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  1. Post Match Discussion: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    Backline: Lever was sensational - it's just a matter of how to get him, Hibberd and Hunt in the best positions and surrounded by the right players. Oscar started slowly and was lucky Brown was off early but he got stronger as the game went on and he's a nice kick around the ground. Bernie and Wagner both started poorly and improved Lewis was good, but not 100% DE! Brayshaw looked solid off half back Predicted 7 for Rd 1: Oscar, Lever, Hunt, Hibberd, Jetta, Lewis, 1 of Brayshaw/Wagner/Vince Midfield: Gawn was great. Clarry started slow but built up. Jones' fast kicking in space was great after some early rust. Petracca explosive. Salem silky. Harmes consistent and strong. Stretch not strong enough but his run opened up great options, it's a matter of weighing up what he produced. Maynard crash and bash and not far off it. Predicted 8 for round 1: Gawn, Oliver, Petracca, Viney, Jones, Salem, Harmes, 1of Tyson/Stretch Forwards: Tommy presented hard. Hogan had some great moments and leapt well and looked to impress at the drop of the ball. Fritsch was flighty early but classy, his attacking game looks up to standard, it's just a matter of what he can bring defensively. ANB very solid. Melksham with some quality. Bugg worked hard all game. Hannan did some nice things. Pedersen limited game time it seemed. Predicted 7 for round 1: T Mc, Hogan, ANB, Melksham, 3 of Hannan/Bugg/Garlett/Fritsch
  2. GAME DAY: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    Am I biased in thinking the wind picked up that quarter? Looked like a crossbreeze with a slight advantage in q1 then became a gale in q2. Out the back goals a problem but some have been caused by silly turnovers. Some good and bad patches. The main highlight has been the kicking overall looks up to a reasonable standard. That's important because I don't think you can fix that. Making game plan adjustments and match ups are easier than fixing a bad skill level. I'd like to see the defensive pressure around the stoppages come up and I'd like to see more separation from the forwards this quarter.
  3. Robbo (Mark) doesn't think we'll make finals

    Not team first is a very unusual call. There's not many players who don't work both ways or have a crack in this side. Too many suspensions is a lazy narrative as well. Hogan was unlucky to even be suspended. Vince and Lewis are old and stupid for sure, but they aren't 'bounty hunters and Bugg was a momentary lapse. Did anyone else even miss games? Melksham one VFL game I think. Come off it. As is blaming a bad opening quarter against Collingwood as some wider symptom. We came from behind and overcame bad quarters in a lot of games and going in to round 23 we were 1 win short of finals and served up a [censored] sandwich against a team with no pressure. We also outplayed them for 3 quarters that day but didn't get the breaks in terms of free kicks (McDonald was manhandled all game) and goal kicking. It's more than fair to put some blame on that day but it's lazy to make it the headline story. The loss to North was worse. The last 15 minutes against Brisbane was worse.
  4. JLT Squad for the North game

    Yep. Sorry poor wording but I think the 6 who will miss out are as follows. 3 are very unlikely to play - Petty (age), Keilty (others preferred) and Tim Smith (fitness). 3 would be unlucky and for me those would be Bugg, Maynard and JKH.
  5. JLT Squad for the North game

    Having watched the replays of AFLX Wagner made 1 bad mistake deep in the backline that coughed up a goal but otherwise was very good with the ball, with his spoils/intercepts and with what I saw of his positioning (which isn't easy to see on tv). He's looked very good on the training track this summer and got some harsh criticism for games he played out of position on the wing last year. He's no world beater but I think he pushes for round 1. Not surprised to see him picked for this.
  6. JLT Squad for the North game

    Can't see Tim Smith or Harry Petty playing. Nor Keilty although I'd like to see him get a chance. Not sure on the other 3 who get left out. Think you'd want Pedersen to spell Gawn and the key forwards. Similarly I'd be playing Frost so you have the option of 2 stopping talls in round 1. I'd be leaving out Maynard, JKH and Bugg and having a look at Balic and Fritsch
  7. Whilst his chasing and pressuring when the ball hit the deck inside 50 hasn't been good his work rate getting up the ground has been exceptional since his first game. You don't kick 40 goals in your first season and be right up at the top of marks taken if you don't work bloody hard. That said, a leap up CHF - no matter how good - is very predictable these days. You put a good key defender on them and allow other defenders to block the leading lanes and it limits their impact. Tex Walker might be the best - especially due to his precision kicking - and even he is a disappointing player at times. Jack Riewoldt is very handy but it's his work for the team - both work rate and defensively that gives him value not his possessions and goals. The really dangerous key forwards are either bigger (Brown, Daniher) or faster (Buddy) or exceptional at leading in confined spaces (Kennedy). To have a reliable mark on the lead go in to the midfield you then open up a lot of opportunities with the ball. Say you've got the ball on a back flank - Gawn can get down the line for the long kick and Hogan can lead up the middle and either get used or draw attention. In case people haven't noticed our game plan is based around kicking and moving on angles and creating space. At our best we don't bomb it long nor do we madly run and carry. So I like Hogan in the midfield because it suits our game plan and I like him in the midfield to get him involved if the ball isn't coming to him. It's a win win if used properly.
  8. Who plays in JLT v North Melbourne 24/2?

    They usually play a big schedule of practice games starting at least in the week before AFL round 1 and continuing most weeks until the VFL season starts. Hopefully @KC from Casey or someone can confirm.
  9. Thanks for the updates Saty, much appreciated. How are the Smith's and Jeffy going?
  10. I think most teams keep a stable back 7 so it's really about 8-11 or so going through the middle. Zac Smith is a good ruckman, Blicavs a very handy utility 2nd ruck. Scott Selwood does a job as a tagger and Menegola is a handy 5th mid who can play inside or out. They might fall away with the last couple of spots but I think the addition of Ablett and some development of younger guys answers the depth questions a bit.
  11. As for our midfield. I expect Gawn to bounce back and win or draw most weeks in the ruck and just as importantly I expect our stoppage set ups to utilise his advantage far better than last year. It's hard not be excited by the idea of Oliver, Petracca and Viney together and if they work with Gawn then we're off to a good start. I'm confident Jones will find his spot playing a mix of inside and outside footy and his form before injury last year was as good as any of his career. I find elite a silly word in footy but those 5 guys are by any definition above average players. I think there's really only a bunch of truly elite midfielders - Martin, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Pendlebury, Selwood, Josh Kennedy. The difference between the 10th and 30th best midfielder at any time is form. A fit and in form Viney is far closer to 10th than 30th. The question will be what happens with the last few midfield spots, especially given we couldn't find a good game plan and stoppage set ups that really utilised the wingers last year. Tyson, Stretch, Brayshaw and Harmes probably compete for 2 spots in the midfield mix and maybe a forward spot. The ability of those guys to contribute each week will be important in taking us from a middle of the road midfield to an above average one. The final spot is pencilled in for Salem and I hope he gets an extended run of midfield footy to see if he can make it as a mid. He's the quality player to take the midfield group up a level.
  12. I laugh that a statistical analysis company comes up with ranking lists based purely on the number of players ranked in the 'elite' and 'above average' categories. I'd think you'd start with rating the individual players with a numerical value relative to a replacement level player, then place a grading on last years important stats - be they clearances, contested possessions, tackles, disposal efficiency, score assists etc and then make some projections based on age, additions and subtractions and so on. Maybe Champion Data do all of that but they sully their brand by releasing crap like this to the public.
  13. Thanks for that Nostradamus. Got the lotto numbers for Saturday? McKenna was contracted and played plenty of NEAFL games in his time at GWS, had some injuries as well but it's not like he's been constantly injured. In the delisting period as far as I know he was getting better and I think he either made it back to the main group or very close in November before further trouble. You can't delist contracted players who missed 1 year with injury unless you're certain it's an ongoing injury or you just want them gone. He's obviously battling some pretty severe hamstring troubles now but it's still a long way until the end of the year. I have a soft spot for Vanders as a player. I think his physicality and size could be very handy in September style footy. But it doesn't look like things are going well for him. Where our list is at I'd rather take the risk on Vanders than pick a rookie who likely won't play either. Especially in last years draft which apparently had no depth. I think he was our last player recontracted for this year so the club were weighing up options and tracking his recovery.
  14. Who plays in JLT v North Melbourne 24/2?

    Fritsch showed me enough in the AFLX to think he's very much in contention for round 1, but I think back to Hannan last year and Brayshaw a couple of years before that debuting after only playing VFL practice games. I think there's a small chance we hide Fritsch in VFL games until round 1 and there's also a chance that someone from Baker, Spargo and maybe a handful of other players sneak in to the side on VFL form as well.
  15. Who plays in JLT v North Melbourne 24/2?

    1. I've barely ever seen Lever win a one on one against a quality tall forward in his career. Whilst playing as the third tall lets him lead the league in intercept possessions. Put your best players in their best positions and find role players for the rest is usually a wise philosophy, every other point I make pales in comparison to that one. 2. I like the risk reward of leaving Jetta and Hibberd in occasional mismatches but signing them up to start on talls is asking for trouble. Eventually they'll get beat by a tall if given enough chances. 3. Even if you were to play only one of Frost and Oscar you'd have to play both in this practice match given you've got 25 spots in the team and have them compete for the spot surely? 4. Geelong - until proven otherwise - probably go in with Hawkins, 2nd ruck (Blicavs/Smith), Menzel with Dangerfield (or Ablett) playing a fair bit inside 50. That combination means there's enough height to have 2 talls and Lever. 5. After 1 key defender, Lever, Jetta, Hunt, Hibberd and probably Lewis you've got 6 defenders. Your next best options are either Vince or Wagner. It's ambitious to expect much of Bernie and whilst I like Wagner I think he's best as a rebounding and intercepting player. Playing a second tall makes us stronger defensively and putting Hibberd and Lever in more attacking roles counters the loss of attack. If we had Joel Smith as a 2nd tall option I'd consider him, same if we could play Salem at half back and be significantly more attacking with 1 less tall but that doesn't seem to be the plan.