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  1. Rain next Sunday

    Wow, so much disdain for the Bureau. Besides, they are saying 50% chance of any rain, so they are also saying 50% chance of no rain at all. Still a fair stretch better than the information about Viney, or Dangerfield, or Ablett!
  2. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    This looks like a job for Kremlin hackers to me. The results could be a) hilarous and defamatory, or b) awesome Red Army choir material. Either way, worth the try.
  3. Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Geelong

    Making my skin crawl with the memory of what felt like five years in a row of playing a 'depleted' Hawthorn in round 1. Hopes high, set to challenge a top team on a weak day... then getting smashed by 10-15 goals. Of course, it wasn't five years in a row, and it wasn't always Hawthorn, and it wasn't always a big loss, but that was a really awful experience. I actually think I've never personally attended a round 1 win. So I'll definitely stay away. But all my thoughts will be on whether the Demons can avoid their infamous 'we got this' attitude.
  4. Melbourne Players Fantasy Value

    Lots to keep an eye on. Several players are in that twilight zone where even if they improve significantly in 'real football' terms, their fantasy/supercoach values might not climb dramatically. For example I'd include Hunt, Nibbler, Lever, Salem, Melksham, Stretch and both McDonalds in that category. Reluctant to take Viney after a flawed preseason. Hesitating about Hibberd because a big part of why his scores climbed so much in 2017 was because he added intercept marking to his game. Now with Lever in to do that as well, our backline looks devastating but the supercoach points look spread out a bit. No points for being part of a super-efficient overall unit! After all the filtering, I'm left with; GAWN, because the risk of needing to use a trade if he breaks down is far smaller than the risk of missing out on the supercoach individual highest scorer for the season. PETRACCA because 'demonstrated improved fitness', 'more midfield time' and 'now 22 years old' are pretty much the fantasy triple treat. BRAYSHAW. because he can go in as a defender and because I believe in him, I really think he can become a premium. Thing to note about his stats history - as far as 'valuable things done per disposal' goes, he is extraordinary. Half the time when he touches it, it is an effective inside 50 or a clearance or a good long kick and so on. Great as a player and gold in supercoach. HOGAN. If he performs at the level of 2015/16 you make an easy $100k profit and then move on. If he lifts to the level we all know he could, particularly with the bonus midfield minutes, then he could be one of the absolute top few supercoach forwards. Keeping an eye on Fritsch and also Hannan. Hannan is a bit like Brayshaw (and Hunt), in that when he gets it, 'valuable' things happen. So a bit more fitness and better whole-game involvement could make him jump price a bit.
  5. AFL Players don't rate any Demons for a breakout year!!

    I'd argue that with Oliver the horse has already bolted. Could also say that after a couple of seasons of 40-goals plus it would take a Coleman for Hogan to have a 'break out' year! Lever in same category as Hogan - already in the top group in the position, so can't really break out. Still, we do have a large number of quality young players that could've been considered. The more I think about it the more I'm surprised no Demons got a mention. Hunt - a bit more fitness and consistent involvement over games is all it would take to make him a highly visible top player. Petracca - we all know the potential for brutal and creative dominance there. Salem - it is all about getting the body right, then we could see a major lift Brayshaw - it is all about getting the body right, then we could see a major lift Throw in Nibbler, Hannan and even the new improved Oscar McDonald, just for fun. Ahhhhh, it is defintiely March now!
  6. Our Versatility

    I have an image burnt in my mind of a set-up with three permanent forwards and five permanent defenders who all spend almost the whole game on field, saving energy by keeping more or less to their areas of responsibility. One ruck and nine 'midfielders' (in the expanded modern definition) share the rest of the on-field space and most of the bench time. I guess it'd work best at a lower level than the full professional, when players don't have time to learn complicated structures and cycles, and where fitness is more variable. But when you have the versatility to mix and match and give a bit of tactical momentum, with a top level professional team you should go for it.
  7. Salem ready to make his mark

    Yes but 'needs to get the hormonal glands in his neck right' just doesn't sound very decisive!
  8. The coaches weren't kidding when they said our team had to be all about versatility. At this rate, Weideman will be our only forward who is just a forward. It is kind of funny though - we spent almost a decade trying to find a replacement for Neitz, we finally get someone capable of being the potent target in attack, and we begin rotating them through the midfield!
  9. Crazy things you’ve done as a Demons supporter

    Funnily enough, I had my first shift at a new job on the day of the 2000 prelim. Must have been something in the air back then. I blame the GST. (Accurately, in fact - it was the reason this place needed extra staff!) Probably the onyl really strange thing to my name is from the late 2005 must-win game against the Bulldogs. I needed a bit of help from a friend to get out of the ground. Totally sober, I'd just injured my gut yelling so much, so was a bit doubled over. Pretty sure security had come over to our section to 'check on' me during that last quarter, since I was tanding on a chair for a fair bit of it. But they wandered off happily enough because they could see I wasn't being obnoxious or drunk. At the end of the 2005 season, on the monday after the disasterous Geelong game, I just wandered down to the junction oval for no particular reason, and just sat around. Funnily enough, and not really unexpected I guess, many players were coming in and out in groups for recovery and end of season debriefs and that sort of thing. IT was a strange, low-key atmosphere. Not miserable at all, there was an air of disappointment mixed with optimism for 2006.
  10. The skill is to do it while facing the other way.
  11. 2017 Player Reviews: # 19 Mitch Hannan

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks Hannan is 'one to watch' for 2018. Not a mega-breakout like Oliver, and wont become prolific in a stats and supercoach sense, but with Watts' departure opening up more 'space' around the forward and half forward area, and two hard working tall marking targets to work with, he can be a priceless extra dimension. That versatile, unpredictable medium-tall forward who can make a contribution in any situation, from offering a lead to a surprise leap to persistent hunting to a mad scamble at the top of the square. Great player to have. Those quick snaps are great fun too.
  12. AFLW: Team of the Week and Coaches Assocation Votes

    Got to respect O'Dea for being in the team of the week again despite not being the super-standout player either week. She simply delivers a really high standard every time.
  13. The timing is the only thing that is anoying me about this. Puts us on the spot to adjust, late in the preseason. But I'm sure the handover within the club will be managed well, team-based planning, all that. For me, I'm just chalking up another mark on the 'signs the AFL HQ are a complete shambles' board.
  14. Tilbrook and Lever

    Lever will probably make the decisive difference between winning and losing a couple of games this season. He'll be a strong contributor in many more. That's how valuable he can be, as the best young player in the game at a role that is perhaps the most critical single position in our game plan. He's an absolutely core part of putting us in genuine premiership contention.
  15. MFC or MFCW Premiership First.......

    Our women's team will crush all before it this year. Our leadership is so superior to any other women's team that the value of experience for all our players will be maximised, as will the habits of the game plan and working as a team. Throw in that it seems we are the fittest AFLW team, and our advantage will just keep growing over the short season. At this point, it would require some combination of bad luck and shameful overconfidence for our women's team to not win this year's premiership. And after last years slip-ups surely they wouldn't get complacent? Surely... As for the men's team. Well, the issue is what is between their ears, not what is between their hips. The talent is there to achieve absolutely anything. But the big variable, the big uncertainty, is just not possible to scutinise from the outside. T'is inscrutable and intangible I say! It simply cannot be scruted or tanged.