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  1. Dusty_Hill


    Yep Dr Gonzo well said. What a f#€*ng joke this game is becoming
  2. Dusty_Hill

    Changes v St Kilda

    In Weed or Garlett. Out. Trac or Hogan sorry a message needs to be sent Hogan probably stays on this years form. Love Trac but like Hunt needs some time to get himself right in the magoos
  3. Dusty_Hill

    Umpire Report

    When will the afl make these clowns full time professionals? As long as they have amateurs umpiring the umpiring will be amateur. The last quarter was totally unprofessional and incompetent.
  4. Dusty_Hill

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    They’ve been better for sure but the throwing the umpires haven’t paid against and the high tackles the umpires miss like Smiths is a disgrace 7-13 against so usual, sick of it. Hopefully they don’t decide to even up the count when the game is over . But probably will..so predictable. Anyway. Here’s hoping for an improvement. Go Dees....
  5. Dusty_Hill

    Alex Rance

    Well said people. Can’t stand him after what he did to Watts. Such a [censored].
  6. I have heard that Cunnington can do some cunning stunts but Oliver is better...
  7. Dusty_Hill

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Agree. That one umpire with blonde hair and short sides had it in for us st critical times. Can handle that to a point. What I can’t handle is when after the game him walking off and he is laughing with the Richmond players (fox footy coverage sorry if not shown on fta). Seriously? When the scores were close he made critical calls against us then walks off laughing with the pop. Not good dee land
  8. Dusty_Hill

    Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    sorry, late coming to demonland this week. Took that long to calm down. No one so far I’ve read has mentioned we are just terrible in the wet. Our game style / talent doesn’t stand up in the wet. It didn’t really work against Brisbane as soon as it got slippery there and certainly went to puss this week. It would be fascinating to see what would have happened this week end if it was dry. I’m not saying we win by any stretch but think we would have been better.
  9. Dusty_Hill

    Watch AFL

    Lucky you ??
  10. Dusty_Hill


    Holding the man and kicking in danger not in vogue this week obviously. Unless you play for hawthorn. Melbourne don’t know how to play in the wet. Have been terrible. Disgrace not to kick a goal for two quarters when you have a small forward line in the wet. Are they aware the ball will slide on when defending. Rubbish
  11. Dusty_Hill


    Our game doesn’t work in the wet. Doent help when everyone goes up in the backline in the wet when no one is gonna mark it. We all go up. They stay down. They goal. Awful. Bugg you can pi$$ off.
  12. Dusty_Hill

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 2

    Just got the email. Officially Tyson and Bugg in for Maynard and Haman. Don’t mind it, better than las week but would like to see Brawshaw in the team sooner rather than later. Hope he has a run at Casey and comes back next week
  13. Dusty_Hill

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Keeping em to 17 points in the second half was gold but they were full of injuries. Anyway next week.....
  14. Dusty_Hill

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Sorry. Just watched the coach interview. Selection didn’t cost us this week. Okay then I was wrong...
  15. Dusty_Hill

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Someone said Thursday we lost this at the selection table (wasn’t me!). I thought hmmm let hope not. But think they were correct. Playing Garlett, Hannon and Fritsch in the same team seems an odd decision. Especially when in the first three quarters especially everyone would fly for the ball (including the crumbers ?). I like the enthusiasm but please ffs some guys stay down at a contest for the inevitable crumb. Would have rathered seen Tyson, Brawshaw or even Bugg and one less small forward. Strange old setup forward today and was reflected in lack of pressure and scoring from all the inside 50s. All over the place. They lowered their eyes in the second half which was better. Frost I think wluld have been handy too but Gw couldn’t have known the backs would have a shocker esp in the first half Last year we broke teams open and had guys free out the back. Didn’t happen once today Maynard tagging?? Hmmmm Feel sorry for Max but the game was lost in the second. Takes a hell of a lot of energy to come back from behind. Lewis has a good second half but owed us a lot with his brain fade in the second. Id like to see a few changes to the team next week please he and co ?