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  1. "Nankervis has been all over the stats (supercoach) sheet, but has shown no accountability and let Spencer sneak forward again, to kick a third goal." "Vince has tagged Cotchin and completely stalled his impact on the game while collecting a few valuale clearances, in a beautiful return to form in what much surely be his primary role again" "HOGAN!!!!! AGAIN!"
  2. Yep, the AFL is digging themselves a nice little hole of stupid here. Of course the headband is fine. It is less dangerous or brand-damaging than a man-bun. Of course the hijab should be ok, it's got no impact except possible credit points towards elevation to a higher state of being after you die. But that has no effect on kicking skills now. But now the AFL has moved itself into a position of picking which teacup it wants to keep it's storm in.
  3. Two different ways to approach evaluating a game. I'm a big fan of the 'not picking out a whipping boy' approach.
  4. We should hold a rally in support.
  5. They're European aristocrats, you could pick any two at random and they'd be at least cousins.
  6. But you wouldn't want to see penalties for - a sober driver, within the speed limit, driving safely, who crashes into someone after a bird flies into their open window. While you would want to see penalties for - a drunk, speeding driver doing their own imaginary slalom course during pick-up time at a primary school, who manages to miss everyone. And yes, I do think penalties for drunk or dangerous driving need to be seriously boosted.
  7. 'Important' is a complex and nuanced term, isn't it? Not only is 'what is important' subjective, but even what people mean by important. In the sense that it will be highly scrutinised, and a lot of people will judge us on this game, it is definitely very important. Probably will have a financial impact, on future attendences, viewers and memberships. Will probably be the only Demons game that certain media spuds actually watch, so it will become the reference point for all their pronouncements about our problems and potentials. McDonald kicks reliably for 120 minutes? All Australian discussion. Stretch has an off day? Still not ready. Viney has a big day? He's been holding this team together and Jones is past it. But the most important thing, in the end, is that a win keeps us in the 8 and a loss puts us back in the general pack. Which I hate to say, looks like the situation we'll be in most weeks this season. It's gonna be a stressful ride. .
  8. The use of 'consequences' in grading penalties is ridiculous. I can see it now, police pull an erratic driver over, do the breath test.. "oh, you should probably be in hospital with that blood alcohol level, but everything is fine, you didn't hit anyone today". Meanwhile, at the MRP - "Oh, you threw you weight into someone's head while they were looking the other way? No problem, they got up. We'll check again next time to see if you've killed anyone." And up on the peninsular - "You launched a spread of nuclear missiles at Seoul and Tokyo? Oh, they all failed to detonate, so it's fine, just promise not to improve your fuses."
  9. Surely it has to be the Pencil, for about 12 weeks.
  10. Security have a tough job that, generally, they don't do especially well. Very poor discernment of when to use a light touch and when to go heavy. Almost always in favour of heavy. A favourite - they were ready to cart my mother off to an 'interview room', separated from her sons, because she made an error scanning her barcode coming through the gates at *Head stadium. Couple of overstuffed sausage rolls in uniform, and they were clearly shaping to actually physically grab her. Do y' think she was being loud or abusive? Another favourite - a group of three Collingwood fans in the top level of the 'G, had clearly brought in their own alcohol (unless the MCC has endorsed sale of whole bottles of cheap bourbon), rapidly drunk, even faster began the most vile streams of abuse at the players, the umpires, and Demon supporter nearby. A father a few rows in front turned to ask if they could keep a lid on it for the sake of the kids, which got the all too predictable response of a torrent of personal abuse and later being used as a target for food scraps. D y' think security did anything? No, I guess it's just good that my then girlfriend, all 160cm of her, switched on her teacher-voice and gave them a solid lecture. It was a phenomenal effort, they got confused, subdued, and moved at the next quarter break. But had security been any use at any point? HA! So, no Saty, I'm not going to go along with your 'authority figures should be assumed right' position. Not for a bunch of subcontracted, untrained, poorly instructed thugs doing a bit of sidework from beating up punters at Crown.
  11. HAAAAA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I take a small piece of pride knowing that it was definitely Melbourne that finally cracked them and made them come crumbling down. Before Melbourne beat them - 9 wins in a row, just two losses for the season to round 18. Since Melbourne beat them - 2 wins, 7 losses. We can pin this one up next to Melbourne breaking Essendon, way back in the actual drug-cheating season. Before losing to Melbourne, Round 10, 2012 - 8 wins, 1 loss. After losing to Melbourne - 3 wins, 9 losses. As a club, we achieve two things for other clubs. Getting their kids rising star nominations, and intervening on behalf of the football demiurge.
  12. How are we doing on the stat for 'getting numbers into defense when there's almost not time left to go and we're holding onto a tiny lead'? Has it improved since the Saints game (Rnd 11 2015)? Wow, funny how some things just keep stinging. That one still feels like it was near the end of last season, just a few games ago, not some 20 months ago.
  13. I noticed last week was a big week for key forwards, with multiple bags kicked. The way I see it, Jesse owes us at least 3 for each round he missed, plus the 'Rance is overrated' premium for this game, so should kick at least 10. I also like the opening post's prediction of Kent to have a day out. He's been dangerous out there and one day soon it'll all come together at once and the rest of the football world will ask "Where did that come from?" and we will all get to sit back and be happy that we knew first.
  14. Viney down from 12.8 to 9.6 contested possession a game. Tyson down from 10.4 to 8.0. Jones also down a tick but that looks more to do with role than form. We could really use Brayshaw out there, in form. Alongside Petracca, is one of our few players who can really punch holes in a game - he's got a highly disproportionate rate of goal assists, score involvements/launches and all that good stuff, per disposal.
  15. I agree that it has been a season of volatile, 4-5 goals bursts and most clubs have copped them. There have even been multiple games which have featured big surges going both way - as you say, part of the modern game. What troubles me is that the teams which have copped those bursts are overwhelmingly in the 'loss' column for that week. In fact, flicking back over the score-worms for games so far, it looks like about 3/4 of games have been decided by these bursts. It is common, but a negative, and a problem that it has happened to us every game so far this season.