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  1. Dr. Gonzo

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Watching on tv I was thinking at half time we have a tendency to run forward in waves but it was like we were aiming to get the ball to about 35-40m out and then didn't really know what to do, handballing in circles, stuffing around with it etc The 2nd half it felt like we started attacking the goals rather than trying to set it up a bit further out and we just steamrolled forward. It was dominance which I haven't seen from a Melbourne side before whenever we got the footy we would roll forward with 3 or 4 players similar to GWS "Orange tsunami"
  2. Dr. Gonzo

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Levers been improving every week and played his best game for us today
  3. Dr. Gonzo

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    2005 we beat them by 105pts
  4. Dr. Gonzo

    Go and get Gaff!

    Prestia went to Richmond. Turned out well but at the time it seemed a purely financial decision.
  5. Dr. Gonzo

    Go and get Gaff!

    That's a stretch saying Hunt is "classy" ?
  6. Dr. Gonzo

    Clarry vs Cripps

    We played them again later in the year and beat them by 2 goals (ANB to Lewis with 30 seconds left who kicked a goal).
  7. Dr. Gonzo


    I don't know how he feels about it but I hate it when people call him "Jeffy"
  8. Dr. Gonzo

    New 'rule'

    Yes currently the boundary ump waits for nominations before throwing in. If no-one nominates in time that team is not allowed to have someone contest the ruck (happened in Pies/Cats on weekend). Not sure what the new rule will be I assume they'll just make it up on the fly.
  9. Dr. Gonzo

    New 'rule'

    Then teams will "pretend" their ruckman is going to continue test but have a 3rd man in jump over the top - it would be dangerous as the designated ruckman is not expecting contact from that player and the opposition may unknowingly block his path leading to a free kick.
  10. Dr. Gonzo

    AFL Fans Association meeting.

  11. Dr. Gonzo

    Big Clubs Rule the AFL

    No mate, it's because you denigrate MFC supporters any chance you get and actively turned your back on the club to support GWS over on BigFooty.
  12. Dr. Gonzo

    Big Clubs Rule the AFL

    Our gamestyle might pay off this week - just smashing the ball into F50 lobbing it up to packs - chances are we'll get more frees up forward than usual.
  13. Dr. Gonzo

    Big Clubs Rule the AFL

    Where did you see this? Can't see anything on AFL or Age websites
  14. Dr. Gonzo

    Big Clubs Rule the AFL

    What does the rulebook say then?
  15. Dr. Gonzo

    Big Clubs Rule the AFL

    Exactly - as long as the ball is within 5m play on. If it's not, free kick. Simple.