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  1. Really have to make the most of this. Hibberd very impressive.
  2. "This has been by far the most impressive display for any team this year by the Demons!"
  3. Wonder whether we'll win a game until Gawn comes back.
  4. Never seen Sandi murdered by the umps before. How do they do it? They're the masters of the holding off the ball, sly little ankle taps, blocking in marking contests, but game after game the umps love 'em. Everything Freo did right against us, they're stuffing up against Norf and playing like kittens.
  5. There are not enough words in all the languages of the world to express how much I hate Norf. Permanent team of pretenders who get an armchair ride with umps.
  6. Massive wraps on him from a couple of Bulldogs people I know. They weren't sorry to see McCartney go but very sorry to lose Jennings to us.
  7. Needs a poll.
  8. When Gawn & Hogan are in the team & playing well, we have far more capacity to reduce the burden on Weid and include him in the team for the sake of their development. With Gawn out and Hogan out of form, we don't have that capacity, and it puts more responsibility on Weid that he's not ready for yet. I'm not a huge rap for Pedo, but while Gawn is out, we need Pedo's 12-15 possessions and good contests more than we need Weid's development. We all know that Weid's ceiling is far higher than Pedo's will ever be, but at the moment, what we need as a minimum is 12-15 possessions and good contests and Weid is a long way off . Also, Tiges will match up Rance on Weid, so that he can zone off & take intercept marks & double-team Hogan in marking contests, knowing Weid isn't good enough to make him accountable. Rance struggles against us because we force him to be much more accountable one-on-one against Hogan & Watts. Rance is dangerous only when he lines up on the weakest forward and doesn't have to be accountable. How will Rance BOG help Weid's development?
  9. Could make an argument for Brayshaw instead of Bugg, but I think Bugg gives more versatility. Especially if we need someone to sit on & annoy hell out of Fyfe.
  10. Jake won't break even with Sandi. Not even close. Our mids will really have to fire.
  11. Clearly you like taking cheap shots at your brother.
  12. It's the old story. Have to convert dominance into scoreboard pressure.
  13. Kielty will have to play FP or first ruck. Maybe Harmes will go back.