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  1. jayceebee31

    The Tom Campbell Thread

    You are absurd.If indeed, a player is worth considering, it should be or it’s our option to mention it.
  2. jayceebee31

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Makes good sense....did well in this position as a youngster.I watched him play spectacularly of West Aust under 18 .Actually he was drafted as a 17 year old playing in this position.
  3. jayceebee31

    The Tom Campbell Thread

    That’s the problem, we have gone for kids and they have failed...need mature bodies for this role.
  4. jayceebee31

    The Tom Campbell Thread

    He is my neighbour
  5. jayceebee31

    The Tom Campbell Thread

    Note he is only 26- right age ....had many tissue issues but body right now.I hear Gawn has pumped his tyres up well.When I see him next, I will call him Chunky Soup.
  6. Tom played ruck and forward for Bulldogs- VFL this year , knows Hannan real well.Had over 70 hit outs one game followed by 60 next game with 6 contested marks.Kicks like a mule - these new rule changes will suit him down to the ground.Had several injuries but fully on top of them now.Looks like being delisted - great pick up in my opinion.Have recommended him to recruitment.Known to Chris Connolly .To me a great pick up if can pass medical.Better than Preuss in my opinion.More experienced, better ruckman whom can go forward and kick goals.
  7. jayceebee31

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    It is my belief that Tyson is at least a second round pick ,The North Nelbourne back up player is a 3rd round pick up at best seeing Tom Hickey has gone to West Coast fir a second round pick.Your thoughts, please ?
  8. Can anyone please explain how this works , how do we get priority etc....I understand we have part of the Northern Territory’s and Dandenong and district.When does it start from ?(what year ?).Can we pick from the Dandenong stingrays etc.
  9. A consideration but Preuss is the logical placement, although I know that ScottLucas has discussed Tom Campbell ( Doggies) with the Dees.If he could get his body right, he could be a ripper pick up
  10. Been told today by a very reliable source that Preuss to MFC is Definately on, confirmation to be made after finals.
  11. jayceebee31

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL Qualifying Final

    Whom,rucked for Casey. Please advise
  12. jayceebee31

    Casey Demons v Footscray VFL - Round 15

    Appreciate the reports guys / very much appreciated
  13. jayceebee31

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    I believe this is equally as Jake Lever’s recruitment.Needs strength and experience at the top. well done to all.
  14. jayceebee31

    Ultimate Footy 2018 Norm Smith League

    Really sad that 7up did not sign up.....but we have 2 leagues to play now...so let's enjoy. expect better management next year, thanks Scarlett for taking the initiative.Next year, joint management, re you & OMR would be great...see how things pan out this year,take care ALL.
  15. jayceebee31

    Ultimate Footy 2018 Norm Smith League

    Thanks for pointing this out.....appreciate opening my eyes re brain.