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  1. Fearless footy is the way to go then, isn't it? I hope we bring the footy we brought against Geelong, rather than Freo.
  2. I think in many ways it often helps not to have a key target or a 'star' up forward to be too one-dimensional around. Given our forwardline is, as you say, 'makeshift', that should make us a little more unpredictable and allow our entries to be targeted towards the players in the best position, rather than Jesse Hogan, Jesse Hogan or Jesse Hogan. You're right. We do have a glimmer of hope with this match, but my big worry is that Heppell, Merrett and Daniher are going to get ahold of us. At least, we have some stability down back now and a bit of continuity (minus Lewis and probably OMac if he plays).
  3. Needs to lay some tackles this week. If he can draw defenders and snag a couple, as well as lay some tackles, it'll go a long way to us winning and having a functional forwardline.
  4. I reckon with Lewis back our entries will improve. His presence on field really straightens us up and as per the St Kilda game, sets the tone of expectations. Someone said the other night that Viney was mic'ed up for the Richmond game and was heard saying lower the eyes and that no one listened. I reckon if Lewis lead by example and lowered his eyes and was filthy on anyone who failed to lower their eyes, it'll spread through the team and they'll do the right thing. It's our ability to win clearances and then convert that are my biggest concerns. And the ease with which we concede goals. Thanks mate.
  5. Haha, thanks, LH. Yeah, she's a keeper. Still can't convert her to the MFC though. We're not even her second favourite team (I think she's taking the [censored] at this point). That illustrious achievement goes to Adelaide - her old man's team. It takes a lot more than a wedding for me to miss a Melbourne game in Victoria. When I saw you'd quoted me, Bitters, I was expecting something to do with flogging. And that's what Saturday night is for. Thanks mate. Oh and to stay on topic, Pedo to play on Bellchambers is probably an interesting match up (are Essendon tanking again?) and I think Bugg will miss out. Looking at this team, there's also a slight chance on the fast Etihad deck that Dom may go out for Weideman or OMac. Paging @stevethemanjordan and @Clint Bizkit - after those conversations yesterday.
  6. I'm getting married on Saturday night and a bunch of my groomies (one being a fair-weather Essendon supporter) want to go to the game with me on Sunday. Really hope you're right. We're going to miss what Hogan brings to our forward structure. And if Trac doesn't get up, not such a happy wedding present. These [censored] groomies have been taunting me all week about us 'choking yet again' at the hands of Richmond, so it tells you a lot about their grasp on footy, but anyway, it'd be hilarious and gratifying to get a win with them there.
  7. Is yours a family connection or a Wesley connection, Ernest? If it's a Wesley connection, it might explain why you remind me of my old man.
  8. I don't remember that. I only remember Col Garland kicking two or three in 2012 and beating Essendon.
  9. Interesting. I still maintain he's been limited as a midfielder by his poor decision making under real heat, but he's a dominant gun forward these days. I wonder how long it'll last? Greene went to Wesley, so I'm going to guess he was a Melbourne supporter. Anyone know? I wonder if he'd be interested in returning to Victoria after GWS win a couple of flags in the next 3 years.
  10. It's like witnessing drive-by negativity. On every thread, OD. Nope. That was Garland. And he did win it for us. Three goals.
  11. As I say, some stage. Not sure. But I suspect later in the year, when we hit our straps, adjust to the systems we've been taught over the pre season and Goody (and co) have tweaked a few things defensively that are hurting us now. And we get Max back. Is a five round sample an holistic approach to a 23 round season, OD?
  12. I took that to mean 21,000. And, yep, I think there was more than 30,000. So we'll agree to disagree, unless someone can get us the stats on this.
  13. In Cripps' breakout season (2015), he had x4 30+ disposal games. x7 30+ disposal games in 2016. In Rockliff's breakout season (2010), he had x3 30+ disposal games. It's also worth noting Clarry's CPs are a lot higher than Rockliff's were at the same time. There is a similar correlation between Cripps' CPs and Clarry's though. I'd argue Oliver's breakout has been this season, rather than last, so he's taken slightly more games to hit 30+ disposals, but is now doing it with such regularity that he's having a steeper climb in form that than other two and being more consistent about it. But, we're only 5 games in. It'll be interesting to see how he tracks this year.
  14. I know we keep going on about what a special talent we have, but statistically, he's currently tracking better than any other midfielder in the modern game (post 1990). He's on par with Greg Williams, regularly cited as one of the best midfielders of all time, and who started in the 1980's, so I won't count him. His hands are Williams-like and his kicking is strong. Just his ability to be so clean in the wet the other night, said so much about his talents.
  15. I reckon we're a big chance to do it at some stage.