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    Anyone notice that when we went to a straight 6 on 6 in our forward and backline we then went inside 50 much better. Especially when we won it out of the middle, when we were outnumbered as we were in the first half, they tend to run sideways out of the middle as opposed to straight out when it is one on one.
  2. I've watched him for the grassy knoll at Casey, hopefully this is the magic bullet he needs to succeed
  3. Age

    Is Hogan In Trouble?

    So he probably ends up with two then as he does play for melbourne
  4. Age

    Changes v Fremantle

    Dockers with Fyfe out and their performance today will be keen to make amends. We will say that we are keen but just talk, don’t actually do.
  5. Age

    Round 15 Non MFC Games

    If you have foxtel or one of these newer tv's that lets you pause it, you could pause it to let the radio catch up.
  6. Age

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    With that loss and seeing as we can’t beat any team with talent and with the run home for other clubs below us I can’t see us getting near the eight now.
  7. Age

    AFL 360 (30/5) - Riewoldt and Murphy

    I find it funny that when we used to stink it up, every time we lost it was never that we won, it was how the opposition had a bad day. Now that we have won a few, it is still that they were either bottom teams or lots of injuries. I kind of have to ask, especially the last 3 weeks, has it been that the opposition has been that bad or have we been that good? Is always an interesting question, no matter who smashes a team.
  8. Age

    Round 6 Non MFC games

    Oh how the dees have destroyed my faith in them. Why do I firmly believe that Carlton’s first win for the season will be us in our typical don’t show up game.
  9. Age

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Collingwood is reaping this now, funnily their players are saying that bucks is 'letting them play more' as opposed to the seemingly very restrictive 'my way or the highway' philosophy he used to have.
  10. I've wondered this in the last two years, it's almost as though we put so much effort into winning at Etihad that we forgot how to play our home ground!
  11. Age

    Petracca to miss Essendon Game

    He will pick up some superbug in the hospital and never play for us again. If he gets back he will be a shell of his former self
  12. Age

    Which Team can we beat on current Form?

    I don’t think we can beat Carlton. They have beaten us or given us a run the last few years even when they have been horrible. They are of those teams, Luke most in the comp actually who know when they put pressure on us we crumble.
  13. Age

    Taking out the fend-off

    Yes, Dusty never gets pinned for incorrect disposal, Selwood always gets the high contact, the reigning premier always seems to get the 50/50 free kicks. It's just the way it all seems to work. We don't have any stars who get the good treatment, we won't ever be one of those top teams. Like someone else has said, it's like we were born into poverty, we will never break out of it unfortunately, not matter what we do. Just go with it is what I have learned, nothing will change. I just get to vent on here now and then or else I'd have kicked the dog by now (be a better kick though than any player we have could do!)
  14. Age

    Taking out the fend-off

    He actually goes at the player who is trying to tackle him which throws out their timing as every other player tries to get away from oncoming players. When our players have tried the fend off then do it going away from the player which is a lot easier to get at, hence they get nailed. Players should either go low as said earlier and just let him get his handball away (which is currently coached against as they want a tackle to have no disposal) but this is better than him fending off and then running another 5 metres and kicking it 60. I would also suggest the drop their knees when coming in to tackle, the fend off would then get them in the neck/head and they (should) get a free kick. This though would mean being willing to take a hit which would no doubt hurt and none of our players are willing to hurt for the team. Maybe other club players may though.
  15. That is the issue isn’t it. Given a better night with injuries last year and we beat them. They have only gone forward since that night. It’s not that we go backwards, we just never go forwards