8. Johnnie Walker, IG, China Southern, Haynes Paint, Chisholm, NT, New Balance, CSG. Plenty of time to add more at that level. We've had multi year deals with those companies.
  13. DeeSpencer

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    I can see the appeal. We have a down year this year and you get the 'why did he get a 3 year extension', and then when the next deadline is closing in you get more speculation. Or we are very successful over this next contract and then we're looking at paying him megabucks. Locking him in to a regular staff contract might achieve more certainty for both parties. The concern is every year becomes a contract year if you get to the stage where there's no pay outs (assuming there's some protections over the early years for Goody). I've seen enough from Goodwin to think he's a very good coach who can adapt and grow with the job. Things will only go badly wrong if he's surrounded by the wrong people or the wrong players. That's not to say Goody alone can bring sustained success but if you abandon the idea of the messiah coach you can treat Goodwin as a vital foundation to build upon.
  14. DeeSpencer

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    My guess: They had a look at what we could provide with the sponsorship last year and then fed that data to their boss company in Nissan who took a deal with the Hawks. It wouldn't have made sense for Nissan and Infiniti to sponsor competing clubs, and they don't see enough cars here to justify a large sponsorship either.
  15. DeeSpencer

    King: Oliver better than Cripps & Bont

    I didn't read the article, still haven't. I assumed he would've spun a few more numbers in, my mistake. I'd read an article on the how's and why's of David King becoming the PR guy for Champion Data. That would interest me.