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  1. The boys pulled their finger out of their arse in the second half
  2. [censored] off we are bloody good mate!
  3. I'm at a party and I promised my kids I'd get blind drunk if we win when we were five goals down.......guess what? Im Legless!!!
  4. Bottom fours looking good guys How bad is Tom McDonald as a forward?
  5. Really disappointing effort and trrribke skills
  6. To say we need the four points is an understatement
  7. I blame Mabo and The Vibe
  8. I'd say Hoges and Maxy will both be back for the Queens birthday clash
  9. Really thought we may have turned the corner last week, but another false dawn is really frustrating . If we keep this sort of form line up when Gawn and Hogan return then watch out.
  10. We didn't come to play in that first quarter and there's simply no excuse for that.
  11. Still waiting for the time we string 3 or 4 wins on the trot together........waiting.....waiting..............
  12. 6 Hibberd 5 Pederson 4. Hannan 3. Frost 2.jetta 1.Tyson
  13. That second quarter was a beauty though, super physical and very entertaining
  14. Goodwins response was that we are still s developing team and North were simply the better team on the day.