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  1. I hope we go after Cerra next year and I hope we're in his ear this year. Just as they've been in Hogan's since he was 17.
  2. Ideally, we'd be paying under market value for May's contract given we're helping him out of the GCS disaster and giving him a shot at a premiership(s). That is what being a destination club is. I'd hope that Hogan is the only player we've got on significantly larger money and it sounds like Lever was up there too, but my main concern is holding onto our core midfield group in Oliver, Brayshaw, Gawn, Viney, Harmes and Petracca. I'd hope therefore that a number of our players would take slightly under market value to stay together.
  3. Spot on. Ridiculous commentary around this. People need to grow up a little bit. He fills a need, just like Lever, just like May, just like KK. Sounds like he's just about over the line at Hawthorn, but I'm glad our FD clearly realise we need to move on and get to winning flags, instead of being too proud to address such a blatantly obvious need.
  4. I'm a novice when it comes to the points system, but would picks 23 and 30 equate to a top 20 pick? And if we traded 5 for May and KK, would packaging 23, 30 and 36 get us a pick between 10-15?
  5. And it sounded just as ridiculous then, as it does now. Amateur hour, indeed. No one was falling for that, save one or two Demonlanders and a few mugs in the press.
  6. Not all of us felt Bell was bluffing. Fire up the Brucey avatar, Drags. It's coming home.
  7. What's your soon-to-be avatar, mate?
  8. A F

    The Steven May Thread

    Interesting... he'd be asking for an arm and a leg wouldn't he, salary wise? Nice left-field one though.
  9. You're not reading my posts mate. I certainly didn't say it and I don't believe I read that Drags had said it either. I think what we're both saying is that Freo are such a basket case (Exhibit A the alleged Kelly trade attempt and Exhibit B the backflip on the alleged agreement between Jesse's management, the MFC and FFC of pick 6's involvement in the Jesse trade) that they might be naive enough to think those sort of shenanigans would affect their pro opponents in trade negotiations.
  10. Oi vey. I'm not saying it will affect our team. I'm saying Fremantle are amateurish and dumb enough to think it could.
  11. We're dealing with a bunch of amateurs here. Who knows?
  12. I repeat. I do not believe it has anything to do with MFC fans. We have absolutely no control over this decision. If the club are going to do it, they're well enough run not to bow to fan pressure. As for Fremantle, given their behaviour across week 1 of the trade period, I'd absolutely believe they would 'do that to a vulnerable guy'.
  13. I don't agree with the supporters bit but it is certainly a possible stage by Freo.
  14. A F

    Rumour File

    I trust the FD, but concur with the sentiment here. I keep hearing from people that we're a destination club. May and KK are clearly up for it. Have we got a few others up our sleeve and if so, how do we plan to acquire them?
  15. Yep. Agreed. We might agree on some things @EnterTheDragon, but not on this one. Jesse won't be a Melbourne player come Wednesday evening (no sources, just opinion).