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  1. praha

    Finals Tickets

    So with the first week of finals and having to queue with fans of 3 other Melbourne teams, I was in and out in under 3 minutes for AFL Members. This morning I have three devices going and am still in queue after 5 minutes. I suspect they have limited the number of active transactions, rather than there actually being more people trying to get tickets.
  2. praha

    Finals Tickets

    I have some family firmly in that bracket currently. Scrambling to get them tickets because they couldn't be bothered getting a membership during the season. Pisses me off.
  3. It's not right at all though. We have been in all but 3 games all year and have barely dropped our heads. It's an opinion based on Melbourne of past years.
  4. praha

    Dees shutdown star eyes biggest scalp yet.

    Mitchell isn't damaging with the ball. You need to hold Bruest and their forward line, and prevent O Meara from getting a run on the outside. Let Mitchell go head to head with our mids I say. He should go to Jaeger.
  5. Mostly the same posters regurgitating the same [censored] over and over again, with the occasional random post trying to compensate for Hawthorn's own inadequacies by constantly bringing up round 4. One even went as far as to suggest a midfield with Burgoyne was intimidating for us...after we just spanked Dangerwoodlett. The occasional Hawks nuffie pipes in with a rational interpretation of the game...but not before jerking over their own forward line. We are "manic", "downhill", and "erratic". Hawthorn is composed, refined and experienced. The game won't be won or lost in the area of experience. This will be a changing of the guard. Either Hawthorn's young players stand up (deer in headlights against the Tigers), or we will smash them. Expecting a similarly low scoring match that could go either way. The lack of respect and blatant disregard for the opponent is rather astonishing on that Hawthorn board. Their arrogance may well have peaked. At least Geelong supporters acknowledged what we could do. Hawthorn fans are like, "Yeah they're okay, but..." I hope we [censored] bury them.
  6. praha

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    we were crap for a decade, doctor, because we bet the house on the draft and got rid of a core group that held the team together for a decade. we picked up Fritsch and Spargo deep in the draft last year, and both are starting 22 in arguably the best team the club has fielded in over 5 decades. Throw in VB and Hannan as well as smart "mature" aged picks and there is clear proof that high drafts are not the be all and end all. The logic behind trading a key position player in his early 20s and yet to hit his prime just to improve our draft position is utter lunacy. It's on par with the idiocy I see on some of the Facebook supporter groups of people screaming for Petracca and ANB to be dropped (and posted DURING the game mind you). I apologise if that seems like a direct attack on you and others here but it's genuinely how I feel at the moment. Midway through the season I probably thought differently but now that we have turned the corner, we should keep our hand close to our chest rather than throwing it all away in the hope we get a better hand at the draft. Hogan has had his Clive Waterhouse-esque moments this year, but he's a smart player with a huge tank that can find the ball. He would have gone top 3 in any of the past 10 drafts, including this year. That's not an argument to trade him. It's an argument to keep him. Unless a Hogan trade immediately improves us, it's a firm "Yeah nah" from me. And by "improve us immediately" I mean a young, proven winner. A like for like swap is the only possible fair trade, and that's never going to happen.
  7. praha

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    kennedy is badly underdone. we can hold him and match the eagles' in the contest.
  8. praha

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    imo eagles the better option here. we match up better with them and the thought of potentially losing to collingwood in the PF is enough to make me want to vomit. I'd bank us to beat the eagles. wouldn't be very confident against Collingwood.
  9. praha

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    Puopolo ain't no big kick, either. Most small forwards aren't. Garlett could hardly crack 40 himself. Spargo gets the ball in good positions, his hands and vision are great, and for a kid with under 20 games, being the smallest on the ground, with no finals experience, he played like a 50 gamer with a flag under his belt. I see no reason why he should be dumped. And I don't understand the logic behind calls to.
  10. praha

    Salem - An unsung hero

    It is funny. The way I see his game/s, his errors fly under the radar because he does so much, so well. He was all over the ground last night and I feel your MFCSS has blinded you because those miskicks were a dime a dozen in the first 10 minutes. Even Oliver fluffed it early on. And Max tapped directly to the Cats about 5 times in the first quarter.
  11. praha

    Hosier Lane, MELBOURNE

    Going into the city tonight so will take a photo myself. Hopefully it's not defecated.
  12. There's some links floating around online and on facebook of the full match.
  13. Channel 7 don't have replay rights. As part of the broadcast agreement only Foxtel can broadcast the replay during the same season, even for Channel 7 matches. After that Channel 7 can archive the footage. So it won't happen this year. Keep an eye on YouTube. Someone will upload it.
  14. Having won in Round 1 this year, we broke a decade-long record of having not won in the first week of the season. What other records are in dire need of being broken? Win in Round 1 - BROKEN Round 1, 2015 - Last win: Round 1, 2005 (9-year losing streak) Win in Adelaide - BROKEN Round 7, 2014 - Last win: Round 2, 2001 (16-game losing streak) - Since 1991: 32 games, 6 wins, 26 losses Home game losing streak - BROKEN Round 1, 2015 - Last home game win: Round 14, 2013 (15-game losing streak) Score 100 points - BROKEN Round 1, 2015 - Last 100-point game: Round 14, 2013 (31 matches) Win on a Friday night - BROKEN Round 4, 2015 - Last win: Round 11, 2011 vs Essendon Beat Geelong - BROKEN Round 12, 2015 - Last win: Round 6, 2006 (12 games, 11 losses, 1 draw) - Since 1994: 7 wins, 26 losses, 1 draw Win in Geelong - BROKEN Round 12, 2015 - Last win: Round 20, 2005 (7 games, 6 losses, 1 draw) - Since 1988: 2 wins, 17 losses, 1 draw Beat Brisbane - BROKEN Round 16, 2015 - Last win: Round 3, 2011 (4-game losing streaking) Win at Etihad BROKEN Round 23, 2015 Last win: Round 19, 2007 (22-game losing streak) Beat Collingwood - BROKEN Round 18, 2015 - Last win: Round 11, 2007 (10 games, 9 losses, 1 draw) Beat Fremantle - BROKEN Round 16, 2016 - Last win: Round 13, 2011 (6-game losing streak) Win two games in a row - BROKEN Rounds 4-5, 2016 - Last time: Rounds 13 and 14, 2011 (20 game losing streak) Beat a Ross Lyon-coached team - BROKEN Round 16, 2016 - Last win: Never (12-game losing streak) Beat Hawthorn - BROKEN Round 20, 2016 - Last win: Round 8, 2006 (11-game losing streak) - Since 1980: 59 games, 14 wins, 45 losses Beat Port Adelaide in Adelaide - BROKEN Round 21, 2016 - Last win: Round 8, 2000 (11-game losing streak) Win 3 in a row - BROKEN Rounds 19-21, 2016 Beat St Kilda - BROKEN Round 1, 2017 - Last win: Elimination Final, 2006 (14-game losing streak) Win in Perth - BROKEN Round 14, 2017 - Last win: Round 1, 2004 (12-game losing streak) Beat North Melbourne - BROKEN Round 3, 2018 - Last win: Round 5, 2006 (14-game losing streak) Play a final - BROKEN 2018 - Last time: Second Semi-Final vs Fremantle, 2006 (8-year drought) Win a final - BROKEN 2018 - Last win: Elimination Final v St Kilda, 2006 (8-year drought) Win the minor premiership - Last time: 1964 (50 years and counting) Win a final outside of Victoria - Last win: Never (2 games, 2 losses)
  15. praha

    Changing Of The Guard

    The way Selwood, Dangerfield and now Ablett in the twilight of his career play for frees really is tiring. Umpires don't play into it anymore like they did in past years. Compare Oliver, Viney, Harmes, the way they play and just get it done. Dusty is similar, Mitchell at the Hawks. They just get on with it and win the ball. Selwood has made a career out of buckling his knees and throwing his head back. Nothing sweeter then seeing him flattened like that. There is a changing of the guard not just at Melbourne but across the league. These stars of yesteryear are being found out. More cameras and eyes than ever before and they can't get away with it. These days you have to win the ball the old fashion way. And we are primed for it. I don't think I've seen Oliver carry on the way Selwood does and has his whole career. Hogan is probably the only player in the team that seems to expect a free ride from the umpires.
  16. praha

    My 3 word player analysis V Geelong

    Was Jetta injured?
  17. praha

    AFL.com beats Picket to the punch

    Oscar was very good and ANB had 9 CP and 9 tackles. both stiff along with 20 touches and a goal. If Viney is an 8 then ANB is at least a 7.
  18. praha

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    Observations: Geelong supporters a disgrace. 91k. Maybe 15k Cats fans. Harmes is a star. Weeds is a big game player. Dangerfield and Ablett are two of the softest players ever. Ablett just doesn't care and wants the soft ball or free kick. Umps gave us a ride but we got the free kicks the Cats have been getting for a decade.
  19. praha

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    he most definitely is.
  20. praha

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    keeping them in it.
  21. praha

    Our Holy Trinity

    I mentioned this in the Petracca thread and also compared him to De Goey. He's having a fine season.
  22. praha

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    My life in a nutshell.
  23. praha

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    Melbourne supporters outnumbering Geelong in the CBD by 20-1. I've seen more Storm supporters than Geelong.
  24. praha

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    your jedi mind tricks won't work here, DV.
  25. praha

    Breaking The Drought - Momentum

    The two loudest roars I've heard from Melbourne supporters: Travis Johnston's third quarter goal vs Adelaide in the 2002 Semi that put us up by 2 goals. And the final siren of the 2000 qualifying final vs Carlton. Nothing has come close since. I suspect that, should we kick an early first goal tomorrow night, the roar will trump all of those before it.