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  1. This actually sounds like me every week haha. Great stuff, mate.
  2. Been calling it all year that we'd string at least 4 together at some stage. Now we've done it! What a bloody win. The work rate, the smart ball use, toughness etc. Had a house party tonight, which turned out to be my surprise dirty 30th, so knew I'd be watching on delay. Unfortunately, some family members texted me the results while I'd be avoiding them, but it made the replay for relaxing and yet exciting. Viney was a star in that first half before injuring his shoulder. Gawn's first quarter in particular was insanely good. All those taps to advantage. Oliver keeps plugging away, our defence in Hibberd, Jetta, Hunt, Frost and OMac keep playing their roles beautifully. What's most impressive, aside from Tommy Mac's 5 goals is the ability of our players ranked 17-22 and their contributions, not only tonight but over the past month and a bit of footy. Hannan, ANB, Harmes, Melksham and Bugg. All did their bit in a really important way. Well done development team!! This team could be anything and let's hope we can string 5 together against the Swans next week and incredibly (potentially) cement a spot in the top 4.
  3. Given Jonesy is out, getting Gawn back probably evens up the score. Very important to get the big fella back.
  4. I think those saying we won't get much focus are a little naive. After the Adelaide win, Robbo was singing our praises on AFL360, as was GW. So I expect quite a bit of that this week. Healy also pumps us up when we're playing well. Still, a bit of pressure like that in the media is a good test for a young side. If we're going to win a final, the best time to deal with that pressure is in the home and away games.
  5. I'd be looking at stocking up in the midfield again. Elite talent only though (ie. first rounder). Vince and Lewis are near the end. Jones will probably play another 3-4 years. Oliver, Viney, Tyson, Petracca, Salem and maybe Brayshaw. Could be terrific and add Hunt, plus Stretch to that and it's an exciting young group. But it's a little narrow for midfield rotations. Whitfield should be our second target behind Kelly. And who knows who else might be on the table all of a sudden. No one would have predicted we'd have Lewis this year. Of course, as a draft/trading strategy that's not great, but given our lack of clear needs, we're well positioned.
  6. There were a few Dees around us. We were outnumbered, but you expect that in the Medallion Club. Slightly misleading this. We overpossess when we're under pressure. As all teams do.
  7. Geez. I hope you went. Don't really need to rubbish the supporters after such a terrific win.
  8. That win last weekend felt like a turning point IMO. On the siren, having 'gotten away with one' as it were, they are the games a full strength Richmond lose and they're currently sitting 6th. So it says a bit about our side.
  9. The greatest defensive performance I've ever seen by a Melbourne side. So that's 30 years of going practically every week. Talk about being proud of your club. I came into the game with very low expectations, but we were on from the first bounce and didn't drop our intensity at any stage for four quarters. That's what a four quarter Melbourne performance looks like. And wow! Oscar McDonald had another terrific game. Hibberd, Jetta, Salem and Hunt were all brilliant. Frost serviceable. It's very rare you start by praising the defence in a game where you win by 10 goals, but our defensive unit was that good. Our forwardline press was the best it's been, in collaboration with superb midfield defence. Our spread from the contest was the best I've seen it too and our will to get numbers to multiple contests and outnumber. Now to the midfield. Oliver, Viney Jones were brilliant. I don't care what the stats say, those three were superb. I'm expecting a typical Melbourne loss next week, but one comment on our ability to play Etihad. Our game plan is totally conducive to the smaller, narrower confines of Etihad. Our zone clogs up space, but also allows us to turn defence quickly into attack. It'll be interesting to see how we go on the much bigger Domain Stadium. But, go you mighty redlegs!!
  10. Wow. How is that for a spine? Shivers.
  11. I'm sure the club isn't entertaining a Weideman trade. That's the main thing.
  12. Please tell me where you got this from LT. I want to bait a few Collingwood and Essendon mates on Instagram.
  13. Laughing at Collingwood supporters is always great too. When Watts dobbed the sealer I was practically laughing at the flogs in front of us.
  14. Reckon we're a real chance to get 42,000 members this year if we win this week. Massive game.
  15. Yeah, it's gold. I also love the paper plane at Argentina v Brasil the other night + Titanic. Haha, hilarious.