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  1. jackie_moon

    Overseas Demons

    I'm currently living in the uk, and might have to stay here if the dees keep this form going. The biggest problem you'll have is the time difference. It's almost impossible to find a pub or such that will be open at 3 or 5 in the morning to watch the games live. Espn show 4 or 5 games a week live but you would need to have access to sky at the early hours of the morning to tune in. Perhaps a hotel or the like. I have been taking advantage of live streams on the net after finishing working in a bar until i get sky installed, and while it is often frustrating, if you get a good stream its great. The afl also has a system where you pay 4 pounds per game and you can watch it in high quality on the net. Quite often you will get replays on sky and its shown in pubs. Especially now the english football season is coming to an end.
  2. jackie_moon

    Match Day Thread

    rising star nomination possibly???
  3. jackie_moon

    Match Day Thread

    GET IN!!!!!. Go you dees. HERE WE COME!!!!!! I'm gonna disappear overseas more often. We're in the eight.
  4. jackie_moon

    AFL Draft coverage

    Go the ravens. Am also watching. Totally agree. I would love to see a bit more effort go into the coverage. Why not a bit of video footage after each name is called? Give the viewers a bit of an insight into the player, draft camp results, u/18 carnival. Would give the next team up a bit of time to reshuffle their position too.
  5. jackie_moon

    Brock McLean has left the building

    its a good trade. i liked brock but beamer and jones can fill his role and pick 11 could prove to be a real winner. 3 of the first 11 players coming our way. ill take that. on another note, does this make my brock future captain mcleaned signed jumper more or less valuable? will swap for beer... no midstrength
  6. jackie_moon

    Demons skipper James McDonald to go on

    you, my good sir, are an idiot and mfc would be better of without your support. hopefully you and steamin are the same bloke with cos i'm ashamed if there are two such ignorant, uniformed, to use someone else term, quaterwits that follow the demons. thank god you're not apart of the footy department. I love robbo more than most and had hoped he would be given another season but if i was looking to keep one or the other for the single spare veterans list spot it would be macca hands down. while whelan, wheatley and robbo are all fantastic players there bodies have simply not held up. robbo to a lesser degree but he is still coming back from a career threatening injury. macca's body has stood up unbelievabley well for the type of football he plays. mcdonald is obviously well respected in the footy department who rate him a lot higher than the general public. he's the best tackler in our team and quite often lead the afl in tackles throughout his career. he has been one of our most consistent performers all year, and throughout his career. and i feel he has lead by example on the field. always tackling, coming up on the bottom of the packs. he bleeds red and blue and leaves nothing on the park. He is a champion of this football club and i wont stand by while you and any other idiot tears shred of one of our great servants. worse list management than danners mob??? get real son. thankgod you are not renewing your membership cos you offer less going forward than carr does to port. step aside and let a younger more commited fan take your spot.
  7. jackie_moon


    went to school with paul and he's a top bloke who works really hard. he's struggled with injuries and itd be a gamble but if he stays fit and on the park he could be worth a look. i'd rather hang onto a robbo or mcdonald or even one of boys like miller or johnson than clear a spot for him. he's seems to play well when freo are up and about but goes missing when they're having a shocker. i'm sure there will be better in the psd though.
  8. jackie_moon

    10 untouchables

    was thinking the exact same thing. warnock is seriously underrated. gets a fist into everything. he's our best backman by far
  9. jackie_moon

    TAC Cup Future Stars Phantom Draft

    definitely a hard running mid. he's gonna be a gun
  10. jackie_moon

    TAC Cup Future Stars Phantom Draft

    He rips in the midfield and has a genuine eye for goal. the kid took a mark and kicked a goal from fifty five on the weekend that sailed through 3/4 way up the goal post. i couldn't believe it, he didn't even look like he tried. i haven't seen a little bloke kick a goal that far that easily before. He tore subiaco apart and was bog for 3 quarters then went quiet as swans were over run. I'd be more than happy to have him at the club. at halftime they had a story about him and his brother graham. he's seems a quiet kid with a decent head on his shoulders too.
  11. jackie_moon


    sarcasm doesn't show through computer monitors. i would hazard a guess he was joking
  12. jackie_moon


    Some people... Thankyou dappa dan beezlebub jaded and the like for setting the doomsdayers straight. The game was awful, but we achieved the desired result. i couldn't listen after the first half and it would have been nice if it was closer but oh well. I've giving up on the wins but it is great to see the young kids and the blokes on the fringe get a run. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but surely everyone must agree that the club are heading in the right direction. You don't think it pains the board and the coaches that it is in our best interests to lose?? It's just how the system goes and has always gone. It's not cheating. Teams at the bottom manage their lists, collect the best kids then make their assault up the ladder. At the same time we're wiping our debt and getting the right people into the club to secure the future of the melbourne football club. There will be tears, frustration, anger but just make sure when the demons are back up the table and our young kids have developed and we're hopefully tasting onfield success that you remember the tough decisions made by the board and bailey and co today. They're sacrificing their reputations for this great club. I have never been more excited about the future of this club. We are in good hands.
  13. jackie_moon

    Trade/Draft room

    that's great news! here in the west there is talk of melb, collingwood and a few others chasing seaby who has expressed a desire to leave westcoast with woosha keen to play natanui ahead of him. He's a decent backup ruckman but i hope it isnt true. best thing about him was his afro but he shaved that off. I don't want the club trading for another paul johnson
  14. jackie_moon

    Who would you choose with our #2 draft pick?

    as a west australian i resent that. i know its all guess work but is it realistic that butcher or rohan could slip through to our 2nd round pick be it 17 or 18. i would be really excited if we could pick up scully and trengrove then snaffle butcher or the bloodnut as well. mind you we still have 3 more games to get past ...
  15. jackie_moon


    to be fair to vossy, he did defend bailey saying his moves were part of player development. short term pain for long term gain. bit of back tracking perhaps. voss annoys me cos he has walked into a decent middle of the road team and the coming of age of a few players has seen them outperform expectations. i'd wonder what his views would be at the bottom with a few quiet words from the board. malthouse is so naiive sometimes, but isn't that the pies in general?? if they do it it's a masterstroke, someone else does it... the afl should definitely investigate it. the PP systems works. sides rebuild then move back up the table. don't change it cos the press have made it such an issue. it's the same every year.