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  1. Little Goffy

    New Leadership Group includes Jetta

    It's like the character selection from some kind of online role-playing game. "Here are four options, choose which kind of hero you would like to be"
  2. Little Goffy

    The Bearded Jaffle

    So the service is great, expect that they keep giving first bite to the midfielders. Boom-tish. (Is everyone glad I'm back from holidays?)
  3. Little Goffy

    Every list rated for this year and the future

    Lists 6 midfielders including three rotating not-full-time mids (Salem, Nibbler, Petracca) but managed to overlook Harmes who played the final third of the season as a crucial part of our midfield mix... makes me hesitate a little when considering this evaluation. Reading the full article, a flag goes up for me in that he has continuously used the very amateur habit of running off half a dozen impressive names and using that as an alternative to real analysis. I think of it as the "Carlton supporter's list analysis" because for about the last decade, at any time, anyone supporting Carlton could have done that kind of 'analysis' and come away thinking 'yeah, we're really building'.
  4. Little Goffy

    King: Oliver better than Cripps & Bont

    Aye and doesn't that new arrangement make having stars a whole lot more fun?
  5. Little Goffy

    Richmond membership banner ads on Demonland

    I for one am perfectly happy for Richmond to subsidize Demonland. Personally I find Richmond quite ignorable.
  6. Little Goffy

    May Hamstring Injury Confirmed (8/2/19)

    Out for 'X' weeks, apparently.
  7. Little Goffy

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    Round 1 had a pattern of delivering some of the most miserable moments during our most miserable period, so I'm still a little wary of it. But... on the one hand I'm much more confident in our team's ability, and on the other hand I'm much more confident that our team has the resilience to carry on with a strong season even if we do stuff up round 1. It is a bit like, I'm looking forward to round one as a big deal, but only because it is the start of the season, not because I feel like it is any particularly crucial, tone-setting game.
  8. Little Goffy

    Tomas Bugg Announces Retirement

    Wow, not content with just a player, Bugg has gone on to totally blindside an entire club in one go! As for the weirdos here who are getting into some kind of hatewank session about the girl, get some dignity you creeps.
  9. I'd argue that it is something for players to decide for themselves, and the choices they make will and should be reflected in their contracts. "Great player, huge natural talent, constantly re-injured because has no drinking discipline during recovery from surgery". "Great player, huge natural talent, can't rack up midfield minutes because like fried food a bit much" I mean, realistically, Petracca for example would be earning a lot more by now if he handn't pranged himself playing (basketball, I think?), Sam Blease's career might have been a whole different deal without that nasty break playing schoolyard kick to kick. Of course, there are also players who have missed half a season after slipping in the bathtub or tripping on a fence cable. It is all increments of risk with a huge grey area. Long story short: Players can make decisions about their off-field behaviour and risks they are willing to take based on their own understanding and comfort, clubs should educate and encourage good decision-making, some stupid risks can legitimately be ruled out, and in the end it all shapes what a player is worth to a club.
  10. Little Goffy

    Laughing at the Pies.....

    First video is a work of understated comedy genius.
  11. Little Goffy

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    I think the 'grace when losing' comments were more about not being a pack of sooking 4rseh01e3 who act like they've been cheated out of something they are entitled to. To put it another way, 'external' grace when losing. Being decent human beings and all that. Which Hawthorn have defintely lost sight of. Internally, no doubt they take losses hard, but most importantly they turn them into a guide for what to improve. It is curious, the two personalities of the Hawthorn football club, especially when you look at it from the concept of psychological 'locus of control' - the idea of how much you see your life as being under your control, versus how much you believe things beyond your control will decide things. Ha! I just realised, Richmond at their worst had a complete reversal of Hawthorn's split internal/external identity. All their players and coaches had too much belief that things were either going to happen 'naturally' or were beyond control, such as draft picks maturing and the predestined super-list stomping along. Meanwhile, the external, all their supporters and coterie people and the like, believed that they could change it all, hence the constant uprisings and interferences. So what do we learn from this? As supporters we have to accept that we only have a small effect on results, but we must always make sure the players and coaches know that fate is in their own hands.
  12. Little Goffy

    Aaron Davey/Maroochydore Training Camp

    But also, if Davey could get our entire team kicking the way he could, it would just be magical to watch. We could play the Blue Danube from the speakers all game and it wouldn't match the grace.
  13. Little Goffy

    Aaron Davey/Maroochydore Training Camp

    Yeah, I get a bit annoyed about whole separate streams of development and 'special programs' and the like in a lot of situations, but this is one where it makes sense. And importantly, has a sunset to it - once it succeeds in the goal of normalising the idea of Indigenous people being coaches, it'll wind down naturally. In a professional community as small as AFL-level coaching, personal contacts make all the different. Because of the legacy of separation, because of the competing priority of supporting your community (e.g. Neville Jetta) and because many indigenous players emerge from comparatively remote places (the article notes "... trips to the Northern Territory, Cairns and regional Western Australia to target those who typically aren't exposed to leading coaching strategies "), the direct personal connections aren't going to be as strong. Plus, somehow still, there are little bits of creeping racism which can really stink up efforts at networking. Networking is particularly vulnerable to pissy little low-key racist exclusion. All it takes is just a couple of soft-racist types to do some moaning about how "such-and-such is only getting an interview because we want to look politically correct" or "that guy is only at this event to make up the diversity numbers" and an Indigenous prospective coach is having their credibility and worthiness questioned by people who would otherwise not blink at giving them a chance. Even quite earnestly not-racist people can be influenced by the grumbling of someone they respect, particularly because the actual racial motive might be all but invisible, so to anyone listening it just sounds like a colleague making an honest observation. So that's the lay of the land, but with the momentum for change now, through the likes of Davey and Whelan and Jetta, it really should just be a matter of time. I'd understand if you still find it irritating, but at least take comfort knowing it is a temporary effort that'll just straight-out solve this particular problem in the long run.
  14. Little Goffy

    Mark Neeld

    Wow. People forgave Denis Pagan faster than they are letting go of the hate for Neeld. It is starting to get a bit cringeworthy.
  15. Little Goffy

    Does Height matter that much?

    Not everyone can be Neville Jetta. For us mere mortals it gets much harder to spoil or outmark an opponent if you're giving away 20cms. Thing about the base numbers of tall players on our list, sure we have fewer in total but we have the 'set' required to get the match-ups on a given day. Especially in defence, Lever, May, OMc, and Frost give us 4 defensive tall options of varying but acceptable quality. Smith and Hibberd both play a little taller than their height but are not at the Jetta level for that and aren't really set for directly managing true tall forwards. Forward line is an interesting one in that while we only have a couple of 'true' talls up there in TMc and Weidemann, we've actually got a tody collection of mobile tall forwards just uner that 190cm mark, including Hanna, Fritsch, Brayshaw, Vandenberg, and oliver when he slides forward. But, just two genuine rucks on a list is a little bit scary, even if one is the best ruck of all time and the other is a proper workhorse. So overall, except for ruck exposure to injury (TOUUUCHHH WOOOOD), I'd say we have enough height to match up relevant positions, especially in defence where you can't give away too much height without being punished. Up forward we set the agenda because (at least in theory) we are the ones sending the ball in and we can deliver it to suit what we've got up there. I'd hate to be an opposition coach going into a game with a bunch of big defenders if they are going to spend all day chasing around our mobile formation.