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  1. Ryan Griffen?
  2. I noticed both those kicks on the back flank near camera side. He seems to have problems when he needs to shirt pass, similar to some players when they're close to goal (Richo and Cloke were notorious for it). Players try to guide the ball with their foot instead of kicking it/kicking through it which means there is no power behind it and it is difficult to control direction. He seems to have fewer problems with his longer kicks.
  3. Holding the ball doesn't exist anymore
  4. Competitions so even that it's pretty pointless looking further than a week ahead. None of those games scare me all of them are eminently winnable but we could also lose any one of them too (though losing to the Lions would be a massive kick in the nads) All in all its entirely in our hands
  5. We played well early but didn't take the smart options. We kept bombing it forward when we had no marking options. We struggled to adjust to the conditions early too so kept under/over running the ball. Second quarter we had plenty of shots but missed too many easy opportunities. Missed a couple of sitters in the first too. Suns took advantage of their opportunities So no, it wasn't all doom and gloom at half time. But if scoreboard is all that matters then you should be happy. Games go for 4 quarters and at the final siren we were 35 points to the plus side of the ledger. That's all that matters.
  6. I don't doubt the coaches and players will go through the game as they do every week and focus on things to improve on and things we did well. But I'm a supporter and I have no ability to impact how the team plays next match other than to turn up and support so I'm not gonna sit here metaphorically whipping myself in some kind of perverse repentance gig because the team didn't win the way I wanted them to.
  7. Exactly Jane here here Seems some posters have forgotten how morose it was to follow this team a couple of short years ago. Think how you felt watching this team in 2013 and what you would've given for a game/result like today I'll be enjoying every win I see from here til the day I die. Yeah some mean more than others but they all count.
  8. We won the game. We got the points plus a bit of percentage to boot. That's all that matters.
  9. ...you've gotta pass them off
  10. 65 point turnaround, 35 point win and you're not impressed? Melbourne supporters need psychological counselling package with the membership instead of a scarf next year
  11. Good post. Yeah we've had a few games where we've played like rubbish and seen ourselves 5 goals down - but in every single one of those games we've come back to level terms. We haven't won all the games but we've been in every one so far. 71 inside 50s today
  12. Lewis and Garlett exceptional too, special mentions to Hunt and Viney Edit Harmes and Hibberd too
  13. They had Ablett out we had Gawn and Hogan out. With them in TMac plays back Oscars out and we have a marking target up forward for all the bombs we sent in in the 1st quarter