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  1. 1961 GF is available on DVD as is 1962. '63 & '64 were "lost" for some reason.
  2. Mate who the f... knows anymore? Is it a rule? Is it an interpretation? Has the interpretation of the rule changed? Did you hear their BS today about moving along a "tangent" on the mark when in your defensive third of the ground? WHO THE [censored] HAS EVER HEARD OF THAT???? League ticks off no 50m call for Dusty - http://afl.com.au/news/2017-05-22/league-ticks-off-no-50m-call-for-dusty "However, the AFL umpiring department has confirmed the rules state that players manning the mark in their defensive third of the ground are not restricted to moving laterally along the mark, and can move on an angle."
  3. It would also be easier to hold them to account
  4. The one that really [censored] me off was in the last quarter, we kicked a goal to get within 2 kicks with about 4 minutes left I think. Ball up in the middle skews to Goldstein's side, ump was about to call it back then decides "play on". Roos take it away, kick the goal, game over.
  5. Despite their form last year, Freo are a well drilled team. Minor premiership 2015, Runners up 2013, perennial finalists/top 4 for the last few years.
  6. He took a few strong marks on the weekend. He hasn't played 10 league games yet remember.
  7. Definitely, how it can be seen as more force than Cotchins hit on Neale is laughable.
  8. Exactly - disappointing to lose but not worth demanding resignations and crying that the teams no good etc
  9. Yeah Hannan was fantastic, stood strong in the contests and more the most of his opportunities. Great to see, hopefully he backs it up over the next couple of weeks.
  10. Completely forgot about Hulett is he injured?
  11. Some of you people seem to have the mentality that this is a training drill and MFC just needs to turn up and apply ourselves to get the result. We do have to play against an opponent who aren't just going to let us get away with doing things solely on our terms.
  12. I know people ridicule it but that is just another example of a completely biased day of umpiring. It was clear and blatant favouritism and the umpires should be investigated by the AFLs integrity unit and have their finances/betting accounts reviewed.
  13. I'd rather look like a whinger than a yellow belly
  14. Not only saying they shouldn't be suspended but that they were retaliating to OUR roughouse tactics
  15. I just hope from now on our players don't hesitate throwing their fists around (as long as they don't go above the neck or if they do make sure they're touching the opponent's jumper.