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  1. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    After tonight, Swans are clearly the AFL-nominated premiers. Their path is being well & truly smoothed and we'll be the first speed bump to get levelled out.
  2. Max Gawn

    Ever noticed how the teams that Maxy (if he's anywhere near full fitness) struggles against are usually the teams that don't have a good ruck, like Saints & Dogs & Pies? Those teams know they're not going to beat him, but know they can nullify him all game, and pound him physically, by just jumping into him and making a token effort to go for the ball. And they know they'll go completely unpunished by the umpires who, all being little guys, know nothing whatsoever about ruck contests, so they just look for something like "straight arm". So when we're playing one of these teams, Maxy knows that Hickey or Longer or whoever they put against him is going to use these tactics. And when he puts his arm up to protect himself, he's now all of a sudden infringing? So what do the AFL (and some posters) expect him to do? Just take the hits all game every game?
  3. Post Match Discussion - Round 19

    I remember Brad Scott saying after beating us in 2010 or 2011 that all they had to do to beat Melbourne was to apply a little physical pressure and we'd fold, no matter where we are on the ladder. Sadly, we've proved this to be true every time since.
  4. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    Reminds me of a Monty Python version of a John Denver song.
  5. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    The other thing is that Jetta would have easily broken the tackle and continued running if Dixon hadn't hit him high and knocked him to the ground. Dixon doesn't have the strength to hold on.
  6. Collingwood and the Holden Centre

    Chook, ever seen the movie "Go Trabi Go!" The Osties DO (or did) have a sense of humour after all.
  7. Tex Walker's vicious act

    Don't have to see the incident, can reliably predict the penalty just by knowing which players are involved.
  8. Clayton Oliver incident

    OK, so now it matters how hard the contact was? Was "incidental"?? And how do we know it hasn't been tolerated? First, because there's no evidence for it. Because there's no reason for the AFL to do anything about it now that any possible PR fallout has been "managed". And because nothing ever changes for the AFL unless they're held to account for it in public. And because "getting past it" or "just moving on" has done absolutely nothing for us this season. And when did I say that the club can "kick, scream, yell" and so on? How about a simple but firm statement about players being contacted by spectators during the game is not acceptable? Nobody actually said that yet. In fact, Goody said they'd look at it before commenting, but their silence is eloquent. Yeah, Goody's presser was great, and today the club (not the coach) had a great opportunity to back up Goody's words with acts, but we just don't have the 'nads for it.
  9. Clayton Oliver incident

    Yeah, cos nobody remembers Helen D'Amico
  10. Clayton Oliver incident

    Yeah, you're right. Nobody thinks he's a stager any more, because "just moving on" worked so well the last time.
  11. Clayton Oliver incident

    Yeah but don't worry, "let's move on"
  12. Clayton Oliver incident

    Yes, but again the club hasn't stood up for him so again nobody will believe him. Maybe, again, the club doesn't believe him. That's one comment I heard post-Schofield - "even the club doesn't believe he didn't dive, because they don't want to back him up."
  13. Clayton Oliver incident

    Like others in this thread, missed the point entirely. Clarrie lost his bottle because of being manhandled by a spectator, not because of what he said. Can you recall any other player being pushed by a spectator during the game? Would love, incidentally, to have seen what Lewis would have done in the same situation. Turned the other cheek? Not.
  14. Clayton Oliver incident

    It certainly won't set a precedent, because if this happens to a player from any other club, their club will be all over it like a rash before the dust settles. It will, however, make it more likely that it will happen again.
  15. Clayton Oliver incident

    Come on Wiseblood, this is garbage. A number of times this year, the club has absolutely squibbed it in standing up for its players. This is by far the worst example,unless we're going to pay the moron compensation and take it out of Clarrie's match payments. For the second time in a few weeks, they've completely hung Clarrie out to dry without a peep. It's out and out pathetic. Player pushed towards the fence gets shoved by a spectator. And that's OK? Every other club in the AFL - in fact, every sporting club in Australia - wouldn't tolerate their player being manhandled by a spectator in the course of the game.