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  1. DeeSpencer

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    He’s 23, it’s not completely crazy to sign him until he’s 31. And that was reported as the managers first offer. A 5 or 6 year deal at 1M is about what I’d expect Hogan to sign with Freo for. We gave Lever 4 years 800 and that’s before he’s in his prime. Plus key forwards get more. With the cap rising 20% in the next 4 years the 1M seems correct. Really I think this is Freo looking for deflection. Blaming the manager is an easy way out
  2. DeeSpencer

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    Not sure about that. I think the Saints did a deal with Essendon and Sydney before we did our deal with GWS. They got pick 14 from Sydney for the price of a couple of picks in the 20's that netted the Swans a lot of points. Moving from pick 10 to pick 7 might've been a late move based on seeing other clubs do it. Still glad we did it and credit to the club for being in the right position and nimble but I'm not sure we invented it. Hawthorn, West Coast and Collingwood all did pick for pick trades towards the end of the trade period with GWS or Sydney to achieve the same thing. The bolder move was trading the future first and getting up to pick 3.
  3. DeeSpencer

    Rumour File

    I've had the feeling the whole time there might be a 2nd big name alongside May if the Hogan deal got what we wanted, but it's only gut feel. The reality might well be that the pick 60's in the Kent and Preuss trades are set for some late swaps once we get our salary cap situation under control with the big name deals. If not there's been a recent history of players being delisted who would've been traded for next to nothing when the clubs couldn't get the deals done before deadline.
  4. DeeSpencer


    Tampa Bay Rams Colts
  5. DeeSpencer

    Rumour File

    All those flags were initially built around the players they drafted - with priority picks helping - prior to 2018. Roughy, Franklin, Lewis, Hodge, Mitchell, Rioli, Birchall etc. Then they started trading out of weak drafts to get Burgoyne, Gibson, Gunston etc to fill the gaps. But they still needed Isaac Smith and Brad Hill, so you have to keep some decent picks. There's not a lot of evidence the Hawks trading post 2015 will work. They won't go down the ladder but will need to find some great players with later picks to stay up. They've found a couple of good ones - Sicily and Hardwick with later picks. Time will tell if they can do it again. Dealing pick 10 for Mitchell and a late pick for Scully is wise. Selling the farm for O'Meara and Shiel maybe not. We have a young core a bit like the Hawks in 2008, maybe not as good which isn't a knock on us but just a statement of how good those young Hawks were. So I definitely think we are in trade in mode. But we need some good draft picks too! The other thing the Hawks did really well between 09-13 was trade out the right type of players - they said goodbye to Gilham, Campbell Brown, Tom Murphy, Clinton Young, Mark Williams - all guys who were overrated and injury prone and got value for them. Are Watts, Tyson and Hogan the right guys to trade out? I think they are.
  6. Preuss is the next man picked if Max goes down. So in many ways he's = 23rd. Tyson is 8th in line for the 4/5 inside mid spots in his preferred position clearly behind Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw and Harmes and most likely behind Vanders, Jones and Petracca. Even Maynard isn't far off. He's probably closer than that for a wing spot but it's time to develop long term answers there. With the way things were going in a years time Preuss is still next man picked if Gawn goes down. Tyson is drifting further behind.
  7. Was contracted for 2019. I imagine we might've paid a bit of his salary, only because I think North would've paid him huge money in 2019 followed by peanuts in 2020/2021. No real issue with us paying a bit of money if it gets the deal done.
  8. DeeSpencer

    The Steven May Thread

    Good player. Although the KingDinga has a point about the ACL, we should've mentioned that when trading for him. It was after all the reason we didn't just pick him at number 3 in the draft. Freo are spreading all sorts of stuff about Hogan right now. It wouldn't have killed us to at least bring up Lever's history. Lever's best 3 games came against Jacob Townsend, Pat Kerr and Darcy Fogarty. Hopefully we get him healthy and he can start playing CHB against some real footballers and doing the same thing he was doing against no names. If he develops well he'll help a gun full back by stopping the ball every getting down there, but if we have a gun full back he'll help Lever by covering up deep in defence. Who's more valuable? Maybe Lever because he's younger and could be a long term leader. Who's better? Well we need both of them and we desperately need a big time stopper in May.
  9. DeeSpencer

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Agree with most of that. From any time he's been interviewed he's clearly not stupid. In fact I'm guessing one of his problems is he's a bit too smart for his own good. Seems a player for which footy is a job more than a huge passion. I just wish we rested him when his form was slipping in the latter half of the year. Might've prevented an injury or got on top of one early. If anything it would've been a mental reset. Apart from beating up a few bad sides he was all out of sorts and that can mess with relationships at the club and confidence. Who knows? Pure hypotheticals but maybe Freo offered him a truckload of cash mid year and he's spent the last 11 weeks worried he's about to leave.
  10. DeeSpencer

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    History books don't care about which clubs look silly. They care about the wins and losses and if the opportunity still exists before Wednesday to turn Hogan in to May and something then we have to do it.
  11. DeeSpencer

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    We need to say nothing, don't inflame the situation and hope Freo or Brisbane do the Neale deal. Then straight on the phone with a promise that all will be forgiven if they give us pick 5 and the future 2nd rounder. As long as that all happens with more than an hour left we'll get May and come up happy. Freo are using their leverage. Good luck to them. Not sure I'd be going this hard but I'd be doing similar.
  12. DeeSpencer

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    I've been a critic of some of the trades. In the past I think he's been a bit too keen to be liked by the media and to get deals done early often with the justification of having time to do other deals - when at least from the outside there hasn't been other deals for us to do. But my concern hasn't been the direction of the deals simply the value of the little wins along the way. That said, I'm certainly a fan of the way he has grown in the role and dedicated himself to it. I reckon the GM of footy role has been massively undervalued by clubs. You can see the impact to a club where one of the good guys in this role - Neale Balme, Geoff Walsh etc comes in to a club. The coaches get on with coaching, the recruiters get on with recruiting and the team improves by making shrewd decisions. To have a smart and reliable person in charge of managing the football department makes the coaches job so much easier. In that aspect I think Josh has been a huge asset. He clearly has a good relationship with the media (along with his media relations team) and they've been quick to quash any drama. The players sign on for contracts. The coaching group have been well managed. As far as I can tell a lot of his responsibilities have been managed very well: - equip Goodwin with coaching talent - handle the list management with a defined plan - evaluate the talent of the playing group - work with the media to ward away scandals and drama My trading concerns are mainly based around the idea that we had leverage in certain deals where we had players signed on and the opposition had incentive to deal with us. The Lever deal, the Salem/Tyson deal, the Melksham deal even the Frost deal. All moments where I think we gave up a lot and probably could've just got a little bit here or there back. Maybe at the end of the day it doesn't matter and certainly the good of bringing in the right players to improve the team outweighs my concerns. Anyway, this year we're selling Hogan, attempting to buy May and it requires a firm stand to keep our value and hopefully Josh can achieve that. Already I think we're seeing a stronger approach from Mahoney in the media and that's important. AFL trades are some of the most bizarre negotiations you'll ever see. No other sport is like this and it's really unlike any open market business dealing. It's a bit of a game of chicken with the media heavily involved and a lot of emotions.
  13. DeeSpencer

    The Tom Campbell Thread

    I say we keep this thread and it's wacky title. The name name thread format is boring.
  14. DeeSpencer

    Rumour File

    Swans betting that the Saints 2nd rounder next year is of more value than pick 28 this year, therefore giving them a couple of pieces to work with. The reality is though Hanners was never going to be that expensive. 3 years at 800k on the Swans books for a guy who can't play in the guts anymore and isn't all that effective on the wing if he's not breaking the lines. The Swans can easily fill his spot in the team and put that 800k to much better use.
  15. North have a father son (30+) and an academy (5-15). But if they were going to give us the better pick they probably would've done it by now. Collingwood have an academy (10-30), a father son (20-40) and even another later academy. Could be an option but they might not have many list spaces. This draft is very shallow, teams won't want to give up good picks for trash unless it's a huge point win. I think our best option is to wait until draft night and do some live trades. Use picks in the 60's to move up a few marginal spots with the better 3 picks we already have to get 3 players we want. Then fill the list with extra rookie spots or delisted players. Guys like McKenna, Flippers, Max King and DJ never really gave us anything. We aren't losing ground if we replace them with similar gambles. Sure it would be nice to replace them with quality but give me the best 40 players we can find and worry about the last 4 spots.