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  1. SSM postal vote

    Wrecker, I get that you're trying to paint me as racist. It is not a very nice thing to do. You asked for an explanation and I gave a fairly clear summary of how the situation arose that most developing countries / ex-colony countries have embraced 'traditional values' as an act of seeking continuity with their own heritage, rather than embrace the revolutions of the 'western' tradition which were given such a hypocritical edge by the facts of empire. Nothing I've said is controversial or speculative. It is basic stuff. Level 1 history and anthropology. If, in your mind, that is 'the kind of warped argument I come to expect from leftists' then I might have to start respecting the left a bit more than I usually do. I've accepted that there's simply no prospect of an honest conversation when it comes to you, so I'll be muting you. If you want to keep trolling at me, well, whatever makes you feel big, no trouble for me. If you're looking for a role model when you decide to grow up a bit, I'd suggest ProDee. I think many of his actual opinions roughly align with yours, the difference being that he's generally not a jerk about it. Plus he often has interesting things to say about football, so I can't mute him even if he was a proper git.
  2. 2015 the hottest year on record

  3. SSM postal vote

    As I said, the UN was created at a time when it was not expected that more than a handful of 'non-white' countries would ever exist, let alone have real influence on global politics. The colour of people's skin has only as much to do with the issue as history made it so - liberalism, democracy, and modern citizenship rights were both products of and drivers of the multiple revolutions (intellectual, democratic, economic, social) which transformed the culture and institutions either side of the North Atlantic. That these various transformations also massively increased the material productivity and social mobilisation of the relevant countries meant that expanding empires to dominate the 'pre-revolutionary' parts of the world was so easy that in some places it was close to accidental. That the reforms which occurred in this transformation of society were often deeply flawed (voting rights, segregation, hanging judges, transportation to hard labour in Van Diemen's land, etc) meant that there has always been an edge of cruel hypocrisy to it all. Obviously the sharp end of that hypocrisy was in the imperial territories, which has had the tragic double consequence that not only were those societies excluded from modern civil rights and democracy during the period of empire, but in the eyes of all the conquered peoples the entire concept of liberal democracy was tainted and made to look like an elitist scam. That the elitism and exclusion was explicitly 'white over coloured' is how the distrust of liberal-democratic values came to be so thoroughly established in 'non-white' societies, and is clearly a major reason that values of personal liberty, citizenship and human rights and so forth have had so much difficulty getting traction when pushing against the conservative and reactionary elements in ex-colony countries. And easy enough to see why - how can you tell a people that you insulted, exploited and excluded that 'oh, now we believe in respect and inclusion'. So, it is all tragic, and you can see where they are coming from. But that doesn't change the fact that same-sex relationships are still criminal in a very large portion of the world, and that in many other parts (Indonesia and Egypt being the most fresh examples) it may not be specifically against the law, but any of a variety of other laws can be put to use imprisoning and humiliating same-sex attracted people. So, I hope that helps answer your question. The short version is - The connection between 'brown people' and intolerance is born of the fact that 'brown people' were excluded from the progress of tolerance for about two centuries. It is not because they are brown, but because of how they were treated because they are brown.
  4. SSM postal vote

    Ha! ok, um. The United Nations is becoming a bit of a crapshuffle because when it was created nobody imagined that the backward pre-modern brown people would ever have their own nations. So now you can grit your teeth and stand up for the deep values of freedom even when you don't like he people getting it, or You can blame the whole thing on the radical lefties who let the brown people out of their cage, close your curtains and have a cry-[censored] in the dark.
  5. Hannah Mouncey

    Tragically, women have been getting faster and you're getting slower! Difference between men's and women's 1500m record is now 24 seconds, about 11%. Pretty good value for money, I'd say.
  6. SSM postal vote

    The UN's integrity on a variety of issues is being undermined by the unanticipated rise of multi-polar geopolitics and the conflicting interests and cultural demands of new and powerful blocks. You can react to that two main ways. Actually stand up for the civil rights culture, reaffirm equality before the law and accept the reality of a free society where the quality of relationships, whether personal, political or business, is measured by the quality of informed consent. Or, Package the problem into a bundle of secret world government conspiracy theories which you can wave around to create a smokescreen for your own objections to making liberal democratic values a reality.
  7. Hannah Mouncey

    Dear oh dear, pull the broom out. I dunno why you're so obsessed and upset, but please try to lighten up.
  8. This. For everyone (and I think it is just about everyone?) who has been irritated by the 'just more talk, when will we see action' pattern regarding the club's consistency issues, well, here you go, that's what action looks like.
  9. 29, 31, 36 and 47. In Jason Taylor we trust. Anyway, Lever is a player we'd be thrilled to get with a top 3 pick, so we're done just fine from this trade period. I'd argue that aside from finding an ready-to-crash-in back-up ruck (are there any mature age worth grabbing?) Taylor has the luxury of just picking whoever he thinks might turn out alright. I'd like to see some more 'exciting athletic gifts' around the place, even if a little flawed. Someone for McCartney to work on, get the kicking to an acceptable level. Petrucelle, Sambono, that sort of player. Bring 'em all in, let them have fun dashing around at Casey while they tidy up the flaws, our list is now strong enough to experiment without putting super pressure on. We have the right picks to go collecting for that type, too.
  10. Hannah Mouncey

    Jack Viney had to be cautioned and then moved to higher levels of junior football because his natural biological advantages (being a Viney) made him too hard for the other kids to deal with. But I'm not going to call being a Viney a mental disorder.
  11. This is your Captain speaking...

    Pilots hats without either a suit with shoulder pads or a shirt with epaulettes will make anyone look like a 6 year old playing dress-ups. Still 10% off business class flights is the same discount value as flying economy for free. Or that's what my guide to modern consumerism says!
  12. SSM postal vote

    To the Gulag with you, filthy capitalist running dog lackey! May all who oppose us, be crushed under the heel of... um... equal legal status as citizens. Bwaaaa ha ha ha quake in fear your doom is at hand! But seriously, it is perhaps just a little ironic that people raise the specter of brutal repression by the gaystapo or whatever silly name they give it this week. When if you look at a global map of where law has been updated to include SSM, you'll basically find 'human rights and citizenship based democracies' in one colour and 'the full range of every type of repressive regime you can imagine' in the other. Reminded of an Orwell quote, one which barely needs to be updated, just change the names. “When one thinks of all the people who support or have supported Fascism, one stands amazed at their diversity. What a crew! Think of a programme which at any rate for a while could bring Hitler, Petain, Montagu Norman, Pavelitch, William Randolph Hearst, Streicher, Buchman, Ezra Pound, Juan March, Cocteau, Thyssen, Father Coughlin, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Arnold Lunn, Antonescu, Spengler, Beverley Nichols, Lady Houston, and Marinetti all into the same boat! But the clue is really very simple. They are all people with something to lose, or people who long for a hierarchical society and dread the prospect of a world of free and equal human beings."
  13. Trade rumours

    Fair point, it is a big chunk of money. I figured it would be the alternative to agreeing to pay a share of Watts' contract. (Though that detail still isn't publicly confirmed as far as I'm aware)
  14. Trade rumours

    Interesting that we didn't target Matthew Lobbe from Port as a reserve ruck and freebie bonus to make the Watts trade look a little better value. Meanwhile, Adelaide have effectively traded Lever for Gibbs. Obviously the Crows are looking for another bite at the Grand Final, so different circumstances. But I'd be really irritated if the Demons had given up that much for Gibbs, and I'm a big fan. Another way to look at it; at the same price, we gained our likely best tall defender, aged 21, while the Crows gained an equivalent quality midfielder, aged 28.
  15. Hannah Mouncey

    Just for reference, here's the formal classification which has been around for quite some decades and has not been controversial among psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and any other relevant discipline that actually took an interest in these things before they became a massive political crapshoot - Biological sex Male/female - is biologically of the relevant sex, as determined by chromosomes, reproductive organs and prevalent hormone ranges. Social gender Man/woman, boy/girl, nanna/poppa, [censored]/stud etc - identifies as the relevant gender, and/or is identified/accepted by society as being the relevant gender. Caveats: The biological sex categorisation is mostly straightforward, though has the rare but significant problems of biological anomalies such as hermaphrodites, variable gene expression (ye olde genotype v phenotype) and incomplete genital formation (eg for very premature babies) causing apparent sex at birth to not actually match the underlying XY and all that jazz. There have been some really tragic cases where doctors have made the decision at birth on what the newborn appears most likely to be, have 'adjusted' the problem, and then some 12 years later it is off to hospital because little Jimmy just had his first period, or little Jenny's balls start trying to drop. But generally, biological sex is pretty easy. The social gender categorisation is as complicated as a given society makes it. It is worth noting that the definition of 'manly' and 'womanly' has changed radically in the last half century and was already changing before that, and not in a linear progression. Consider this - in a society where there were no standard expectations of what a man or woman (or boy or girl) will behave like, be good at, wear, or how they will present themselves, then the transgender phenomenon would be basically redundant. I'm not saying that just to be flippant, I'm just trying to illustrate that there has already been great change in what 'gender' means. It also varies from country to country, and again it is not some linear progress from 'Queen Victoria and her proper ladies and gentlemen' to 'anything goes'. Good example is Russia, where the pressure on women to be attractive, glamorous, and conform to 'feminine' behaviours in personal relationships is very strong compared to Australia, but where women are engaged in engineering, mathematics, IT and physics almost on parity with men, again in contrast to Australia, but this time in the 'other direction'. You'd get the same definition of biological sex in both Russia and Australia, but the understanding of what social gender means and how it should affect people's roles and behaviours has real differences. That's generally what the academics are referring to when they talk about '60+ identifiable genders', though frankly they are having a bit of a [Damien Barret] when they do that. As an anthropologist by background, I enjoy a good laugh at sociologists' obsession with trying to look more sciencey by putting everything into categories and attaching numbers. So, clarifying my earlier comment. I'm perfectly happy for Hannah to identify and be accepted as whatever social gender feels right. It really isn't causing anyone any harm. But on the other hand, in a sports context, especially one with the type of physical demands as Australian Football, biological sex does play a meaningful part. Until such time as competition is actually mixed-sex (which at the top professional level seems a fantasy) then I do believe it is acceptable for the AFL to have the male/female competitions be aligned with biological sex. Having said that, if Hannah had been able to access treatment from a young enough age, then original biological sex can be 'masked' so thoroughly that the issue would be, um, neutered? But that's opening the can of worms of 'how early is it appropriate to act upon body dysphoria/transgender identification', and that I've got no answers for. Anyway, maybe this has been helpful for a few people who have been jammed out of the debate because of the sometimes stupid-sounding terminology.