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  1. Port Closer than Dees to a Flag says Jack Watts

    Obviously just the 'ceremonial' article that has to come out every time a recognisable player changes clubs, can't see anything much to it although it does open up all kinds of cheap whipping for Watts - I think I'll go for the "what he means to say is, there are more players here who can carry me to a premiership". But, this has all left me wondering, just philosophically, which is 'closer' to success? a) a team featuring a significant collection of stars, but where many seem to have reached their limit. b) a team featuring a significant collection of potential stars, some of whom will realise their potential and some who wont. It gets a little more complicated doing the direct, real comparison of Port and Melbourne, since both teams made such important changes in the trade period. What will Motlop and Watts do in a team already filled with 'mercurial' 'creative' 'inconsistent' players? Will Rockliff make a dramatic difference in their midfield or will it turn out his time at Brisbane was a bit like Moloney was back at Melbourne, having a excessive apparent impact because he forced the clearance group to work around him? Of course, in contrast, we know exactly what effect Lever will have at Melbourne. Our defence will reshuffle so that every player back there can now play to all their strengths without being over-exposed for their weaknesses (Oscar's job simplified, Nev not being outsized so often, Hibberd and Hunt getting even more opportunities for fast breaks from intercept marks), with the result of at least three All-Australian selections. I will say one thing - Port should be a seriously entertaining team to watch in 2018, complete with the excitement of having no idea how they will go in any given game or quarter! On the other hand, Melbourne might not be so constantly exciting, but I'll be fine with that on the days where we just completely control games.
  2. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    I'm really happy for him, his 2017 went better than probably even he had hoped for, let alone expected. He's not a star and wont even be that good, but I expect he will be a good contributor for a long time. A player type I really like because there's not so much fanfare and they form the less obvious core of a team's culture. Plus, they contribute more value than the salary cap space they take up! I little bit neater with the disposals and he' becomes genuine high quality, and given his attitude and progress over time it is a reasonable thing to hope for.
  3. Not the Youngest/Least Experienced Anymore ...

    "Only one stat matter, games won" Tell that to Adelaide. And I mean that in more than just the 'ha ha they lost the final' sense. Their premiership years of 97/98 each featured just 13 wins in the home and away season. They've equaled or passed that mark ten times since then, including two minor premierships. St Kilda might also point out they had a 20-2 home and away record in 2009... and only lost 1 final. And now Nick Reiwoldt is just a regular retired great, instead of being the greatest hero in St Kilda's history. Even Geelong might pull a stool over and pour a beer to tell you about the 1990s, or indeed, the one that got away, when they won 23 games and only lost two for the whole of 2009... and now instead of them, Hawthorn is considered the greatest team of this century. I suppose I am just echoing a point that Paul Roos made an awful lot of times - there's no point climbing up the ladder a bit if you haven't laid the foundations of a team ethos that will win under pressure and will follow the plan first, last and always. Again, Geelong will tell you the difference between getting good wins and looking impressive (to, say 2006) and forming a hardened culture that is determined to do the things it takes to really win when it counts.
  4. Not the Youngest/Least Experienced Anymore ...

    Strangely enough we're not statistically any older than the 2017 list, but that list included a number of veteran player who never really took the field (Lumumba, Garland, Spencer, come to mind). Based on this article from the AFL website, in December 2016, our figures were; Age: 23 yrs, 233days (so approx 100 days difference) Games: 58 (meaning we've actually gone down by this measure very slightly) I do think that this is also one of the situations where simple averages are very low value. For example, Vince and Lewis together have played 500 games, or 20% of our total. Either one of them retiring would have put us on the bottom of the experience ladder. But the same could be said for many clubs. You can do something similar with age, though not as dramatic because the count ranges from 18 to 35, not zero to 400! But with age there is also the question of how to interpret mature rookies like Smith (26) and Maynard (26) and and late bloomers like VanDenBerg (25) and Wagner (23). Again it will be a subtlety affecting many clubs. If I were writing an article comparing age and experience of AFL teams, I'd look at 'players who should be in their prime' (100 games +) and players for whom age is beginning to work against them (say, 28+). You could then throw in a look at the next generation, by assessing 'players with less than 100 games who are already confirmed AFL-quality', and finally just a quick count of 'untested kids in the system' Those four points together would give you an idea of what is actually going on at each club. The averages are pretty meaningless.
  5. Colin Sylvia

    I think "both and all of 'em" covers it.
  6. One final trade

    A rare 'actual journalist' in football, and I respect her for that. BUT There's always going to be an element of distaste for the way she would build up some really serious vendettas, making things her personal crusade. Gotta take the good with the bad, at least she's not one of the mass of dribbling idiots who contribute absolutely nothing to the 'football discourse'. Even disagreeing with Wilson, at least there's something there to bother disagreeing with.
  7. Crystal Ball 2018: Predictions for next season

    Demons Top-4 Finish. Build on 'good' first 2/3rds of the year and then a win streak going into finals, a bit like 2000, actually. Multiple All-Australian selections in defence, with Lever, Hibberd and Jetta all making the 40-player squad. Describing our group of midfielders/forwards as "difficult to match up on" becomes one of the top cliches of the season. Hogan on the one hand proves himself the team player doing hard work to create links and disrupt defences, but on the other hand there are a few occassions, just here and there, where he takes personal control and smashes games off his own boot. Weidemann will be in and out of the team in bursts until late in the season when things will start to click. Wont set the world on fire but will be a competent tall forward. Our new recruits will mostly be at Casey (bold prediction I know) but a couple will get a really promising taste of AFL in their first year. "Melbourne's Depth is becoming amazing" will be another cliche we hear a lot. Non-MFC; Lever and Gibbs will be the 'recruits of the year' from trades, Port will continue to levitate in the 'also attended finals' category without really scaring anyone. Overall, the top end of the ladder hosts a set of really exciting teams and the dominant game style is shaped by rigorous defence combined with a scattering of stars that break games open. There are going to be a LOT of clubs just doing 'ok' without really mattering.
  8. Not having first round picks fro a while, and having traded out a lot of early second round picks too, does feel a bit weird. But with Hibberd's effort and Melksham's improvement we seem to be getting good value for those picks. Lever's progress will be fascinating to watch but there's no doubt he was worth a first rounder plus a downgrade, just a question of whether the downgrade amount was too much. If we end up with 2 All-Australian defenders in our list thanks to trades, I wont complain about a shortage of draft picks. Especially when we seem to have a recruiting team with a talent for finding respectable late-pick players.
  9. Charlie Constable

    Well, between Fogarty and Constable, either Geelong are wiser than everyone else or they've not been paying attention to detail.
  10. Are we getting complacent?

    Complacent comschmacent, pfft. Going into the draft I would've said the only real deficiencies in our list as far as 'roles' go was having a bit more spark going into attack from the midfield and a bit more speed and unpredictability in general. Fritsch, Spargo and Baker are clearly a collective match for exactly that hope. With Petty, I am very happy to add another competent tall defender to the mix - despite us having a few and despite the fact I am on the optimist's side with Oscar McDonald, it is still an area I don't have huge confidence in. Aside from bringing in a ready-made mature ruck support, I don't know if we could've targeted out needs much better.
  11. DRAFT DAY 2017

    MFCSS innoculation time - Fremantle's long-term planning to get Jesse Hogan takes a big step, taking Angus Brayshaw's brother at pick 2 with a view to trading him to us as part of a package in 2020.
  12. SEN's List Manager dissects our List

    I double checked it, yep. Not only did he kick a goal in every game from round 12 on, but he kicked 2 goals or 3 goals three times each! 21 goals in 12 games is a pretty handy contribution!
  13. Decoding the draft

    And the traditional "Great mark for his size" means "can't play midfield and too short to be a forward". "A great trainer" means "can't actually play". "Not at all worried about the go-home factor" means "we hope we can get a better pick for him in about two years".
  14. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    I heard he was going to star as the lead in a remake of 'Robin Hood: Men in tights'. That'll hurt us.
  15. NAB Draft - Closest the Pin

    I'm gonna guess that our list team will go for speed and unpredictability, backing their system to smooth out some (yes, significant) issues. None of these kids will be expected to be holding down a best 22 spot right away, that's for sure. Not really in a particular order, here are my utter guesses/wishes. Charlie Spargo Adam Sambono Jack Petrucelle Bailey Fritch, Frisht, Fritters, Fished, Fish'nChips. And, as a bonus, if Spargo doesn't slide far enough then the group moves up a slot and we get Hamish Brayshaw late.