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    I like that o Mac has been named forward. Long term I like Tom and frost as key backs and Oscar and hogan down forward. Has promise...
  2. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    Mitch White to debut

    I like what I've seen of this kid so far. Something about him has me excited. Captain and best and fairest winner at the stingrays last year. Of course, has a long way to go but if he can make the grade, he and Salem coming off the back flanks for the next decade will be fantastic! Some run, aggression and bullet kicking! Let's hope! I wish him all the best this weekend
  3. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    Kent out for 10-12 (bumped thread)

    Hurts more than people realize. He is becoming a good footballer. Hard, tough, quick and provides fantastic forward pressure
  4. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    The Rising Star Thread - Congratulations Jesse Hogan!

    Cripps is worthy, hogan has had an amazingly consistent start to the year. He will get one at some point, so will Bradshaw. Is vandenberg eligible? Is he too old? I don't really care if any of our players will the award. It's not really that important is it? Hogan and Bradshaw will have fantastic Careers and probably be greats of our club. I for one can't wait for the next decade.
  5. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    Someone at the MCC still likes the Dees.

    The only colors that our ground should ever be draped in!
  6. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    GAME DAY - Round 16

    Jack grimes....
  7. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    GAME DAY - Round 16

    Stop [censored] up my weekends u bunch of [censored]
  8. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    GAME DAY - Round 16

    Jack grimes is [censored] terrible
  9. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    GAME DAY - Round 15

    I'll retract all my previous comments if they win this
  10. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    GAME DAY - Round 15

    Just move down to tassie and put me out of my misery
  11. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    GAME DAY - Round 15

    U muppets blaming the umpires are morons. We are pathetic, making these scumbags look like flag favorites. I'm so over this. 8 years of garbage is enough
  12. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    GAME DAY - Round 15

    Pathetic, garbage football team. Every week for more than half of life now, they have ruined my weekend
  13. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    Jesse Hogan Injury Update?

    Can't shake a very bad feeling about young hoges... I've run into about 3 times in the last few months out and about. Doesn't seem to be a very happy bloke. Seems to just mope around. Of course could just be his personality but just dosnt look like a happy guy. Can't help but feel if he doesn't get on the park soon and form some sort of bond with the other guys he's guna end up asking for a trade home. I left the game tonight straight after the final siren went and started walking into Richmond. When I got to the precinct, I saw hogan walking up the street, stop and peer into the window and then keep walking. I would have thought he would have been in the rooms with the rest of the team after the game but no. Maybe I'm just paranoid but I had the same feeling with scully... Rant over
  14. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    Roos Wants Midfielders.

    Perfect off season: no need for a pp Pick 2: Taylor Adams and pick 10 Pick 10: Scott selwood/David swallow or who ever wants to come home Second round pick: Nathan freeman Third round pick: zac jones Pre-season draft: Daniel cross
  15. Viney+Brayshaw+Hogan=Flag

    Opel - our new Back of Jumper sponsor

    Confirmed! The players are warming up on the ground. Opel on their backs!