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  1. Great that someone picks this up!! MCG 160 x 141m Subi 176 x 122m - 16m longer but 19m narrower Etihad (for comparison) 159 x 129m. Subi is only "faster" if an attack "gets out the back". WCE know that if they are able to move the ball well through the relatively congested corridor, their forwards can anticipate and run forward EARLY knowing they've got extra space to play with. For the same reason, Subi really punishes midfield turnovers. The ball is therefore harder to get through or move out of the corridor and the middle of the ground, but when you do, the rewards are greater. Whether it's faster or not depends on how you play it, and whether we're aware of how the opposition play it.
  2. Salem just caressed it an effortless 55m for his goal, with hardly any follow-through to speak of.
  3. Must admit when I first saw it without context it looked a bit OTT. Although Watts's odd "stareyface" look made me wonder if it was a joke rather than a threat. But it certainly sucked in JJ's teammates. They would have done better to have just ignored it, but they turned it into a massive distraction, and it had a far greater effect than it should have. By the way, in the lead up play to the "double goal", Wood dropped an unopposed mark, and Bugg then tapped it on to the player running past which resulted in the goal. He had every right to give it to Wood after it, and Wood's reaction was ridiculous.
  4. Jack Watts has 4 tackles to half time. Did anyone notice the earth shift off its axis?
  5. The pretenders will one by one fall by the wayside. The thing is, we've got to keep on winning while they do. Or we'll fall with them.
  6. Great post binman, I just wanted to highlight this bit. We were sitting up the end of this goal (so of course got a great view of Jack's winning goal). This passage of play was a great effort by Oscar, and looked a lot better live than it does on the replay, because if he'd stuffed up once out of about 4 separate efforts in a few seconds, it would have cost a goal. He got the spoil against Moore I think, but then had to make two or three groundball efforts to keep it away from opponents, and then just as he disposed of it effectively, he was infringed and got the free. He was seriously outnumbered for some reason, under great pressure, and it was just a very very good piece of defending that any top KPB would have been proud of.
  7. Families apparently get along really well too.
  8. Good (and very coherent!) thinking.
  9. Wasn't there a comparison chart somewhere that said NicNat was stuck on 146? How good would it have been if he & NicNat could have played their 150th in the same game?
  10. I agree, but they were much much better than I expected. Looks like they've been trying to get to a game plan similar to ours, and if Monday was any indication, they're far closer to it now than they were earlier in the season. If they keep up that trajectory, they'll beat some good sides, and Round 23 will be another great contest.
  11. Must admit, when I thought of someone seemingly close to you-know-who, who would invest in a victory for demons, I kinda didn't bring moral fibre and integrity into the equation. So you can see how I immediately thought of Georgie-boy. Especially as it seems that he now holds the keys to the treasury.
  12. Was going to "like" this post, except for this bit. Do you mean that they'd want a first round pick for Trengove? Agree that he would be a great fit. He'd be a tall-forward-second-ruck, which is exactly what we need and we haven't got on our list into the future, and in the event of injuries to our key talls, could pinch-hit very well as KPF, KPD or even first ruck, like he has at Port. Otherwise we're going to struggle for this sort of "spare-parts tall", especially after Pedo ends up, though Trengove could even be an improvement on Pedo. Then again, if Gawn, Hogan & T-Mac are all fit and firing for the next 3 seasons, he could end up playing a lot of games for Casey. As it seems to be getting increasingly likely that we'll delist our Jack Trengove, I'm tempted by the symmetry of swapping Jack Trengoves, though we'd have to give them a decent (not first round!) draft pick too. On the other hand, the Toump might have put them off taking any more returning Croweaters from us.
  13. Nailed it. But reality isn't popular in these types of threads so prepare for backlash!
  14. Something else I've wondered about the play that led to Phillips's goal. Moore could have easily marked over Lewis by just holding his ground and not jumping into his back, and he knew that a teammate was running into space behind them. By putting his knee into Lewis's back, he took Lewis right out of the contest, but didn't complete the mark. If that ever happens in a pack, the player who gets taken out of the contest usually gets a free, unless the guy coming over the top completes the mark. There was no question that Moore was trying to mark the ball, but there was equally no question that Moore was far more effective at taking Lewis right out of the play (and therefore gifting his teammate an easy goal) than he was at actually making the play himself. Would have been a very soft free, but no softer that the ones that Pies supporters have been bleating about all week.