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  1. Looking back on it, that draft was absolutely brutal in regard to MFC selections. Quite possibly the worst ever... National Draft Pick 36: Rory Taggert Pick 52: Josh Tynan Pick 54: James Sellar Rookie Draft Pick 6: Jai Sheahan Pick 24: Tom Couch Pick 42: James Magner Pick 59: Leigh Williams
  2. Carlos Danger

    Michael Barlow

    He can play forward too. If guys like Garlett, Kent, Frost or vandenBerg miss games because of Barlow's inclusion, I highly doubt the future will be any worse off for it. 43 possessions and 2 goals in a tight win (a rare win) over Port Adelaide in round 13 suggests to me he's still got a bit left in the tank. DFA is a free hit, more appealing than the player available at pick 81.
  3. Carlos Danger

    The Mitch Clark Thread Reprised

    I'd say his papers were stamped the moment Geelong landed Aaron Black for SFA. It's hard to see him getting another gig at AFL level but good luck to him if he does.
  4. Carlos Danger

    Michael Barlow

    I can't believe it's got this far. He's still got a lot to offer at AFL level and to get him as a delisted free agent would be a huge coup. If we use picks 47 and 69, then upgrade a rookie- it's basically taking Barlow instead of using pick 81. The only issue being I think there's currently 3 spots available on the senior list and am unsure if anyone still on the list is out of contract. Even if it meant delisting a player then rookie listing them- it would still be a massive win.
  5. Carlos Danger

    2016 Player Review - # 19 Ben Newton

    Not against him getting rookied or another 1 year contract but I'd be more leaning towards delisting. There's some decent names in the delisted free agency market and alternatively Jason Taylor has an eye for talent regardless of draft pick number.
  6. Carlos Danger

    2016 Player Review - # 13 Clayton Oliver

    The physicality of Oliver as an 18 year old is ridiculous and the kid can seriously play. I'd be a fan of a player like this whatever team he landed at. Great thing it's the MFC.
  7. Carlos Danger


    Viney, Lewis and Oliver egging each other on in the midfield feels like it can only lead to good things.
  8. Carlos Danger


    I vehemently disagree. Getting deals done > posturing. He's famous for constipating the trading period and dragging deals out until zero hour yet their list really doesn't look any better for it.
  9. Carlos Danger

    Daniel Wells

    I don't mind it actually. If his body holds up $600k is a good price and that money was probably going to be spent on Dane Swan who was already cooked prior to destroying his ankle. Getting rid of Cloke will free up a large chunk of wasted cap space too. Mayne at $500k on the other hand appears to be a shocker that I'd say will go down in history alongside the likes of Quentin Lynch and Paul Medhurst.
  10. Carlos Danger

    Steven Motlop

    Initially I wasn't keen. But with none of the clubs being interested in him driving the asking price right down, along with Geelong desperately needing to clear cap space for Deledio and Tuohy- it's definitely become appealing. And Geelong have a good history of doing generous trades to allow their players to land where they want without hassle.
  11. Carlos Danger

    Tom Mitchell

    I understand exactly what you're saying but fortunately the decisions at MFC these days aren't being made by group-think. The cards-close-to-chest secret inner workings of modern day MFC is exactly the way it should be. As for Mitchell I rate him highly- he's an absolute gun and the list would automatically be better having him on it. But to pry him from Sydney and also outbid all the other interested clubs would certainly cost big. Very very big. Unless he's in love with the club or Goodwin or something else MFC related, I struggle to see how an equitable deal can be done to get him here.
  12. Carlos Danger

    Brisbane gets priority pick

    The only story here is that the Lions applied for the pick, it will get knocked back. The AFL basically stated it would take something as drastic as a death for the priority pick to return.
  13. Carlos Danger

    John Butcher

    A KPF capable of kicking 6 goals straight in a game at AFL level has a high ceiling. Key talls with years in the system who are still young are more worthy of a gamble than any other type IMO, the payoff could be huge and the risk is non-existant if nothing is given up to get them. And considering spots on the list are currently being filled by Casey regulars, I really can't see why Butcher is such a resounding 'no' to so many on here.
  14. Carlos Danger

    Nat Fyfe

    The only player in the competition right now worth breaking the bank for. He's a freak.
  15. Carlos Danger

    Melbourne Demons (Women's Team)

    http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/afl-season-2016-could-paul-roos-coach-melbournes-womens-team-20160704-gpyaew.html If Roos is their inaugural coach, I'll be 100% behind this team.
  16. Carlos Danger

    North delists 4 'stars'

    Norf are in a better position than anyone (especially Hungry Harvey) as to when to call it quits. There appears to be a lot of sympathy for Boomer and anger for Norf with what's transpired but if it's stopped a soft-tissue-injuries riddled 2017 then they should really be commended for it. Time catches up with everyone, the stakes have never been higher for offering this guy the next 1 year deal.
  17. Carlos Danger


    Changing of the rules so Essendon can add top-ups to their list seamlessly as DFA but still a firm no to the players involved in the suspensions being granted the same courtesy. It's hard to believe the AFLPA isn't all over this, it's ludicrous.
  18. Carlos Danger

    Of Course, Cyril gets off

    Jordan Lewis in particular. It feels like everytime I catch part of a Hawthorn game an obvious holding the ball decision gets overlooked in his favour, and if I keep watching I see more of them.
  19. Carlos Danger

    Of Course, Cyril gets off

    It's fair enough, he's got away with these recently... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwbW-Ji69fg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56HZR23NN18 And another one similar to the Fyfe one involving Taylor Walker that I couldn't find. Dog player that doesn't seem to receive much leash action from the AFL. And Hodge only getting 2 weeks for this (suspension conveniently ended the week before finals started)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Pr0GqLgFfE Hawthorn get a very good rub with the MRP and Tribunal- it's safe to say.
  20. Carlos Danger

    Together at Last- Petracca and Brayshaw by Emma Quayle

    Picks 2 and 3 in 2014 and picks 4 and 9 in 2015 all playing in the same game for the first time. And it resulting in a win over the reigning premiers. You've got to love the direction this club is heading.
  21. Carlos Danger

    T Mac 100 games

    Great stuff. Never been a hater. Would love to see him go on for another couple hundred more alongside his brother for some eventual premierships.
  22. Carlos Danger

    Jesse Hogan Injury Update?

    It's a legitimate question. Is there an expiry date on posts?
  23. Carlos Danger

    Jesse Hogan Injury Update?

    Still can't see it?