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  1. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    @Supermercado's contacts come through:
  2. How about Tippett for Watts as a straight swap?

    Thanks, James Joyce
  3. My 3 word player analysis V Pt Adelaide

    Regional Queensland, on-call.' Loved the win, though!
  4. 2017 Contracts

    (In my best Channel Seven commentator's voice) Did you know he was actually drafted as a forward, Bruce?
  5. Jesse Hogan's Return

    I would be over the moon in this scenario.
  6. Players Nicknames

  7. NT disaster

    This shits me royally. Being in Queensland, it's glaringly obvious how many Saturday night games the Lions were handed 2009-2015, as they were the ones being played on FTA here.
  8. Key Positions

    Seems an odd job for the recruiting staff, I'd stick to having the coaches do it.
  9. Bernie Vince - 200 games

    And yet, 8th for MFC games played on the current list.
  10. The Curnow v Weideman Debate Reprised

    Great, now I'm hungry.
  11. If I may blaspheme for a moment, perhaps in the Neitz mould? Drafted as a forward, moved back out of necessity, now blooming as a KPF, knowing all of the tricks?
  12. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 16

    6. Jetta 5. Oliver (bonus points for lip to the scum supporters) 4. TMac 3. Petracca 2. Frost 1. Harmes
  13. Changes v Collingwood

    Would Tim Smith be a chance to return, if no Hogan? It was reported he was available last weekend. Obviously it would depend on how he goes (assuming he plays) for Casey on Sunday, but surely worth keeping in the mix?