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  1. 6.Viney 5.TMac 4.Vince 3.Tyson 2.Oliver 1.Pederson
  2. Haven't had this feeling since 1987. Were back baby!
  3. That Ruck forward we've been looking for......pencil in T. Macdonald
  4. Dare to dream ❤️💙
  5. Guts personified , have to leave Macca at Full forward now. Viney was immense, back to his absolute best, so courageous with that shoulder and all.
  6. Great effort by the boys despite the umpires
  7. Brilliant hardworking high possession games by JKH , Kent and Kennedy, look like they really want it. Weideman is back and how, with six goals. Trengove went ok but has definitely lost that zip he had in his early years, can't see him ever getting a senior game with the depth we have nowadays least 5 or 6 players ahead of him.
  8. Best of the Melbourne listed players definitely JKH,Kent, Kennedy and Weideman.
  9. JKH looks really good
  10. I'd be very surprised if this gets off the ground.
  11. When he has his little Italian looking moustache we could call him prosciutto
  12. Call him bacon then or porky
  13. I always thought he was a good player and my best mate who is Essendon really rated him but said he always had soft tissue injuries. Perhaps we are managing him better, but not in my wildest dreams did I think he would go close to a bluey this year , what a pick up!
  14. The people's front of Judea or the Judean people's front?
  15. I have so much faith in Goodwin it's not funny