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  1. The Chazz

    Team of the week - Round 22

    Curious to know if you actually watched the Adelaide/North game? I saw minimal given a lot of it was being played when our game was on. Also, you can't deny that Grundy didn't have a huge game. Personally, I thought Grundy's impact was equal to, if not greater than Gawn's impact this week. Doesn't change my view that Gawn is still the best ruckman in the league.
  2. The Chazz

    Was the win against West Coast rigged?

    This is a separate debate.
  3. The Chazz

    Was the win against West Coast rigged?

    Let's think about this, there were two results the AFL needed to go a certain way last round; 1. Essendon beating Richmond, as this meant the Friday night Port vs Essendon game would've been a blockbuster, as one team would likely make the 8. Now it's a dead rubber that I will have no interest in watching. The umpires tried their best too - 27 frees to Essendon, 15 to Richmond. 2. West Coast beating Melbourne, would've meant that our GWS game on Sunday twilight would've required us to win to lock in a spot in the 8, with one of Essendon or Port missing out. Because the results didn't go that way, the Top 8 is now locked and loaded, with some of the games in the last round more about shuffling of finishing positions, and the rest are dead rubbers. From a ratings point of view, this weekend has gone from massive games/results everywhere, to minimal interest across the board. So I ask this, would the AFL prefer feel good stories involving the Demons, or ratings bonanzas to continue to line Gill's pockets?
  4. The Chazz

    Dean Kent, Aaron Vandenberg and Mitch Hannan

    Wasn't overly impressed with Kent's game to be honest. Yes, he kicked the sealer, but he should've kicked the left foot snap from the goal square a few minutes earlier. I like Hannan, but I'm starting to learn not to look at his total possession game, and look at the goals scored and tackle count. I do find he can drift in and out of games a bit. This is where we are up to our ears with this year's finals series. Our bottom 6 do contribute a lot more than most other teams' bottom 6. I rate our bottom 6 as the 3 mentioned above, plus ANB, Tyson and Spargo. We bat very deep.
  5. The Chazz

    Congratulations to all

    Hi all I've been a member of Demonland since September 3, 2009. In that time, we've experienced very few highs (if any), but a tremendous amount of lows. On Demonland, I've had many a great discussion, sometimes heated, sometimes just a general disagreement of opinions, and many times just a great chat about a particular topic. Having this forum to vent has definitely made dealing with the tough times a little bit easier to cope with. Since I joined, I've had my father, the reason why I support this great club, pass away. I've also sired two terrific kids - keeping my family's tradition alive with my young bloke being a Demon. It's been some journey. To the likes of Old Dee, Sir Why You Little, RPFC, Beelzebub, you guys were here before I started, but I've enjoyed may interactions with you all. To Andy and the Demonland team (Nasher, Whispering Jack, et al), thank you for creating a place for us to call home. In recent years, the fun and frivolity that Uncle Bitter, Moonie and Biffen bring has been priceless, as has the honesty of Pro Dee. But now, for the first time since I've been a member of this wonderful forum (approaching 9 years), we're in the finals! Making the finals is a great achievement for where this team has come from. There were absolutely times that I wondered if my young bloke would grow up being able to support the same team as his dad, like what his dad did too. We're still a long way from the pinnacle, but for this year, as Chris Scott keeps saying, we've made the "tournament" so who knows what will happen from here. Congratulations to all posters for sticking with the club. Yes, some of you may have threatened to shut up shop, I have probably felt it at times myself, but deep down, we're all Demons, red and blue, through and through. We deserve to get excited about the next few weeks, and even if it doesn't last as long as we hope, we've made a significant step in 2018 to becoming a relevant club again. Enjoy the ride. Go Dees.
  6. The Chazz

    CH-7 footy telecasts

    Did they have the work experience kids in charge of the cameras yesterday? Was bloody hopeless at times. And that bloke that commentated with BT, never ever heard of him before. Must have been some ring-in from a Perf community radio station or something. He was as bad as the cameraman.
  7. The Chazz

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Rest players in the last round, giving them 2 weeks off heading in to a final? Would be a very brave coach to do that. WCE would have the Brisbane game locked in as a win already. They only need to win one of their last 2 to lock in 2nd. If we come out and hit them hard early, then there's no reason for them to bust their ass at the risk of injury.
  8. The Chazz

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    $1.34 on Sportsbet now, still $1.40 on TAB. If we keep coming in like this, it means either that Gawn is a definite starter, or that one of the Swans better players is in doubt, potentially a combination of the two.
  9. The Chazz

    surprised at odds

    Head vs Heart, Kenty. And to be honest, it helps deal with the disappointment if we fail. That said, if you weren't a Melbourne supporter, having a bet on us to miss the 8 at those odds is smart punting. We have a hard run home, we have very recent history of crumbling, and plain and simply, we haven't shown any reason this season that we can be trusted in the games we have in our run home.
  10. The Chazz

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Not sure if it has been mentioned on here yet, but it's actually possible for us to make 8th spot without winning another game. Would require North losing today and next week (against Adelaide in Adelaide), as well as Port losing their last two (which are against Collingwood here, and Essendon over there). Effectively means Geelong repose Port in the current Top 8.
  11. The Chazz

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Today won't assure us of a finals birth, but by crikey, it will go very close, especially after the Dogs upset the Roos in the curtain raiser to our game. Dees by at least 1 point.
  12. The Chazz

    Training - Saturday 11 August, 2018

    So he's an out then?
  13. The Chazz

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    How can we not barrack for Hawthorn today? We win tomorrow and it puts us 2 games in front of Geelong. Yes, they can pass us in the last 2 games, but that's presuming we don't win another game after Sydney, as well as Geelong winning by enough for their % to overtake us. And that's just one team. We beat Sydney tomorrow, puts us 1 game in front of them. They have GWS and Hawthorn to come, so it's quite possible that they won't win another game. North have Adelaide in Adelaide next week. I can't forthe life of me see them winning that. Again, we win tomorrow and we will be 2 games ahead of them and serious %. Top 4 would be amazing, and to do so we need to win at least 2 of our last 3, with some other results going out way. But as Roos has continually said, we need to make finals first, then we can look at going higher. The best part about a lot of these "8 point games" this weekend is that they are on today. Going in to tomorrow, we will know what a win will do to our finals chances. Could go very close to locking it in. Nb. That's not forgetting that Port or Collingwood could just as easily drop out, most likely Port given the run home of both clubs.
  14. The Chazz

    surprised at odds

    $7 for us to miss the Top 8. Load up on that, and if we win, then monitor other results from the weekend (if North and Geelong both win), and load up again the following weekend when we will be double figures. If we lose this week, we'll be in to odds-on to miss the 8. I see it as a form of payment for my MFCSS prescription.
  15. The Chazz

    What the Fritsch

    Jury was out for me early in the season when a lot on here were excited. I think the jury has nearly reached a verdict. The kid can seriously play.