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  1. The Chazz

    Sam Weideman

    It sums up where Geelong are at, and what the inclusion on Ablett has done to their team. There's two ways of looking at Ablett in that clip. The first being that he was really in the perfect position for the "cheap" one over the top, but Danger was too slow to acknowledge it, and tried to do too much. Had he (Danger) got the hands over to Ablett, he was in a world of space. But, it was Danger's immediate response to do the individual thing that saw him get crunched. That said, had Ablett put that shepherd on, Danger was also in a world of space (he would've blown Nibbler away). Ablett's selfishness cost them as well. While a lot of what happened on the night can be put down to us just dominating the Cats from the first second, that passage of play goes right to the core of what's wrong with Geelong in general. It's bloody marvellous. Back on topic, Sammy's just a nice boy who can play bloody good footy. My love for him grows by the minute.
  2. The Chazz

    Injury List - Season 2019

    "We may miss a few heading into round one, we're still working towards that but we'll have to wait and see." - Simon Goodwin, 14/02/2019. I'm sure I read somewhere that apart from Lever, all payers have pretty much had an uninterrupted preseason?
  3. The Chazz

    Simon Goodwin on SEN (12/2/19)

    Did you expect something of reasonable quality? If so, more fool you. I gave up listening to SEN years ago. They rarely, if ever, offer anything insightful.
  4. The Chazz

    Jack Watts video

    The last paragraph is laughable. Neepe would've "snapped him up"? Really? Neeld had many, many faults. But I challenge you to provide examples of soft players that he picked up at all, let alone paying a premium for them (via trade).
  5. The Chazz

    Jack Watts video

    If I said to a high school kid to snort a Whizz Fizz, they would know that; A. You snort with your nose B. You do so by breathing in in a sniffing style Dont think you have to be an experienced coke head to know what to do.
  6. The Chazz

    Dees to take on Pies in Scratch Match (22/2/19)

    We'll be managing players by then as we will be 3 games clear on top.
  7. The Chazz


    I think Chook was meaning Draught, as in the Carlton variety...
  8. The Chazz

    MFC Family Fun Night - 13/2/19 @ 4:30pm

    I won't be there, so will expect you to post photos and a report thanks DV8. Out of curiosity, what's your residing postcode?
  9. The Chazz

    MFC Family Fun Night - 13/2/19 @ 4:30pm

    I just Google mapped the directions from my place, and the current travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes. I finish work at 4:30pm, so that would see me getting to the ground, at best, at 6pm. If you think for one minute that I'm going to oblige and attend this event, just to get there in time to watch the opening credits of Jumanji 2, then you think wrong. I appreciate that this is to celebrate the 10 year partnership with Casey, so it makes sense to have it out that way. It does put great restrictions on the supporters that can attend though.
  10. The Chazz

    Training - 2nd February, 2019 @ Maroochydore

    When I used to live in Queensland, the only way I would get any information about the Demons is either this website, or the club website. Burgs did a tremendous job at putting enough content up for me to get my weekly fix. Demonland is/was a great way to communicate with fellow Demons. Burgs was clearly passionate about the Demons - you could sense his excitement after a win, and his disappointment when we lost. You could tell he was, in some ways, living his dream of being involved in the Melbourne Football Club from an employment perspective. Even though I now live back in Victoria, I still don't have the luxury of attending training sessions, etc during the week, so I'm again relying on the Club website and Demonland. What I can say though is that my 4yo son, who is starting to become obsessed with all things Melbourne, especially one M Gawn, I love showing him footage and/or photos on the MFC app/website of the players. I much prefer him, at that age, to get his own little Gawny fix from the Club website than an internet chat room. Personally, I think the preseason communications from the club has deteriorated. I'm not going to slit my wrists over it, and the Club isn't going to lose my young bloke as a member, but it is definitely an area that I would love to see improved, as I enjoy the bit of quality time I get to spend with my son when we are watching videos or looking at photos of the players.
  11. The Chazz

    Training - 2nd February, 2019 @ Maroochydore

    I'm with you DD. While a lot on here used to get stuck in to Burgo's efforts, I enjoyed his Maroochydore diary entries. Gave you a bit of a personal background in to some players/staff through music/movie tastes, etc. None of it would win a Walkley, but for light reading about the club I love it was fine. Definitely think it has dropped off this year.
  12. The Chazz

    Jack Watts video

    The thing I find most distressing is that every article that I have read states how many games he has played in his career. 172? It's criminal to think that he's played that many.
  13. The Chazz

    Training - Thursday 24th January, 2019

    Don't you think if we re-played that game with our list as it stands now that May would take one of those forwards?
  14. The Chazz

    Petracca wants to start in the guts.

    DL, this is a thread from the star of the 2018 season. Interesting that some had their concerns about his pace back then. The other thing I found interesting was that there were a few "starting" midfields proposed. I think you would be hard pressed to find a starting midfield for 2019 that doesn't include Harmes.
  15. The Chazz

    Training - Wednesday 23rd January, 2019

    Stay, can you please confirm if Spargo is standing on 2 phone books or a milk crate? Thanks in advance.