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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    No, I just get sick of reading reactionary rubbish. There's not a conspiracy behind every door...
  2. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Peter Jackson is the CEO of the Melbourne Football Club. Not the president... Anyway, he was asked a question on the podcast and simply said it was offensive. Stuck up for his man. This is a rubbish post from you ADC. But you are one of the scarred ones.
  3. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Such an impressive speaker. I'd follow his leadership. He oozes it.
  4. Be Patient with Lever

    I reckon they'd welcome another AA level player into their fold with open arms. Hibberd is a half backer, Jetta is a lock down small defender. They're hardly in the mould of generals, but a KPB intercept defender is.
  5. Hunt for Wagner, Balic for Bugg, Stretch misses out? Vince, Hannan, Garlett and Fritsch to play?
  6. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    I got sick of hearing this rhetoric under Roos, but I think it still unfortunately rings true: the difference between our best and worst footy is still far too wide. We can play scintillating footy; then we can play holding pattern footy which is serviceable; and then we can play as badly as any team in the competition (worse than anything Brisbane and Carlton can dish up). Of course, this happens with young teams, but it really does highlight the dearth of real onfield leadership that has been missing for almost my entire lifetime. I just hope our younger, emerging leaders don't learn too much about leadership from our older leaders, because they're not good enough.
  7. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    See, I disagree, mate. I think we played a much less aggressive zone in the second half against Geelong. We have the capacity to set the zone deeper. If we bring the required work rate, the ball shouldn't often get through the midfield and forward press. Play Frost, Hunt and Hibberd as rotating anchors. Possibly even Lever too and then we should have adequate cover.
  8. Backline Setup and Structure

    Agreed. I still believe we have one of the strongest backlines in the league. That is individually. But as a unit, as players within our current defensive mechanism, we have one of the weakest. Oscar is a promising up and coming KPB. Hibberd is a gun. Lever is a gun. Jetta is a gun. Hunt is a gun, but needs to improve his disposal (no more than Houli at Richmond though). That's 5 really solid players. They are not a defence that should be leaking goals as we do. Our system is ridiculously flawed and I cannot understand why we've reverted to the aggressive press that killed us so much last year. The first two rounds saw us test varying levels of the press, but against Hawthorn in the rain, the aggressive press was absurd.
  9. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Is he out with a broken hand or is he out?
  10. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    It might be clubs and teams that are starved of success get an inflated sense of achievement when the horizon seems brighter. But whatever it is, I agree. It seems to be cultural.
  11. Backline Setup and Structure

    We play the anchor player a lot, but it often gets thrown out the window when the momentum goes against us. Obviously, this is a pretty common thing in footy. Players going away from structures when the going gets tough. The great teams stick to their structures, no matter what is happening with the momentum or the scoreboard. Having Vince and Lewis back there isn't great. Both are slow and neither are great leaders IMO. It's worth noting that I think we played a much deeper (less aggressive) press against Geelong and it enabled us to restrict scoring significantly in the second half. I don't think we should employ the high press anymore, at least not until we've got 2 KPFs in the team. I wonder if we've fallen into the higher press in recent weeks? Surely though, that would be a simple adjustment in quarter or at worst, at the breaks? I understand the attempt to model our game on Richmond (the smaller forward line, the ruck rover ruckman, forward press), but it's not playing to our strengths though. I'd consider going one-on-one a lot more often than we've tried. We've got a lot of guys who I'd usually back in to beat their man one-on-one. But I have a sneaking suspicion our current game plan may well work really well against Richmond, who basically get the ball forward at all costs and then press up to the next contest. Our aggressive press going back the other way, could well lock them in and at worst, catch them out in transition, as Hawthorn got us. I think like a lot of our defenders, he's playing reactionary football, rather than instinctive beat your man and then look to run and carry (vintage 2017). He came straight in against Richmond last year and looked to be the outlet off half back. He's done that a few times this year, but nowhere near as much as last year. This year he's looking to lock down a bit more and his run and carry is being stifled as a result. Likewise, Lever is being asked to lock down, rather than float within a deeper defensive set up. Good to see you've finally acknowledged Oscar, Steve. But I agree with the rest of your post. And I'd also add that Jetta, Hibberd and even Hunt have historically all been excellent one-on-one players. This is what I mean about not playing to our strengths. If we play that less aggressive press you've mentioned (which I agree with), it leaves more one-on-ones, but it also allows Lever to zone off his man. I commend ingenuity from a coach, in fact I cried out for it for years. And it must be said that Goodwin and his FD have certainly tried a host of bold moves from the Diamond Defence to running the half forwards off the back of the square, to playing with no wings etc. I really like the inventiveness, but when it's not working and we actually have really good defenders (three of which were in the 40 man AA squad), it's time to play a different system that will play to their strengths. I reckon it'd be interesting to see us employ the press we used against Geelong more often, which was far less aggressive than even 2017's press. But certainly, our current defensive system is far too all or nothing. It's kamikaze-like the way we race out and try to tackle the ball carrier and as we know, too often sides that have decent enough skills can pierce this zone. I'd argue it's the other way around. He played all last year as the running back, but also got back to the last line at times. This year they seem to be trying to play him deeper and demanding more accountability. The same goes for Lever. And as I've said here, it's not playing to either of their strengths.
  12. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Jones tagging did not lose us the game. His ability to shut down Mitchell early and our better efficiency of ball movement and conversion had us well on top at quarter time. We didn't take all our chances there, but the plan was clearly working at quarter time.
  13. Changes v Richmond

    Good point. He probably comes in, but I'm not sure who for. ANB is a connector forward, so we need him. Harmes is on thin ice, but I'd try him off half back. Fritsch is worth another game. Salem is stringing some good patches together.
  14. He doesn't lose his feet constantly like those two do though.
  15. Changes v Richmond

    I'd go... OUT: Bugg, Melksham and Vince IN: Hannan, Hunt and Weideman Hannan for Bugg. Hunt for Vince. Weideman for Melksham. Weideman plays second ruck and rotates forward. Harmes on thin ice, but would play him off half back. I wouldn't be against dropping Frost either, but I think he'll keep his spot to try and combat speed (although for such a quick guy, he looked slow today). If Lewis stinks it up again, I'd drop him the following week (but won't happen).