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  1. A F

    No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    We still haven't lost in the jumper and already took out the AFLX premiership too. 😉
  2. A F

    Key Defensive Pillars

    I think you've shifted the goal posts here, Steve, with a bit of revisionism. You made it very clear that you felt Oscar wouldn't make it. He has and will.
  3. A F

    Tom Lynch (Adelaide)

    Hogan, McDonald and Weideman. Where does Lynch play? The only thing I can think of is us leaking our interest in Lynch to provide us some leverage in the McDonald contract talks.
  4. A F

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Lol. The irony. The constant of people not liking being told they're offending someone so they revert to complaining about labels by labelling others and not having the mental capacity to realise they're doing the same thing. I thought we were supposed to be educated as Melbourne supporters. 😉
  5. A F

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Lol. I don't like him as a player either, but I wouldn't not attend a game because he was playing. Ridiculous.
  6. A F

    Changes vs Adelaide

    No change. Spargo is already one of my favourites. Rarely wastes a disposal and provides good pressure. If there's any change it's Bernie for Hunt or Garlett.
  7. A F

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    He was, but as soon as Curnow was out I knew he'd be in for a massive day. Basically played by himself and we set up beautifully down the line and Carlton weren't ambitious or courageous enough to switch the ball, so it meant he just played anchor all day. It'll be interesting to see how he goes against better opposition.
  8. A F

    Tom McDonald Contract Talks

    I'd much prefer we're careful with our cap and keep money in the coffers for the likes of Oliver, Brayshaw, Salem and Petracca (midfields win you flags). Naturally, I'm sure we've looked at our list and positioned our payments in a way to keep Tom, but we may not have envisaged his drastic improvement. A year ago I would have been happy to let him look elsewhere, but as a forward and wingman he is a star. I wonder if it's a typical MFC moment where a player dominates in a contract year and as soon as it's signed, they start playing lazy footy. We'll see. If it came down to putting one of our guys on the trade table to keep Tom, it'd be Tyson. I see him on the fringes in the coming 2-3 years, but he would offer a bottom 6 team great value (as he did us in 2014).
  9. A F


    His disposal is just horrible. Those dinky switch kicks or loopy kicks into the corridor. He's done and has been for a year and a half (if not longer). As soon as Baker or Smith are ready, they'll be in. That's the only thing keeping Bernie in the team IMO.
  10. A F

    Key Defensive Pillars

    I'm surprised to be honest. If Steve is an AFL scout, he put his neck on the line in a pretty overt way and it backfired. I generally like your posts, Steve and props for partially admitting you were wrong, but it has to be said that I wouldn't be employing you if you really view KPPs in the way you did with Oscar. Most switched on footy observers know that KPPs take longer. It was clear that Oscar had some tools and traits that would eventually prove damaging with a more developed frame. In the meantime, it was clear the FD saw game day development as the quickest way forward. And that has been vindicated. To be kind, we all have different views and if everyone thought the same way, we would have drafted Fyfe, Sloane etc.
  11. A F


    I'm not even sure he should be playing this year. He's a liability against good opposition.
  12. A F

    Clarry vs Cripps

    This was on the myheartbeatstrue Instagram account yesterday. Naturally,I sent it to my Carlton mate who keeps saying Cripps is the marginally better player, but thinks both are guns. His first response to that picture was I'd love to know who leads contested marking and goals. Sure enough, that's pretty even too. Clarry has kicked more goals and Cripps taken more contested marks. He defaulted to "they're both guns" haha. I also suspect because Cripps is a bit of a lone hand at Carlton and they're so ordinary, they kick it to him more than our guys need to on Oliver's head. Because Clarry is an equally impressive contested mark. I still remember that mark on the wing in his first game against Callan Ward. Brilliant. Anyway, I hope they play on each other.
  13. If anyone's watched Goodwin's presser today he says that Jeffy is going to play VFL this week. It'd be Pedersen to try and play the same role Weideman has and Viney for Tyson IMO.
  14. Kreuzer is usually a headache for Gawn and runs him off his feet. Hopefully, Max's new fitness levels will enable him to keep Kreuzer honest going the other way. Cripps also always kills us. I'd like to see he and Clarry go head to head. We should have too much midfield depth for them and provided we bring our pressure game, we'll account for them nicely.
  15. A F

    Goal Kicking reliability on SEN

    Against Richmond and then Hawthorn, it was the key reason why we lost IMO. We couldn't put scoreboard pressure on the opposition. Against Richmond we didn't look like kicking straight in the first half when we were all over them. Again, against Hawthorn, when we dominated them in that first quarter, we couldn't put it on the scoreboard. I feel like our inaccuracy is incredibly poor going on previous years. Even under Neeld, we were a lot more accurate.
  16. A F

    Goal Kicking reliability on SEN

    Tom missed a snap on his left foot against the Suns, otherwise he hasn't missed.
  17. A F

    Rejuvenating the backline

    He definitely played off half back against the Suns, but half back and half forward these days is the midfield.
  18. A F

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Some are showing themselves to completely lack any understanding of the modern game. Often the same tedious muppets who bemoaned Oscar in his first few years are back riding Weideman. I'm pleased to see a few of the Oscar detractors are now realising the developmental processes for a KPP and backing in Weideman. For mine, it's a genius coaching move to develop him in a role that compliments Hogan and Tom McDonald's strengths.
  19. A F

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    By the end of 2018, injury permitting, we'll have the best centre square group in the league - Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw and Gawn. You could argue we're already there, but Viney needs some continuity and we'll smash/match any opposition midfield in the league.
  20. A F

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    It'll be Tyson for Viney. Nothing surer. Weideman enables Tom to remain forward rather than tucking, enables Jesse to play midfield and enables Max to have a rest without us being pummeled in the ruck. Weideman keeps playing.
  21. Harmes will go out for Viney, unless he can really make himself unstoppable this week. Harmes has been playing defensive mid in Viney's absence. They might switch Harmes into ANB's position, but I doubt. Harmes does have a good goal scoring record against the Suns...
  22. A F

    Ladder predictor

    If we're both in the 8 come Queen's Birthday, we'll get 80,000+.
  23. A F

    Do we go inside to get outside?

    Did Jono Brown mention Demonland did he?
  24. I have question marks over Gus' disposal (particularly by foot over short distances). I don't remember him hitting a target by foot in the first half. In the second he kept it simple and less fancy and was a lot more effective. He was brilliant in fact.
  25. A F

    What is the Weid's role

    Yep, agreed. Weid isn't the worst either.