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  1. Little Goffy

    Ladder predictor

    Well, the squggle auto-tipper has us grinding out way through the final six rounds with games against 5 fellow finalists, then hosting a home eliminatino final against geelong, then most likely playing Sydney in Sydney and West Coast in Perth for the the chance to play Richmond at the 'G. I'm just comforted to know we are set for the official all time most epic premiership run in AFL history.
  2. Little Goffy

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Has anyone else become tired of 'GHMBA Stadium' yet? I've started slurring in in an attempt to make a sensisble sound, but all I've got so far is Goomba, as in the little mushroomy monster from Mario. So I'm convinced next week we are going to Goomba stadium. How could we possible lose, just have to jump on their heads.
  3. Little Goffy

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Six weeks of 'finals' before we play finals. Can't think of a better way to prepare. With the number of 8-point games we have lined up, we should be in first with 100+ ladder points by the end of the season. Seriously, we'll be there if there's a reason for us to be there other than just a pat on the head. We'll be going down to Geelong to hunt a spot in the top 4, with the side benefit of putting ourselves 2 games and a mountain of percentage clear of a rival.
  4. Little Goffy

    Fun fact

    For anyone pulling out their hair over being higher ranked in quarters won than in ladder position, just remember that we won every quarter for almost four games in a row without a blemish. On the ladder you still only get one win for that, same as any team that won three quarters or even just won two but by a little more than their opponents won their two. It's a bit like in elections where the overall vote balance doesn't match the seat balance and final winner - three wins at 51% is better than two at 80% and one loss at 49%!
  5. Little Goffy

    The Future looks promising!

    If we assembled a team just from our players taken after pick 30, it would surpass that group. What a spectacular turnaround. In fact - I'll back my words, here's the rival squad - Spargo (29) and Fritsch (31) Hannan (46) and T. Smith (R. 25) Wagner (R. 6) and J Smith (R. 41) Neal-Bullen (40) Stretch (42) O.McD (53) and Vandenberg (R. 2) Hunt (57) and Harmes (R. 2)
  6. Little Goffy

    The Future looks promising!

    Important thing to remember is that at this moment, and for many years now, Melbourne supporters are the most likely of any club's supporters to take out a membership or to actually turn up to games. And that has held out even through some very... less-than-fun... times. To my mind the crucial thing to hold onto through any good times that do come, is the culture that says you're not just there for the fun, you're attached as a part of the club's community. You could even just call it standing up for the best of the classic values of Australian Football.
  7. Little Goffy

    What is Petracca's Position?

    When Petracca is on fire, debating where he should play is a bit like debaing which seat an elephant gets at the cinema. Anywhere it wants and as many as it needs, who is going to argue? The way I see it, the challenge is how to get the most out of Petracca when he is merely human, and that isn't clear to me. Put another way - When you can take contested marks, sidestep, burst run, throw off tackles, and have inspired awareness of your surroundings, you're good anywhere. But if you're just not quite doing all of those things, you're not great anywhere. Of course, it'd be ridiculous to make him tag, not least because that would in turn expose what remains his one definite weakness, his running endurance. He needs one of those 'home truths' conversations where he gets sat down and told directly 'you can be amazing, but right now we can't trust you to sustain it, that's why you're neither a main starting midfielder or an established forward'. Then see how he responds.
  8. Little Goffy

    Tom McDonald Re-Signs for 4 Years

    Only 4 years? He's clearly gone.
  9. Little Goffy

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 11

    Don't see Simon Goodwin laughin and looking that genuinely relaxed much. Don't see Demon's coaches in general doing that much in my time! Clearly we're doomed. Or about to break a record. Or something. Full moon, too.
  10. Chris Dawes Cameron Pederson Mitch Clark Jeffrey Garlett Dom Tyson Chris Heffernan Harley Balic Thomas Bugg Patrick McKenna
  11. Little Goffy

    Dees Lead in 16 Categories over past Month

    The tests will come, at some point a team will match us or beat us in the contested posessions and keep enough pressure on us that the fast sabre-strikes into forward 50 break down almost as often as they get through, or slows us down enough that a disciplined defence gets back to force us a little wider to take shots from 35-50m instead of 0-15m. Then we'll know if we are ready to win finals. Remembering that even the super-Geelong team broke down at times, when the goals didn't flow, and the opposition rushed a bunch of tactical behinds... in a grand final. Hopefully the team holds onto a mentality of every week being a new test, a new chance to prove themselves to a different challenge, whether that means beating up a weaker opponent, barely clawing over the line against a strong opponent, bouncing back again from a slip-up, or simply to make a statement to fans with a shattering of Collingwood on Queen's Birthday. This weekend's special challenges - beating up and out-of-form but stil occasionally potent opposition, aiming for the consecutive quarters record, and just for good measure let's see if we can hunt the '600 points in 4 games' mark. Haa ha ha ha ha what am I talking about, what is this team? Freakshow.
  12. Sigh. Guess we better suit up for another 25 goals.
  13. Little Goffy

    Gus 12 months on ....

    It is interesting that people are celebrating his inside mid contribution when he has also been just so brilliant once the play spreads a bit. Most of his posessions against Adelaide were listed as uncontested, but you wouldn't say they were generally loose or soft posessions. He is looking like a master of an aspect of the game that we've had a weakness in - getting to the right spot at the right distance from the pack, anticipating the movement in order to receive the ball and then have time to do something useful with it. Clayton Oliver now has a target as good as his aim!
  14. Little Goffy

    Nathan Jones' 250th.

    Also now only 8 games (I think) from playing his 100th as Captain. I can imagine him being thrilled to his bones by the idea that he could have his career best season and still not make top-3 in the best and fairest.
  15. Little Goffy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    Just recapping. 18 consecutive quarters won brings us to second all time behind only the incredible Geelong of 2010. They managed 21 in a row. So, A clean sweep against the Dogs and we will hold the outright record. Something to aim for, but if we fall short then that's ok, we just have to try for it again! And again! And Again! Bwaa ha ha ha haaaaaa. It's a nice change from adding to the records for most consecutive lost quarters. 17 in 2007-2008, 16 in 2012-13, and 15 in 2011. Thank you, St Kilda and GWS for keeping us safe from ever holding the overall record. Just emphasizes that a new era really has begun.