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  1. mordja

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    Gus has gone from OK to great by moving inside. What we get by putting Gus on a wing (arguable) we certainly lose more by putting Dom into the center. Not for me.
  2. mordja

    Petracca in a rut?

    Our underperformance of the last 12 years has bred an expectation or need for success and thus a need for every player to be the next Judd. Completely understandable just not feasible. Enjoy the moment, let them grow
  3. mordja

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    didn't think he was a failure before this run, don't think he's the savior now. No doubt a big change in attitude in the last two weeks but show me a win against a full top 8 team and show me finals. Surely a rational basis of judgement. Week to week, very very happy as it stands
  4. mordja

    Go and get Gaff!

    agree and look forward to seeing how we deal with it. Vince has shown form in the last week but I wonder if he's not on his last legs. Lewis has value, if an on field Hodge type presence over anything else. At some point we must breed our own team and only poach the panacea we require. Love Wines, wish we'd drafted him, wanted to draft him. Just dont see another inside ball winning mid as the priority. Omac, Jetta, HIbberd, Salem, Lever provide the backbone we need Hogan, Tmac, Petracca and any number of HFF players make us potent We are flush with inside mids, we lack delivery If i can watch a game that doesnt look like me hitting a bad 9iron into the swamp I'm sure we are the difference between 9th and top four.
  5. mordja

    Lyon Questions Viney Selection

    credit where it's due. he is a merchant of turnover that should be praised at an alter.
  6. mordja

    Injury List - Season 2018

    Bring back Wrecker
  7. mordja

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    sorry - that just is not correct. Not by a million miles. Watch the last three games on replay. Drink every time a pass from Tyson or a forced handball post his pass becomes a turnover. You NOT sober. I'm far from an ANB lover but his current form is > Tyson.
  8. mordja

    Go and get Gaff!

    Inside mids - Jones (2-3 seasons left), Tyson (meh but gets the ball), Viney, Oliver, Petracca (coming), Brayshaw, ANB (more HFF, no silk) Classy outside mids - Stretch (far from proven), Hunt (more HBF), Salem (maybe)..... I'm on board with Gaff as far fetched as I think it is. Let Wines go. We took Toumpas, like we took Tyson.
  9. mordja

    Our Best Team, if.....

    Ive got no idea what "best" means. If we are forecasting stats in Weid, surely we can go back just as easily and say Vince is a core mid. On the best of their ability shown, spargo is ahead of Weid. Happy to play make believe but Weid, Smith and Hunt are cusp to this list.
  10. mordja

    Lyon Questions Viney Selection

    instrumental in the bailey sacking and longevity of Schwab, about as wanted at the club as herpes. make your own decision about whether he voted to tank or not. Moral decision making equivalent to Dom Tyson's kicking. Suggest we pay about as much attention to this guy as the BOM. [censored] this guy.
  11. mordja

    Trade rumours

    Motlop is a bigtime one way running and a constant contest shirker. Agree with your observations
  12. mordja

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I think we wear rose colored glasses with Jack. 9th year player that is unlikely to improve significantly in our team (whether he does elsewhere is irrelevant). He had 5.7 score involvements per game this year so unless we believe we kick 80% goals per score (statistically we dont) then he doesn't add four goals. When he goes missing he is terrible, when he plays well (maybe 10% of games) he is impressive. If we can move Jack on and improve the overall quality of the team, I'm all for it. There is no place for romantic notions of loyalty if we want to see a flag.
  13. mordja

    Time to show Oscar some respect!

    I'll take my whack. Didnt see what the coaches did, completely proved wrong. I even sometimes mistook him for a fully grown footballer from the far end. Good work Oscar, improved kicking, good marking and tactically safe decision making. Solid work, go Dees
  14. Can someone clarify for me what our position is if Harry O leaves in the coming months? Are we able to list a delisted free agent ? If yes then what is the go with Xavier Richards? Is there more than meets the eye here given he wasn't picked up?
  15. mordja

    Jaegar O'Meara

    Judd had a brownlow by 22.