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  1. The logical direction FA is going for Hawthorn and Melbourne is that we start to become even more of a destination club and players second guess wanting to go to Hawthorn - particularly if Hawthorn fail to make the 8 next year.
  2. Yep, exactly. Despite what Collingwood say too, their best 22 is very old. It's why our list is so exciting. Our best 20+ are majority 24 and under.
  3. A F

    Gary Pert?

    It was a good interview, but I'd say as much as reengaging with lapsed members, we need to be focusing on targeting new members. I presume we have a plan for this too, but he just decided to keep it simple for this interview.
  4. A F

    Peak Petracca

    Bitters, I'm impressed. Is this your first football opinion ever?
  5. A F

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    This is the obvious area of our game to improve and will take us to the next level - forward half pressure. Yes, I know we pretty much led the comp in this area, but we lack pace. If we can add more pace, we'll be able to hold the ball in even better, which will enable our dominant stoppage game to strangle teams. I'd love two Poppy and Rioli types in there, but with Petracca mostly playing forward and Spargo looking the goods, we probably only have room for one more.
  6. A F

    Training - Wednesday, 28th November 2018

    My understanding is you can delist and pay out, but you're right. I suspect his contract is the main reason why he wasn't moved on.
  7. A F

    Training - Wednesday, 28th November 2018

    I'm intrigued by our treatment of Jeffy in the past 12 months. He's exactly the sort of player that doesn't fit our system anymore, but can snatch a victory still when he's on by bobbing up and kicking a few (ie. the Brisbane game). I was expecting his delisting too. He simply doesn't attack the contest hard enough. However, given we've kept him, I suspect we think he can turn things around or they think he's good depth. Particularly, with the departures of the likes of Kent and Bugg.
  8. A F

    Training - Wednesday, 28th November 2018

    I think you're thinking of Robert Wagner, mate.
  9. A F


    The first half is riddled by the studio interfering and the second half is the director's vision. The second half blew me away. Such a missed opportunity. The director's cut one day could be insane.
  10. A F


    Haha. Cameron Diaz? Seriously? It's not 2002, Picket. Not sure about Hannah or Lee Curtis on that list either. Portman's film Annihilation this year could have been one of the best films made this century if the studio hadn't [censored] around with it. Check it out on Netflix, but it looks like you'd prefer The Children Act, given the actresses you've mentioned. That's also on right now. You'll be able to get it at Cameo. You're a strange fellow at times, HH. FWIW, Portman does a lot of incredible community work.
  11. A F

    Training - Monday, 26th November, 2018

    Do we need anymore evidence that millennials are now running the video content on Melbourne Media? What a blessing. Loving the new content.
  12. A F


    Very little football sense. He's a good tackler and he's an okay interceptor, but he's poor positionally, his kicking is weaker than Frost's and he's a poor decision maker, as he's clearly not a natural footballer. The FD are reaching with Smith for mine. He doesn't have enough going for the top level IMO.
  13. A F


    He's no good.
  14. A F

    Our Tall Forwards

    Midfields win flags. We strengthened our midfield. Win. I'll trust our FD.
  15. A F


    Apologies if this has already been covered, but does anyone who has seen a bit of our draftees play, have any idea whether any of these kids will be able to step straight into the big time? Or are we looking at a group of kids who will need a few seasons at VFL level before they can step up?