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  1. Age

    Alex Neal-Bullen

    On the couch last night showed him as rated #6 in the AFL for the season for pressure acts and #2 over the last 6 weeks I think it was, whilst it would be nice if his finishing was a little better, with that stat, I can't see him dropped anytime soon.
  2. Age

    Finals Tickets

    M54-1? Me too, pretty sure it is about the 50m line olympic stand.
  3. Age

    Finals Tickets

    I did hear on SEN that they were going to stagger the club member sales later this afternoon, didn't say when though.
  4. Age

    Finals Tickets

    Also a quick tip for you - I was online first thing, got to the payment stage and it then said the page had expired and hadn't processed. I went to get the tickets again and it told me my allocation per barcode had been used. Then checked my order history and the tickets were there, as well as payment taken out of the credit card so if you get a similar message to me, check before going through the process again so you don't end up buying two lots, which I almost did!
  5. Age

    Why can't we play the G?

    We don't spread wide enough to defend. We seem to be happy to let teams play really wide coming out from defense and then when we finally twig that we need to man up, the opposition then switches it which then shows up our lack of speed in trying to cover this again. Has happened all year, you would think the coaching staff would do something about this but they don't seem to care. At least we apparently learn lots of things each week.
  6. Age


    Anyone notice that when we went to a straight 6 on 6 in our forward and backline we then went inside 50 much better. Especially when we won it out of the middle, when we were outnumbered as we were in the first half, they tend to run sideways out of the middle as opposed to straight out when it is one on one.
  7. I've watched him for the grassy knoll at Casey, hopefully this is the magic bullet he needs to succeed
  8. Age

    Is Hogan In Trouble?

    So he probably ends up with two then as he does play for melbourne
  9. Age

    Changes v Fremantle

    Dockers with Fyfe out and their performance today will be keen to make amends. We will say that we are keen but just talk, don’t actually do.
  10. Age

    Round 15 Non MFC Games

    If you have foxtel or one of these newer tv's that lets you pause it, you could pause it to let the radio catch up.
  11. Age

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    With that loss and seeing as we can’t beat any team with talent and with the run home for other clubs below us I can’t see us getting near the eight now.
  12. Age

    AFL 360 (30/5) - Riewoldt and Murphy

    I find it funny that when we used to stink it up, every time we lost it was never that we won, it was how the opposition had a bad day. Now that we have won a few, it is still that they were either bottom teams or lots of injuries. I kind of have to ask, especially the last 3 weeks, has it been that the opposition has been that bad or have we been that good? Is always an interesting question, no matter who smashes a team.
  13. Age

    Round 6 Non MFC games

    Oh how the dees have destroyed my faith in them. Why do I firmly believe that Carlton’s first win for the season will be us in our typical don’t show up game.
  14. Age

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Collingwood is reaping this now, funnily their players are saying that bucks is 'letting them play more' as opposed to the seemingly very restrictive 'my way or the highway' philosophy he used to have.
  15. I've wondered this in the last two years, it's almost as though we put so much effort into winning at Etihad that we forgot how to play our home ground!