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  1. Bwa ha, I played with the ladder predictor and had us finishing second on % only, playing the other top 4 teams, Geelong, then Adelaide and finally GWS, to claim the premiership. Obviously. I may have forgotten that sometimes there are losses even if you're going well. It's just been so long since we lost a game, I can't remember.
  2. Now is not the time to externalise our locus of control. We'll play in Darwin, we'll win, and we'll sit solidly in the top 4. Then a few weeks later we'll play in Canberra, to claim top spot. With a quick visit to Tasmania first, for conditioning to the climate, of course.
  3. Anyone else quietly sending good vibes to all three underdogs today? Fremantle beating Geelong puts us in the top 4 instead of the Cats. Carlton beating Richmond puts the Tigers a full game and solid percentage behind us. Gold Coast knocking off St Kilda puts the Saints that little bit further behind in the chase. And to be clear, this is just for amusement and satisfaction. After the last three rounds of proverbial '8 point games' it is quite clear the Demons hold their destiny in their own hands and have a notion of what to do with it. We are, after all, the form team of the competition! HA!
  4. Not since another game against the Eagles, one week and 12 years ago, have I felt this positive about the Demons. The poetry of these last three games, each one against an opponent at the same spot on the ladder, each time winning and moving on one more step. It is all very beautiful.
  5. Less than 100 behind Junior for total tackles, too. Ha! Found a bonus note for those still enjoying the fact that Collingwood have gone backwards every year since 2010. Melbourne have improved their result by at least two wins, in every season since Jones was made acting co-captain. The captain that took a club from 2 wins and 54% to... to where? His worthiness for glory is beyond debate.
  6. Following your example of Dogs defeating North probably ending it for North, I'd reckon there are three other games this round which, combined, pretty much end finals hopes for the four losers. Essendon over Sydney Port over Collingwood Geelong over Fremantle Richmond defeating Carlton would provide the formality of ending the Blues theoretical hopes. Buuuut Carlton's one virtuous tradition is making Richmond fans cry, so we'll wait and see. And if those five games all go against the favourites, we're back in a ridiculous jam, with Collingwood, Sydney, Fremantle, Essendon and Cartlon all on six wins. St Kilda slipping up against Gold Coast would put both of them on 6 wins, too. Ha! In theory, we could have 10 teams sitting on 6 or 7 wins at the end of this round, with just 8 wins pushing a team into top 4, and 5 wins making you bottom 4.
  7. Would we get a player of Brayshaw's potential, with the pick we might get in exchange for him. No. Obviously. His concussion issues would be 'priced' just as harshly by any other club as we might. The best value is in keeping him. Particularly if you're looking for speedy players - speed is one of the few things you can evaluate clearly prior to drafting, and there's no harm in throwing around a few more late picks in search of the next Jayden Hunt. And let's be honest, you can never have too many tough, smart inside midfielders with good vision going inside 50.
  8. AFLx. Or, as we mortals know it, 'having a bit of a kick and a laugh down at the park'. The long-term plan for the AFL is clearly to introduce merchandising and ticketing for every casual kick of the ball. There will a law passed kind of like the free assembly restrictions under martial law. "Nobody is allowed to gather in groups larger than three persons unless first booked through ticketmaster and while wearing appropriate branded products".
  9. Doing it tough, them footballers.
  10. Hibberd notched up 8 clangers and 10 coaches votes.
  11. "Poor old Richmond, again." I think it is the only official club name with punctuation.
  12. For what it's worth, there's a 203cm ruck/forward from Victoria apparently tipped to go very high in the draft; Sam Hayes. I only know the chatter and forum posts about him, but the story goes he was coming through as a very promising ruckman but this year has been playing a lot more up forward and doing just as well there. We'd need to upgrade our pick, since we'll be starting with pick 18 or so () and he is tipped to be as high as top 5 if he continues on current form. The question of course is whether there's room in the forward line and ruck for Hogan, Weid, Hayes and Gawn. Anyway, I still just wish we could trade draft picks for specific corrections. Like, a 2nd round pick in exchange for giving Bugg some set shot accuracy.
  13. I think it is important to remember that the sole purpose of Collingwood winning a flag in 2010 was to set up their run at holding the all-time record across all sports ever, for consecutive years of decline. They may well already hold the AFL record, after their string from 2010 - Premier Runner Up 4th 6th 11th 12th 12th (with one fewer win) And right now they sit in 13th. Also feel free to see a metaphor for Eddie McGuire's career.
  14. The joy of the disposal efficiency topic is that is has enough grey area for everyone to be right. Defenders have good disposal efficiency -> good disposal efficiency is a benchmark for defenders everywhere anyway -> the efficiency is a product of the circumstances getting it (open spaces, marks, defenders outnumbering forwards) -> good disposal efficiency is a product of the work rate of players running to present options -> we shouldn't look at DE% anyway, clangers are more important... Round and round we can go. And we do! From what I've observed, the biggest 'whipping boys' for disposal among the Demons are the McDonald brothers and Dom Tyson, and the three of them share the feature of sometimes delivering really terrible clangers, the kind of totally unnecessary turnover which catches everyone by surprise and turns a rebound into a panic scramble. These clangers have a big impact and, more than anything else, are highly memorable. The couple of times a game that Tom McDonald mysteriously, absurdly, manages to kick directly to an opposition player on their own are the single factor preventing him from being an elite defender, but with them he is definitely not one. That's how much they matter and while I don't like the vitriol, the cause is reasonable.
  15. It was interesting during the Collingwood game to see him running forward a lot, gaining great ground and space, but also being gradually pushed wider and wider, limiting his options for the inside 50 kick, both as far as having to kick around his body more and not facing the way he should be watching for targets. I wonder if it is as simple as Hunt is still adjusting to being up the ground, whereas in the past coming from from defence it was perferctly sensible to drift to the wings, as the ground opens up in front of you and it is the safer option as you rebound anyway. Whatever it takes to correct it, he'll be even more exciting once he can point his run to some slightly more direct paths.