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  1. praha

    2019 Betting Odds

    He was already well noticed considering how well he polled despite missing a large chunk of games at the start of the year. Had he played to start the season and played to the standard he did for the rest of the reason, he'd have won by a mile.
  2. I probably won't be as happy as I would have been, say, 10 years ago. Now for me it's kind of like, "Just get it done already". Whereas I used to fantasise about seeing a flag.
  3. praha

    AFL Ladder predictor

    When you look at the team's with the toughest draws - melbourne collingwood west cost essendon hawthorn and richmond - they all play each other twice. That's 6 of last year's finalists that you'd think one might actually drop out of the top 8. There are smokies with the likes of Adelaide, Sydney, Geelong, Port, GWS and the Bulldogs, all of whom you would think have grand finals ambitions. I think we may well see a North or Brisbane sneak in this year, and I wouldn't be surprised if one of Melbourne Hawthorn or Collingwood drop out. Essendon is all the talk atm but could finish anywhere from 1st to 12th. Ultimately I think top 4 will be made up of the best defenses, we are stacked in that regard but the question is if our forward line can be as potent. I'm in two minds about 2019 just as I was last year about 2018. Finals would be ideal but this might be the toughest draw we've had in my time supporting the club (29 years).
  4. praha

    A History of afl.com.au

    I've been involved in digital publishing for 13 years now, and have been involved in countless website rebuilds and reboots. The feedback is generally harsh and overwhelmingly negative, because people hate change. It can be very demanding mentally because you put so much time and effort into building something, and people hate you for it.
  5. praha

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    just goes to show, one solid 10-win season and a good off-season, and Carlton will be back on Friday night. Whilst we need to basically set the world on fire.
  6. praha

    2019 Fixture

    Surely not...if that's then case, then a home game against Essendon (for once), or at least a second game against Collingwood and Richmond.
  7. praha

    2019 Fixture

    We would be looking to maximise profit by playing teams that are well supported in the NT. The WA and SA teams, particularly Crows and Eagles, ensure a full house. A Melbourne v St Kilda game would be awful.
  8. praha

    2019 Fixture

    Suspect Essendon will get the Thursday night slot and we'll be looking at 3-4 friday night games, including one against Sydney in Sydney in round 2.
  9. praha

    What they're saying over at Alberton Oval

    Surprised they could string so many coherent sentences together.
  10. praha

    2019 Fixture

    Crazy talk. To lose money on an MCG home game you need a sub-23k crowd. We'll get 45k-50k imo.
  11. praha

    2019 Fixture

    We would have likely scored Port at the MCG at some point anyway but it's still not ideal. Geelong on a friday night at the MCG....YAAAAAAWN. Not great scheduling. And then Bulldogs v Sydney as the primetime game on the Saturday night? GIVE ME A BREAK! Regardless, I think we'll get 50k in round 1.
  12. praha

    Daniel Menzel

    Vanders and Hannan are in the team partly because of the spot left by Garlett. I'd be looking at Menzel purely as a depth option should one of the aforemention, ANB or Spargo aren't playing. Garlett is cooked imo.
  13. praha

    Daniel Menzel

    I'd have him ahead of Garlett by the length of the Flemington straight. If you can get him relatively cheaply, I'd throw a 2 year contract at him. Good depth.
  14. praha

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Freo needed Hogan more than we needed Lever, and they needed to protect draft picks more than we did. Why battle to save a future first rounder when your intent wasn't to go to the draft in the first place?
  15. praha

    2019 Fixture

    The way I see it: - 13 MCG games - 2 Marvel games - 2 NT games (vs Adelaide, vs Freo) - 1 QLD game (vs Brisbane or GC) - 1 Sydney game (vs Swans or GWS) - 2 SA games (Crows and Power) - 1 WA game (Freo) That leaves 9 home MCG games and 4 away MCG games. Home: - Collingwood - WC - Hawthorn - Geelong - GC/Brisbane - GWS/Sydney - Carlton - Then one of St Kilda or Bulldogs Marvel away games: - North - One of Saints or Dogs Away MCG games: - Richmond - Collingwood - Essendon - Carlton Teams we play twice: - Collingwood - Carlton - Crows - Freo
  16. If you can *play* like a small forward, your height is irrelevant.
  17. praha

    Random MFC encounters

    I also saw Simon Godfrey at Inflation nightclub about 15 years back. I went up to him and said "Go Dees" like a groupie. He looked at me strange. Good times.
  18. praha

    Andrew Brayshaw

    Gus squibbed a few times early as well...but he changed that really quickly and went from one extreme to the other. I think Andrew is a smart footballer, but unlike Gus he is taking longer to, erm, squib the squibs. Unless he does, he's just a Cale Morton 2.0
  19. We are better defensively with a fit Lever and May, better by maybe 3-4 goals. Losing Hogan makes us 2 goals on average worse. However if we can keep the differential high enough, the total score is irrelevant.
  20. praha

    Rumour File

    Ceiling is higher for Neale atm you would think. Beams has probably peaked.
  21. praha

    Dylan Shiel

    - Based in beautiful Princes Park - Fringes of melbourne CBD - ...flies free agent to Noosa
  22. praha

    Go and get Gaff!

    Norf is trying very hard not to bottom out but imo they would be best served to. Build up and trade for draft picks, and manage that cap space accordingly. Throwing money at every single free agent is getting embarrassing for them. Imagine having your $200k p.a. better offer rejected.
  23. praha

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I said on this forum once that he'll either be a solid forward-flanker that routinely kicks 40-50 goals a year, or he'll end up as Clive Waterhouse 2.0. The way people attacked me you'd think I'd killed their dog. Hogan both epitomizes and is the antithesis of Waterhouse's career so far.
  24. praha

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    The club probably would have had to let one of Brayshaw, Oliver, Harmes, Petracca, Mcdonald, and Hogan go at some point. Close to 0% chance we keep all together for the duration of their careers. Hogan leaving probably provides some flexibility, doubt they want to see him go but if they have an opportunity to get high value, of course they will do it.
  25. praha

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    He set the bar pretty high, no? You can either go the Adelaide or even the Carlton or WC route and pretend to be hard arses but end of the day the player will get to their destination. Our trade with Crows for Lever will stand as an important moment whenever we go to the trade table because that set the precedent.