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  1. Little Goffy

    Does Height matter that much?

    Not everyone can be Neville Jetta. For us mere mortals it gets much harder to spoil or outmark an opponent if you're giving away 20cms. Thing about the base numbers of tall players on our list, sure we have fewer in total but we have the 'set' required to get the match-ups on a given day. Especially in defence, Lever, May, OMc, and Frost give us 4 defensive tall options of varying but acceptable quality. Smith and Hibberd both play a little taller than their height but are not at the Jetta level for that and aren't really set for directly managing true tall forwards. Forward line is an interesting one in that while we only have a couple of 'true' talls up there in TMc and Weidemann, we've actually got a tody collection of mobile tall forwards just uner that 190cm mark, including Hanna, Fritsch, Brayshaw, Vandenberg, and oliver when he slides forward. But, just two genuine rucks on a list is a little bit scary, even if one is the best ruck of all time and the other is a proper workhorse. So overall, except for ruck exposure to injury (TOUUUCHHH WOOOOD), I'd say we have enough height to match up relevant positions, especially in defence where you can't give away too much height without being punished. Up forward we set the agenda because (at least in theory) we are the ones sending the ball in and we can deliver it to suit what we've got up there. I'd hate to be an opposition coach going into a game with a bunch of big defenders if they are going to spend all day chasing around our mobile formation.
  2. Little Goffy

    Peak Petracca

    Curious thing about Petracca, agains the flow of the usual 'young kid' story, is his consistency. 16 games this season fell in the 19-24 disposals range. Also worth noting that, just by a glance at the numbers, he got significantly fewer touches in losses than in wins. Now the haters and the fluffers can have a whole new round of debating whether that is because of poor attitude or a consequence of the role he plays.
  3. Little Goffy

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    In 2018, Essendon had about 70,000 higher total attendance at home games than Melbourne did. For the effect of the Darwin and Alice Springs games, knock 40,000 off (crowds being 26,000 instead of 6,000 is a fair enough call I'd say) Counted that way, the difference is about 5%, ignore that effect, the difference is still only about 10%. Essendon ain't what it used to be. Seems like, for some reason, a layer of their support may have been brushed off by accident. And Melbourne are a lot more fun to watch, too.
  4. Little Goffy

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    For discussion's sake and as a quick reference, here are afl.com and foxsports projected best 22 for the cheat club. afl.com B: Conor McKenna, Michael Hurley, Marty Gleeson HB: Aaron Francis, Cale Hooker, Adam Saad 😄 David Zaharakis, Dyson Heppell, Andrew McGrath HF: Orazio Fantasia, Shaun McKernan, Devon Smith F: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Joe Daniher, Jake Stringer FOLL: Tom Bellchambers, Zach Merrett, Dylan Shiel I/C: Darcy Parish, Kyle Langford, Patrick Ambrose, David Myers foxsports B: M.Baguley, M.Hurley, A.McGrath HB: A.Saad, A.Francis, C.McKenna 😄 K.Langford, Z.Merrett, D.Heppell HF: J.Stringer, C.Hooker, O.Fantasia F: A.McDonald-Tipungwuti, J.Daniher, D.Smith FOL: T.Bellchambers, D.Zaharakis, D.Shiel I/C: D.Parish, J.Laverde, J.Stewart, D.Myers I'm now officially declaring Essendon to beat a team packed ful of pretty good but definitely over-rated players. End to end, it is the defining feature of every line.
  5. Little Goffy

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    That May change now. I've got to add my voice to the collective bewilderment that Essendon are clearly being spruiked by the AFL as media darlings and next year's feel-good story, as if this season's throat-gargling commentary on them wasn't bad enough. Adding tangible commercial benefit to that is just an insult to the several honest struggling clubs. They cheated, systematically, and actedlike the victims of a conspiracy when it was uncovered. I'm not a football sadist, I have a natural sympathy for clubs when they are struggling, but I would savour every moment if the Demons put on a show and crushed Essendon to the tune of 20-goals. Hell, I'd savour it no matter who crushed them. In fact, I would have long term more positive feelings about any club that put a boot in Essendon.
  6. Little Goffy

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Colin Syliva, RIP, gave me one of the most sublime football moments I've ever seen. There was a long high ball coming forward towards an already-formed pack, which was scrambling and scuffling all over the place. Syliva was perfectly positioned, got a clean run right into that pack and was the only player with complete concentration on the ball. The mark itself wasn't even that spectacular, but there was the grace of a shark swimming through fish. And because he was so perfectly set up and so clearly the most alert to the flight of the ball, it was obvious what was about to happen, long before it happened. A moment of football perfection. Must have been a decade ago but I still remember it vividly. Which probably means it will be with me permanently. Thoughts for his family and friends. He will be rememebered.
  7. Little Goffy

    Trengove to Debut for Port

    That's two full Michael Newtons! (Scientific abbreiation Mn) Although, the Mn officially refers to time spent on a list without making regular appearances in the senior side. So Trengove can really only claim one Mn, all due to injury. I really hope he manages a quiet resurgence. Would be one of Port's very few true hard workers.
  8. Little Goffy

    AFLX squad

    Maybe this is why so many delistings. This way, we will have plenty of new kids with nothing better to do with their time and a chance to show a bit without anyone really caring about the result. They can fill the AFLX numbers, fans get a look at them, and none of our core group faces the daft risk. All a cunning plan.
  9. Little Goffy

    Demon Royalty

    What me? Overthink something? Forsooth, twas meant in the spirit of much being ado about nothing. Had an interesting conversation recently with my non-European English-second-language partner, all prompted by the question 'Wait, if he is a prince, how come he is also a Duke?'. I may have, somewhere in there, explained the Treaty of Westphalia. So mockingly irritated by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex doen't even scrape the surface of overthinking for me!
  10. Little Goffy

    Demon Royalty

    Ha! To be sure, Monarchy is the ultimate fulfilment of the expression 'politics is personal'. Although, not exactly 'etat c'est moi' territory here. Is there a sliding scale from 'sun king' to 'novelty show'?
  11. Little Goffy

    Random MFC encounters

    Back in the day, had the pleasure of a quick chat with Dean Bailey at my old habit cafe in Canberra. Was quite startling to see him and maybe four of our coaches, lounging and relaxed as if they had always been regulars. Maybe that was the old slope-backed chairs with the metal base that always made people slide forward in their seat whether they meant to or not. I had only meant to shake hands and wish him luck, but he was quite friendly and seemed to enjoy being welcomed. Had really memorable eyes that always looked interested and ready to laugh.
  12. Little Goffy


    Even so, surely a tie would have been more appropriate! 👔
  13. Little Goffy

    Andrew Brayshaw

    At the very least we should make enquiries and kick up rumours every single year for the rest of his career. At best we get a gun player, at worst we push up Freo's salary cap and give the Brayshaw family a little extra cash.
  14. Little Goffy

    Demon Royalty

    I wish football clubs would stay out of politics, eh.
  15. Little Goffy

    Recruiting a 3rd tall forward to find another 50 goals?

    As much as I am impressed by Hogan and think he will give something extremely valuable to Freo, I don't think we'll miss him structurally a whole lot. May coming in means Gawn drifts forward more than back, which has been shown to be good for clunking a goal a game. The rest is easy to picture. We're looking at having a dynamic, unpredictable and intimidating forward line. Speculatively, the 'compulsory 6' at centre boucnes might look like; F: Hannan Weideman Preuss/Gawn HF: Petracca McDonald Melksham with Spargo, Vandenberg, Fritsch, and Neal-Bullen all ready to roll through. There's a good dose of contested marking, marking on a lead, goalsneaking, bullocking and forward-50 pressure in that. Not weak in any area at all. I think we'll have no trouble being the highest scoring team in the game again in 2019, and we'll do it while also having a fair bit stingier defence. All is well. No tears here.