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  1. BillyBeane

    Most Heartbreaking Loss?

    I think most Melbourne supporters are haunted by 1987. Only one thing can erase the memory. But in terms of missed opportunity - that 1990 QF at Waverley was a real heartbreaker - when you think of the Grand Finalists that year - Essendon were cooked, and Collingwood were nothing but a good ordinary side. Steve O'dwyer injured Gary Lyon at training before this game I believe. Huge loss. Why was this game not played at the MCG? I guess these days it would have been a WC home game. Oh well. The 1998 preliminary final vs North Melbourne was also a missed opportunity. North were a great side, but we missed some easy shots early. I still maintain that these two years have been our best shots at flags in my lifetime.
  2. BillyBeane

    Calling All MCC Members

    This is a very tired old chestnut. MFC gets a portion of gate receipts (I believe its around $5) from the gate for any MCC member who attends a home game. Win, get bigger crowds, increase the bank balance. Get the MFC/MCC if you can afford it. I'd say plenty of our coterie and sponsors are MCC members anyway, I think we are doing ok out of it.
  3. BillyBeane

    Richmond membership banner ads on Demonland

    Haha I think $60 barely covers the cost of brake light bulb on a Jaguar
  4. BillyBeane

    Demon expats

    Austin, Texas. last year saw a guy wearing a demons cap crossing the main street before our finals clinching game vs west coast. said "go dees" and took it as a good omen. for once i was right. More friday night games is a struggle, 4am morning wakeups to watch the game!
  5. BillyBeane

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    Ahh the old MCC/MFC member chestnut. MFC benefits from MCC member attendance at home games from a portion of Gate Receipts ($5 per person I believe). So it's not like they aren't doing anything by not becoming members. MCC/MFC membership is nothing more than a donation. They might as well buy a few of Dudley's raffle tickets once at every game. win games, get bums on seats, make money.
  6. BillyBeane

    Pass Mark 2019

    We have a very tough draw and 12-14 wins will be a extremely creditable performance. I think making the 8 is a pass. We are building a body of work. Top 4 will be a bonus.
  7. BillyBeane

    Who did the Pies beat to secure top 4?

    That loss to st kilda. 2 composure-less minutes vs geelong. max gawns errant kick vs geelong. chance, luck, destiny
  8. BillyBeane

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Midfield dominance doesn’t help them.
  9. BillyBeane

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    This is a very seasoned west coast side. 12 of them played in a GF. They have done their time. This is part of us doing ours.
  10. BillyBeane

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    I thought we were only a 30% chance of winning today (and not ready for a flag either), but I wasn’t expecting this. Complete system failure, mental disintegration. What a shame, we are so much better than this. Hopefully we can put up a fight in the second half. Or just kick a goal.
  11. BillyBeane

    Our supporter stereotype

    I think our stereotype is pretty funny (Titus oreilly hams it up hilariously) and in some cases very true. But not always. At my encouragement from the other side of the world, My younger brother attended the final vs hawthorn - his first football match since the 2000 GF - he expressed his surprise at how many Asians and Indians were wearing demon scarves
  12. BillyBeane

    Eddie shows love for Dees

    He even had a dig at Dermott about hawthorn - "Oh the hawks haven't won a flag for 3 years, you'll be looking to merge with another club soon"
  13. BillyBeane

    Reliving Preliminary 1987

    Yep, letting the game go.
  14. BillyBeane

    Reliving Preliminary 1987

    I prefer to reminisce about the last final we played against the hawks... probably the toughest melbourne FC performance I've witnessed:
  15. I've thought about this over the years. If he was still alive, the only choice would be Robbie. If Garry Lyon's personal brand hadn't gone down the toilet it would be him. But I think it has to be Neita. Like Matt Richardson for the Tigers, it is he who manfully battled through the modern struggles of our club. I love Barass and would be happy to see him hold the cup...but honestly....he has lifted enough cups!!!