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  1. Buckley's Demise

    A draw would still guarantee our finals spot while also sending Collingwood into mental breakdown with indecision.
  2. Embrace it

    Maybe a bit of hypnotherapy might help, ask Angus' mum, she knows a good one.
  3. Lumumba documentary

    Well, I didn't realise he was given the nickname 'Chimp' at Collingwood. Say what you like about Lumumba being a bit pretentious and precious, but that is f'n awful. I mean this is pretty basic stuff, not complicated. Even Collingwood people should be able to get that far.
  4. Casey Demons Women's Team

    Spectacular! Now I can picture a time when I can go all-out and watch four Demon games in a single weekend.
  5. I'm Tom Wills. Or was. I haven't been feeling well lately. Anyway, probably the only person of any profession at all who could come on here and feel good about themselves is Jess Trengove. But that would just be because nobody has been able find anything to criticise her about, since she is actually flawless.
  6. All Australian: Which Dees Deserve a Nod?

    You've got to feel for Neville Jetta. Last year Dane Rampe, this year Rory Laird, and always the selectors think 'ok we've got a small defender so don't need another one'. Here's the question - would you have two Neville Jettas in your team at once? For me, I'd say hell yes. Given how well he performs when out of position, outsized, isolated and outnumbered, he's much more than just a one-trick 'lock down the opponent's goalsneak' defender. Hibberd just keeps doing his job at least as well as anyone else in the position and must surely be on the shortlist and I can't think of two players I'd rather have on the half-back flank. Garlett it'll depend on his final couple of games and whether they can erase the memory of the recent form slump.. Kick six against Brisbane then a match-winning four against Collingwood, he'd be in.
  7. 11 wins

    11 wins is our best season for games won since 2006. Here's an extract from the relevant 'afltables.com' page.
  8. Tomorrow's crowd numbers

    50k or more, I'd guess. Season on the line for both clubs, plus the targeted giveaway, plus the easily planned for / family friendly sunday timeslot, and good weather.
  9. Round 21 - Non MFC Matches

    Dogs big loss puts the whole situation in perspective. Five teams now- Essendon, Dogs, St Kilda, West Coast, and the might unstoppable heroic ad worthy Demons. In effect they are all on the same starting line and whichever two have the best results of their remaining games, they will be in finals. As for the structure of the 8, it wouldn't be so bad to play a wobbly Port, then come home for a semi-final against Richmond at the 'G. Of course, that's assuming Richmond don't implode when it counts, as they so love to do. In which case we'd be a shot to play a magical elimination final in an effort to make it 4 from 4 lost elimination finals under Hardwick.
  10. Sam Weideman re-signs

    I'm trying to picture that and if he can do it I'll be impressed.
  11. Gus Brayshaw

    I would guess that concussion, aside from the period of generally feeling really awful for multiple days, doesn't actually limit ability to train, maintain fitness and so on. If so, then he might even be our freshest and fittest player going into the final rounds and finals round. Does anyone know what his training load has been like?
  12. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    Kind of my point too, about North. Funny that this year we've beaten Carlton only to replace them with another bottom-of-table bogey team. And I'm not just referring to Carlton last year. You can go back quite a way and keep on finding Carlton messing up our season. I think it was 2004, maybe 2006 where Carlton had 4.5 wins for the season and two of them were against us, costing us a top-4 spot. However, I disagree that we've played 'a few good quarters' this year. We've actually won a lot of quarters and been going strong for 'most games, most of the time', but it has been frequent catastrophic lapses of 20 minutes or so which have cost us about 5 extra wins. I'd argue that, for the most part this year, we have been playing high-intensity football as a team but not able to sustain it with full consistency. That said... the last couple of games haven't felt like especially 'high-intensity', have they. If we don't get that back in time to hand out a couple of scoreboard whacks in these last three games at the 'G, then it is another season of fading out late. So, there's another way to measure our season - can we correct our two most serious problems - the deep in-game lapses, and the late-season fadeout.
  13. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    How ridiculous is this season? Here's the rub from my digging around - We would still be a real chance to play finals even if we only won one game from our set of 3 in a row at the MCG to finish the season. Win two games and it is a borderline certainty, even if the loss is to St Kilda, because we would only need one out of Essendon or Footscray to slip up. Win all three and we're still a chance at top 4. HA! But, here's the thing. If you told me 'We will define whether this season is a success or not by whether the club can beat the wooden spoon club as well as either one of the two clubs directly below us on the ladder, with every game played at our home ground", the yeah, I'd take that as a fair measure. If we don't make the finals it will be because we failed when it mattered against inferior opposition.
  14. Rocket Eade Sacked

    What a mess. Got to wonder how they can dig themselves out of it. Eade was handed a bucket of [inevitable failure] to eat almost as big as the one Pagan was passed at Carlton in 2002. In both cases, something in the players' culture is clearly wrong. That Gold Coast had a collection of high picks on their list just brought pressure without much real talent being displayed. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Ablett now. IF Ablett greatly disliked Eade and his superstardom status was dividing the player group against Eade, then maybe the change will be transformative and Ablett stays, the club unites, and there is huge improvement. OR the club recognises that it needs to rebuild with new talent and that Ablett is no great help, and becomes inclined to accept a more limited offer from Geelong, just to get his salary off the books and remove the divisive influence. Also, "We are the mighty Gold Coast Suns, we something something can't remember..."
  15. List Structure: What do we actually need?

    Difficult thing to assess when we've got quite a few 'right fit' players out of form or off the field at the moment. Watts, Garlett, Hogan, VanDenBerg, Brayshaw. There's a whole lot of attacking roles filled, but right now it isn't quite there. Got one week to reinvigorate those who are on the field and replace those who aren't. Gotta admit, I think a fully fit and ready Brayshaw would be as valuable to us as almost any young player you care to name from any list. Hard work defensively, vision and alertness when attacking, physically and psychologically solid.