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  1. They paused the GWS/Swans round 1 two years ago due to lightning. Think there was a half hour/40 minute delay
  2. Their midfield aren't the pushovers they have been and their small forwards will trouble our backline, especially in the wet. We can't pissfart around with the ball across half back like last week, have to move it quickly forward to put them up see pressure.
  3. I wouldn't care if they did, would make the victory even sweeter to see them whinging about might have beens. I haven't wanted to win a game this badly since we beat Collingwood in 2015.
  4. He probably could however concussion/brain injuries are usually the domain of neurologists while neurosurgeons specialise in spinal injuries.
  5. 4-15 in games under a goal
  6. Hopefully Hawthorn joins them tomorrow
  7. Because most people won't pay as close attention as you or I. If they flick to ch7 to watch the footy and it's not on, they'll just assume it's a Foxtel game.
  8. How the [censored] did we lose to these Fremantle idiots last week? They're rubbish
  9. Someone will make way for him and if it's not Melksham its out of Stretch, ANB, Vince, Harmes and JKH
  10. JKH has played one Casey game and never done much at AFL level. Too often goes missing. Kent may need a ticket but is also far more dangerous up forward, especially with Hogan back in bringing more balls to ground. Bad call in my opinion. Pedersen is not crap, he's not gonna be a game breaker but he is a marking target, runs hard, can kick a goal and most importantly can receive Spencer and allow Watts to stay at home inside 50/across half forward creating scoring opportunities.
  11. Sorry for taking up your precious time, if it's such a hindrance to read then feel free to ignore my posts. I did post my thoughts on selection before going back to read the thread. The defensive aspect to Kent makes sense however I dont see JKH as the answer and I would've thought Kent had earned at least another crack. He's the type of player who can bob up for 3 or 4 goals which is something we'll need on Monday. I think it's an error by the match committee, I hope to be proven wrong.
  12. If he has another stinker he'll make way for Lewis the week after
  13. Not thrilled with selection this week. Why is Kent dropped? Why is JKH in? Why can't Pedersen get a game? Would be far better for our structure and allow Watts to play a pure forward role.
  14. It's not about those who will watch anyway, it's about the club again having to push [censored] uphill when trying to sell the brand to prospective sponsors/members/supporters. What don't people get about this?
  15. It was August 8 2008 opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, terrible weather and I was at the game with my now wife before we'd started going out - she being a Cats supporter