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  1. DeeSpencer

    Changes v St Kilda

    More athletic? Nope. He's slower, less agile and not as fit. Better handballer sure, I like Sam's hands on both sides of the body. Better contested mark - well he averages 1 a game compared to Smith's 0.8. Smarter, that's hard to qualify - smarter handballer but that's about it. I've just given you stats to show Smith is good at negating a ruck. Either Smith or Weideman will play minutes in the ruck and their ability to win, lose or negate the hit outs and then follow up is an important part of that role. How many talls do we need? We have Hogan, Tommy Mc as well as Melksham and Petracca who should all be good strong in the air one on one. None of those guys are good pressure players. Tracc is when he's on but he often isn't. Surely you agree forward pressure is a vital part of the modern game? Surely! So if it's not coming from Hogan, Tommy, Weeds, Melksham or Petracca who is doing it?? Hannan and ANB chasing their tails off trying to lay tackles and getting little help. Weideman probably will replace Smith, his VFL form over the last fortnight has been very impressive, but in a couple of weeks he'll get dropped because the 3 talls aren't getting in the game and the forward pressure is lacking.
  2. DeeSpencer

    Changes v St Kilda

    Have you watched Richmond play any time in the last 18 months. Nankervis gets destroyed in the hit outs by opposition rucks every week, but uses his lower centre of gravity/bulk to direct where the opponent can hit the ball and then follows it up. Grigg the same. Westhoff who rucked against Smith had 1 hit out to advantage from his 9 hit outs. Weideman would be better at getting hit outs but not at following up the taps. Considering opposition back ups aren't getting clean hit outs on Smith I'd say there's no evidence that Weideman in the ruck would provide any advantage. So it comes down to which player is better up forward and I think for the sake of balance that's Smith. Hogan and Tom McDonald are already struggling to find any separation and both be involved in the game. How does adding another 195cm+ tall who doesn't offer much at ground level help that? Again, it gets back to the way Richmond win with forwards who tackle and pressure to lock the ball inside 50. Jacob Townsend is a premiership player producing similar stats to Smith. Whilst Smith's basic stats weren't impressive the advanced stats rated his game as one of our better performers. They aren't always right but it's an indication that Smith's pressure adds more than meets the eye.
  3. DeeSpencer

    Changes v St Kilda

    Set the tone for forward pressure in the first quarter. Competed well in the ruck and we lost nothing with Gawn off as we often do. Kicked a goal. Forward pressure is vital to our backline being able to compete. I wouldn't drop any player than does the job with pressure given how badly we've lost in games where our pressure is missing.
  4. DeeSpencer

    Casey Demons v Coburg - VFL Round 12

    Have you been to training and watched the repeat runs /time trials. Frost is a super powerful guy but he is towards the back of any kind of endurance work. Fast twitch athlete as they say. He played up the ground against Hawthorn and was repeatedly caught out of position and didn't have the speed to catch it up when he was run around.
  5. DeeSpencer

    Casey Demons v Coburg - VFL Round 12

    Clearly a choice from the coaches to give Pedda a chance at CHB knowing that as it stands Hogan, T Mc, T Smith and Weids should all play ahead of him for 3 forward spots, whilst down back we are short of options. Hutchins therefore playing a role up forward working around the positions they need to try AFL guys in.
  6. DeeSpencer

    Casey Demons v Coburg - VFL Round 12

    Frost wouldn't have done any better on Cox than Oscar did. Oscar had a bad one. His first shocker for a year. Responded well by beating Dixon in nearly every one on one. Port coaches were smart though and made him keep track of Westhoff late in quarters who ran him around and he made a few dumb errors. The issue is Frost doesn't have the fitness to play CHB. And Oscar at CHB isn't a great option either. So they are competing for 1 spot. Hibberd, Vince and Joel Smith are rotating through the 2nd/3rd tall spots and mostly that's working, or at least it hasn't been terrible. I'd play Petty at chuck him in at CHB and let the other guys work around him, but that's still different to throwing Frost in and hoping he or Oscar can play up the ground.
  7. DeeSpencer

    Casey Demons v Coburg - VFL Round 12

    Good on Weideman for playing well but I think people are missing the value that Tim Smith has given to the team with his forward pressure. He's our best tackling forward and I think he has to stay for that role. Do we drop Hogan? That would be bold but I'd support it if the coaches wanted to fire him up. Or do we drop Petracca and play the 4 tall guys and get Hogan out in space and Smith playing as the small pressuring? Or is Tommy Mc injured. Great to have Weideman back in form (against absolute battlers in Coburg) but I'm still yet to be convinced 3 talls works for us. Pedersen was in consistently great form but when he came in to the side the balance of the forward line was a mess. Weideman played against Ess, Saints and GC so it's not easy to work out how well the 3 worked with him but when Smith came in we destroyed Carl and Adelaide.
  8. Your 1 example of me being wrong was when I said I was done with Tom McDonald, who is now playing a completely different role. I wasn't going to delist the guy on the spot, I would've sat down with him, worked out what's wrong in his game and quite possible played him ruck or forward years ago. Instead he played back with diminishing returns week after week until Gawn got injured and they bit the bullet to put him forward/ruck. Like most people on here I have varying opinion on a number of players and have been wrong on lots of them over the years. But I don't believe I've started a thread or maintained a constant position against any players besides Tom McDonald (as a defender) and Lewis. The only players worse than Lewis last night: Hogan (rough couple of weeks), Petracca (but a big first term), maybe Vince and Joel Smith who both spent a lot of time chasing after Lewis' opponent for him. As well as Oscar's poorly timed lapses that undid a lot of good work on Dixon.
  9. DeeSpencer

    Oscar vs The Gorillas

    Did a good job on Dixon. Although looking at Dixon's stats for the year I wonder how that actually is. Unfortunately let his guard down against Westhoff a couple of times. Didn't adjust to the more mobile opponent. He also has to watch the ball and not let it go over his head like the Thomas ( I think) goal. The first 50 was a joke. The player marks after Oscar has left the ground to spoil and it was a reasonable spoil. The 2nd 50 was there. Oscar too fascinated by the ball and his ungainly attempt to spoil and was there way too late. Of course the number of missed 50's our way and the face it was a 70m penalty are for another discussion.
  10. DeeSpencer

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    I thought his clean hands around the packs early made a big difference, but he lost confidence after the run down tackle and he was chasing Motlop or Polec (poorly) for a fair bit of the game. He's not the answer to make us better but I thought he wasn't the problem either. Did enough good and bad.
  11. I don't see them as a pairing. Vince does anywhere between 3 to 30 ridiculous things a game but otherwise he's just Bernie but a little slower with less penetration on the kicking. The guy will still go most of the time when it's his turn to go and he often takes a taller opponent given we aren't playing a designated 3rd tall (or even a designated 2nd to be more correct). With Lever and Hunt injured the replacement for Bernie is either Wagner - who doesn't inspire confidence or a first year kid in Petty. I understand why the coaches are reluctant to chuck a kid in, even if I think it's time. Lewis is completely different to me. He's playing as the loosest defender - a prime position to get a lot of the ball and impact games. And yeah he's solid enough with the ball in the uncontested kicking game, and that's important, but I'd love to see Salem or Fritsch in that role, both guys with more kicking penetration and the speed to take it on. When it gets close in tight Lewis won't turn left. He can't even handball on his right hand, so he's always looking to go in one direction. Can't break a tackle so we throw it away before it comes to that. His kicks often end up wild up an unders. And the defending. The awful awful defending. If he's not in the perfect position he just can't offer anything.
  12. DeeSpencer

    Changes v St Kilda

    FB: Hibberd Oscar Jetta HB: Salem Petty Fritsch C; Tyson Oliver Jones HF: Spargo Hogan Melksham FF: Petracca Tommy Mc Hannan Foll: Gawn Brayshaw Viney Int: J. Smith, Harmes, T. Smith, ANB Bye bye: Vince, Lewis In: Petty, Spargo Very open to dropping Harmes and Petracca but the forward/mid stocks are light on as it is and we have to redeploy Fritsch to half back to replace Lewis and bring in Spargo as is.
  13. Another awful performance from Plugga Lewis. To all the people who said mean things about me in this thread, don't worry, I'm not angry. Will gladly accept any and all apologies.
  14. DeeSpencer

    Changes v Port

    I'd have: Petty for Vince - get a genuine CHB in to build the structure around, Vince the defender with the worst form Garlett for Hannan - Hannan hasn't nailed the spot so back to flaky Jeff in the hope he can produce Tim Smith for Pedersen - the 3 big talls plus Melksham/Petracca makes a top heavy forward line that doesn't tackle enough, the extra mobility/pressure of Smith helps Tyson for Spargo - I didn't want to drop Spargs but the extra mid lets us keep Tommy forward and we get versatility with who goes inside/outside/forward. Probably should be Harmes or Petracca dropped but they have greater upside/flexibility. Strengthen our strength which has to be around the ball FB: Hibberd Oscar Jetta HB: J. Smith Petty Salem C; Tyson Oliver Fritsch HF: ANB Hogan Petracca FF: Melksham T Mc Garlett Foll: Gawn Jones Viney Int: Lewis, Brayshaw, Harmes, T. Smith
  15. DeeSpencer

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    I can't imagine a max exodus from the MCC bars to pack in to a modern version of a social clubs, those days are long gone, but I can see the club offering post game drink invites to certain select members, most of whom have reserved seats in Northern Stand or are MCC members and it's the perfect location for that. I've often thought extending over the Richmond rail corridor near the tennis centre when the Southern Stand was redeveloped was our best chance to build an MCG adjacent facility. Jolimont is just as good and surely a simple proposition building over 2 rail lines instead of the 12 or so that run to Richmond!