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  1. Would Tim Smith be a chance to return, if no Hogan? It was reported he was available last weekend. Obviously it would depend on how he goes (assuming he plays) for Casey on Sunday, but surely worth keeping in the mix?
  2. $$$
  3. At least we're not turning up knowing they won't, so that's some improvement over recent seasons.
  4. The difference is basically that the author of this letter specifically delivered it to somebody in the media. They knew it would get a reaction (and, surprising nobody, it's blown up). As much as we like to think differently, Demonland is, a lot of the time, screaming into a void which is populated solely by Dees fans. The audience is significantly different. It's easier to ignore something on a fringe internet forum than something repeated on by the traditional media. I'm in Queensland, so I can't vouch for the coverage of SEN, but I've seen this article on Facebook and Twitter, and not just from other Melbourne supporters. So while the feeling behind the message is similar, I think the intent was certainly very different. (And FWIW, I agree with the majority that if you didn't jump off after the last 10 years, you've got some strange standards at play.)
  5. Was anything discussed OTHER than #4?
  6. I'm going to be obnoxiously obsequious and only pick players from after I became a member. So, post-2007..... 1. Junior 2. Jones 3. Green 4. Gawn 5. McKenzie 6. Neitz 7. Garland 8. Harmes 9. Hogan 10. Tyson
  7. I, too, like to live dangerously.
  8. I opened this thread to get angry at people waving goodbye to Dunn before a deal was even finalised, but then I read this. You magnificent bastard.
  9. Rapt with this deal. To get Lewis for 48 would've been a win in my book. The intangibles alone make Lewis better than a third round pick. Well played, recruiting team.
  10. Pretty good.
  11. I feel that given the public have been given the chance to vote on Jabby's medal, surely we get to vote on McKernan's medal from 1996 as well. In addition to ANY decision outlawing the fairest player in any given season....
  12. Wouldn't mind De Boer to play across half forward, at the moment we have Kent, Petracca and nobody else.
  13. Not sure it's as black and white as that; wasn't this part of a larger machination to land a big fish?
  14. If we're gonna sign a Sudanese player, I'd prefer Ur Boi Bangz.