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  1. Omens of the promised land!!

    Well, let's see, omens, omens... Jordan Lewis averages a premiership every three years, and signed a 3-year contract with Melbourne. Clearly he knows something. Melbourne have a 60% overall winning record in finals, and go on to win the premiership, hmm... one in every three times they make the finals. Coincidentally, our ONLY rival for success rates in both finals and grand finals is Hawthorn, and they have only just crept ahead of us now because of their huge recent decade. The margin is tiny. Clearly, Jordon Lewis knows something.
  2. Where was everyone?

    Port's games in Melbourne; Bombers - 34,000 Magpies - 36,000 Demons - 27,000 West Coast in Melbourne; Kangaroos - 21,000 Tigers - 42,000 Hawks - 29,000 Bombers - 36,000 Bulldogs - 29,000 Magpies - 22,927 (The same weekend as our Port game, as jnrmac pointed out) Fremantle in Melbourne; Demons - 28,000 Tigers - 31,000 Kangaroos - 19,000 Our attendance numbers are doing just fine, thanks.
  3. Nat Jones

    While praising Vince's energy and 'fire' on the field, and noting what a gentle and harmless person Vince is off field, he said Vince should probably have a think about and learn to not swing his arms around near people's heads, because three times in two seasons is getting a bit much. I know, right, like, totally thrown under the bus.
  4. Nat Jones

    I wonder, we might be a couple more wins up with a little less of that particular 'flying the flag'. If only some more players 'flew the flag' the way Big Demon likes it, because one thing we definitely need right now is one of our last remaining experienced midfielders being out for two weeks.
  5. Critiquing the content not the person

    I'd suggest that there are a few people who have an accumulated dislike of eachother from sometimes years of disagreement and little bits of snark building up. Try to picture a couple of geezers on a side table watching the game at a pub, constantly sniping at eachother, and yet they keep on turning up and watching the game together. They've been doing it for many many years and it is not for us to go all cultural imperialist and demand that they learn to share the crayons so they can get a gold star. 3 strikes policies as social engineering have invariably been a disaster, anyway. Like the AFL umpires, it is not the moderators job to prevent every single piece of rough play, just to strike a balance that keeps it under control but still lets the game flow.
  6. AFL ask Hird to present Norm Smith Medal

    I opened this honestly expecting it would be about him being asked to hand it back, not present it.
  7. David Zaharakis

    If we had been able to grab Zaharakis instead of Melksham it would have been a terrific move. Hell, we might even have played finals last year. He's a valuable player and very good at his role, generates a lot of run and a lot of decent inside50s. But I think the ship has sailed on this one, and we're not in as much need as what the price would be.
  8. Tom McDonald - are his days as a defender over?

    That's the big question. Throw in Pederson and occasionally resting Gawn, too. The problem is alleviated by the mobility and versatility of Watts and McDonald. But my concern is that no matter how fit and hardworking and willing to contribute up the ground your forwards are, they will very rarely be able to duck and weave and accelerate and get their body low enough to be 'winners' in midfield packs. So to rephrase the question, instead of 'can we fit that many in our forward line' you could emphasize 'can we spare that many slots on the team sheet from our midfield'. My thinking is, we can keep that group of tall forwards together if we rotate their roles intelligently. For example, if Hogan, McDonald and Weideman play effectively 100% game time each, with say two of them offering leads all over the place while one semi-rests right up forward. The result would be that our entire bench would be midfielders/flankers rotating to rest and keep fresh. If between them the forwards spent 30 more minutes on field using this kind of rotation, that opens 30 minutes more time for mids to take a deep breath. Maybe that means a young guy like Oliver gets one extra minute of recovery each time he comes off, maybe that means shorter spells on field for a player capable of good bursts of effort but who fades after longer periods.
  9. Neville Jetta Unbelievable

    Fair bump. Neville Jetta probably saved the game. He's in serious danger of not being underrated after a highly visible effort like that. Either that, or he's in danger of being rated as highly as he should have been the last couple of years, but actually pushing up to an even higher level. Alas, I fear it'll get missed because Clayton briefly looked in the general direction of a fence-side turdbag, and that'll go viral because #vapid. Neville is probably ok with being underrated by everyone who has never actually watched him.
  10. AFL Round 16 - Non MFC Games 2017

    Funny feeling about the Port/West Coast game. If West Coast win, then our path into the top 4 opens a little wider. If Port win, our security in the top 8 is that tiny bit better. Despite last week's poor result, and the ridiculous injury crisis we're going through, I'm hoping for a West Coast win. I still believe the Demons are on the hunt for the top 4 spot, rather than just clinging on.

    I was tapping away thinking about this and that and the other thing, but in the end, it is all pretty simple. Gibbs, Murphy, Kruezer, Cripps. Neutralise the stoppages where Carlton have their first-choice onballers available, and grind a win in the others, and we're well ahead. That, and we'll need a defensive forward to never give Docherty space to so much as inhale deeply. Could be a valuable learning experience for one or both of Harmes or Hannan. And of course, ferocious all-around-the-ground pressure and good communication. Kind of goes without saying but must always be said.
  12. Get his set shots lined up straight. Maybe needs to imagine that in between the big stick there's an unsuspecting jaw.
  13. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Does anyone else think Jack's portrait in the 'ins' list looks especially happy. I got a real glow in the heart, and instantly feel like we're going to win on sunday. It's like the world just turned a little more red and blue.
  14. As I understand it, The Chazz is arguing two separate points and people are replying as if they are one. If I'm not mistaken, Chazz is saying a) "Fahour's hit was definitely a worse act than Bugg's, by a serious margin", and separately b) "Bugg's punch was watched but a few hundred thousand people as it happened, including all the nervous mum's and impressionable little kids, so the impact of the incident as a whole is greater. Anyway, as for my own opinion on it all, I think the 'b' part fades a bit when you consider that Fahour's whole job is to encourage people from 'non-mainstream communities' to feel confident that they can participate in Australian Football without being subject to racial abuse and all the other forms of aggressive bigotry that someone might reasonably be anxious about. How can he possibly do that job when every person he speaks to whether community leader, nervous mum, or a club official skeptical of the usefulness of 'diversity action plans', knows he is a gutless sniping thug? Bugg's incident may have been seen by a few hundred thousand, but Fahour's act will be known about by all of the few hundred people he needs to deal with in order to reach out to hundreds of thousands of others. His specific job is now untenable. And it is questionable if AFL HQ should be employing anyone who would include premeditated headhunting in their weekend afternoon entertainment.
  15. Media Going Hysterical

    Huh? Donald Trump LOVES the media, his whole career he's been a desperate media [censored], seeking it out at every opportunity, craving every bit of attention and fame he could get. And his chief-of-staff came directly from managing a niche media operation. What Trump doesn't like is critical media. It would actually be accurate to say that President Trump is actively trying to disparage the last remaining fragments of credible media. Anyway, best not to turn things unnecessarily political here. There are sub-forums for that.