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  1. Well, not so much truth hurts as knee-jerk hurts, if you're standint oo close to the person who knee-jerks.
  2. Midfield Rotation Pact

    I think it is particularly effective in that all three are just 'not quite normal' in how they go about it, and in different ways, too.
  3. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    By all the pagan deities of football, I swear it wasn't just you. There's something profound going on there. The one time, the ONE time I don't take a moment to mock Bugg for his terrible kicking, what happens? Uncanny, like deep down he knew the exact moment he had earned the let-off, so he knew he had to fluff the kick to keep his identity secure.
  4. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    All between the ears. I feel like we might come out in the proper 'hunting' mood where we lift for opponents we are inspired by. Which is ok, since last week we didn't have the traditional lapse against an opponent we 'should' beat. Hunt the best, professionally dispose of the others, that'd keep me happy. Most important thing to see - a bit of steely determination to hold the line when things turn against us. I do feel like we can win, which is nice.
  5. "Lapse or Lethal Dees"

    Fair enough. My disllike/disrespect for King is obviously a touch flippant and King isn't a moron - I daresay I'm mostly annoyed by the whole scheme of what he's paid to do is to mostly state the obvious. But wait! Why am I stepping back!? This is the 21st century after all! David King's undermining of Neeld's coaching legitimacy was the crack that ruined our young teams cohesion! Neeld was forcing through a new level of professionalism and commitment that the lazy and casual players at the club were looking to avoid, and they used King's media role as a backchannel to put the pressure back on the coach instead of them! Our entire 'second failure' period is actually the Fault of David King personally! (in need of a sarcasm font for that bit, I always like backwards italics as an option, please return to normal program)
  6. "Lapse or Lethal Dees"

    King's ability to see what other can't and provide insight that is ahead of the moment is amazing. Or not. I guess sometimes he does see things other people don't, in so far as he sees things which aren't there!
  7. Dees article in The Guardian.

    McCartin: "Drafted Riewoldt, got Koschitzke". This thread is starting to feel like we drafted Schadenfreude.
  8. Dees article in The Guardian.

    For a moment they had progress from youth at the same time as getting sterling service from the veterans. Their 2013 crop of Billings, Dunstan, Acres and Weller were reaching maturity and giving an impression of a wave of respectable footballers came through at the same time as their game-shaping champs in Riewoldt and Montanga were still doing well. Unfortunately, just as the veterans were no longer available, the supply of good kids coming in thinned right out. It's been sparse, not outright dead but sparse, at the draft for St Kilda for the last few years. You have to feel for those 22-24 year olds in the team who now find they are shouldering the responsibility, instead of exploring their potential. It is all too familiar, but a shudder going right through me when I think... it could be even worse for the Saints than it was for us. The simplest comparison would be Jack Steven to Nathan Jones. Steven is only a couple of years younger than Jones and he is now -entering- the worst of it while Jones is (touch wood) coming out of it. Anyway, we appear to have assembled a serious team of serious footballers who believe in eachother and what they are doing. What's the opposite of a shudder?
  9. Clarry's goal

    For a young gun kid to cope adequately with a hard tag all day, and nail a few goals as well, is a really big step. Learning to deal with tags without having to go through too much of the experience of being successfully shut down would be a big confidence boost that lasts a career. Also, I've kind of given up on TV commentary, I run the radio through the laptop if I'm watching a game on TV. That way I even have a choice of about three or four commentators. None exceptional but all better than the TV hoopla-razzle-dazzle-[censored]fest. I'm also really happy for Picket Fence, who finally got to see the club draft a player with the exact specifications he has longed for over many years, AND then see that player be an absolute gun right from the start.
  10. Best of 3 Grand Final

    I'm going to propose a whole new concept in keeping with the modern times of flair and excitment. A series of four high-intensity short games (approximately 30 minutes) played over a saturday afternoon, where the final winner is decided based on aggregate scoring across all four games. But I'm just being silly, the AFL would never go for it... unless... you could arrange for separate ticketing for each of the four 'games'.
  11. The last time they met

    That was the hardest part of last week. Just as I began thinking 'yes, finally, a game where we will really romp it in' the players started thinking it too. I just want to see us dish out one good thumping, just for the refreshment, and as a bit of punctuation to this long slow story of recovery.
  12. Changes v North Melbourne

    In the end the main thing that matters is whole-game effort, which is mostly between the ears so very hard to select for. I'm agreeing more and more with the 'Frost in' comments, an extra, very mobile tall is needed. Hopefully that resets the defensive roles to get the most out of Lever. Lots of mids and sort-of-mids who aren't quite delivering. Vince has a question mark on him for sure. With Melksham playing his role so well, I don't see a need for Bugg even if he were in ok form. My overall feeling is that a couple of underperforming mid-flankers need to be dropped to allow an extra 'true' mid (that'd be Brayshaw, to my mind) to come in. Bit of a shuffle really - one extra right int he middle and someone falls off the side of the boat. Oliver is being a beast in there but after Jones there isn't enough support. Bugg, Vince out. Frost, Brayshaw in.
  13. 3 Good Things v Brisbane

    1. Unlike other times where we have dozed off mid-game, this time when we woke up again we actually hit back instead of merely rebalancing. 2. Hogan has now played one good and one very good game to start the season, and is getting rewarded for work rate. 3. When we are at full intensity, we seem to be incredibly hard to score against and very capable of cutting off play and rebounding decisively. Honorable mention to Garlett for being the proverbial 'small forward you need to have' when nothing is coming easy.
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 2

    Do this against Geelong, lose by a kick... I'm seriously considering compiling a series of all the 'score worms' from Melbourne games, to show all of our collected snooze sessions.
  15. GAMEDAY - Round 2

    Well, the weekly snooze is on, this time third quarter. But we -seem- to be weathering it ok, not being punished too much yet.