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  1. Little Goffy

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    So I guess North wont be sneaking into the 8 on percentage. Meanwhile, has there ever been a round where I've wanted more upsets? Gold Coast, Carlton, Dogs, Brisbane. Setting up to be a thriller at the SCG. Come on you Sunnies! 🤔
  2. Little Goffy

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    Checks scores for Sydney v Gold Coast at quarter time. Yeeap. Checks scores for Sydney v Gold Coast halway through the third quarter. Whaaaaat?
  3. Little Goffy

    Previous players downfalls

    I'd argue that all these players were drafted too high on the basis of having specific attributes, but lacked 'completeness' - their main strength was their only strength. Like we were recruiting for the second-string x-men. Possibly why I so love Angus Brayshaw. Is he the outright fastest, the strongest, the best kick, the best mark, the fittest? Nope. But he would each in turn beat every one of the players listed in the opening post in every category except the single feature those players were notable for.
  4. Little Goffy

    Branding Max

    I start to worry when the 'marketing gurus' begin to talk up a player's identity as a commodity. I'm not naive about it, but even a rich crop can only be harvested to a limit, before you begin to drain the soil.
  5. Little Goffy

    Neville Jetta Re-Signs until 2021

    Heheh, yes, I was thinking much the same: it was probably someone else's meeting but they didn't turn up and Nev had to run across the hall to get there.
  6. Little Goffy

    Neville Jetta Re-Signs until 2021

    I bet the actual document was placed on the wrong side of a table that should've been far to big for him to reach across, but somehow he still managed to get a fist to it. The world needs a more superlative term for the kind of rock-solid respect that Neville Jetta has so thoroughly earned.
  7. Little Goffy

    Who else do we realistically target at season end?

    Could effective long kicks cover the same position need as the speedy outsider? Noticed that a couple of our inside mids have found some power off their boot that was a bit unexpected (see for example Brayshaw's clearance that also cleared the pack and found Oliver). Vandenberg has a solid boot on him too. Any others currently out but who might be able to add to that unpredictibility? 'Long kick' doesn't seem to be something that gets covered much in draft talk, but maybe it is one of the tricks that this year's Jason Taylor specials will have? Who's got an eye on the draft this year?
  8. Little Goffy

    Will 12 be enough

    My first thought was just a simple 'nope', it doesn't seem credible at all. Certainly from our perspective, where winning only two of the final 6 rounds would feel like failure almost regardless of final ladder position. But hmm, currently 4 teams on 9 (or 9 1/2) wins, two of those teams in the 8, two out of it. Look at it this way - if Geelong win 3 games to finish on twelve and preserve their percentage, then the chasers North and Hawthorn would have to win 4 games out of 6 to climb over them. Mind you, only one of them would need to do it, obviously. Oh it gets better. It's Catch-22 time! Beat Geelong, then it is less likely we'll need the thirteenth win, but more likely we'll have it. Lose to Geelong, then it becomes basically certain we'd need that 13th win, but much harder to get there. Saturday night is just getting bigger and bigger. I swear I just saw my MFCSS physically manifest as a dark shadow along the back of the couch.
  9. Little Goffy

    Brent Harvey says we'll lose Jesse Hogan

    Can we get David Neitz to say Ben Brown is going to Gold Coast on big money to replace Lynch?
  10. Little Goffy

    Ladder predictor

    Well, the squggle auto-tipper has us grinding out way through the final six rounds with games against 5 fellow finalists, then hosting a home eliminatino final against geelong, then most likely playing Sydney in Sydney and West Coast in Perth for the the chance to play Richmond at the 'G. I'm just comforted to know we are set for the official all time most epic premiership run in AFL history.
  11. Little Goffy

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Has anyone else become tired of 'GHMBA Stadium' yet? I've started slurring in in an attempt to make a sensisble sound, but all I've got so far is Goomba, as in the little mushroomy monster from Mario. So I'm convinced next week we are going to Goomba stadium. How could we possible lose, just have to jump on their heads.
  12. Little Goffy

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Six weeks of 'finals' before we play finals. Can't think of a better way to prepare. With the number of 8-point games we have lined up, we should be in first with 100+ ladder points by the end of the season. Seriously, we'll be there if there's a reason for us to be there other than just a pat on the head. We'll be going down to Geelong to hunt a spot in the top 4, with the side benefit of putting ourselves 2 games and a mountain of percentage clear of a rival.
  13. Little Goffy

    Fun fact

    For anyone pulling out their hair over being higher ranked in quarters won than in ladder position, just remember that we won every quarter for almost four games in a row without a blemish. On the ladder you still only get one win for that, same as any team that won three quarters or even just won two but by a little more than their opponents won their two. It's a bit like in elections where the overall vote balance doesn't match the seat balance and final winner - three wins at 51% is better than two at 80% and one loss at 49%!
  14. Little Goffy

    The Future looks promising!

    If we assembled a team just from our players taken after pick 30, it would surpass that group. What a spectacular turnaround. In fact - I'll back my words, here's the rival squad - Spargo (29) and Fritsch (31) Hannan (46) and T. Smith (R. 25) Wagner (R. 6) and J Smith (R. 41) Neal-Bullen (40) Stretch (42) O.McD (53) and Vandenberg (R. 2) Hunt (57) and Harmes (R. 2)
  15. Little Goffy

    The Future looks promising!

    Important thing to remember is that at this moment, and for many years now, Melbourne supporters are the most likely of any club's supporters to take out a membership or to actually turn up to games. And that has held out even through some very... less-than-fun... times. To my mind the crucial thing to hold onto through any good times that do come, is the culture that says you're not just there for the fun, you're attached as a part of the club's community. You could even just call it standing up for the best of the classic values of Australian Football.