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  1. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    That's the point that I am really struggling to understand, he didn't do a brilliant job, even when you take in to account the "situation". I will give credit where it is due. I just can't do it in this case, and am amazed that you can, not just with CAC, but PB too.
  2. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    I rarely get things wrong when I do a "brilliant job", as you claimed CAC did.
  3. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    So, are you saying that the recruiters can take zero responsibility for the playing personnel coming in between 2007-2015?
  4. 2008 Redrafted

    I'll go even further, of all the top 10 draft picks in 2008, three players never received a rising star nomination - Watts, Vickery and Hartlett. Hartlett was awarded the best first year player at Port. Watts is also one of two former number 1 draft picks to never receive a Rising Star nomination (the other being Paddy McCartin). Two of that Top 10 are current club captains, 1 has been a vice captain, 1 an All Australian, 3 are or have been in their club's Leadership Group, with 1 of those winning the Rising Star of the whole competition. So, your comment about 8 of the 10 clubs, in hindsight, got it wrong - I think it's more of a case that 2 clubs, in hindsight, got it wrong. True, the class of 2008 isn't riddled with superstars, but there have been many, many more than serviceable players graduate. Of the entire group that we selected, 5 in total, only 1 remains on our list (Nev Jetta, taken at 51). It's not about us being "experts". None of the critics are claiming they are. What we are critical of is that the guys that are the so-called experts, the ones getting paid top dollar to do this specific job for our footy club, they both failed time and time again. Use whatever excuse you like, but they still failed at hat they were employed to do.
  5. 2008 Redrafted

    Your continual defence of Prendergast and Cameron is admirable, but without doubt, the two biggest "busts" of the original top 10 would be Watts and Vickery. Even Yarran, prior to battling personal demons, played a lot of top footy at Carlton.
  6. Preseason Training - Week commencing 13/11/17

    No worries Saty. I, like many, rely on your input during the preseason, and look forward to your reports. I just want to make sure I'm getting a close to accurate account with what you post (helps me feel like I've been to the sessions too!), and not your interpretation (where possible).
  7. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    You originally said that BP was headhunted for a role directly related to recruiting. Your definition of "directly related" is clearly different to mine. BP's main role at Carlton would see him work a heck of a lot more with the coaches than the recruitment team. Where he would have some input in, in terms of player acquisition, would be tried players. This has nothing to do with drafting kids, which is what he failed terribly at with us. I'm trying to work out if you are related to CC or BP. Whichever one you are, Vogan is obviously related to the other. This clouds both your judgements, which means this discussion has ended. I'm not wasting any more of my time on either topic.
  8. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    CC was our Recruitment Manager. He worked at Richmond, GWS and now GC as List Manager. Significantly different roles and responsibilities. BP went to Carlton as an opposition analyst. That's not related to recruiting. He's now at North looking after their academy, as well as being a recruitment "officer" (whatever that means). Please correct me if any of the above is wrong.
  9. Preseason Training - Week commencing 13/11/17

    All players would be told of the things they need to work on. How would they know where to improve if they weren't told? My point was, Saty seems to think they are told of the consequences if they don't do what's asked. I highly doubt that would happen.
  10. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    Pretty sure someone was posting here a few weeks ago claiming that our clash jumper won't be white. Didn't give it away, but I got the feeling it would be a red jumper with a blue v (opposite to our traditional strip). Can't remember who is was, but I think they post here a bit.
  11. Preseason Training - Week commencing 13/11/17

    See what I've done above? The message is the same, but the outcome is different. All players would know what they need to do this year to improve. Some will indirectly know the outcome if they don't, others won't (just have to see this year's trade period to see that). I agree, no sugar coating with Roos, but he has a reputation of his people management ability. He wouldn't get that by telling a bloke 12 months out that if he doesn't do "this" then he's delisted. I don't expect you to agree, but have a think about it.
  12. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    1. That's all us, the supporter, has got to base it on. It's also all that the industry itself has to base opinions on. We aren't in the meetings with coaches, parents, school teachers, etc. We don't get paid to make the decision at the time though. 2. Again, that's what they (recruiters) get paid to do. We're talking about the highest level of competition for this sport in the country. We hire people that are experts in their field. Compare the Toumpas v Wines situation with the Oliver v Parish. The criteria which we selected Toumpas on was clearly wrong. If we used the same recruiting principles in the Toumpas/Wines draft as we did in the Oliver/Parish draft, we pick differently. 3. WTF has this got to do with your argument? 4. It's the quantity of the duds, coupled with the quality of the picks that has been the issue during the CC/BP era. Recruiters that get the ratio right, they last in their jobs. Poor ones, if they are lucky, go from club to club in roles that aren't directly related to recruitment. 5. Again, a serious amount of the responsibility has to fall on the shoulders of the head recruiter. I'll leave this state here, and you tell me if our recent recruiters have done a satisfactory job or not... 10 of this years 18 club B&F winners were first round draft picks, with 6 players taken in the pick 20-40 range. That doesn't include Ablett (F&S), and Zorko (zone). In the past 11 years, we've had 8 individual B&F winners. Only one of them has come from the first round (Jones at 12), with 3 of the other 7 coming from either the rookie draft or preseason draft. A majority of B&F winners, and Brownlow winners for that matter, come from the first round.
  13. Preseason Training - Week commencing 13/11/17

    Educated observation. Loved Kent prior to the day I saw him, lost a lot of respect for him after that day.
  14. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    And Wells at Geelong? It's simple, if you do your job well, clubs don't get rid of you.
  15. Preseason Training - Week commencing 13/11/17

    Definitely wasn't a clean up. Was more extensive surgery than that, but not sure of it was a full reco. And Saty, I would be astonished if the club has told him that "he has to put it together this year or the door will be beckoning". It would be a terrible way to start any player in a new preseason, especially one coming back from a serious should injury. All it would take would be a minor setback during preseason, then the mind will likely take over and pack it in. Players put that pressure on themselves, they know where they are at from a contract perspective, as well as a pecking order perspective. The club doesn't need to put extra pressure on them, especially 12 months out from a possible list management conversation.