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  1. Lack of experience won't come into it. The only teams with experience are Cats and Swans. Once Melbourne gets on a roll in September we tend to ride the wave going back throughout our history and up til recent times.
  2. ROUND 20 Cats/Swans Demons/GWS Tiges/Hawks Port/Crows Saints/WCE some make or break games there. Keep winning and the rest will take care of itself. First up beat North on Saturday it's an absolute must win
  3. Richmond got 33k to a game where they were fighting for top 4. Will the AFL punish them with fixturing? Collingwood got 22k to a home game will that be used against them?
  4. Cotchin not far behind Prance as one of the most annoying soft [censored] taking cheap shots
  5. Since Queens Bday Oscar has been superb, especially considering his brother has moved forward.
  6. 3 usuals in my family weren't there - I had sick kids and wife plus some other stuff on, my brother's overseas and my dad's had some other stuff on too. My uncle has only gone a couple of times all a year though. Mum and sister were there though. No way we play a final in Geelong. Would only schedule GWS or Freo down there
  7. Haha - ok with the caveat that as long as we don't get decimated by injuries.
  8. No way we lose to Richmond if we play them in September. Would put the house on it.
  9. Definitely not Essendon. Our games with them for the last 5 years have been so unpredictable do not want that in the finals. Give me Richmond please. Or Geelong if we sneak in top 4.
  10. They have an easy run, Geelong in Geelong the only real tough one. Port have an easy run too, only one more game away from Adelaide though they do have a showdown.
  11. They've won two finals games since 1982, same as Fitzroy. Edit - also I'm fairly certain Melbourne and Richmond haven't played in the same finals series since 1940 when we defeated them for the premiership. This year should see that drought broken.
  12. You just described the internet
  13. And Trengove in the top 5 for distance covered at high speed
  14. He has to be in contention for coach of the year. Those talking up Hardwick won't be when Tiges go out of finals in straight sets again.
  15. Kept his feet was the most important thing. Worked his way back into form in the 2nd half last week, continued on with it yesterday. Great to see.