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  1. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    I heard he was going to star as the lead in a remake of 'Robin Hood: Men in tights'. That'll hurt us.
  2. NAB Draft - Closest the Pin

    I'm gonna guess that our list team will go for speed and unpredictability, backing their system to smooth out some (yes, significant) issues. None of these kids will be expected to be holding down a best 22 spot right away, that's for sure. Not really in a particular order, here are my utter guesses/wishes. Charlie Spargo Adam Sambono Jack Petrucelle Bailey Fritch, Frisht, Fritters, Fished, Fish'nChips. And, as a bonus, if Spargo doesn't slide far enough then the group moves up a slot and we get Hamish Brayshaw late.
  3. Better transport infrastructure between the CBD and South-East, as well as linking the different parts of the south east.
  4. 2008 Redrafted

    It's gonna be our boys then fresh air, I tell ya, fresh air! Plus, we bid on Heeney, so really he's ours too.
  5. 2008 Redrafted

    Well, if anyone needs cheering up, just look forward to doing the 2014 'redraft' in a couple more years, which will have Isaac Heeney and three Demons in the top 3, then fresh air.
  6. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    Recruiting manager 2008 to 2011. Over the four years, recruited 6 players who have played 100+ games or are still playing now. 38 draft picks in total, of which 3 were picks taken at the absolute start of the draft, and a further 5 were in the top-20. I'd suggest, speculatively, that the only recruiting record worse than that over a similar period is Richmond's 2000-2004 effort. Although that did produce Newman, Rodan, Shultz, Tuck, Foley and Deldio, so maybe the two efforts are about even. But yeah, this opens up the 'nature/nurture' debate about recruiting or development. How many players really could have developed well in the circumstances, would any recruiter have been on a hiding to nothing, all that. Funny though, with the other example being Richmond pre-Cameron, Craig Cameron has had a career of people reflecting later that 'at least he wasn't bad as that one'!
  7. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    It might have been seriously extensive. Maybe it was 'totes full-on'. Anyway, we have different opinions. You think Cameron laid the groundwork for Richmond's later success, I think he didn't achieve much more than treading water. We've each given our reasons. I don't hate the guy, and I do recognise that he was severely under-resourced in his role while with us (like all Demon things not so long ago) and right now I feel like if I keep pushing my point of view it'll just come across as some kind of vendetta against him. So, deep breath and moving on.
  8. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    You keep mentioning 'club politics a minefield' but seem to have missed that there may have been just a little bit of personal showboating and foot-in-the-door-for-glory talk from Gary March when he so proudly noted that Cameron's (and March's) era was what set up the glory now. Seriously, do you have any actual evidence to support the claim of Craig Cameron's tenure at Richmond being the groundwork for their premiership success? I've presented the alternate position, and supported it by noting that there was limited list development, and minimal results progress, and that the surge to success occurred only after Richmond engaged in a serious review which the club and players openly acknowledge had a major transformative effect. So far all you've offered to support your claim of a 'brilliant job' by Cameron is that five years after he left a premiership was achieved by a list which was about 80% built before or after his tenure, under the direction of an almost entirely new coaching panel, supervised by a significantly changed board and club executive.
  9. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    September 12, 2016 Richmond statement 10 week comprehensive review by external consultant. New General Manager of Football (Neil Balme, no less). Major restructure and increased status of recruiting and list management section. Two assistant coaches sacked (Ross Smith - defence. Greg Mellor - forward) Senior Development Coach Mark Williams sacked Replaced the head of strength and conditioning. Also worth noting they traded out one of their best players and Vice-captain, Brett Deledio. Three years of token appearances and failures in finals, then an abject flop in 2016, with most of their best players being 25+ already and close to no variation or new appearances in the B&F boards for the last 5 years. I ask, if that is Melbourne's situation in 2020, would it seem maybe just a bit like a genuine crisis?
  10. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    I find the 'scoffed at us because of Houli and Grigg' comment especially funny because those two represent close to a quarter of all recruiting gains made by Richmond in those five years. The rest being Martin, Ellis, Grimes and Conca. The scoffing may have had something more to do with also recruiting Addam Maric, Graham Polak, Ricky Petterd, Tom Hislop, Brad Miller, Sam Lonergan, Jordan McMahon, Mitch Morton, Chris Knights, Troy Chaplin, Aaron Edwards, Adam Thompson and Ben Cousins. As for the quoted 'the first to open up my eyes to a five-to-eight-year plan around list management'... um... wow. Terry Wallace has really been revised out of the history of that football club, eh? Can't blame them for wanting to do that. But that statement is just plain absurd and if it got past your goalkeeper, you've got troubles. As far as list development goes, the 2014 draft, on its own, contributed almost as much to Richmond's premiership squad as the entire five years under Cameron's leadership. As for the development of club culture, can nobody else recall that at the end of 2016 Richmond was in crisis, and undertook a total review and overhaul of their coaching panel, all areas of football operations, and made an explicit commitment to consciously, deliberately change the culture? That whole 'we took a good hard look at ourselves and the club has a completely different feel to it this year' line that we've heard hundreds of times all the way through 2017. If you really want to get your football opinions from a padded press release, ok, but don't come telling me I'm ignorant or not bothering to check my facts when I know full well what I'm working with. Richmond's list, football operations and culture stagnated during the period Craig Cameron was there.
  11. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    Craig Cameron at Demons - Did we have any good drafts except 1999? Sustained poor recruiting for several years saw us drop off a cliff when the older players (Yze, Neitz, White, etc) faded or retired by 2007. It is quite true, the only reason he has any credit is because of the Prendergast debacle in the following years. Craig Cameron at Richmond - Joined end of 2007, and stayed until after the 2012 recruiting period. Recruiting managed to add barely 1 lasting player a season and the club stagnated overall, held together for those years and the next few by an older core, including 8 players who took 70% of all top-10 B&F placings from 2012 to 2015. Richmond's turnaround only began in any meaningful sense at least two years after Cameron left, with the big boost to depth provided by their 2014 draft. Craig Cameron at GWS - Well, it is really only 2016. Some might say that Caleb Marchbank, Jack Steele and Will Hoskin-Elliot were a bit much to give up for some academy points. But there's not much to take from one season, is there? Overall, you;d have to say that the word to describe Craig Cameron's tenure anywhere is just 'stagnant'.
  12. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    What, no vacuum cleaner joke? No 'only popular at Christmas'? I guess you can't do everyone in one sitting. I'm a bit confused though - are the clues just to the name only, or about the player's characteristics? Anyway here's one answer of each type. 7 - David Rodan 8 - Steven Armstrong
  13. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Why do I detect a hint of hostiliy or sarcasm here? I mean, the obvious answer is 'all of it' since all the pop-gurus and advice columns and indeed the many wholly legitimate practitioners of mindfulness guidance are ultimately drawing on the hard work of researchers nobody has heard of. Next up someone will be asking 'What have all your peer reviewed friends ever contributed to dental care? I get my toothpaste from the guy at the Coles checkout'. I just hope I've not accidentally walked into some kind of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment silliness.
  14. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Um... 'first to introduce the term neuroplasticity'... by about -50 years. I've got no problem really with people re-packaging science into digestible material which is useful for informing anyone, but it is mildly annoying when there's a pretense that the work is original, instead of recognising that it is a handy synopsis of literally decades of research, debate, peer review and adjustment. Y'know, all those 'dry' books by people with only 'book knowledge' and not the marketing nous that makes any particular brand of mindfulness a success... Mindfulness is useful and there's value in any exercise or routine which helps people to be aware of what is going on in their own mind and why they feel the way they do, and to be aware that they can deliberately influence those reactions. Thank you, science.
  15. Hannah Mouncey

    Anyway, the AFL's logic in Hannah playing at amateur level and not professional level seems pretty simple and can be pieced together from the 'competitive' and 'paid professional' words. At a wider level this case does raise the interesting point that Australian football competitions are separated on the basis of both biological sex and identified gender. There's a funny side thing to it all - as a junior presumably Hannah or any m-f transgender person would have been identified as a boy, an thus had access to dramatically greater sports development, mentoring and competitive opportunities even as a completely ordinary kid. Which brings us all the way around to clarifying the difference between sex and gender. Where sex is the physical differences in your body, and gender is the difference in how society understands who you are. Just following another tangent, if Australian football had a 'Mulan' scenario where a young girl had pretended to be a boy in order to access the dramatically higher sports resources, they would now have years of extra football development put into them compared to most of the same-age girls and women they later played against.