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  1. I'm just watching for the proverbial 157-point win 'statement game' that we never look back from.
  2. Having a mashed-together system of the old trade process and now free agency is just a mess. It may be time for a kind of automated trade resolution that just acknowledges every player's right to move and every club's right to get fair value back. Trade value assigned according to old contract, new contract, and some simple performance bonus factors. Also weighted to make it easier for fringe players to move (Eg. trade value calculation begins after first $100k salary ignored) Some weighting of trades according to club resources (e.g. each $1m extra of footy dept spending adds 5% to that club's trade prices). A nod to the idea that loyalty and continuity still matter (salary cap relief for long-term retained players). A simple mechanism to give a small measure of privacy-through-confusion to player salaries (a +10% to -10% random weighting) And the missing piece - a way to convert/cash in draft picks without all those ridiculous "pick 11, 38 and 43 from club A for 22, 26 from club B and pick 7 from club C" deals.
  3. Could be part of the strike action. All footballer images to be replaced with Jack Watts. With the ongoing symposium on Llama/Alpaca rearing and the living dictionary of bondage euphemisms here, it's hardly a surprise. Besides, I'm no coconut tree expert, just an interested spectator!
  4. Geez, that's some pretty serious symptoms. One head clash too many and you turn into Jack Watts. Aaaand - just getting in ahead of the Watts-bashers, it would explain why Watts is so reluctant to get his head over the ball. Ha! Meanwhile, I'm going to throw my agreement in with the people noting Brayshaw's neck injury as being maybe related to the concussions since then. If concussion is caused by the jolt to the brain and the bruising impact as it get's thrown against the inside of the skull, then it makes sense that any loss of flexibility around the neck might exacerbate the problem. It's like the 'crumple and cage' principle of car safety, or the way spider's webs work, having a space built to bend and a space built to stay strong. Coconut palms capacity to bend at the same time as being very solid are another example. Hard, soft, hard, soft. If Brayshaw's head and neck are 'hard-hard' instead, it definitely could change the whole way shockwaves move through his head.
  5. I will say changing the rule mid-season is a bit unprofessional. But it is still an improvement on the multiple changes mid-game last week!
  6. I was feeling pretty dismal after the loss, it was extremely disappointing. But to see people wailing like they've just waxed their nose hair genuinely helps as a reminder to keep some perspective. It is also interesting to note just how much of the pain is built on a sudden distorted massive ego ride. "Losing to these hack sides" and so on. Few fans have managed to race well ahead of themselves, which is amazing considering our history. Like a teenager really really really falling in love on the rebound! Well, in 2015 the Dogs lost 4 (including the Elim Final) by under 10 points. Premiership next year. Hawthorn in their 'reload' period had a few - 4 losses under ten points, and a draw, in 2010. Result - top 4 finishes for next half decade. 2004, Sydney started their season with a 2 point loss, and from round 3 managed three consecutive losses after being in front, by 12, 10 and 13 points. Troubles returned late in the season, with a 15 point fade-out loss to Geelong in round 16, and then they blew a 7 goal 3/4 time lead over North in round 19, to lose by 6 points. Premiership the next year. In 2006, Geelong copped three different 1-goal losses and a draw, to miss out on finals. They also blew a 3/4 time lead against Richmond (Richmond!?), kicking no goals to the Tiger's five in the final quarter. But the real comfort for the suffering is Geelong in early 2007. A 4 point loss to Hawthorn in round 4, and then a 16 point loss to the Kangaroos in round 5, which prompted a big club heart-to-heart honest conversation about not getting ahead of themselves and doing the hard work. They promptly came out and annihilated Richmond by 157 the next week, and lost just one more game for the season. The rest is history. So, there you go. Even within a single season, if the close losses make a club look at itself and decide what it wants to be, and what it can be, then yes it can be a catalyst for becoming one of the greatest teams ever.
  7. Waaaah waaaaah waaaaah. I love these threads. The quick reminder to myself to harden up and move on.
  8. Ok, as I'm reading this game, (optimistically), we're having our weekly 'go flat and give away a string of goals in one quarter' but have also managed to sneak a couple against the overall flow, so the damage isn't so bad. Interesting little jab to the throat at Oliver...
  9. For the record, Nutella was 40% off this week and I've set my girlfriend up thoroughly. Hoping her 3rd quarter heroics from last week can carry through this whole game.
  10. What's not to like about 'dodeditditdodedodeditditdodedodedo?
  11. Why are we inconsistent? "Because we are a young, developing side." What is it that makes us a young, developing side? "We are inconsistent." I'm really hoping this week we can make another little bit of progress towards not being a young developing side anymore.
  12. Wait for the next premiership club event?
  13. Bit bizarre, people spending close to seven thousand to 'go to the football'. I think it is important to recognise that this is an event for the patricians to wink and nudge about bypassing development regulations, a bit of business-to-business 'informal selling' (that'd be cash-in-hand work, for us plebs) or getting a bit of insider trading done. It is really quite hard to get your quasi-black-market deals and closed-tender government contracts (pardon me, 'networking') done when there's someone in the room making people feel like they aren't the most special wonderful brilliant people in the world who deserve all this because only they are good enough. Seriously, if you're going to yell and chant at an event like this, might as well cut to the chase and sing the Warshavianka.
  14. We'll see how the noise levels go in Darwin. Something about #raisinghell ?
  15. Just on that site traffic thing - everybody remember that any time you go past your local library, drop in and use each available computer to visit the MFC website, and click on all the sponsor links and videos.