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  1. When Riewoldt went down with the knee (touch wood it isn't too bad), was anyone else reminded of back in 2005 when we crushed Richmond and Nathan Brown snapped his leg? This game could have as much impact on St Kilda as that had on Richmond. Meanwhile... how eerie was it. The goal after goal just keeping on coming. The commentators having to pick up the speed when Melbourne had the ball. This is also easily our best first round result since, coincidentally with that Richmond game, 2005.
  2. Ah well, the traditional Demon 'dying fish flapping around' 15 minute act for the second half of the first quarter. A lot of our young guns seem to be having a bit of trouble getting involved - Brayhsaw, Hunt, Viney, Petracca, Salem all a bit 'low-impact' at present. Bit of a worry that Gawn is accumulating hit-outs at will, but we aren't seeing any advantage in clearances. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Watts needs to lift from here...
  3. Well, I guess Jetta will prefer matching up on either of them than McCartin!
  4. I just realised that this is the first time in more than a decade where our opponent has had more Jacks on the field than us. End of an era.
  5. Yes, we really need more fan influence. At first, all that can be demanded is transparency. The fans are being kept in the dark precisely so they can't influence decisions. It also allows this awful situation of 'rule by decree' from the AFL HQ, where they just make whatever decision seems expedient to their goals at the time, then adjust the rule interpretations later, resulting in a mad complex mess of on-field and off-field rules full of contradictions. Every bad situation the AFL has experienced in the last ten years would have been eased a bit with just a little bit of decent transparency and even standard corporate good governance.
  6. For anyone unable to watch, get radio, or the AFL website, and now even footywiere stuffing up - Richmond are winning comfortably at the moment, 83-46, but only because Carlton can't be bothered getting numbers to contests consistently, or getting numbers back to cover the turnover breaks, or getting to the fall of the ball in marking contests. Second half has just started, and the first few minutes sum up the game in total. Carlton let Nankervis loose about 10 out, but the Tigers bollocksed the handball. Carlton would have whipped it to the other end of the ground except they didn't offer any leads to get out of defensive 50, now it has come back to Riewoldt who kicked the goal, which traditionally means the game is over. (anyone else noticed that Jack Riewoldt only kicks goals when they don't matter anymore?)
  7. I put these two together posts in my head and got a really uncomfortable creepy result.
  8. Try "You can see why our players didn't take you guys seriously last year"
  9. It's definitely having a bad night. In a pinch, you can track scores/stats at
  10. That's a quality six. As a footballer, Lily Mithen is fast closing in on Daisy Pearce as a favourite player. Daisy is a better commentator though. I think Lily will be the benchmark among midfielders out of that first young crop who get to play most of their career professionally.
  11. Tell you what, we've been left in no doubt about Goodwin's attacking game plan. Jetta in makes me happy, Hannan is a surprise good luck to the kid, may he kick goals with his first three kicks. Joel Smith is in for a serious introduction, likely to be the desperate drop-back tall trying to cover when the midfield cracks. And that's the game there - we've gone quite small in defence compared to the Saints forwards, just completely double-down on 'we will run and kill them all over the ground, and to hell with the occasional easy goal out the back'. Still mean's sometimes Jetta will be on Bruce, giving away a handy 17cm. Good luck to Nibbler and Weed. And good luck to Garlett's leg muscles collectively. Let's kick 25 goals and send the rest of the league into a cold sweat!
  12. For me, it's Essendon and Carlton. These two clubs have been at a disproportionate share of our important moments in the last 20 years, right from the 2000 finals to the 2016 shock losses. I'll come back and edit this post later with a listing of the significant moments.
  13. Yep. Most likely to go, and also go to other games. Most likely to take out a membership. Most likely to still turn up even during a rubbish season. This has all been backed up by 'the data' (surveys, attendences, membership tallies etc) for many years, nice that it is now getting some recognition. Will make knocking over the 'franchise' Giants in this years grand final all the sweeter!
  14. But handy for F/S selectinos in future drafts.