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  1. Colin Sylvia

    As if you steal a credit card and spend it on two of the most regulated industries in the country (gambling and licensed brothels) where you not only leave a paper trail but also open the door to public ridicule of your addictions. At least do a cash advance and pay with cash you nuffy!
  2. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    Ah yes, the Robbie Flower days. 70+ point beltings weekly. Those were the days. 2013 really brought me back, but this is an all new form of nostalgia! In all seriousness though, I never cared enough to hate the white clash as much as some here, but this is a major improvement. I no doubt prefer red and blue than predominantly white.
  3. Sponsorship Problem?

    Maybe, as mentioned in this very thread a while ago. A few players have taken Instasnaps of their new toyota cars...I get they both come under the same company but why buy cars from one subsidiary if you're being sponsored by another?
  4. Sponsorship Problem?

    And our round 23 performance kept us out of finals, which dictates the likes of broadcasting and scheduling. It was bad for fans, but worse for the club. Missing finals, and missing them in such a way, has a huge chain reaction across multiple variables.
  5. Sponsorship Problem?

    Do you mean to say it "looks great" or it's a "great look"? It might look great from an aesthetic point of view but from a branding and reputation standpoint it's a terrible look. You may dismiss the importance and need for sponsors, that's fine, but to say other people don't notice it is understating the significance. Sponsorship is a reflection of: 1. Amplification - How many people does the MFC reach? 2. Engagement - Of those people that support the MFC, how engaged with the club are they? 3. Purchase intent - How likely is someone that watches the MFC to purchase a membership, merchandise, or any a brand/product related to the club? 4. Reputation - How does the neutral fam and general public view the club and its brand? All four of those are either low on the scale or non existent. It is a terrible, terrible look. It literally means that no company ON THE PLANET is interested in committing to the club on the club's terms. Once again we have to compromise and go hand in hat to get someone to pump money into the club. This is what happens when you are [censored] for ten years and can't even lay a tackle in the first 10 minutes of the most important game of the past decade.
  6. Nathan Jones...

    Has been a great servant but in the coming years as Petracca, Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw and co improve he'll eventually be pushed out. We'll come to see just how bad we were that he won 3 B&Fs. Love the bloke tho. Hopefully he gets a Shane Crawford-esque sendoff.
  7. Sponsorship Problem?

    It definitely did. Just putrid.
  8. 2017 Player Reviews: # 32 Tomas Bugg

    interesting in this thread. during the season people called for him to be dumped because his goal kicking was killing us. now he's best 22 despite barely playing in the secons half of the year.
  9. 2018 Membership Thread

    It hasn't been a scarf in years.
  10. 2018 Membership Thread

    Can you post a pic of the scarf? i won't get one until round 1 as I'm an Afl member (although i wear my 2010 one, which imo is the best scarf we've had this decade).
  11. Sponsorship Problem?

  12. 2018 Membership Thread

    Are you colour blind?
  13. Sponsorship Problem?

    Maybe? Can add Hogan to that group now His latest Instagram story shows a nice shiny Toyota. Can't ignore it now.
  14. Sponsorship Problem?

    Seems Petracca just bought a brand new Lexus from Cranbourne Toyota as per his Instagram story
  15. Happy Birthday Pig

    it really pisses me off that they made the finals and we missed out. It's laughable that they think they're in premiership contention.
  16. Simon Goodwins' New Year's resolution!

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  17. 2018 Membership Thread

    We've cost ourselves as much as 10k additional members on the back of that colassal round 23 failure. From a membership perspective this year will be just like any other: hoping members from the previous year sign up, and promising hope and progress to the disengaged. We have nothing tangible or historical to back up any campaign we come up with. Gonna be another tough season for the marketing and membership team. They've been stretching the figure for years. They do a fine job considering the circumstances but they always seem to just scrape over milestones.
  18. Sponsorship Problem?

    Well the Toyota brand that sponsors the Crows is the Toyota line of cars, not the Toyota that's the paent company of Lexus. There's a difference. While Lexus is a division of Toyota, it's its own brand and line, with its own board, branding and marketing. The audience for a Toyota is different than that of a Lexus. I think a lot of people here are making the mistake of seeing Toyota and Lexus as one in the same, which they're not. You have Toyota the corporation, then the Toyota line and the Lexus line. I don't think there's any sort of market cannibialisation there. Besides, Lexus has lent its name to Collingwood in the past.
  19. Dangerfield/Selwood/Ablett

    It's the ultimate test for us. I'd be pretty disappointed if we lost.
  20. Esports?

    I'm 31 and so do I come to think of it.
  21. Sponsorship Problem?

  22. Sponsorship Problem?

    I use twitter daily. You are 100% correct.
  23. Esports?

    I think that part of the appeal of esports is that anyone can compete "competitively" in video games. Professional competitions are a league above, but anyone can jump into a game of Call of Duty or Overwatch, and play the "competitive" component to receive a skill rank. Most professional players start off this way and if you play for long enough you'll eventually climb the rank and work up into a ranking where teams are looking to recruit you. So for a young kid, it's fun but always a way they may be able to turn their past time into something professionally and financially viable. I have a friend that is top 500 in Overwatch and received a nomination to represent Australia in the world cup. Didn't get beyond the shortlist, but once you make that tier you can join a team and earn anywhere between 10k and 200k a year competing in competitions. I used to work in game publishing and went to Seoul to see a World of Tanks tournament, just for a bit of research (South Korea is the esports mecca). With World of Tanks, all of the teams are owned by Wargaming (maker of the game), and each player gets a base salary (starting at around 50k). The Overwatch League is similar but teams are privately owned. Players are given a salary and bonuses for performance. It's essentially the NBA of esports. Evidently, there will be an NBA 2K league (that's the NBA video game for you oldies), and most teams are actually owned by Nba teams. As I've mentioned in other threads, esports is still finding its feet and isn't a guaranteed money maker. At the least it's a branding exercise, but gamers are fickle, albeit with high purchasing intent, so if AFL teams can build teams that are competirive on a global scale, the money will roll in. But it's not easy. You need to attract the best players, and the brand needs to be engageable enough and successful enough to attravy the right sponsors.
  24. Esports?

    actually the primary demographic is on the 18-35 range.
  25. how much more serious can you get on the sexual assault scale than...sexual assault?