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  1. Dr. Mubutu

    Famous MFC jumper number

    #13 becoming a modern classic. Jako, Ooze, Jordie and now Clarry. (Not to mention Ivan Bartul in 1995)
  2. Dr. Mubutu


    One reason I can see is that the FD see good things in Maynard and are keen to select him as the 'designated rookie' able to be selected from round 1. I'm sure those more across the rules than I am can offer further insights, but that's how I saw the situation.
  3. Fair enough. I apologise for my (admittedly ridiculous) attempt to score internet points.
  4. Which was traded to them, by us, along with Kyle Cheney, for the pick that drafted TMac.
  5. Dr. Mubutu

    Farewell Colin Garland

    Thanks Col. Will always remember the night in 2010 when you and Chip absolutely monstered Fev and Browny at the Gabba. Also THAT night against Essendon, deep in the pits of despair. I'm glad you're continuing your footy journey with Melbourne, may it be long and prosperous. This one really hits home as a changing of the guard. Trengove, Watts, Spencer (to a lesser extent), and now Judy. Hopefully the next chapter is a lot brighter.
  6. Not so sure, pick #66 in 2010 actively helped draft Plugger McDonald
  7. Dr. Mubutu

    Where is Allen Jakovich?

    @Supermercado's contacts come through:
  8. Dr. Mubutu

    How about Tippett for Watts as a straight swap?

    Thanks, James Joyce
  9. Dr. Mubutu

    My 3 word player analysis V Pt Adelaide

    Regional Queensland, on-call.' Loved the win, though!
  10. Dr. Mubutu

    2017 Contracts

    (In my best Channel Seven commentator's voice) Did you know he was actually drafted as a forward, Bruce?
  11. Dr. Mubutu

    Jesse Hogan's Return

    I would be over the moon in this scenario.
  12. Dr. Mubutu

    Players Nicknames

  13. Dr. Mubutu

    NT disaster

    This shits me royally. Being in Queensland, it's glaringly obvious how many Saturday night games the Lions were handed 2009-2015, as they were the ones being played on FTA here.
  14. Dr. Mubutu

    Key Positions

    Seems an odd job for the recruiting staff, I'd stick to having the coaches do it.