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  1. praha

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    Irrelevant if we dont win tonight.
  2. praha

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    Sydney look stuffed. We are being absolutely gifted a top 8 spot. Even more reason to win tonight.
  3. praha

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    This game will showcase both Goodwin's coaching prowess, and Melbourne leadership capabilities. Pushed around by the Cats for more than a decade; we've lost pivotal games we should win; and we appear to struggle when applying plan B. We can either play to Geelong's game, slow it down and hope for the best. Or, we can back ourselves in, play aggressive and attacking, and trust all 22 players to do what's required. This game will either be a turning point and propel us into finals, or it will hit us hard like a freight train and signal a spiral. This is an absolute MUST win.
  4. praha

    Previous players downfalls

    Addam Maric; Just didn't work hard enough for a small forward in a bad team. Tapscott: Worked hard but low skill ceiling stood out in an especially bad team. May have been more successful in today's team. Bate: Speed and situational awareness. Blease: Lazy. Gysberts: Lazy Toumpas: Deer in headlights.
  5. praha

    How desperate are North Melbourne....

    North can't afford to bottom out and it's why they never have. Melbourne was on the brink but with influential supporters and an AFL that sees an MFC as the most hopeful and financially appealing of the "smaller" clubs, we survived. NO chance North get the same support we did. The AFL sold them out to GC and has been trying to get them to merge or relocate for decades. They are doing everything they can to avoid bottoming out. Imagine North being in Carlton's situation. They would get 10k (if that) to their games. That won't hold up.
  6. praha

    When we beat Geelong, I will...

    Regardless, Geelong in Geelong when they have the "three best midfielders in the comp" will go a long way.
  7. praha

    Will 12 be enough

    Many of the teams we play against are also fighting for a spot so 12 with strong % will get it done imo. We hear a lot of our "tough" draw because we haven't played finals in a decade, and so a lot of eyes are on us. reality is no one team fighting for top 8 has an easy draw.
  8. praha


    If Dom finds himself on the wing at any point, I'm convinced Goodwin isn't a good coach. Tyson is one dimensional and contested, can win the ball and should be in the guts 100% of his time on the ground. leave him there.
  9. praha

    How desperate are North Melbourne....

    no desperate. pricing competitors out of the market. they'll land their big fish.
  10. praha

    Nic Nat and Max Gawn

    If you think he is overrated, take a look at West Coast's performance when he is and isn't in the team. They are a top 4 side with, mid-table without. Which says just as much about Nic Nat than it does of WC. That sort of influence on a team cannot be understated. I think he's a very good player that can totally alter the defensive structure of a team.
  11. praha

    Pace Or Grunt

    Is he a better footballer? Hannan hasn't had a great year but his positioning, disposal and smarts are generally well above Tyson's. I find Tyson to be a liability in an already slow team that can't afford poor field kicking and the lack of peripheral vision of Tyson, who seems to get run down 2-3 times a game. I swear sometimes he seems to be playing with a cardboard taped to sides of his head.
  12. praha

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    Further to this: "We'll have a look at our grounds, we'll have a look at our loads, we'll have a look at all those things that potentially go into those things." Goodwin had some padding around that comment to soften the blow, but he's clearly talking about NT.
  13. praha

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    The issue isn't our collective performance. Comparing it to past years when we have lost is pointless because we were crap and would have lost regardless. This is about conditioning and unnecessary physical strain during what is already a long marathon. Yes, let's travel to Darwin in round 15 ffs! I'd rather be playing these two games one after the other, leading into a bye.
  14. praha

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    Where did I say it was the cause? I made it clear that it is the catalyst in a chain of events that appear to impact performance and increase the likelihood of injury. There appears to he a consistent theme with leg injuries in the weeks following these games the past 2 seasons. With improved performance comes increased performance. These NT games are a risk now given our standing and push to make finals. Why risk and interrupt our preparation and push into the final weeks of the season with a Darwin game in 100% humidity? Either dump them, or play them in a row leading into the mid-season bye. Having a game there so close to the end of the season is ludicrous.
  15. praha

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    Viney and Hibberd both out shortly after Darwin trip. Lever injured shortly after Alice. You simply can't ignore that. Conditioning and fatigue has an affect on the body, you become unintentionally lazy and your body and mind cut corners to battle the physical and mental fatigue. Get rid of these damn games.
  16. praha

    The Last Time They Met - Round 18

    Once, just once, I would like to give Geelong a gold old-fashioned belting. Since I was a kid, they have consistently belted us every few years, starting with opening round 1996, 98, from 2007-2011 (including that infamous performance...), and most recently in Roos' last game. We should have beaten them the last two times, if not for poor kicking, injuries, and poor defensive accountability. I genuinely believe Geelong is on the way down, to cushion the fall is three of the game's best midfielders, including arguably one of the best players of all time. Make no mistake though, with us on the rise and them firmly being a mid-table side, there has been no better time in the past decade to dish them a belting than now. How awesome would it be to just smash them by 10 goals on their turf? Hasn't happened in Geelong for a while. Would love to be the team to do it! I just really want to smash these overrated jerks, and at the same time shut the doubters up. This is the game we separate ourselves from the run-withs, and join the contenders group.
  17. We have HEAPS to trade. I think Tyson + JKH would land Jones.
  18. I would imagine the Eagles will match, knowing it would force a trade. This is the equivalent of a sign-and-trade in the NBA.
  19. praha

    The Clarry Pass

    Yaha, Schwartz as well, pre-knee issues along.
  20. praha

    Monday Night Blockbuster R23: Melb v GWS?

    I remember our Monday night game against Sydney in 98. 50k, and it ignited interest in the time slot. Of course the AFL fluffed it by giving it to "big" clubs that were [censored], or interstate clubs that just don't draw an audience in Vic. Monday night went from desirable, to completely irrelevant, as Friday night is now.
  21. praha

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Was hoping for a North win tbh.
  22. praha

    Mr Jones

    I imagine that if we land a Gaff or similar player that may just be on the horizon for Jones.
  23. praha

    Mr Jones

    Hmm they were all older and more experienced than Jones is currently though. I would imagine that should we not play Finals this year, or really struggle next year, it may well be his last contract.
  24. praha

    Mr Jones

    He has always been a one-way runner that goes through the motions. In a poor side he stood out because he was the only one that won contested ball, clearances, and disposals. For many years, some here have lauded his commitment and effort. You cannot question either. However, he has always been a limited albeit serviceable player. He is very much our Richie Vandenberg equivalent: a favourite son, stuck around in bad times and helped with the transition into a new era. I would argue he is still comfortably top 22 on experience and opposition knowledge alone: even when not at his best as yesterday, he is still serviceable, and opposition teams are still wary of his potential. His trade value would have been at its highest in 2015, but has now reached the point of no return and will likely play out his career at Melbourne. TBH I think he would struggle to crack a spot in the midfield of any current top 8 side.
  25. praha

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    They can beat anyone.